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Tuesday, 04/24/2012, 01:54 pm

Hearing Notes And Recap | Overeem Denied License And Right To Apply For Nine Months For Failed Drug Test

By Red Mattos:
Overeem Hearing Application – for a license to compete in the state of Nevada.

The NSAC announced Overeem’s failed drug test on April 4th; the UFC applied for a license on April 6th.
The commission first turned to Dr. Kizer, asking him to explain the results of the drug test. “The test was positive for elevated ratio over 10-1, more specific 14 -1. The level of acceptable T/E ratio is 6 -1.” They then asked Dr.Kizer if he had any discussions with Alistair prior to the test? He did not.

According to Kizer: “UFC informed fighters before that I would collect samples after fighters. Overeem left after the fight, came back, or he would be treated as a positive test.”

Overeem contradicted this story. He says he didn’t know about the testing and came right back when he was notified. Overeem says he left because he was tipped off that he would be served by Golden Glory and he was worried they would make a scene.

Overeem says he first took the injection, which he believed was anti-inflammatory, on Jan. 1st. It was believed to help alleviate pain. That’s what caused the spike. No indication that it contained any prohibited substance. It was not done as performance enhancer but to battle an injury.

Overeem’s lawyer states that, “We will turn over the vial to you. It says ‘anti-inflammatory.’ No indication on vial it contains prohibited substance.” Overeem brought the vile with him. “Mr. Overeem took some time to figure out what caused the spike in levels. Since he didn’t know what he was injecting himself with.”

When asked if he would reappear before the commission if a continuance was granted, Overeem responded by saying, “Fighting is my life. It’s what I do; it’s what I do best.” He also stated that he would not attempt to apply to any other state if the continuance was granted.

Sadly, their motion for continuance was denied. Not a good start for team Overeem. One of the reasons was stated as “closure in public’s best interest.”

Dr. Molina was sworn in for testing. He admitted that testosterone was included in the mixture that he gave Overeem. But he insisted that it was to “promote faster healing” and was insufficient to raise his T/E levels and give him an anabolic advantage. The Dr. was visibly very uncomfortable being questioned. He couldn’t recall if he told Overeem what was in the mixture or not, after stating that he never told him.

His lawyer spoke again, repeating that “Alistair has voluntarily withdrawn from a big fight out of respect for his body and the fans. Alistair had no reason to knowing ingest testosterone for performance enhancing purposes. Even if he did it, why would he document it? He never asked anyone to conceal anything.”

After a bit of back and forth the Commission decided on a nine month period of time before he could reapply for a license. The period starts on March 27th, the date the actual drug test was taken.

This probably comes as a surprise to no one. Still, what’s next for Overeem and the UFC?

I’ll end this with the advice Overeem’s attorney gave at the very beginning of the hearing. “You either tell the truth or you keep your mouth shut.”

We have the full hearing video on page two for your review.


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21 Responses to “Hearing Notes And Recap | Overeem Denied License And Right To Apply For Nine Months For Failed Drug Test”

  1. pthance says:

    He didn’t know what he was injecting? At his level of the game you better KNOW everything you put in your body. This is bullshit.

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    The audio and picture quality is horrible.

  3. Jonesy says:

    I always inject things that I’m not sure what they are into my body too. I also randomly pick up unmarked bottles and drink the contents.

  4. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    lolpants fail. dana gonna kick him

  5. Flex monkey juice says:

    One time I hurt my knee. I shot up some juice. What? Monkeys roll like that.

  6. DMAC says:

    9 and hopefully he can piss clean when his suspension is up. Wasted 2012, fucking reem!

  7. BengalTiger says:

    This guy is obviously on massive amounts of steroids, and it didn’t take an test to prove it either!

    • matt says:

      Why is it that the least educated people on steroids are usually the loudest ones to cry out about them? I’m sick of seeing people constantly say how you can tell Overeem is on anabolic steroids based on his appearance. He’s put on 30 pounds of muscle over the course of five fucking years, that is not something that is indicative of steroid use, it’s indicative of having a decent nutrition and exercise regimen. Whether or not he is on them is not the argument I am pushing either. I am sick of people acting like it’s impossible for a man who is 6’5″ to go from 225lbs to 256lbs in five years without steroids, especially a man with access to the resources that a professional fighter who trains for a living has access to. If he was 5’5″ and did that in one year it may be a little suspect but even then it would still be well within the realm of possibility for a drug free person to do that. Putting on muscle is NOT equal to using anabolic steroids, it’s equal to a change in diet and exercise regimen.

      That said he had something in his system at the time of this test, that is not however indicative that he has been juicing hard for years as some people are insinuating based on slow, long term changes to his physique.

      • Lyoto MaPeePoo says:

        u’re thoughts are more illogical than the pubes on my testicular sack

        • UFC : Ultimate Fighter Corporation says:

          illogical?? 30 lbs of muscle in 5 years of training is illogical? if you read the entire post maybe you would realize how stupid you now sound. Have a nice day!

        • matt says:

          Your post is nearly incomprehensible. Your grasp of the English language is as inadequate as your gasp of training and human physiology. Based on your post I would doubt if you’re even old enough to have pubic hair, by the way what, exactly, is illogical about your supposed pubic hair? If you’ve actually hit puberty and you think it’s impossible to put on 6 pounds of muscle in one year than I would say that you’re probably just some skinny-fat nut hugging e-warrior. Leave this stuff to the big boys, okay little guy.

      • Jim says:

        Not only are you assuming it took a full 5 years to make those gains, but 30lbs in 5 years is still a lot. Think for a second, that’s a linear and sustained progression of 6lbs of muscle a year. It’s possible, but not all that likely for someone who’s not only lifting weights, but also following a strenuous cardio regimen, which is decidedly counter-productive towards the goal of weight gain.

        I get that you’re not disputing his test results, and his physique alone is not necessarily indicative of long-term PED use, but at the same time, he is a long way past his natural build.

  8. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

    Stupid fucking commission refuses to accept evidence anyway so their so called “hearing” is much more of a “telling”

  9. jdog says:

    It was a telling, he was the scape goat, and I really like how people say “he should have known” YES he should have but also his DOCTOR should have had him better informed. I promise every one of you jerks that say he should have known or made crappy comments have went to a doctor and have either got a shot or taken a pill of one sort or another without knowing everything it did. Some drugs (legal ones) are becoming illegal simply because of side effects they did not notice during testing. I admit as a professional fighter I ask when getting a shot if it has trt or roids in it but THAT is IT. I trust in my doctor but I ask the simple question for piece of mind. But that is me as I can trust my doctor if I didn’t trust him then he wouldn’t be my doctor PERIOD.

  10. Lyoto MaPeePoo says:

    i have a disorder named after me… lyoto syndrome. everytime they ask me to pee in a cup.. i drink it. neva been caught with this legitimate disorder

  11. ASDF says:

    I wonder how much he paid off the doctor. Probably a couple hundred to dive for Alistair, and STILL lost. lmao. Serves this fucker right.

  12. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    We will see Overeem figthing in the UFC in 2013 I’m sure of that. UFC is very forgiven when it comes to fighters that can bring money to the organization. I for one would like to see Overeem fight again in the UFC so I will definitely not complain. It would be a huge loss to the HW division if Overeem would be fired from the UFC and never again allowed to fight there.

  13. A.James says:

    He fucked up. Let’s move on.

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