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Monday, 05/21/2012, 07:35 am

Opposing View | Why Josh Thomson Beat Gilbert Melendez


By Evan Stoumbelis
This past Saturday, fans saw Gilbert Melendez defend his Lightweight belt in a split-decision victory against Josh Thomson. This fight served as the rubber match for the two men, who split victories in their prior meetings.

The decision however, was a controversial one, with fans booing Melendez after he was declared the winner, and later on jumping in to support who they thought was the winner. Melendez even lashed out at a booing fan after the fight. Remember, just one week ago, Thomson was reported to have suffered a PCL tear, leaving everyone unsure of whether or not the fight would take place.

Thomson came into the fight looking like a man on a mission, he was aggressive and utilized his kickboxing in exchanges.  Especially front kicks and left head kicks, to stop Melendez from closing distance.  He scored a takedown in the first, and landed more strikes during exchanges, all while pushing the pace. In the fourth Thomson came very close to finishing Melendez with the rear naked choke at the end of the round but was unable to do so. In the fifth Thomson poured it out and left it all in the octagon, landing left head kicks, and flurries of punches, while securing takedowns.  Unfortunately, in MMA scoring, its not how you finish, because if that was the case Thomson would have won.

I gave rounds 1, 4 and 5 to Thomson, unfortunately the judges disagreed. What do you think PENNATION? who do you think deserved the win?

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53 Responses to “Opposing View | Why Josh Thomson Beat Gilbert Melendez”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

    3 rounds to two Melendez. However i could be bias as I think all FAGS like thomson are going to hell. Gee we didn’t get to see his QUEER ASS skunk stripe in his hair this fight. Maybe after Frank Shamrock exposed thomson to the world about being the first openly GAY MMA fighter he decided to tone it down. Sorry where i come from being a FAGGOT is a sin. I’m sure most of you San Francisco people have gotten use to it but I will never ever. ALL FAGS ARE GOING TO HELL.

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      Why on earth are you talking about fags and queers on a MMA thread? What fighters do in their private lives doesn’t concern us as long as it’s legal.

      Thomson is a very good fighter and I couldn’t care less who he’s screwing.

      I would recommend that you just keep your prejudiced to yourself because you lose all credibility when you talk like that on a MMA thread. I can’t stress this enough this is a MMA thread for Christ’s sake. You have a great user name so I won’t saying anything bad to you, but believe me I’m very tempted.

      • Delta says:

        Is this your first time to the site? This kid has never had credibility to begin with.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          I’m fairly new to this forum but I’m been checking this site out for a long time, just recently started reading the comments and commenting myself.
          This comment Fitch hater made about homosexuals is definitely the most disgusting comment I have seen here. I’ve seen him make some good points but this is absolutely crazy.
          I seriously doubt that he will come back on here because after this no one will listen to him.

        • Delta says:

          No offense, but you’re either incredibly naive, or new to the Internet. This dude has been making comments like this for as long as I’ve read them on this site. The vast majority of his comments are this stupid. Haven’t seen one with his much clear hate before, but yes, he’s this stupid.

          And to make it worse, someone made a comment that Thomson isn’t gay, it was just Frank Shamrock talking shit. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but it makes Fitch hater even more hilariously idiotic.

        • James says:

          It is true Fitch knows this. I even once posted him a link to an article about how Josh and Frank had a long standing beef and the gay comment was just another shot in a longstanding insult battle. He told me he didn’t believe it because Frank would get sued if he made it up. I linked him to another article about how Josh was considering suing Frank. Then he just kept on with it anyways. For someone who hates gays so much he thinks about gay stuff an awful lot.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          I have never seen him say anything like this before. I just remember him talking about TRT, Fitch LnP and complaining about other boring fighters and praising real fighters like the Diaz brothers.

          I read almost all the news on but I don’t always read the comments and definitely not all of them. I take days when I’m fairly active here and then there’re days when I don’t even look at the comments.

          But yeah I remember Thomson himself saying that Shamrock was talking shit, I think they’re not best buds 😀

      • Tony says:

        Show ur faith but respect others – if u really are a person from the Bible you would know that.

        Hjortur: +1. You sound like an awesome dude.

    • Zulwali says:

      Being Homophobic is a sin and you sir are a closet gay. Get out and tell the world that you have a small willy.

