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Mark Muñoz speaks out about PEDs | says "they have no place in MMA"

By Evan Stoumbelis:

UFC Middleweight Mark Muñoz spoke about performance enhancing drugs today during a podcast interview. With the increasing drama revolving around UFC fighters and PEDs, most recently Alistair Overeem, it’s no surprise that more and more fighters are discussing PEDs in interviews.

“The thing about PEDs, everyone wants to get an edge on the competition, but I feel with PEDs you’re actually cutting your life shorter. I think when you take such drugs it’s damaging your body in a way, because anything synthetically enhanced, it’s going to do something bad to your body in the long term. For me, I’m a father and a husband, so I want to be here later on. So if I’m taking something synthetic, it’s just going to disrupt the natural process of the body and then shut down your kidneys or give you diverticulitis in your 30s or give you heart disease. If they did research on PEDs, (they’d find) it really does shorten your life. So if I’m taking PEDs, I’m shortening my life, and therefore I’m not looking towards my first priority, which is my family. PEDs is cheating. Stop cheating — there’s no substitute for hard work. If you don’t want to work hard, do something else! Stop cheating!”

Interesting, did anyone else flash to Brock Lesnar when Muñoz mentioned diverticulitis?

Muñoz will be returning to action at UFC on Fuel TV 4 against undefeated Chris Weidman.


28 Responses to “Mark Muñoz speaks out about PEDs | says "they have no place in MMA"”

  1. Peterbeater says:

    Munoz may be clean, but they all say they are until they’re caught. This is by far the dirtiest sport around because for the most part the fighters know 90% of the time when they’ll be tested and can cycle accordingly.

  2. Xaninho says:

    We all knew already about Lesnar’s PED abuse, he once was caught with a trunk full of steroids.

    • Kingsforge says:

      He was in the WWE, there isn’t a clean guy in the place.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        True that! Chris Benoit was thought to have killed his family and himself out of roid rage.

        • Jay says:

          Lesnar was never caught using steroids. Look at him in high school and college he was always huge. Just a part of being a farm boy. It is possible to get that big without roids. Look at his work out routine dude is a beast. Too bad he didn’t get in the UFC after college tho. He might’ve had a shot to build his stand up n learn to get hit lol

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          He is a naturally big guy but he was in the WWE. Those guys are in it for the entertainment solely. They don’t have drug testing and many of them are on steroids. Chris Benoit, Triple H, Ray Mysterio, Booker T all of those guys are on steroids. It’s normal to be on the stuff in that industry, more likely than not he was on them.

        • Jay says:

          The guys u listed all got bigger after they started their careers in WWE. Lesnar began his that way and his physique hasn’t changed since college. I understand what your saying yes its a huge part of WWE n u can see it with sum wrestlers look at how hulkish the rock looks now, same with cena. But I actually know Lesnar and my pops is good friends with his best friend. Lesnar is one of the nicest guys I’ve met. His persona on tv is nothing like him in real life lol just a small town farm boy from Webster south Dakota

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Yeah, actually Brock was growing on me before he left. At first I didn’t like him when he was laughing in Heath Hearing’s face, after he beat him but showed real heart after the beating Carwin gave him. That was an epic comeback! He got into his MMA career too late and had his disease obviously.

          I’m just saying he’s in an environment where steroids is normal, enabled and encouraged.

        • Jay says:

          Yea its crazy to think how good he could’ve been if he would’ve got in MMA instead of WWE. But fresh out of college and early 2000s Vince McMahon money was way better than UFC money

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Anyone who doesn’t think Lesnar has ever been on steroids has their head in sand or in total denial. the man was JUICED up beyond what any of you could ever comprehend when he was in WWE. he was foaming at the mouth in his interviews for gods sake. yeah right he looks the same in UFC, BULLSHIT, trsut me the man has access to the best PEDS in world including HGH which no athletic commision test for. Both Overeem and Lesnar were just as juiced as the otehr and fair fight JUICER VS JUICER and the mna with more fighting experience won. gee big surprise. why do you think Mir got all JUICED up for a year for Lesnar rematch helllloooo

  3. the original steve says:

    they have a huge place in mma. along with cycling them out of your system. i guarantee that at least 1/3 of the ppl mark trains with uses them

  4. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Pretty sad that MMA is getting just as dirty with steroids-PEDS as the WWE. Too bad dana white would rather spend UFC’s money on million dollar a year attorneys to chase down poor people who can’t afford PPV’s and are MMA fans. yeah dan could careles about Sterids but if he thinks anyon e is screweing him out of a dollar he will spend $100 to try and get back one dollar.

