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Monday, 05/28/2012, 09:14 am

VIDEO | Silva To Sonnen: Brazil Must Be Respected | UFC NEWS

The champ and pound-for-pound greatest fighter on the planet, Anderson Silva, is demanding respect for his native land of Brazil.

Will a win over Sonnen this July halt the verbal war against Brazil Chael has employed over the last several years?


43 Responses to “VIDEO | Silva To Sonnen: Brazil Must Be Respected | UFC NEWS”

  1. Big Show says:

    always respectul, but he is going to destroy that Jackass

  2. Michael hamlin says:

    Anderson don’t even live there so go eat shit

  3. Chango says:

    A juiced up chael couldn’t even beat a busted up Anderson. What makes you think he stands a chance with highly motivated 100% healthy Anderson silva.

    • Dude Manguy says:

      First because Chael is going to be juiced up again (apparently you don’t know the whole story, Chael is juiced up every fight legally, it’s called TRT).

      Second, where’s the X Rays brah? Have you ever had broken ribs? Ask anyone that has, his ribs were bruised at the absolute most, even then how does it explain his inability to stuff takedowns or stand back up? It’s not like that was the first time he got dominated that way. Watch his 1st round against Hendo, his fight against Lutter (and lutter was exausted before the fight even started, still had Anderson in huge trouble), and his loss to Takase (who is Daiju Takase? that’s right, a nobody, he dominated Anderson).

      I could understand your argument if the fight was close, but it wasn’t. It was probably the most lop sided fight in history. Seriously, 10-8 rounds almost NEVER happen, there were 3 in that fight, 3!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’d take Chael Sonnen with a broken rib, over Anderson on roids anyday, why? because Andersons only hope is a submission. Now that may have worked the first time, but since that’s really his only hope, it would be stupid to bet on him winning.

      Face it, Anderson has a huge hole in his game and always has. It just so happens that Chael is the only guy with the chin and the balls to have no hesitation or fear in exploiting it.

      Plus, chael has finally started training and learning actual BJJ. Not to mention, watch both his fights with Paulo Filho, see how good you feel about putting your money on Anderson getting 2 subs on Chael.

      • Hawaiian Pride says:

        Chael is just a bitch who doesn’t know his place. He got his ass beat the last fight because Anderson is too much for his bitch ass. Let him keep coming back i’d like to see him get ass beat again. Maybe he broke his ribs by getting his ass beat. it seems like something he’s good at

        • getoffandersonsnuts says:

          U clearly didn’t watch the fight if u think chael got his ass beat lol. Silva landed like two elbows and a triangle choke in 23 mins lol

        • Xaninho says:

          And still Sonnen looked lik ehe was hit by a truck and Silva walked away without a mark on him……lol

        • baldy says:

          true that xaninho…for a dude that whooped the champs ass for 23 mins (and he did) he looked like the one who got his ass kicked.
          the champ will win by ko or tko in the second and phael will return to being a wannabe politician and/or his career in mortgage fraud.

      • damon upton-greer says:

        right first of all you say he is juiced up every fight legally which is wrong because he was not within the legal limits last time he fought silva and was punished accordingly. secondly if you have seen the “like water” documentary you can clearly see that silva was hurt before the fight he skipped a training session and hurt himself in the pre fight warm up. I’m not saying they were broken but either way he was not himself and you don’t think that damaged ribs could effect your ability to sprawl? have you ever had someone try to take you down?

        Anderson’s loss to takase was almost a decade ago you idiot and if you’d watched him fight back then he was not nearly the fighter he has been since entering the ufc. seriously if you wanna start comparing records chael is gunna end up looking like he should be cut for christ sake. anderson 14-0 in the ufc chael 6-4 (and in my opinion he should’ve lost that fight with bisping that decision was bullshit even chael thought he lost ) on top of that anderson has beaten somebody chael has lost to 4 times

        styles make fights that is all this is. and if you think a submission is the only way he can win? have you seen him fight before? one strike from silva is all it takes every round starts standing. I see silva catching chael with a knee as he shoots ala carlost newton. oooh chael has started learning bjj. Travis lutter was an extremely good bjj blackbelt and it didn’t stop anderson from getting him in a triangle anderson has been doing bjj his whole life not just for one fight. silva is the best there has ever been it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if silva came out and destroyed chael the roid sonnen like he did forrest griffin

      • West says:

        16:1 ratio for TRT is certainly not legal, and you’re argument about his take down defense which is somewhat valid, loses some of its wind when you mention bouts silva won and a bout that happened in back in 2003. Silva mentioned his rib was messed up in the documentay Like Water weeks before the fight. And before you say Im bandwagon Silva fan , he’s 31-4 hasn’t legitimately been beaten since 2004. And fought countless top rated fighters you gotta give the man credit.

