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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 02:49 pm

Ronda Rousey Testifies against California Bill to Protect MMA fighters

The California bill AB2100, is aimed at protecting professional MMA fighters in California from exploitive business practices. Some of these legal protections have already been granted to professional boxers under another law named after boxing great Muhammad Ali, “Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act of 2000”.

The bill was approved by a vote of 5 to 2 and will next go to the Assembly Committee on Approbations.

Some other professional MMA fighters also stood against the bill including Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell.

Included is a video of Ronda Rousey’s testimony in front of the California State Assembly.


4 Responses to “Ronda Rousey Testifies against California Bill to Protect MMA fighters”

  1. Musa Muhammad says:

    wow, what a terrible headline. Doesn’t this just make her seem like such a piece of trash and then the article has nothing to do with anything… the bill is “proposed” as helping to “protect” mma fighters but it really just gives the state power to shut down cards at a moments notice and may actually hurt mma fighters. stupid headline for an article that has no substance.

    this site needs to start watching their headlines because that’s all that comes through on the tweets and status updates on facebook and they are super misleading at times.

  2. Flex monkey juice says:

    I agree. Kinda unprofessional…get your shit together BJ.

  3. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    wheres the fucking video?

  4. wow says:

    dude whoever runs this site is about as much of a moke as bj. fucking retards want to put bullshit headlines up and then not even finish the article….dude fuck this website on the real.

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