    • McCombski says:

      @ GET RID OF FITCHSerioulsy your the biggest fucking dick head on this site. Your on here every day telling people how you know everthing and ranting about shit that has nothing to even do with the story!!!! GTF off you mothers couch and go get a job or a boyfriend!. You act all bad ass everyday and you dont know shit!!! If you where such a bad ass you wouldent brag about it all the time. #getalifeyoustupidprick and #youknownothing!

      • Tom says:

        This guy seriously needs to get a fucking clue, he’s probably a nerd who got his ass beat through out school and uses the Internet to act like a tough guy, when he’s talking out of his ass. You guys are giving him what he wants which is an argument, he’s an insignificant nobody. But as they all said GetRidOfFitch shut the fuck up already, you dont like what people are saying don’t come on here, otherwise keep your pointless comments to yourself, or your retarted friends if you have any

    • D-yan says:

      thompson is not gay. frank shamrock was talkin shit.

    • James says:

      News flash, there is no hell. People made it up.

      • Noah Plata says:

        Thompsons gay? wtf?

        On another note I still haven’t seen the fight a second time but I think Gil took it by a hair the first round was the only round up in the air and we’ve all said or heard it.. really close fights usually go to the champion

        • IknowMMA says:

          Tell that to the Judges of the first BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar fight… Truth is you never know how they will judge it.

        • Ya that first fight was pathetic how the judges gave it to that little weasel. all he did was move a lot and bj landed way harder shots. either way the reffing in mma is fuckin whack!

    • nick says:

      Guess what? You’re gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. You’re probably an idiotic bible thumper KKK member. Fuckin moron

    • Delta says:

      Only the Fitch hater could be so annoying and stupid that he gets me mad at him for being on the same side of a subject as I am.

    • Deejay210 says:

      I’m sorry I dont remember it saying that all fag go to hell in the bible. But I do remember that it does say if you judge someone you would be judge.

    • Ghgsish says:

      Where you come from you can also probably marry your cousin. Josh won.

    • wordtoyourmother says:

      Im glad im not from what ever ass crack county you are from. Your words are ignorant and hateful. You know who’s going to hell? People who hate. Better get rid of all that hate. Faggot.

    • Numba1Ghani says:

      Thomsons not gay you ignorant fuck Shamrock was joking he even apologized for it.
      Everyone is completely right you’re the biggest fuckin queefer ever you literally just sit at your comp all day reading articles to write redundant comments on. This fool definately is either an ignorant fatass loser 45-50 year old waste of life failure from the South who used to get bullied and still lives with his mommy or a 12 year old used-douche with an underdeveloped brain dealing with the troubles of realizing he’s gay and likes dick and balls. Either way shut your fucking mouth nobody gives a mad fuck about you or what you say thru your keyboard you fucking markass. GTFO bitchnigga.

    • Don’t feed the troll guys. Just the name alone gives alarm signs, then the anti-gay stuff…

      Either this guy is a troll or a member of the westboro baptist church. Probably a troll because WBC only have a few members left by now i’m sure.

    • Don’t feed the troll. Either that or he’s a westboro baptist church member.

    • primalmasher says:

      Go suck a bible, you closeted religious prick.

      You make humanity proud.

    • cheese50 says:

      buddy ur a goof ur the one thats going to hell were you come from god made ppl in his own image i guess eh so guess wat that must make your good a faggot

    • right on bro says:

      wtf mma has gone gay with all these fag supporters. bro the way these muthafukas are supporting fags. you just know theres gonna be a faggs costapo coming up soon. Homos are disgusting. their watching mma only cause they wanna roll around on the ground with you and get you in the rear naked for sure

    • Bnasty says:

      Thompson admited he takes it deep an often lol…..seriously though he realy admited hes gay???

    • Fortyb4five says:

      metrosexual and homosexual are two completely different things dipshit

    • Shawn says:

      Lol! For such a homophobe, you are very passionate about gay guys. I find a lot of guys I know like you, spend a lot of time thinking and talking about gay men, and their sexual habits. Even more than gay people. Hmmmm. I’m guessing your closet guy. You like the schlong.

  2. maurice says:

    exactly 1, 4, and 5 i gave to thomson. melendez best round was the 2nd. and the 3rd round was very close, but i gave it to gil based off the takedowns.

  3. sean says:

    josh so won that shit ! gil has been overated since day 1 !

  4. Bill G. says:

    It was really a close fight. That RNC wasn’t as sunk in as people thought though. I think Melendez won but barely.