      • Chris says:

        Cheal was over the limit on trt that’s why after is fight with Anderson he’s gettin druged tested sonnen sucks he couldn’t finish Anderson after throwing over 300 punches that’s sad he talked all shit about wanderva and wanderva got in his face and he didn’t do shit stop nut ridding

      • jones says:

        @ dude manfag…the only chance anderson has is sub>?? so his thai knees and punches dont give him any chance in ko cheal,,? cheal has beter chin then hendo and forrest?? you are a total idiot..if anderson lost he would retire and that wot happed,,,he will sub cheal after he near ko that clown

      • Jared says:

        you’ve never trained in your life if you say having hurt ribs of any kind – broken bruised fractured missing inverted whatever – doesn’t hinder your ability to stuff take downs. especially in the ground game, it’s a huge deal.

        Chael has lost 4 times by triangle choke. Why didn’t he “learn actual BJJ” when he lost the first time?

        Your troll reply is terrible man.

      • Knighty says:

        Your a dick head chael is shit he didnt even beat bisping that fight was ball shit Anderson is the greatest fighter to walk this planet and you think that loud mouth no talent cunt will best him your no where

      • AJ says:

        First, Chael does not juice up legally. TRT is legal, but the 17:1 ratio he was sporting is nowhere near legal.

        Second, medical reports released stated his ribs were fractured (reading R hard). Also, having cracked ribs will definitely hinder your ability to block shots and get off of your back. You would know this if you had ever trained a minute of actual MMA in your life, let alone competed. Wow, you can name 3 fights in his career where he was “in trouble,” congrats. Look to the results for all of those fights but one (one of which he was still young, and fairly inexperienced as a fighter)…he still WON.

        Third, check the score cards again, because there were not 3 10-8 rounds in that fight lol! Maybe by your scoring, but not by the professionals. Also, 10-8 rounds are not uncommon whatsoever in MMA. Do your research before spouting off.

        Finally, you’re comparing the fight against Paulo with fighting Anderson Silva…do you realize how silly that argument is? Get off of Chael’s jock, and learn the sport before becoming an internet warrior who types one handed while staring at the posters of Chael Connen on his wall (you can fill in the rest).

      • Paul Harris says:

        I like how you use MMA math to justify how all of Anderson’s wins were not legit and that’s why Chael is gonna win. Chael looked poor against bisping. He still whooped bisping but was not on the level

      • Maciej Sitko says:

        you obviously have no clue what TRT is. its about keeping testosterone levels in the norm of every man, the fact is that Chael abused it slightly, and he cannot do it again. TRT is to keep your T levels in the normal male range which is NOT DETECTABLE on Comission tests, because those tests take ratios into account.

        so, he won’t be juiced, and if he will, he gets fired from the UFC, im damn sure he will be.

        testosterone isnt the big deal you tell us it is, yes, trenbolone or other powerful things are very powerful, ask yourself if you felt the difference when you were young had plenty of test, which aromatized into estrogens giving you some nasty rash, does it make a big difference unless the dose is sky high? NO, it does not, it is usually used for a relief to joints for MMA athletes, not really for strength gains.

        the only guy who had so big T level was OVEREEM, and im pretty much sure he could profit on that in some way, the dose was insane.

        but generally speaking, test is the safest and the most subtle steroids there, not really a big deal, there are more powerful things out there.

        • Xaninho says:

          Actually you’re wrong. Testosterone in higher doses does make a big difference.

          And Sonnen ‘slightly’ over the limit? That’s what he says, but the reality is that Sonnen’s testosterone ratio was 16.9:1.

          Overeem’s was 14:1.

          So let’s not tell other people they don’t have a clue when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Cel 415 says:

        I’d feel just fine. the TRT issue that was brought about last time will not happen again bcuz even tho Uncle Fail was given a TUE for replacement therapy this time he will be under a Microscope so the 16:9 ratio that he had last time ( at least 3:1 More than Overeem’s last test!) will not be a factor in this match.

        and didn’t YOU notice that your boy “Fail Sonnen” has tapped in total 7 times (and yes, 1 of those times was to Paulo Filho, he did show heart, but i don’t think that was a good example.) and four of those times were to a triangle choke. shit, man. Even Forrest tapped him via Triangle!

