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Friday, 04/27/2012, 06:33 pm

Jones Opens Up As Huge Favorite Over Hendo | UFC NEWS

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones opens up as a -565 favorite over the challenger and former Pride and Strikeforce Champion, Dan Henderson, who is the underdog at +385.

With a rumored UFC 149 July 21 fight date in Calgary, Hendo will have some time to prepare himself for one of the world’s top pound for pound fighters.

With Jones delivering victories in all of his title defenses and only going the distance once since capturing the title, the betting numbers are now significantly on his side.

But Dan Henderson is not a challenger to be taken lightly. At 41, Hendo has the experience and skills to make this a war between old school and new school. He is one “H-bomb” away from victory.

Numbers don’t mean anything inside the octagon and anything can happen.

Do you think Hendo has what is takes to take the belt from Jones?


51 Responses to “Jones Opens Up As Huge Favorite Over Hendo | UFC NEWS”

  1. Yari says:

    Hendo can do anything. That being said, it won’t be easy.

    • Rashad vs Machida II says:

      Hendo is one of my all time faves. I’ve never seen so many comments against him, saying he has no chance. Just because of that, I feel uneasy because anything and everything happens in MMA. That said, Jones has been one of my faves since UFC 94. And I also think Hendo has no chance against Bones. But, got so much respect for Hendo that I don’t like thinking that he has no chance…

      What if Jones looked up a the clock at just the right angle that he was blinded by the lighting at the same time as Hendo throwing his bomb of a right hand? Could happen. This fight sucks for me.

  2. David says:

    Sorry, but that number may as well be -1000 in favor of Jones. Hendo has no shot. Jones will not stand there and slug it out with Hendo, nor will he allow Hendo to stalk him down. Hendo’s MMA wrestling isn’t the best in the world, as he even got taken down by Shogun Rua who’s wrestling skills are virtually non-existent. I think Hendo gets taken down and hellbowed to death in the 2nd round after being picked apart from the outside for a round.

    • underdogg says:

      first of all if your gonna fight a wrestler and your already a disgusting striker most of your camp is wrestling(shogun) so if you have ever trained you will know that any skill set is existent if you train it especially if your an intelligent learner.fighting isnt a video game little boy there arent stats and numbers of any kind there is only gameplanning preparation and skill,alot of people forget the things fighters go through in camp getting ready for a fight,its not a character that you choose in a game and one guys stats are better than the other,its two human beings working theyre skills for 3 to 4 months in order to defeat the opponent…thats why anything can happen and anyone with the right preperation and mental toughness can win,jon jones dosent win because of his height,length,weight ect. he wins cause of his brain he is very intellegent and calm in the cage,now all hendo has to do is disrupt that calmness and poise with PRESSURE,scare him make him hesitate and think,something that rashad didnt do cause jones was doing it to him…just learn a bit more about the subject before you get too in over your head boy.

  3. riotman says:

    Not a chance. Hendo wouldn’t beat Rashad on July 21.

  4. Kingsforge says:

    Hendo may have awesome power, but it doesn’t mean anything if he can’t reach Jones. So far no-one has managed to really close the distance on Jones (that head kick from Rashad was a great hit, but Jones was pressing forward) and I don’t really see Henderson being the guy to manage it.

    I’m guessing a Hendo vs Silva kinda looking fight but with more elbows.

    • mreyna111 says:

      You forget he’s one of the only ones to win around over The Spider, he can get in the inside of his reach

      It’s all gonna depend on his CARDIO… Period.

      • Kenshiro says:

        You got a point there my friend….. !! Hendo is really good at closing the distance and he will stand in your face and bang! Jones dont wanna play that game with Hendo… Rashad’s biggest mistake was “waiting” .. he was gunshy and too cautious! He knew Bones unorthodox striking could catch him and with his loss too Machida in the back of his head he just didn’t have enough confidence to really ATTACK! Hendo will have no such problem… he will go straight to Bones, take all his unorthodox strikes and touch him just ONCE or TWICE and it’ll be NITE NITE…. to me this fight is 50/50… I don’t see Jones outgrapple Hendo and he sure as hell ain’t gonna knock Hendo out.. IF he wins it’ll be by points or sub,,,(and i honestly doubt he can pull off the sub).

  5. hi says:

    hendo has no chance. all he has is that right hand.

  6. Adam says:

    he’s a greco-roman wrestler. He has way MORE than just the right hand, dude. That being said, Jones looks unstoppable, and has been tearing through EVERYBODY. I don’t see Hendo being athletic enough to take do anything to him. If Jones is dumb enough to get caught, Henderson will be the one to put him to sleep, or maybe submit him. Jones should definitely by the favorite.

  7. Funny everyone is all aboard the Jon Jones bandwagon now, wonder where all the haters went, O ya after he demolished Rashad they deleted their names and probably made new ones so they could jump on.

    • Jay says:

      Lmao agreed 2 weeks ago everybody was hating on him. Saying Evans was going to destroy him and prove he was a fraud lmao ppl couldn’t be more wrong on that one. Evans had a better chance than Hendo I won’t spend money on this fight but I’ll catch it at the bar.

