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Wanderlei Silva: Beating Down the Criticism

I have had it up to here with people calling Wanderlei Silva (34-11-1-1) the underdog in his upcoming fight with Vitor Belfort (21-9), and because you’re reading this, you’ll have to take my word that my hand was high up when I said that first statement.

Sure, Wanderlei is in the latter stages of his career and sure, he has been a streaky fighter since his departure from Pride and throughout his entire UFC career. But this is not a man that you should count out, ever.

People seem to forget that during his reign as the Pride middleweight champion, he was talked about in the same way that Anderson Silva is today. Also, during his 20 fight win streak under the Pride banner, he set the record for most KO wins and most consecutive title defenses cementing himself as the greatest champion Pride had ever seen.

Meanwhile, Vitor beat less than impressive opponents and lost when it counted. He did claim UFC gold but only due to a cut, losing it the very next fight to Randy Couture.

This fighter still lies inside Wanderlei and judging from the fight with Cung Le, he has channeled that rage into a calculated game plan that slows down his aggression until his opponent is on the ropes, at which time he pounces on them only stopping when the referee has intervened.

The loss to Chris Leben really seemed to open Wanderlei’s eyes to the danger he puts himself in while unleashing an unwarranted flurry of punches. He will be even more aware when he fights Vitor for even more reasons.

First, Vitor punches harder and faster than Leben. He doesn’t wait to get hit before he throws but instead just attacks in a similar manner as Silva but with blinding speed and accuracy.

Second, Silva wants to get payback for his loss to Belfort in 1998 when Belfort dismantled him in just 44 seconds, and nothing says payback better than a brutal KO victory that gets immortalized in Wanderlei Silva highlight reels.

This is not a fight that can be determined on paper. Most believed that Silva and Leben would win fight of the year honors but instead fought for just under 30 seconds. MMA fans can’t just blindly pick Belfort because of a win streak or Silva’s sub-par record as of late.

We need to look at these fighters as two equally dangerous men who can beat one another at any point. This may soften the blow to the supporters of Belfort if, and when, Wanderlei lands his finishing blow earning redemption and possibly ending his career on what would be the biggest win of his UFC career.

Look for a violent Wanderlei only after he hurts Vitor, which he surely will. He is still an incredibly dangerous man who is smart enough to know how to beat Vitor, dropping him back down the ranks.

I usually don’t make picks for fights via article, but because I am a huge fan and Wanderlei, I’ll go second round TKO for the Axe Murderer.


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  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I’m also going for 2nd rd TKO with the victor being Wanderlei. Wandy is going to let Vitor punch himself out and catch him when he gases; finishing him just like he finished my boy Cung, with brutal knees and punches.

    Fight of the night!

  2. Bjj BB says:

    Lmmfao!! Who ever wrote this sounds like a salty fan, how do u not understand that silva is the underdog in this fight? How do u not see why ppl count silva out? You are no different from some random fan being blinded by being silvas fan and coming on here talking shit about belfort, belfort beat lesser competition then silva did? Its funny how u say that because silva started in the ufc, he never could make it so he moved to pride, then all of a sudden he starts winning? What does that say about the pride compitition and the ufc compitition? And then silva comes back to the ufc and guess what? He starts losing again lmmfao!! And u say belfort lost when it mattered? Thats funny to me cause so far hes beat every1 the ufc put in front of him, his only lost was to the greatest fighter in mma while silva never even got a title shot, and belfort is still beating every1 up to get another title shot, fuck you!! Fuck silva!! And fuck this dumbass artical cause all u did was show how salty you are as a silva fan!!!

    • Not You says:

      I can’t believe how stupid you are. Belfort also went to Pride, and guess what? He couldn’t hang with the top guys there. What does that say about Vitor? What does that say about the UFC?

      Also, where did you learn to spell and write? You sound really upset that someone picked Wand over Vitor. Do you have feelings for Votor? Do you wish he would suck on your toes?

    • You are an idiot. says:

      Vitor in fact lost every fight that ever mattered. And you are a jackass for saying otherwise

    • Vernon McElhaney says:

      Umm, Silva may not win but you need to get off Vitor’s nuts. Not only did Anderson Silva destroy Vitor but Chuck Liddell beat him, Randy Couture beat him, and Tito Ortiz handed him a beating. U need to look back and stop talking out your backside!