  5. WaynesWorld says:

    Maybe Mark is the 1% that doesn’t use PEDs. *NOTE* The title “I SAYS they have no place in MMA” awesome literacy there guy.

  6. Nick says:

    At least 80% of the guys are on something. It’s a matter of getting caught. I’m honestly tired of all this PED talk. Can we call it something else. Because anything you take is performance enhancing. Creatine, Protein, etc.

  7. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    If you think creatine and protein are a PED compared to testosterone or any otehr steroid you are a complete idiot. Testosterone and HGH and the designer steroids Victor Conte is IMO pushing to all MMA athletes makes you into 100 times better athlete than you could ever dream of being using creatine or protein powder. Even TRT makes you in superman overnite TRUST I KNOW first hand. If you only knew what just a low doseage 1/100th of what Chael Sonnen takes does to a 50 year old old man you would be friggen speachless. I have never never even had my levels to a 2 to 1 ratio or above 400 where as Sonnen was 3400 and 17 to one and i feel like superman on TRT. I never in my life used steroids or any type of PED but broke my back and had nasty ass cortizone injections in my spine for 7 years and it ruined my ability to produce testosterone. when iw as first tested I had a level of 90 year old man 186. I only get one shot a month from the doctor of 50 mg which is a very small amount compared to what Sonnen and marquardt. whats the fighter name who beat matt hughes twice years ago and he wore speedos in cage recently well anyway he was on one of those MMA shows recently and right on camera he injected 200 mg in his thigh which is an insane amount for a 34 year old male and total performance enhancing oh yeay Dennis Hallman. so anyway take it from me an old man who was out of shape 265lbs because the doctors that shot that poision in my spine failed to tell me the side affects and left me flat out no energy gained 50 pounds in 3 years. well after one year on TRT getting the very minimum amount of testosterone i am now 225 ripped from head to toe and bench 405lbs.. so all you who think TRT doesn’t give Sonnen and marquardt huge and i mean HUGE advantage don’t know what you are talking about. Like I said what i take is a fraction of what these MMA guys are shooting up and i feel stronger faster than I ever did at 25 years old and everyone who knew me at 25 thought I was a pro athlete. so keep on preaching how TRT is not an advantage because you are all wrong. If i took 1/10th of testosterone that Sonnen and marquradt are taking i gaurantee you i would be in better shape than both of them at age 50. Those boys are JUICED up so much more than most of you can even comprehend

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      But, you didn’t self administer the doctor did it for you. You could have also gotten it through a cream.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        I opted against the testosterone cream because they said if it gets on my wifes skin it could really mess her up so I in no way wanted to take that risk. Yes unlike Sonnen and marquardt i get my test from doctors office. My doctor told me that anyone who had a testosterone level of 3400 or 17 to 1 shoudl have been arrested by the DEA.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You are an interesting character. Is the injection more potent or the cream and how did you break your back? Also were the injections once a month?

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          In the very low dosages I’m getting i was told Cream was about same strength. how did I break my back? I got hit by a drunk driver in a speed boat while riding a jet ski at 70mph. I was 170 lbs 41 years old and ripped when i got smashed my leg was broke in two with my bone sticking out of my flesh (compound fracture) 3 broken ribs, puncured lung. blown ACL, MCL. tor apart all my cartildge in my knee. I was on deaths doorstep for 2 weeks. Worst part of the entire accident ended up being nerve damage down my legs. no stop burning and massive pain for life and the $3000 injections of POISON tehy pushed on me (that never helped) ruined my body to produce its own testosterone. fuck all doctors in this world tehy should all be put in prison. Mainly one by the name Camden Kneeland who is a money grubbing pirate and perfect example of whats wrong with the medical system in the USA

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          My dad was telling me the shots did nothing for him but that the cream worked better. Congratulations on surviving. I hope you sued his ass for every penny. If there is anything Americans are good for it’s suing the shit out of someone… and winning. Even if it’s something stupid like spilling hot coffee on yourself in a well known fast food restaurant.

