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Monday, 04/30/2012, 06:15 am

MMA in the Olympics | Will It Happen? | MMA NEWS

By Evan Stoumbelis:

I saw a story yesterday about why MMA would never be in the Olympics.  Saddened, I thought about why MMA couldn’t be in the Olympics and what would have to be done in order for MMA to get their. After counteracting as many arguments as possible, I realized that MMA has come a long way since the “Gracie Challenge” in the 1920s. There are many things that have to be taken into account, and the question is, how many fighters would be willing to make the sacrifices in order to represent their country in the Olympics.

At first thought one might say, “Why would a fighter not want to represent his country in the Olympics?” but the problem is, Olympians don’t get paid, and MMA fighters suffer a beating on a regular basis. From a fighters perspective, why should he put his health at risk for fights he won’t get paid for? It simply isn’t fair to ask a fighter to fight 4 opponents in a weeks time. Not to mention the fact that after an MMA fight, both fighters are automatically suspended for 14 days as a safety precaution; In addition to suspensions for other injuries. Given how long the Olympics run for, it would be nearly impossible for a MMA tournament to take place with the 14 day suspension rule in place. I’m not suggesting they get rid of the rule, I’m simply stating that it conflicts with a tournament format.

Below is the post-action injury report from UFC 144.
Zhang Tiequan: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact
Eiji Mitsuoka: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact. 180 days or negative nasal x-ray for possible fracture
Joe Lauzon: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact
Tim Boetsch: 30 days no contest; 21 days no contact
Yushin Okami: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact
Cheick Kongo: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact
Quinton Jackson: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact. 180 days or right knee cleared by orthopedic doctor
Ben Henderson: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact. 180 days or negative x-ray of both hands and left foot for possible fracture
Frankie Edgar: 45 days no contest; 30 days no contact

Fighters are generally cleared to return to training sooner than this, but as a precaution, until they are cleared they are restricted for a longer amount of time. As much as I hate to say it, this is the one argument that I cannot counteract. The only solution would be to start the tournament several months in advance, then air the semi-finals and finals on TV. Yet again though, it still wouldn’t be fair to fighters to ask them to put their careers on hold, just to spend several months training for several pro-bono fights that could result in injuries. Lastly, MMA cannot take extra safety measures in the Olympics like boxing does; Olympic boxers wear headgear when fighting, which MMA fighters wouldn’t do because it would make ground fighting nearly impossible.

Would I love to see Jake Ellenberger or Nick Diaz in team USA trunks standing across from GSP, absolutely, but right now, I’ll have to put that dream on hold. Will MMA one day find a way to work itself into the Olympics? Only time can tell.


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  1. Jay says:

    Lets take things a step at a time ….. No-Gi grappling would be a start plenty people roll & sponsorship to train etc would be an extra motivation

  2. WaynesWorld says:

    I would say they would have to do at least a few years worth of preliminary fights, and then have the winners of each weight class do a final round in the Olympics…also many fighters fought for free before they were discovered so why would that make a difference? It’s not like they wouldn’t get mega bucks from sponsers to compete in the Olympics.

  3. Dick Diaz says:

    no way…

  4. If kurt angle can win a gold medal with a broken freaking neck, I dont see why MMA couldn’t be adjusted to work.

  5. Kiel Patin says:

    maybe they could do there own world tournement. like baseball, hold it in japan, bring pride rules back, and pay evrybody. there problem solved.
    lol it be fun but never happen

  6. b_lum says:

    Pankration is an Olympic sport… they just need to bring it back.

  7. JoeL says:

    this is easy… dont allow professionals. Only allow amateurs to fight in the olympics. it’s a good launching point for undiscovered amateur fighters and gives fighters another avenue to gain experience and sponsorships. they would have to do qualifiers well in advance and probably only have the fighters actually fight twice during the olympics.

    this would work wonders for the legitimacy of this great sport!

    unfortunately, anyone wanting to do this would have to run the idea by Dana.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah right there are no pros in olympics. I guess Lebron, Kobi, Wade must all play in NBA for FREE so they can on the Olympic basketball Team. Everyone except prob wrestlers are pro’s these days in olympics.

      no possible way MMA will be an olympic sport in our lifetimes. There are too many other exciting slorts in olympics already like Badmitten and 3 yard crawl, bows and arrows and riding horses and shooting guns, sledding, snowboarding, water polo, 2 people standing on their heads in pool pointing their toes to teh ceiling.

      MMA is too damn exciting sport for all those stuffy ass wimbleton types the olympic committee. Besdies can you imagine someone like Dana White showing up to make a case in front of the olympic committe saying fuck this, fuck that, fuck all you. taht would be his speach. oh and i got more money than all you douchbags. oh and my partnters the Fertitas got theri money the old fashion way. they inherited it from theri father

      • Lol says:

        It’s WIMBLEDON, and that’s a tennis tournament… I have no idea how that relates to the type of people that are in charge of the Olympics, other than that tennis is an Olympic sport. And there is a lot more to the Olympics than that. The Olympics offers plenty of exciting things, MMA would just add. And Dana White isn’t MMA. He most likely wouldn’t be the one giving the speech.

  8. Wes says:

    lol at the idea of nick diaz passing olympic drug testing

  9. ma mama said mma says:

    well if it ever happened which would be up to hosting country i think. it would be a seriously dumbed down version of mma the cage would probably be taken away and it would most likely be kickboxing and grappling no elbows knees ground and pound. so the question is whats the point of having mma in the olympics if its not going to be the real mccoy

  10. Deez Nutz says:

    So at first this sounded a bit ridiculous. Another guy made the great point that it wouldn’t even be real MMA (probably no cage, and a serious push to make it “family friendly”, etc.). However, the more I think about it, the more I really want to see it happen. Mostly because it would be a great opportunity to see fighters from across the globe that your average American MMA fan would not have access to. Let’s face it, Zuffa has a stranglehold on MMA at the moment and a lot of foreign fighters don’t want to sign with them because they wouldn’t be able to fight for another company that is native to their homeland. The vast majority of fighters in the UFC right now are from the US and Brazil (and a few other countries are represented decently as well), but it would be great to see fighters from all kinds of other countries.
    I think fight companies in each country should offer some sort of monetary incentive for fighters to join an olympic team on the sole basis that they deserve it for taking regular beatings and putting their health at serious risk. This is an idea I feel like Dana could get behind because he’s constantly talking about “building a sport” and this would give him an opportunity to showcase his business and “legitimize” his sport to millions of new viewers, so maybe dropping a little bit of a downpayment would be more than worth it. Also, he constantly claims that the UFC signs all of the best fighters on the planet. This would be an excellent opportunity to test that claim.
    Finally, as far as the tournament format and the 14 day suspension rule are concerned, well, that’s how the UFC and MMA started, in a tournament style format. It has been done before and it can be done again. I’m not a doctor, so I really don’t know the best ways to ensure that a fighter’s safety is totally preserved, but Im sure its possible. Somehow.

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