        As far as Hendo goes man, it’s Hendo! and even he got choked out. as for Lutter, yo folks, the man could not even make weight but the Spider still accepted the match and in “Fail Sonnen” type fashion Lutter tapped as well ALSO to a triangle (and elbows.). and we all kno Vinny Malgahaes is teaching Uncle Fail some bjj. tell me how well do you think a white belt would fare against a black belt in bjj? bcuz that is, in a sense, what you are saying. i will acknowledge the fact that if he ( Chael.) does learn an escape or 2 that it will not help him to much based on the fact that a true bjj black belt can transition into another sub almost instantly. and i kno by experience that a white belt still has trouble recognizing what limb will be attacked next.

        and finally (yes, it had to end sometime.) the most hilarious thing about your argument is the fact that you had to go back almost 10 years to the second of only four men (i say 4 but i really mean 3 even tho the loss to Okami did by the rules count.) that actually beat him was not even a wrestler! Daiju subbed Silva via, yep, you guessed it Triangle choke. so please do more research and try to streamline your arguments before speakin out of hate. cuz clearly your hate has clouded your vision. Buuurn!

        • Cel 415 says:

          crap! you mean 10 people beat me to the reply?! i need to scroll down faster next time instead of just reacting to bullshit and the people that spew it. but sometimes i can’t help it… I’m allergic to bullshit….. and the people that spew it. @ jones: Dude Manfag! lmao!

  4. 16v149 says:

    He,s gotta win, there are only few winning white chumps left. Quote joe rogan

    Ace Franklin the best , just can,t beat Anderson Silva. Sonnen will

    be the first with a asterik next to his name , denoting steroids. Pathetic

    time in ufc.

  5. 16v149 says:

    Its every convicted felon fantasy to steal a belt , Se Cupp and sonnen

    sharing a stogy

  6. Jordan the great says:

    Wow the bj penn site really attracts some expert fighters don’t it? Silva is a pussy? Yeah right,not 1 of u keyboard warriors would even spare with him. Chael needs trt to even try to compete how is he a true champ? He’s just an attention seeking loudmouth trying to hold on to a fairly average career after this loss I think all we will see of Chael is his stupid rants on tv shows.

  7. Mike cannon jr says:

    I was gonna talk a bunch shit….. But all u guys… Made me not want to… Lmao… Thatsa first.. …

  8. Mike cannon jr says:

    I like both of these guys– and all the smack talkin is great fun… If u think about it…. What else would u guys have without it? my opinion… Guys that cut weight… All of them are cheaters.. Lookin for a advantage.. ThAt courage couldn’t afford them.. So.. Excepting … They All want an edge… Cheer for your guy… Hate on the ones u don’t like..but don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash…

  9. Mach00man says:

    Could you imagine the results if Anderson were given permission to use TRT as well? Not to say that he would but damn, could you imagine the ass kicking Chael would take??

    • Maciej Sitko says:

      another stupid posts, TRT is only to keep your testosterone levels in the normal male range, NOT ABOVE it, read sth about i for god’s sake, CHAEL ABUSED IT A BIT! not much but he did, if he aboused it to the point he could profit on that (such humongous dose Reem had) they would fire him for longer and make it No Contest fight.

      TRT is not detectable on any commision test, bnecause TRT is to keep your T within the norm! such a mild dose DOES NOT YIELD ANY PROFITS


      • Cel 415 says:


        mild dose? sorry folks but Overeem’s test was 14:1.
        Uncle Fail’s test was 16:9. i am not a mathematician but i do believe that 16:9 is higher than 14:1. hmm.

      • Cel 415 says:


        really? Overeem’s test was 14:1
        Uncle Fail tested @ 16.9:1 now I’m not a mathematician
        but i do believe that 16.9:1 is higher than 14:1. Hmm.

      • Xaninho says:

        Testosterone levels of 6:1 are condoned by the NSAC, yeah thats right a ridiculous 6:1. This is legal, but nowhere normal. So basically it’s cheating under consent of the NSAC.

        And again Sonnen’s levels were much higher than Overeem’s…shows how much you know about the subject.

        Now please shut up before you’ll embarrass yourself even more.

  10. Bear says:

    Chael is just trying to draw interest in a fight that no one cares about. I love an underdog, but I can never root for chael. I hate a cheater.
    Everytime I see Anderson fight , I remember how truly awesome he is. But his taunting Maia and avoiding contact in other fights lost me as a fan along time ago.
    Silva’s days on top are numbered, I think. Chael showed how to beat him if you can avoid triangles and submissions.
    Best case scenario : they send each other into retirement.
    Silva will never fight GSP. Forget that. Bones could lose 20 lbs, that would be a great fight.

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