    • jonesy says:

      that loser dennis hallman has a serious serious problem…something that no other mma guys have that is why he takes so much test

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        The only thing wrong with Dennis Hallman is he is allergic to GLUTEN. yes they (dcotors) mis diagnosed him for few years but it has nothing to do with his testosterone level and he is JUICED UP BIGTIME and trains with massive amounts of tesosterone in him just like Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT”a nd they taper off and have weekly testing (PRIVATELY) to make sure they gets their levels below the INSANE amount of 6 to 1 ratio or 740 ng which BTW is higher than 99% of all males in world. They are JUICING plain and simple

  8. The King says:

    This isn’t about more home runs and TD’s in this sport your trying to punch the opponents face into the back of his head.

  9. Semtex says:

    Ok, isn’t that like the 8th time we hear Munoz say he is against PEDs? Big surprise! Like he would say he is for steroids. Why do we need to this introduced to us as news over and over again?

  10. Jay says:

    PEDs and TRT shouldnt be around MMA period its dangerous enough with the lil ass gloves they use

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Trust me on this even at 50 yrs old i feel like i can punch 10 times harder now than before i started TRT a year or so ago. They may as well let the clean fighters take a baseball bat in cage to even odds. Sonnen never in his 40 fights EV ER came close to punching or decking anyone but being all JUICED up with massive amounts of testosterone he was able to deck A. Silva. Yeah right TRT doesn’t give you an advantage. BULLSHIT I’m on less than a fraction of what Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” are on and I feel like i could crush 20 cement bricks. yeah you idiots who don’t know anything about TRT keep preaching how it doesn’t give a fighter a huge advantage, keep preaching cause you are so full of shit your eyes are brown. Let me give you another example and this is god honest truth. I hadn’t been in a gym in 8 years because after my back was crushed i thought i would never set foot near a gym ever again. First day back I was so friggen embarressed because i put 45lbers on bar and i couldn’t even bench 135 and it hurt so bad. After a few weeks i knew something wa s very wrong with me i couldn’t lift anything. keep in mind before i broke my back at 41 years old I was 170 lbs ripped could bench 350lbs. anyway i saw a commercial on T.V talked about LOW T. i had never in my 48 years even heard of LOW T. well all the symptoms sounded exactly what i was feeling so i went to the doctor and had my testosterone checked. When results came back she told me i would need to come in and get a new test done because either my test was mixed up or it wasn’t right so she had me do another blood test. She calls back a few days later sounding very concerned and said you need to come see me ASAP. She said in 25 years she had never seen a testosterone level so low at 186. However because i’m a freak an d hate needles i pussyed out and said no friggen way am i going to get any shots so i suffered for a few more months and went back to talk about getting cream then she informed me how bad it could mess up my wife if it was to get on her so i finally gave in to getting the lowest dosage shot of 50 mg month. she recommended 200mg a week because i was so friggen low. well its been like 14 months on VERY LOW dosage testosterone and I have no problem benching 405lbs, 225 25 times and I am ripped for an old man so all you clowns who don’t think TRT does anything. Unlike Sonnen who walks around with a 3400 testosterone level during training camps i have NEVER tested above 400 because my (LEGIT) doctor watches my levels very closely and i don’t need to be higher and i have never had any side affects and my health being on right dosage has completey turned around a nd lost all my bodyfat. In fact its hard to even fathom these idiots like Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” running around with these insane amounst of JUICE on top of the fact they are only 34 years old. I feel better now than when i was 25 and my sex life is off the charts since i started TRT . Trust me when i tell you only reason anyon e would want to take any more than 50 mg month is one reason and one reason ONLY to CHEAT and have a huge advantage in training. My recovery times on workout went from 3-4 days without TRT to 24 hours with TRT so these CHEATERS like Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” are not just getting massivly stronger but it enables then to train like 10 times harder and recover 5 times faster than any of their opponents. So if thats not cheating i don’t know what is. forget strength TRT makes you train like an animal and gives you unlimited gas tank. I ride my mountain bike 10 miles like nothing now. All you have to do is go back and watch a Sonnen fight before TRT and watch A Silva fight and you will see exactly waht I have been trying to tell you NITE AND DAY. MMA is last sport in world that should allow TRT, someone is going to get killed because it makes you so friggen much stronger and hit harder than you ever dreamed you could. Young guys watch me work heavy bag at gym and just shake theri heads. they all think i’m a total savage now

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