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Saturday, 04/28/2012, 12:15 pm

VIDEO | Another Tim Kennedy Comedy – "Black Swan" | MMA NEWS

Strikeforce middleweight, Tim Kennedy is at it again. This time with his rendition of The Black Swan.


14 Responses to “VIDEO | Another Tim Kennedy Comedy – "Black Swan" | MMA NEWS”

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      You gotta admit he makes a far better fairy than a fighter. anything to try and desperatley be in media. Can you say noone cares about tim Kennedy. GO AWAY Tim isn’t it time to go play army man some more. there must be some poor peopel in world running around with knives that need to be snipered and wiped out so u can feel like hero and comehome tell everyon ehow you snuffed out som e dude supposely had a gun but we all know he prob was walking down road with his family trying to get away from you murderers

      • A.James says:

        For an MMA fan you sure do sound like a hippie.

      • Austin Texas says:

        I see Tim Kennedy at the gym I train at in Austin Texas allot you must have never seen Tim to be hatting the way you are chump he’s a monster of a man and like a real life superhero and you alittel man is hating for no resin your life must suck bra

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Yeah he looks like real monster in cage when he was running away from Robbie lawlor after he promised he would stand and bang with him. first time he got punched he shot for a doubleleg and resorted to “FITCHING” For someone who cuts from 230lbs he sure doesn’t look like much in cage. in fact Kenendy looks like a small middleweight much much smaller than Brian stann. In fact Kennedy looks like he should welterweight. Whats Kenendy fight maybe once every 2 -3 years now

  1. jbeamazing says:

    not a fan

  2. Brend0magic says:

    I’m on the weird part of again

  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    What a fag. As if I didn’t already think he was a total douche. At least he’s not playing army man and trying to talk about killing people an dhow much fun it is to murder woman and children. Say what you want but Kennesy and stann eat breath love to talk about murdering people. All they are is puppets who weerre used to help conquer 25% of worlds oil. political pawns and nothing more. I would like nothing better than to have to never hear Tim Kenndys name ever again as well as Brian Stann. How could anyone like Kennedy and stann feel good about conquering and indigenous people who were fighting to keep theri own homeland from a superior military force who’s politicians had LIED to the united nations about them having weapons of mass destruction. All a bunch of bullshit lies by Bush administration to steal their oil and they succeeded with help of the Brian stanns and tim kennedys. sorry i don’t consider murderers hero’s

  4. William H. Bonney says:

    Fitch hater, ur a bitch. I understand that u r probably some female from Canada and I usually don’t talk to little girls this way. You are a bitch

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      No i’m a realist who is so fricken tired of hearing about Tim Kennedy and rest of military and a war that pretty much bankrupted our country. screw all you idiots and Tim kennedy. ask Tim why he’s not in the UFC? oh besides the FACT he is not good enough. wait ask dana white

      • A.James says:

        Why aren’t you in the UFC tough guy?

      • Wth? says:

        What do you mean, you’re tired of hearing about Tim Kennedy? I havent heard anything from Tim since his response to Rockhold wanting UFC fighters to come to SF. I think you just want to be a hater you hippie motherfucker.
        Please, just kill yourself. You’re a waste of life and resources

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          trust me loser i have accomplished more in my lifetime than you could in 10 lifetimes. Your boy showed how brave he was in Lawlor fight. First punch he was bleeding like astuck pig and grabbed on for dear life. Kennedy would get killed by UFC competition. Yeah i know he walks around liek abig tough guy 5’8″ 230 lbs with his camo shirt at the gym and he your hero. Sure isn’t very impressive in cage for being such a big bad dude. Face it your boy Kenendy will always be in minor leagues of MMA. He already screwed himself with Zuffa when he talked crap about them not allowing his sponser. No even if he somehow got 10 times better overnight UFC don’t need anotehr war hero who eats breathes lives talking about killing people. They even toned down Brian stann and last week he said he wouldn’t be talking about his former employer or career anymore. Whether you idiots believe it or not most people (including Zuffa brass) don’t ever want to hear about that bullshit UNPROVOKED (Iraq) war ever again.

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