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Friday, 04/27/2012, 06:49 pm

Hector Lombard Happy To Be UFC Middleweight | Calls Out Anderson Silva

The Ultimate Fighting Championship organization is proud to confirm the signing of elite middleweight contender Hector Lombard, who will make an immediate impact in the UFC 185lbs weight class when he makes his Octagon™ debut this summer.

Born in Cuba, Lombard has amassed one of the most impressive records in professional mixed martial arts, compiling a 31-2-1 (1 no contest) record since turning professional in 2004. He has defeated many UFC veterans including Jamie Te Huna, Kalib Starnes, Jay Silva, Falaniko Vitale, Joe Doerksen, Jesse Taylor, Trevor Prangley and Brian Ebersole.

He has a fearsome reputation amongst his peers and with 17 knockouts and seven submission wins on his record, the southpaw has to be considered to be an immediate contender to the biggest names in the UFC’s talent-laden middleweight division. He has tremendous punching power – delivered from a southpaw stance – and, as an Olympic judoka and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, he is equally dangerous as a grappler.

“I’ve wanted to fight in the UFC all my career,” he said. “I want to be UFC middleweight champion and I want to fight Anderson Silva to do it. I have such respect for him as a fighter, it would be an honor and a dream come true to test my skills against his. I wouldn’t be in the UFC if I didn’t think I could win the UFC world title.”

This is actually the second time the 34-year-old judoka has inked with the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization. Lombard put pen to paper to fight in the UFC in 2007, but a visa issue kept him fighting in Japan and his adopted Australia for several more years. But now riding a hugely impressive unbeaten run which stretches back 25 fights and nearly six years, Lombard enters the UFC with an enormous international reputation.

“I’m here in the UFC to prove I am the best in the world,” he said. “I’m very proud of my heritage and I want to represent all Cubans around the world when I fight in the UFC, just like I did when I went to the Olympics in 2000.”

Lombard splits his time between homes in Australia and Florida, where he trains with the famed American Top Team.


65 Responses to “Hector Lombard Happy To Be UFC Middleweight | Calls Out Anderson Silva”

  1. DanaTheBoss says:

    Anderson Silva would kill you.

    • Not You says:

      Welcome to MMA. You must be knew here.

      • DanaTheBoss says:

        Welcome to MMA to you too.. Obviously you don’t watch much if you really think this guy has a chance against Silva.. Name ONE person Hector has beat that is any good. I’m waiting.

      • Dick Diaz says:

        welcome to America (or any english speaking country for that matter), you must be “new” here.

        • Axeholes says:

          His record is padded as hell. Everyone wants to call out Silva, but most of them suck so bad, they’ll never see that opportunity.
          They feel whining about it will make that opportunity come faster.

        • Not You says:

          I’m an English as a first language citizen in an Anglo majority country. One spelling mistake doesn’t change that, but I guess you must be Professor Alphabet. And just because he makes fighters look bad doesn’t mean they actually are. He could just be that much better. Like GSP is, or Silva, or Jones.

      • Dinglenuts Magee says:

        … or maybe he is aware that Hector has a whopping ZERO wins over ranked opponents.

        Glad he’s in the UFC, but let him win AT LEAST one fight over a ranked fighter before he gets a shot.

  2. Nando says:

    Ahhh good old yellow journalism. The articles on this site lately <

  3. Nick says:

    He’s a good addition. He stands a decent chance against Silva.

  4. Joseph PWNY says:

    “talent laden middleweight division” LMFAO. by far the weakest division in mma right now

    • DanaTheBoss says:

      No.. The champion in the Middleweight division is so damn good he makes the division look weak. That is how good Anderson Silva is. Learn MMA.

      • Shameful says:

        One the one hand, there’s a reason why a lot of people think of Silva as the GOAT. On the other hand, the middleweight division of UFC is weakest division in the UFC by a wide margin.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          If as so you say the MW divsion is so weak then why is GSP so deathly afraid to move up a few pounds and fight at MW. GSP is scared is why. He knows A. Silva would KO him inside 2 minutes and Vitor would take him out and Sonnen JUICED UP and all would put him on his back. A. Silva just makes MW look weak as someone else already said

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I think GSP is bored. I give him a year in a half before he moves up.. Or down. His decision or Dana’s decision.

        • Shawn says:

          Do you fully understand what it takes to move up a weight class, especially when your natural weight is not that much heavier, and the natural weight of most MW are about 210-220. Exactly. If you pay attentention, GSP has stated he’d move to MW, when he’s accomplished all he needs in WW. Because once he packs on the neccessary mass, there is no going back to WW. He would have to finish his career in the MW division. Lol ‘Afraid’. You need to stop speaking out of your ass and learn educate yourself.