    • have some of my chocolate salty balls says:

      and then chill the f’out! Damn you make yourself look like a ass clown with your crappy comments. You ARE entitled to them but so is the author allowed to make his points as well. I guess you forgot how Belfort LOST key fights IN PRIDE when Vitor went to fight in Japan. So what does THAT say about the quality of PRIDE competition?? Your “points” make no sense and you make YOURSELF sound like a “casual fan” that you are making such fun of. I guess you forgot how Kazushi Sakuraba BEAT Vitor Belfort with leg kicks so badly, that he (Belfort) could not even STAND to fight for most of the match?? (Granted, Belfort had knee surgery a few months before their fight but he IS the one that agreed to fight after his surgery) And, Wanderlei Silva knocked Sakuraba out, BRUTALLY, on three seperate occassions? But I gues Vitor beating Bobby Southworth in PRIDE, is much higher than Silva KOing people like Rampage Jackson (twice)?
      And then you say (about Belfort), “And u say belfort lost when it mattered? Thats funny to me cause so far hes beat every1 the ufc put in front of him, his only lost was to the greatest fighter in mma while silva never even got a title shot, and belfort is still beating every1 up to get another title shot.” You seem to forget how he LOST to ANOTHER UFC legend, TWICE, in Randy Couture. THEN he lost to two other legends/pioneers of the sport, IN the UFC by loosing to Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. As well as loosing last year by getting his face kicked off by, IMO, THE best MMA fighter, Anderson Silva.
      So, for you to rip apart folks as being uninformed, stupid, or “salty fans” just goes on to showcase YOUR OWN ignorance and lack of information about those you talk of.

      I do think that Vitor Belfort *should* win again but I don’t see anyone getting beaten quite like their first match. But I do understnad how people would WANT to count out Silva, but I do not think it to be a smart thing to do!

      • al says:

        your talkin but you make no sense bringing info from many years ago. the better fighter as of late is hands down Vitor, and if you don’t see that then your blind to reality.

    • your an idiot says:

      you must not know ufc because you state he has beat everyone the ufc has put in front of him and his only loss was to the greatest fighter in ufc history, you sir are a fucking idiot, because he also lost to tito and chuck in the ufc not just anderson so before you run off at the mouth get your facts straight. and all 3 losses were in the ufc. idiot

    • Robert says:

      Dude where are you from? What strange planet are you from where you are warranted to insult another for not picking the same fighter you picked to win. He never said wanderlei is not the underdog. I believe we all get that. But he thinks wanderlei will win. This is like when i picked Rashad over Jones. I thought rashad had a chance and although he did not win i’m entitled to my opinion. You are not training with wanderlei over vitor so you can’t say who’s going to win. Its an mma fight anything could happen. I mean seriously who would have thought that frank mir would submit nogueira? who thought he would knock out nogueira? who would have thought brock lesnar would bust onto the scene and mix things up in the heavyweight division? Who would have thought Ryo Chonan would catch anderson silva in flying scissors? its unpredictable and people have different opinions. Leave your insults behind.

  3. My thoughts... says:

    Silva was a major roid head while fighting in pride, as we’re most that fought under that banner. Vitor, who also fought in pride, is a much better, less weathered fighter and will prove that when these two finally get the rematch we’ve been waiting for all of these years! The smart money is on Belfort!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Smart money was also on Cung Le.

    • B diggs says:

      So look at the first Silva Belfort fight…hell, look at the Belfort v Tank Abbott fight…your boy wasn’t on roids? I think in the twilight of BOTH their careers it’s just good that they get to scrap again sans…maybe. Belfort is definitely the less worn out of the two though for sure

  4. A.James says:

    Most fans have a soft spot for Silva because of the days of Pride. However, the days of Pride have come and gone and it’s a new day. Yes, both men are dangerous. Yes, both men are legends in the sport. The question is then, are both men still relevant? I’d have to go with no. Belfort is the only one of these two that is still in title contention and is rated in the top five of just about anyone’s list. Silva isn’t even a gate keeper. This is how it is today. The past is the past.

  5. danielrchargers says:

    Does not matter, all this talk is really shitty. Vitor’s gonna get KO’ed.