  5. Art Amidon says:

    The first round was fairly even but I gave Thompson the edge, though it could have been scored an even round. Melendez dominated the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The 4th round was totally dominated by Thompson and he nearly put Melendez away by submission. If any round in MMA can be scored a 10-8 round this was it! Thompson clearly won round 5 and in the end it was visibly clear who suffered the most damage in this fight. I gave Thompson the edge, 48 to 46. Worst case for Thompson if the 1st round was a draw and there was no 10-8 scored in the 4th then the fight would be even 48-48. In any case Melendez did not earn the win in this battle.

    • peter says:

      10-8 round?
      are you new to mma or something? no one gets a 10-8 round unless they almost ko a guy. that was a back-and-forth round, just like they all were.
      plus there are no draws in any round. it’s a 10-9 must system.
      seriously, why bother posting if you don’t even know the rules?
      round 1 = 10-9 gil. round 2 = 10-9 gil. round 3 = 10-9 gil. round 4 = 10-9 josh. round 5 = 10-9 josh.
      it was a great back and forth fight. i don’t understand why the supposed mma fans are trying to turn it into some circus. didn’t you enjoy it?

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        10-8 round fopr thomson are you serious? They only gave Maynard a 10-8 round for knocking Frankie down 5-6 times and chasing him around 5 minutes and bashing his face in. You sir are an idiot. Man I never would have guesd their is so many faggots on this site. must all be from frisco. fuck you all you buttpirates. you will all rott in hell

  6. Tom says:

    Hey Fitch hater what time is your clan meeting so we can burn it down?

  7. maurice says:

    @ART good assessement. i had thomson winning round 4 and 5. and i thought the 5th round he really had put the hands and feet on gilb. that 5th round gilbert was eating shots, gettin mad and rushing in head strong and eating more shots. the 1st and 3rd rounds were the closet rounds of the fight imo. the reason i gave josh the 1st round is the same reason i gave gil the 3rd round, the takedown. so i had josh winning the 1st, 4th and 5th. great fight, both fighters looked good. but when it comes down to who looked vulnerable, its was gilbert. if josh had went for the kill i think he could have stopped gil in the 5th. all in all both guys can compete in the ufc. i think gil really did have a off night tho, considering the 2nd round is the only round he looked like “el nino.”

  8. Mike Hawk says:

    It was an awesome fight, but after watching it a couple times I think Thompson gets the nod. He landed the most dynamic strikes, took Gil’s back and almost finished him. Although I could kind of see how Melendez takes it. It won’t happen but I would love to see this fight again.

  9. fearnz says:

    Fitch….i actually hope as you belive that beinga fag is a sin just as much as bible says that swearing and blasphemy is

    That said and done…i hope WHEN you and Josh Thompson are in hell he fuckin rapes you as you wake up every morning just before you start a full day of being fucking battered up and down an octagon.

  10. johnny says:

    why is this a “controversial decision”?
    did you not watch the fight? melendez won the first 3 rounds and thompson won the next 2. maybe math isn’t your strong suit, but it adds up to a 3-2 victory for gil.
    honestly, it makes me wonder what the state of mma will be like in a few years with all these idiot kids coming on here, looking for a conspiracy.
    this was about as straight forward a 3-2 fight gets. nothing strange or controversial here.

  11. Bnasty says:

    He got robbed…..

  12. maurice says:

    @johnny ur so damn wrong. i aint no damn kid. i aint just makin shit up for the hell of it. its pure controversy. more fans and critiques scored the fight for thomson over melendez. almost nobody thought melendez won. y the fuck did u think the fans went nuts during the decision. theres a lot of big time gilbert fans, like myself, that cant even back gil on this one. not only did thomson win the 1st, 4th and 5th, but all the momentum was on his side because of that. everyones thought was the same during the last few seconds of the fight, “holy shit, i think thomson just won.” thomson landed way better strikes during the exchanges and it showed all over gils face. not to mention thomson ALSO won the ground battle. he literally beat melendez everywhere in the fight. like i said, ill go watch it again, and if im wrong ill be happy to admit it. but almost the entire mma community scored that fight for thomson. i was pissed at gilbert during the post fight conference for saying he he thought he was in control, and “just crusing.” if u look back on the fight u can pick out numerous things that thomson did very well, but its not much stuff u can point out for gilbert. gilbert was the 1st to shoot, because he was feeling the pressure on the feet, ironically even when he did get takedowns thomson stood back up. lets put it this way, thomson did wat he wanted to do, gil didnt do shit he wanted to do.

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