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Saturday, 04/21/2012, 11:23 pm

UFC 145 Fight Of The Night Recap | Mark Hominick vs Eddie Yagin | UFC NEWS

The first round started with Hominick rushing out of the cage & Yagin blazing out with clean punches getting Hominick to the ground. It seem like the fight was over but Hominick somehow managed to survive Yagin’s barrage of attacks continuing on getting a few punches in. Yagin sent Hominick back to his corner with 2 busted up eyes by the end of first round.

Second round Yagin landed another hard shot that had Hominick falling backwards.  Hominick  got off a few punches and handled enough damage to see Yagin bleeding out of his face.  Yagin went back to his corner with a bloody nose and tired by the end of the second round

The beginning of the last round both fighters came out with all they got.  Yagin swing for the fences and Hominick executing with precision.

As Joe Rogan described it, “it’s the difference between someone who gets a lot of base hits and someone who’s trying to knock out windows.”

Witnessing history in the making – Yagin takes the win.


3 Responses to “UFC 145 Fight Of The Night Recap | Mark Hominick vs Eddie Yagin | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bd says:

    Everything that guy threw was a power punch!!!!!!!!! Badass

  2. Xaninho says:

    Yeah Yagin brings the fight. Hominick did too, but he wasn’t prepared for this badass dude.

  3. hawaii brah says:

    yagin represented hawaii well.. but he needs stamina like every hawaiian fighter..chee hoo next one brah

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