  6. BabyJ3 says:

    Vitor has lost what, 1 of his last 8? The 1 loss coming to Anderson Silva! Wand has won what, 3 of his past 8? How is he NOT the underdog?! I love both these guys and anything can happen in mma, but surely you can see why Vitor is favored!

  7. Me says:

    Vitor all day & even night

  8. Phenom says:

    Axe Murderer (LEgend) with too many WARS which led to a weak chin, not as fast as vitor, and yes a poor UFC record for the “BEST Pride Champion”! Phenom (Legend) Still fast, better KO power than Silve and despite the Crane Kick, has a better chin than Silva………….VITOR KOS WANDELEI RD 2 BABY!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fett says:

    I like Silva, but I think Vitor will KO him. Vitor has the better hands and chin. Vitor does tend to get overwhelmed by larger fighters and wrestlers. But Silva is neither. Silva is also not as smooth with his movement (and strikes) as Anderson. I love watching Wand fight but I am going with the fighter who throws the straight punches.

  10. josh says:

    Vitor is going to win. sorry but when you have a glass jaw youre done for in this sport

  11. Brend0magic says:

    This is ridiculous. Even if you are a huge Wandy fan, I don’t see how you can’t see he’s the underdog. I love Wandy too, but Vitor has been owning as of late and Wandy should be the underdog here. Sure, you can’t ever count anyone out in mma, and fights are never predictable, but c’mon man, open your eyes a bit.

  12. Michael hamlin says:

    All pride fighters are trash now!! Think about it…. They all did steroids in pride!! They cannot do that in the UFC and that’s why they all suck now!!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      That’s a really stupid thing to say. PEDS don’t give you a skill advantages or a stronger chin. Fighters from Pride have also been fighting for an average of 20 years or more. All the Pride fighters are old for fighters, have accrued injuries over the years and are fighting younger talent with less mileage.

      They are are all buy and large great but if they were in their 20s then you couldn’t say that. Hendo is the best example of a Pride fighter who doesn’t suck. When Hector Lombard comes to the UFC you won’t be able to say he sucks either.

  13. koolG says:

    why the fuck is vitor even a big deal, who has he beat that matters anything in the last 5 years? he has not done shit for a long time…..

  14. joegun says:

    vitor round one…love wandy but hes almost done,even with the win over cung le..if they rematched cung le would probbly beat him.vitor needs to win big to stay relevant.

  15. naru says:

    where in the hell are these writers coming from.

    this is 2012. stick with the times. stop living back as if pride got bought out yesterday.

    wandy was/is bad ass but i’m not going to pretend he’s racking up wins like jon jones and killing it like when he fought rampage in pride.

    your article is like saying “man i hate it when people say chuck liddell’s chin is weak. back in the day he was taking brutal shots and wouldn’t go down. and remember, he broke franklin’s arm. he’s still a dangerous man”

    the reason i don’t turn in articles is because i suck ass at them. so i don’t. leave it to the pros.

    • Adam Conklin says:

      I am sticking with the times. Wanderlei has gone back and forth with wins and following his loss to Leben I wrote a long and extensive article on why he had a horrible strategy and gave reasons for his retirement. But I can’t hate on my favorite fighter because he isn’t Jon Jones. I know he has been streaky as of late but anyone can win in MMA and Wandy is no exception just because he’s old or because of his record. Until he comes out to the Octagon in a wheel chair, I will always root for Wanderlei and justify it as I go.

  16. Adam Conklin says:

    As the author of this article, I would just like to state that I am a huge Wanderlei Silva. Vitor is a great fighter and a dangerous opponent but he lost most of his title fights and wins over Akiyama and Johnson aren’t going to propel him to a title shot. I do appreciate the comments as MMA fans are some of the most biased towards certain fighters, myself included. Keep them coming and voice that opinion if you disagree.

  17. love him but it’s going to Vitor

  18. peter lente says:

    like what you’ve got to say on one of the best ever. hope the axe murderer smashes before his head. best walk out song ever

  19. al says:

    you’ve got to be kidding me? Have you watched a fight before? Silva is so done … he cant take a punch anymore. he will loose this fight and loose badly. If he makes it past the first round will be lucky. Anyone who knows reality will rrealize that Silva’s chances are very limited and he most definately be done with fighting after this fight when he gets K.O.’d badly. Vitor has been the better fighter as of late and every mma fan knows it!

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