        • Carlos says:

          Maybe because it’s easier to move to lightweight due to being a small ww. U f’n noob

        • Shameful says:

          When’s the last time you got excited about watching a MW bout that Silva wasn’t in? How often have you scratched your head about some selections in a MW top ten list…only realize you don’t know who you’d replace them with. Weak division is weak.
          If you really HAVE to give Silva credit for how weak the division is, I guess you could argue that some 170 or 205 fighters chose their division because they didn’t see themselves ever beating Silva. But one way or another there just aren’t many exciting fighters at 185 and it’s nice to see them sign anyone with name recognition.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Here’s how I see it, Anderson is a boss but the MW division is full of fighters who couldn’t make it at 205.

        • KIDD433 says:

          HEY SHAWN,that would be a good excuse for your boyfriend GSP if he didnt walk around at 200 lbs.he cuts 30 lbs to make WW jack ass.Hes just ducking 185,Hes especially ducking Anderson

      • Jon says:

        I agree, silva doesn’t make anyone look good because he is too good. The only one who only showed to be a good opponent was sonnen and he was filled with roids.

        • mario says:

          I agree 100%… Well said friend

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Well said Jon. Sonnen showed his true level when he fought Bisping. Sonnen is 5 times the fighter when he is JUICED UP with 3400 testosterone level. A. Silva would destroy Bisping inside 2 minutes and Sonnen is going to take a beating like he never thought was possible in next Silva fight ( IF ) he doesn’t get nailed like Overeeem did a month out. I’m sure teh nevada athletic commiosn has Sonnen all figured out being ALL JUICED up during his entire training camps then dropping down to the INSANE number of 6 to 1 which is still 740 testosterone level which is higher than 99% of all males in world. Yes Sonnen will still be alllowed to fight Silva with 6 times more testosterone than average man. PURE CHEATING-JUICING

  5. Edger says:

    How did Lombard call out silva? He said it would be in honor to fight with him! On the top you guys make it seem like he called Anderson a pussy or like he said his going to Knock him out. I can’t wait till Hector hits the UFC

    • Shameful says:

      I know, right? Lombard was very respectful and stated the obvious: that he would want to fight for a title. Misleading titles abound on this site.

  6. just me says:

    hes going to have to fight chael sonnen because we all know hes the true middleweight champ!!!!!! NUf said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels !!!!

  7. Fuck You says:

    Anyone can win

  8. Fuck You says:

    Anyone can win on any given night, Silva has already lost. I respect him as a fighter, he’s great, he could have finished a few fights he didn’t. But overall he’s not invincible, no one is!

  9. dante040 says:

    Let’s see. What top opponent can the ufc give him. Sonnen, bisping, Munoz, weidmen, silva, are all set to fight in the future…..I would say either Brian stann, yushin okami, or if his suspension is over soon enough Chris leban

  10. jbeamazing says:

    this guy has destroyed a lot of bums I can’t wait to see him tested this summer I think he will be a killer at med weight but the A Silva call out might be a little premature but if your not here to go for the title why are you here

  11. KIDD433 says:

    HECTOR LOMBARD has serious skills.No matter who hes fought,if you saw him fight you would know that.Hes a great addition to the MW division and theres plenty of good match ups for him.

    As far as people saying MW division is weak,id have to strongly disagree.2 years ago yes,but thats why Dana asked VITOR,Stan,Wanderlei,and Munoz to drop down from 205 to MW.and now adding HECTOR LOMBARD.Now theres some really good talent at MW.

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    He may have crushed his share of cans but you can’t be a can crusha without skills, not with a 25 fight win streak. Look at Fedor currently, he has skills regardless of who he is fighting. I’ve seen some of Lombard’s fights and I was surprised he beat Brian Ebersole because the hairow is the shit. You guys know Ebersole is really good. Lombard has KO power and will be top 3 UFC mw division. This is the true test for Silva before he retires.

  13. Monkey juice says:

    Lombard is bottom 3 in UFC…not top 3. Schlemenko…fuck…Ebersole…fuckin awful. UFC is the BIGS! He better take it nice and slow or he’s gonna be 1 and done boy.

  14. mma knowitall says:

    Ya and jake sheilds had what, like 15 fight win streak. Supposed to be a dominating factor at 170? Hahaha. Feared at 170 and 185. Whoa, he beat a Hendo who fights at 205. He got worked by Gsp. Worked by the albino kampman, barely top 10 at 170 in the UFC. Hectar who? Give me a break! Yawn!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Good point about Jake Sheilds but you should JUMP and I mean literally jump on the hype train while it’s still at the station.

