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Monday, 05/14/2012, 07:30 am

Bigfoot Silva Compliments Dos Santos BJJ Skills

By Jamie McAllister
Antonio Silva in an interview with TATAME.

Bigfoot comments on Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir & compliments Junior’s Jiu-Jitsu skills.

“It’s complicated. (Nogueira and Mir) fought twice and unfortunately Mir won them both, but he shouldn’t take it personally because when you put your emotions in there it’s when you get off track. I’m sure he’s not taking this personally”

“After two, three rounds Mir will get frustrated and won’t handle it well.”

“I’d say Cigano’s a brown or black belt at Jiu-Jitsu, absolutely. He’s very good, fast, versatile and doesn’t get stuck on the positions, he can move fast and stand-up quickly. He’s on a good moment of his career. Every time he’s in Rio he trains much Jiu-Jitsu. Because he knocks many guys out people start thinking he’s just good at that.”


8 Responses to “Bigfoot Silva Compliments Dos Santos BJJ Skills”

  1. Big Show says:

    I think Mir has no chance to win this fight… he will not be able to take Dos Santos to the ground, the fight will be over in less than a minute…

  2. BJC says:

    Its a game they are playing.They don’t want Frank taking it to the ground because JDS will get annihilated

    • Mat says:

      Yeah I agree, I think JDS has probably got fairly decent JJ but it’s nothing on Mir’s. The only guy who can hang on the ground with Mir in that division is Werdum.

      That said I don’t think Mir is getting this to the ground and JDS is gonna get a first round KO.

  3. joegun says:

    Mir no chance?? His chin has no chance,but jds has none if it stays on the ground..mid is two time champ,contends for years and has the best bjj in the division.he’s a master of octagon control but likes to trade with the wrong guys.mir is a future hall of famer and will be three time champ!!!

  4. joegun says:

    Good points

  5. ganjaneerUSMC says:

    You know, when they announced this fight I was pretty pissed cuz sorry but this fight doesn’t match up to be half the fight jds vs overeem would be, and I’ve been thinking all alone mir is getting his head blocked off his neck, but styles make fights and if mir has a good gameplan, (take jds down and roll) then I see mir having a good chance at winning this particular fight. I don’t really like either but mir is a smart man, and no one as bum rushed jds yet and everyone plays into his boxing. Is jds takedown defense that good or does everyone want to prove they can knock out the best boxer in mma. Maybe a bit of bot but jds has no wrestling pedegree and mir is a bigger guy then jds and obviously better at grappling/wrestling/submissions. So if mir is smart which I think he is, then its gonna be 25 min of who can impose their skillset and sorry but jds hasent really been tested, so ill pick mir for the upset submission, rear naked or kimora.

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