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Tuesday, 05/29/2012, 07:35 am

Report | Recent Lesnar/UFC Headlines Product Of Brock Enhancing WWE Storyline | UFC NEWS

The Brock Lesnar saga never seems to end. His appearance at UFC 146 and reported meeting with Dana White fueled rumors of a potential UFC return. Now it appears that may not even be a possibility. Lesnar’s meeting with White apparently did not go as planned according to some reports, and the WWE apparently had no knowledge of it beforehand.

Brock’s motives are being reported to be his and his alone. Speculation is that Lesnar was trying to stoke the fires of his current WWE storyline. There was also some thought given to the idea that he was making some sort of power play with the two companies. No clear answer has been brought to light.

Lesnar notified the WWE that he indeed did meet with Dana in Las Vegas after the UFC pay-per-view. His idea had something to do with a WWE and UFC based plot for his character. White is a firm believer in keeping the scripted pro wrestling product as far away from mixed martial arts as possible – so the idea was nixed.

Despite teasing a Lesnar return at the post-fight press conference it appears that nothing will come of it, and Lesnar is still retired from the UFC.

Source: PWInsider


20 Responses to “Report | Recent Lesnar/UFC Headlines Product Of Brock Enhancing WWE Storyline | UFC NEWS”

  1. Gould says:

    Yeah im sure a business deal with the WWE would be awesome that would be great for UFC… a bullet in the head

  2. monkey juice says:

    Brick is too stupid to have thought of this shit on his own, whatever gayass storyline those fags are working on…. Dana should send alistair to the wwe to visit that fuckin lesnar pussy. Put more closure on the UFC storyline…kick him in the stomach a couple more times.

  3. Gibby says:

    always hated lesnar! roided up moron.

  4. Michael hamlin says:

    Keep it real!!!

  5. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Seriously, somebody please tell me why. Why are we seeing more and more WWE headlines on when it is obvious that most readers don’t wanna see that kind of shit on any mma site? It’s almost as if it is purposely being shoved down our throats

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    He’s in playtime and he wants the UFC to play too! awwe.

    • John_S_ Adams says:

      And people like Couture, Florian, Ariel Helwani and by the sounds of it, even Dana White think Lesnar should be in the UFC HoF…my respect for these people is really bottoming out.

      If Dana thinks it could help ratings or PPV buys, he’d probably go all on board for the idea and these ‘yes’ men of his would probably all agree it’s a great idea.

      I liked it a lot better when he was very set at keeping the WWE and UFC completely seperate, but more and more I see him softening that stance….funny how that happens when reports or ratings slips start cropping up.

  7. Be Real says:

    I realize that and agree that the WWE stuff doesn’t belong anywhere near MMA stories, but I think that this case is different. Brock was a UFC fighter (whether you think he was good or not). Keep in mind that all of the crap that people are saying about what Brock was there to do is all guessing & speculation. So we shouldn’t be faulting Dana or Brock for only having a meeting. Other then those two, nobody even knows what happen for heaven sakes. The maybe & maybe nots are just as bad as the WWE stuff on an mma site, isn’t it??

  8. Well im a fan of both! i think there is a time for everything, Wwe never has lame fight cause they are all scripted but no flash KOs and legit subs, but the flashy moves of wwe you wont see in UFC.there are always boring fights in Ufc as well! It works for me, cause im a big boy now i know whats real and whats fake! and like both!

  9. Luceile says:

    Brock deserves to be in the HoF; give credit were credit’s due, guys. Like it or not, Lesnar was a champion fair & square. Most notably, he succesully defended that championship belt twice which, by the way, less than a handful of UFC heavyweight champs in all of the promotion’s history have been able to do.
    Forget WWE, forget PPV draws stemming from his wrestling fame; Lesnar accomplished something that most UFC heavyweights, guys who have dedicated their whole pro careers solely to MMA, still can’t do. That’s HoF shit right there, regardless of what he does outside the cage.
    He’s never tested positive for steroids, so no one has the right to assume that he’s taken them just because he’s enormous. The dude’s just built big and he so happened to workout and add definition and some bulk into his muscular structure. The guy’s a corn-fed boy from South Dakota; it’d be weird if he wasn’t gigantic. Don’t try to discount his accomplishments just because he’s a large man and you think that’s only possible through steroids since you obviously don’t know much of anything about the physical fitness capabilities of a man of his build.
    And, for the record before anyone starts calling me a Brock cock sucker, I don’t even like this guy. I think he’s a jackass and I don’t go out of my way to see his fights because I don’t find him all that interesting, but I’m so sick of people talking out of their asses and saying shit that isn’t true that I just had to say something.

    • Robert says:

      I totally agree with you, But I would bet years ago he did a ton of steroids and I am a fan of his. I think he would deserve the hall of fame also.

  10. pitride9 says:

    brock vs the rock

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