      • Kenshiro says:

        That’s where you’re wrong… Evans had all the tools but 1 major flaw.. CONFIDENCE… so he didn’t put it on Bones.. he didnt execute his gameplan cause he was too cautious to do so. That KO loss broke his spirit.. he needs to do some soulsearching and come back when he’s mentally ready to go to war again. Now Hendo.. he’s not worried about Jones tricks cause he knows he can absorb the punishment.. walk through it and TOUCH Bones. That’s the big difference between Hendo and Evans. Hendo’s biggest weapon is his durabillity and confidence.

        • Rashad vs Machida II says:

          This is where YOU are wrong: did you not hear Evans hyping up the fight for the past YEAR saying that he knew everything about Jones and how to defeat him? Did you not see Evans strutting across the Octagon with his back facing Jones? That’s confidence on display by Evans. Rashad had confidence, but Jones took that fckn confidence away with those elbow in that very same 2nd round.

          Like Rampage and even Vera before, Rashad thought he knew how to handle Jones, but found out that once that Octagon gate closed, talk doesn’t help at all. And the thing I like about Hendo is that he WON’T talk before the fight because it’s not his style. He’s gonna go in there and do his thing. He ain’t gonna walk through those kicks of Jones, though. Like I said earlier, this fight sucks for me. Not looking forward to this one.

        • Kenshiro says:

          U call that confidence? I call that “acting” and him letting the nerves get the best of him. I saw no confidence whatsoever. If he was confident he would SCRAP!! And not play a cautious defensive game…this loss was more mental than anything else cause he has all the tools!

  8. Derek says:

    I like Henserson but he has zero chance of winning this. Jones in 3

  9. fortyb4five says:

    Hendo will knock Jones out.

  10. rondo says:

    Who didn’t see that coming?…other then maybe forty….Jones is gonna retire Hendo.
    The Legend Killer Jon Breakin bones Jones…..easy fight for him.

  11. Aaron says:

    Don’t forget how well he did against the Spider there for a couple of rounds. He imposed his will and outworked Silva. Even though he’s added a few years his chin is still iron and he’s still as strong as ever. It’ll be a good fight no doubt.

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hendo FOREVER!

    Shogun vs Hendo > Jones vs Shogun

  13. No respect here says:

    I know everyone here thinks Jones is some kind of MMA god, but I am sorry. This matchup is wayyyyyy more interesting and I think will be closer than Jones vs Evans. No one wants to give “that old man Hendo with just one punch in his arsenal” a chance. I’m sorry, but Dan has had his ups and downs. It just depends on which Hendo shows up to fight. If anyone has watched Dan Henderson for most or all of his career, they would agree that when he comes to fight and has his mind in the right spot, he will KNOCK YOU THE F*** OUT or just pull out an incredible fight and just shock the shit out of anyone watching.

    I know I am going to catch flak for this, but if you ask me I think this is the perfect time in his life in his career for a shot at the belt. He has had a nice little hiatus and I think he has been just sitting back watching this Evans v Jones hype and has just been prepping himself to just snatch this belt and upset everyone in MMA. He is ready for this or any belt that he can get a shot at and he has been BEGGING for it.. He has said he does’t care what champ he goes against, he just wants a shot. I think his head is ready to walk out the cage with any belt he can get a shot at.

    And about the age thing, I don’t give a shit if he is 40, 50, or 60… if you can win 7 out of your last 8 and KNOCK OUT HALF of those guys, then you sir are still able and willing to be a champ. Especially if you just went 5 rounds with Shogun in your last fight… If you ask me, shit, he is in his PRIME right now. Hate me as much as you all JBJ nuthuggers want, but I’ll be pulling for Hendo for the upset as improbable as that sounds. There is no such thing as a sure thing in MMA. We all have seen it, and I’m sorry but I think this matchup is tricky bc Hendo has seen it all and just plain doesn’t give a f***. He throws DOWN.

    • Jay says:

      I’m sure the TRT has nothing to do with his gettin better at 41

      • Kenshiro says:

        TRT is only used to correct his levels.. which would give him an EVEN chance in competition as the youngins.. so what’s your point?

        • Jay says:

          TRT is mainly used for fighters who were once on steroids which caused their body to no longer produce testosterone. But like many fighters have said that if you must use TRT to compete then its time to call it a career. TRT is a form of cheating.

        • Kenshiro says:

          Thats nonsense… There are tons of reasons for low testosterone, most importantly “aging”. If that is the cause of your low levels, there’s no cheating in using trt treatment to get back to natural levels. Its not cheating as long as you stay within legal levels by the state athletic commisions guidelines. That way it does not give you an advantage, it just levels the playing field.

    • OJ says:

      hope u dont shed tears when hendo loses, this is gonna be worse than bones vs rampage. i hven’t seen a more mismatched fight since machida v couture

  14. Me says:

    the H-Bomb seems to have lost its effect. in Shogun fight , shogun ate lots of H-Bombs & kept coming , i think he got the draw. Lets c if it lands, first.

  15. Blake says:

    Hendo is less dangerous then evens! All he as Is wrestling and a right hand! Jones will destroy Hendo! Sadly

  16. The natural says:

    They need a young version of hendo to beat him somebody gotta wrap him up and dump him on his head

  17. Steven says:

    Do him like you did Bisping Hendo! I’ll be rooting for you.

  18. McLovin says:

    I like both fighters. It’s going to be a great fight.

  19. Cheese says:

    This will most likely be jones winning by submission either rear naked choke or guillotine

  20. Donovan says:

    Dan Henderson WOULD HAVE beat the shit out of that kid

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