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Monday, 04/30/2012, 06:00 am

How MMA Has Improved Our Military | MMA NEWS

By Chase Raymond:

There are many ways in which our military has been influenced or even changed by modern day MMA. Ten or so years ago if you were to go to basic training the hand-to-hand combat was more defensive or control your enemy with just a few takedown and choke’s taught. Now the military combatives program teaches soldiers, takedowns, sweeps, transitions, chokes and many other submissions. These techniques have helped soldiers to use non-lethal results when encountering the enemy, which allows for interrogation’s to retrieve vital information from the enemy.

The MMA style training is being driven by the demands of the battlefield, and has resulted in the birth and rapid growth of a truly American brand of martial arts in the Army and Marine Corps. The Army Combatives Schools have conducted hundreds of post action interviews with soldiers who have been involved in actual hand-to-hand combat. These soldiers have recounted in detail instances where potentially lethal encounters with combative Iraqi citizens were quelled with a choke, or where armed bad guys were disarmed with a joint lock, no shots fired.

The first Army combatives tournament was held in November 2005, and since then more and more of these tournaments have been held on many different military bases. Currently on the Strikeforce roster, Tim Kennedy (14-3 MMA), a Special Forces soldier who was the 2005 and 2006 Army Combatives champion has a victory over Jason “Mayhem” Miller, and more recently defeated Robbie Lawler at the Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson Event.

Being former military and also being a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, I saw first hand the influence of MMA in the military, not just in the States, but overseas too. Like myself, many of my fellow soldiers were fans of MMA, and trained MMA in their off time. The UFC is big supporters of our military and sends fighters overseas to visit troops and help bring up moral. The UFC has also teamed up with the “Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund” to support our hero’s who have suffered injuries in service to our nation.

Not only has it helped with keeping soldiers reach the physical demands of a battlefield, but also MMA is a proven form of self-defense. As the world of MMA evolves and improves, so will our military training. The only difference in the MMA training of a UFC fighter and one in the military; in the war zone there is no rounds, no refs, and no tapouts.


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  1. Jimmy fingerz says:

    Gotta love the troops, talk about real deal MMA

    • jacob lee says:

      hahaha yea right. I have trained with several “fighters” from multiple branches of the military and smoked them all!

      • mean170 says:

        Disrespecting people that are willing to fight for our country makes you the biggest bitch on this site.

      • Justen says:

        Where they literally trying to kill you? lol

      • sleepym40 says:

        you’re too much of a bitch to want to fight for our country. you may have “smoked” all the military fighters you’re fought or trained with, but they would smoke you on the battle field where our freedom counts more than anything you have done or will do with your pitiful life.

        • underdogg says:

          or maybe hes not stupid enough to go fight fights that arent his so check yourself you idiotic redneck,and what freedom have “we” been fighting for??? oh thats right you mean invading foreign countries and opressing them and taking away therre freedom

        • Tricky says:

          “Our freedom counts”? What drugs are you taking? Some poor guy in the Infantry is fighting hand-to-hand with some pissed-off “Insurgent” and you think he is fighting for “our freedoms”? Give me a break. That guy is fighting for his life and isn’t giving two shits for some bullshit made up freedom issue. How free were you before the Afghanistan and Iraq wars? How free are you now? Think you are safer because America is fighting in the Middle East? Let me have some of that shit you’re smoking. Jesus. Brain power drains out of the U.S. like shit down the toilet.

      • SemperFidelus says:

        Right. And I bet you did that after your finger cramped from playing WOW.

      • That Guy says:

        Real wise comment guy. If you had any idea what the Army Combatives program was then you’d know that not every soldier tought the material is gonna be an expert but instead will know what he or she needs to know to subdue a hostile enemy soldier. I cordially invite your ungreatful and disrespectful ass to any one of our fight houses located on various Army posts or Marine Camps to test your metal against a soldier who actually trains consistently in the Combatives program and I assure you someone like myself will be glad to show you why we are respected and why our techniques save lives and keep idiots like you with the freedom to post disrespectful crap about our nations true warriors. Oh and FYI, we don’t ask for your respect and in many cases don’t want it but we will not tolerate disrespect for what we do.

      • Jim says:

        If that is actually the case, and you’re not just talking out of your ass, then it’s not entirely unexpected.

        H2H is a small part of the military’s training, and an even smaller part of what they actually do in the course of their duties. Anyone who expects a soldier to be as good as an MMA fighter (or even someone who trains consistently) is in dreamland.

        • That Guy says:

          I’m not entirely sure of what you’re getting at but I absolutely concur in that this training is in fact a small part of what soldiers do. We do however teach it because though no one really wants to find themselves in that position, there are cases in which you have to defend yourself without a weapon I.e. bursting into a house with a family none too happy about it or more often, subduing detainees who quite frequently raise hell for the soldiers in charge of their keeping. All I’m saying is that while MOST soldiers are tought what they NEED to know, some of us like myself train consistently for Army tournaments like the All Army tournament in July. All of that however is irrelevant anyway. I was just trying to prove a point to the genius up top who chose to speak without either thinking about what he was saying nor thinking about what the context of his words would imply.

  2. jim says:

    finally an original article. Good article, better perspective.

    Thanks for serving.

    Semper Fi

  3. The_Gooch1 says:

    I went to basic in 97 and I was a fan of MMA already. It wasn’t called MMA yet of course. But I remember our hand to hand combat with those sticks. I didn’t know anything about BJJ but I remember Royce Gracie and I was telling everybody in my class about this bad ass skinny guy who was choking people out and I was thinking that it would be nice if they would teach us that kind of hand to hand combat. But we proceeded on using the sticks.

    While the Russians were doing Sambo, we were playing with sticks. I’m glad our military finally caught up in some realistic hand to hand combat.

  4. Ranger Dan says:

    Gracie BJJ is a great addition to the US Hand to Hand combat curriculum. That being said, it’s a lot of fun to get some revenge on your basic training instructors/ DI’s, when they act all bad ass and didn’t realize the new recruit is a Purple Belt and submits them 3 times in 4 minutes =)

  5. rob says:

    If by sticks you’re referring to the pugil sticks that was meant to train you how to use your rifle as a melee weapon. It is refreshing to see some real close combat in the military these days though.

  6. Alberto says:

    I gotta tip my hat to all service people. The Marines have a top to bottom approach when it comes to teaching the material. The Army has a bottom to top approach. The mere fact that they’re taking the perspective with or without a weapon, combat is combat, should be a complement to how you’re improving yourself. If you run out of ammo, your weapon malfunctions, or your weapon isn’t the proper tool or unavailable, then you have to know how to use your body. If your the person that gets off on subbing a enlisted person when training, then you’re also the person that ego gets bigger on beating a white belt & makes excuses when you get caught. Be honored that these service people are doing something that you do willfully. Use their experiences to make you better. Remember, everyone is different. Be humble & not an ingrate.  OSS. 

  7. Funky Jiu Jitsu says:

    Jacob Lee, you haven’t a clue what it takes to be a true warrior. Put your life on the line for everyone in this country, most of whome you will not know, then revisit this site and we will see what you have to say. Pukes like you who talk out their butts need to shove off to a different country.

    Awesome article!

  8. The Army Combatives Program does more than simply ”Roll” on mats.. We also train in real life scenarios where we are in full battle gear and at times have multiple opponents at once.. Yes, there may be some hard core BJJ fighters out there who simply train hours a day; but put yourself in our boots and see how effective our training is when your life is on the line and not in a cage… Thank you all who have served, are serving and those of you who support us…
    SSG P,

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