    • Shawn says:

      Of Shields wins, half went to decision and most of his wins went to the final round. Lombard is undefeated in 25 fights, 1 was a draw, with only 5 going to decision and most fights lasting 1-2 rounds. Hardly a comparison. Silva’s record doesn’t even match that. I’ve been a fan of both guys since they made their debuts in Pride. Most people didn’t know who Silva was when he first came to the UFC, and look what he’s done. Only the real MMA fans knew what was in store for the MW division when he did. And his first few opponents weren’t top guys either. But they were tough guys. Sounding familiar. Just because Lombard didn’t fight in the UFC, doesn’t make his credentials insignificant. He’s fought very tough guys, tough enough to make it in the UFC for a while. And anyone who trains to fight knows, its not who you fight, its how you fight. And Lombard can fight. 17 KOs and 7 subs says he can. Lol. Edjumacate yourself before talking about things you don’t fully understand. Lol

  15. Dude says:

    Welcome to mma you must be new here?? Who are these keyboard warriors? Seriously guys, there is talent outside the UFC and you would know that if you were a true mma fan but UFC just has the money as its the biggest promotion. Hector Lombard is a beast and I’ve been waiting to see if he’d ever be in the UFC and that’s not because there’s “better” talent, just a lot more competition and opportunity. Some of you guys here are really starting to sound like joe rogan

  16. KIDD433 says:

    DAMN STRAIGHT!HECTOR LOMBARD Is a warrior!Not a can like Jake Shields

  17. rondo says:

    good addition to the MW div,can’t wait to see if hes got what it takes against the big boys!

  18. Radge says:

    Happy to see him in the UFC will make a good edition but agree that while he is a good fighter he is nowhere near a title shot at Silva.

  19. Xaninho says:

    Give him Sonnen he needs an easy fight before he gets a title shot.

  20. seewithoutseeing says:

    1st or 2nd round knockout by Anderson Silva

  21. Me says:

    Lombard / Stann
    Lets have a welcome party

    • 691 says:

      agreed…give him stann..i’ve seen lombard fight before and he’s pretty good..but he’s gonna have to go against one or two of the top ten before getting that shot at the title..with him and stann it’s a win win situation..stann wins he gets close to a title shot same goes to lombard..hope it happens..

  22. 209 base 1 says:

    He is a great fighter but silva would rip his head off and as for jake shields he is no can he should have never dropped to 170 I trained with him years ago he has always been a great fighter who had fell on hard times after the loss of his father he will be back and better then ever he should move back to 185 and work his way up and shit even fight hector

  23. DMAC says:

    Not many highly touted fighters outside UFC come in and make noise. B Stann as a first opponent makes 100% sense, HL’s performance will determine if he gets a shot ASAP or needs another top tier opponent. I’m excited to see if he can swim with the big fish. He might not have been matched with high level comp but he’s done what he’s suppose to with them so hopefully he’ll be right at home with the big boys.

  24. TRUTH says:

    I like Hector but it will be great to see where he stands when put against contenders like MUNOZ, PALHARES, SONNEN, BELFORT, WANDERLEI, BISPING, even underrated ACE FRANKLIN. This is the Big Leauges and here is his chance to proove it. I know most are thinking Franklin is washed up and Wanderlei doesnt have chin, but they’re both legends. Look at Cunge Le fight haha. Franklin will do the same thing to Cung Lee. I still personally think the most dangerous underrated MW is Palharres, he can tear limbs off if allowed

  25. Garry says:

    He beat Kalib Starnes?? I thought that guy was still running from Nate Quarry???

  26. Law3056 says:

    Brian Stann is a perfect opponent. He really doesn’t have to do much in the MW to get a title shot. Silva is running out of people to fight. Palhares, Stann, Bisping, after Fail Sonnen loses, one of those guys should be next in line and Lombard should get a chance to jump in the mix.

  27. KIDD433 says:

    hate to ruin your sugestions for title contenders,But Stan lossed his last fight.Vitor has had 2 1st round finishes,and is about to get a 3rd when he fights Wanderlei.Vitor should get it,would love to see that rematch.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I see what you’re saying. But Wandy won his last fight by TKO by tucking how chin in and pouncing when the opportunity presented itself. I think he’s going to fight a similar way. I can’t wait for the upset!

      Bisping or Munoz will probably be the unlucky fellow to face Lombard after they defeat Weidman and Boestch.

  28. David "The Game" Pratt says:

    Vitor stood at silvas range and got knocked out. Lombard has freak knockout power and would be the biggest threat for Silva. People forget Lombard is more then comfortable on the ground and unlike Sonnen, Lombard has knockout power in both hands. I would pick Lombard to take Silva by freak knockout. Lombards chin is solid and would get inside Silvas range and challenge him in stand up like he has never been challenged before!

  29. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I don’t know idf anyone chin can stand up to silva. I remember watching Silva KO Forrest with off balance fading away on wrong foot jab which gave Forrest stanky legs. If Silva touches your chin ist nighty nite. I think everyone should pray for a miracle that the UFC will make Bisping fight lombard. Ok i’m dreamin never happen under the UFC-Dana/ Bisping protective custody from all strikers. Bisping should have had to fight Brian Stann already but no. Vitor called out bisping for a year after he spit on Riveras cornermen and dana refused to give him that fight. UFC won’t even let Frankin have a piece of bisping. how about Palharis whoi would rip Bispings arm or leg off. But ther eis still IDIOTS that say bisping is top contender which is 100% BULLSHIT UFC/DANA propaganda. munoz would chase after Bisping for 15 minutes and KO him.


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