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Monday, 06/04/2012, 09:05 pm

MMA POLL | Should Condit be waiting for GSP?


73 Responses to “MMA POLL | Should Condit be waiting for GSP?”

  1. Donnybrook says:

    Hell no!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      GSP will give up the belt before he ever fights Condit. His excuse will be he wants to fight Diaz. Then we will see GSP’s best impression of Jon Lay n pray Fitch 5 rounds of FITCHING. I’m sure Condit and Greg jackson and GSP have already worked this out between them so thats real reason Condit won’t defend his interim belt. GSP doesn’t have the stones to fight Diaz without “fitching”

      this might post twice as I already wrote this but it didn’t upload the first time

      • Konkeydong says:

        You are an idiot, you are basically calling one of the best P4P fighters EVER a coward.

        What the fuck did you ever do with your life that was worthwhile? You damn sure ain’t the champ and your pathetic criticism of him just reveals your tiny micropenis.

        • johnson says:

          well he’s kinda right. gsp is a great athlete, but he’s no fighter. perhaps you should take his tiny roided up nuts out of your mouth.

      • Reality says:

        Being the champ symbolizes that you’re the best. The champ doesn’t choose his fights. The UFC chooses the champ’s fights. If he wants to call himself a champion he needs to fight the top contenders the UFC puts in front of him. GSP has been doing it for years and if Condit wants to be called and respected as a champ he needs to do the same. By the time GSP comes back Condits defenses will validate his top contendership. Waiting around and holding up the division as an INTERIM champion makes no sense.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          GSP hasn’t fought any of the NEW breed of REAL FIGHTERS and he already has a GIFT by not ever having to fight Rory. He has same deal set up for him that Fitch and Kos had at AKA for 7 years. Its quite an advantage not to have to fight one of the otehr top contenders in your weight class. GSP will retire before he has to fight any of the REAL fighters. He hasn’t stones to fight any of them. Yes he will fight Diaz via “FITCHING” then he will announce he is retiring

    • Mc says:

      Yeah wait for gsp, why not?? Interim titles are bs anyway. They are just a number 1 contender belt. I think interim belts are stupid honestly. He earned his spot as the #1 contender and shouldn’t get screwed outta it again. How many interim champ matches do people think they should have b4 gsp gets back?? The other guys can fight for the #2 contender spot.

  2. Michael hamlin says:

    He should not wait for GSP cause that’s why Dana made a interim champ ?????

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yep thats 100% true only reason dana created the interim title. Condit taking Jackson’s USUAL conservative approach is going to lose him more fans. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit that Condit already lost a good portion of his fanbase after doing his best impression of Kalib starnes in the nate Quarr fight. One of Diaz’s biggest haters Josh Koscheck even went on record the other night on one of the MMA shows on T.V where he said Diaz won that fight. I was rooting for Condit and i was so discsusted in Condit running away for first time that not only did I (KNOW) that Diaz won i also became a Diaz fan. Diaz whether you love him or hate him is a REAL FIGHTER that doesn’t run away or point fight and use cheap ass flash takedowns to sway the judges. He leaves it in cage each and every fight. I would pay $1000 to see Diaz fight anyone before I pay a dollar to see GSP fight. You GSP nuthuggers who are living in past when GSP use to be a real fighter (PRE-Matt Serra KO) because he has single handed RUINED the WW divsion by only defending his title maybe once a year or so and then if that isn’t bad enough we have to see a boring ass snooooozfest-jabbberefest where he does as little as possible to entertain fans. But then we have to listen to him sit at cage side 99.9% of the time while all the REAL fighters are actually fighting and lsiten to him tell us in broken english that he is not impressed by anyone performance. No the TRUTH is NOONE is impressed with ANY of GSP’s performance since he destroyed Jon Fitch 50-43 on 2 judges cards. Thats the OLD GSP before he hooked up with boring ass Greg jackson. I stand by that GSP is going to wait tell the very last moment to tell dana and rest world that he is going to give up the belt so he doesn’t have to fight Condit so he can fight Diaz. Then what we are going to see is GSP doing everything possible to take Diaz down and do his best “FITCH” impression of lay n pray. Just like Hardy and Alves fight. GSP does not have the balls to fight Diaz on his feet

      • Jc says:

        Agree 100% condit is a pussy and is hiding from kampman ellenburger and macdonald as they all should of beat him if it wasn’t for some shitty judging and fucked up refereeing . And I still belive that Matt Serra took GSP sole as a real fighter the first time they fought

      • just saying says:

        Bro nobody is reading your fucking essays get a fucking life

      • Konkeydong says:

        You are still stupid.

      • Get Real says:

        While I agree GSP does take lay and pray to a whole new level, condit didn’t run in his fight. He set the record for most leg kicks. If you’re fighting an incredibly high level boxer like Diaz are you gonna box him? No, you’d be stupid. So what do you do? Take out their lead leg and circle away from his power hand. Which is exactly what condit did. He controlled the whole fight. Made Diaz play his game. Took diaz’s boxing away from him. It’s Mixed Martial Arts. If you want to see “a real fight where they’ll stand and bang” I’m sure kimbo slice’s street fights are still available on YouTube. It’s called strategy. Stick to what you’re good at and take what the opponent is good at away from them. Get real

        • MMA Knowitall says:

          +1^ About like GSP HAS to lay and pray because he’s scared. No, he’d just rather use a WELL ROUNDED MMA APPROACH to minimalize damage to himself while pressuring the opposition. Nick Diaz doesn’t use blast double legs because he’d rather fight. Laugh my ass off. Diaz boxes because he’s better at it than most MMA fighters. He doesn’t have the explosive muscle mass of a high level wrestler so of course he doesn’t do takedowns. He’s got the jujitsu to put wrestlers in trouble WHEN THEY TAKE HIM DOWN. Most of ya’all need to get your hormones under control. That is all.

  3. Sick Brah says:

    He could stay No1 Contender, but should have the interm belt… however that would work I don;t know…. but thast why the belt is made, to defend/hold/challange, not as a no1 contender…

  4. Sick Brah says:

    He could stay No1 Contender, but shouldn’t have the interm belt… however that would work I don;t know…. but thast why the belt is made, to defend/hold/challange, not as a no1 contender…

  5. danielrchargers says:

    Dana made the belt so that the Weight Division can move forward! weak ass condit is taking his sweet time and stalling the division even longer! what the hey dana!

  6. the original steve says:

    no he shouldnt. he tried waiting once and look what happened he got bumped by diaz. luckily gsp got hurt. why is he so determined to fight his own teammate?

    • fox says:

      Steve I wouldn’t really consider gsp his teammate he does some work at gregs gym but gsp trains all over the world with everybody if anything over in Montreal with zahabi is where he spends most of his time

      • the original steve says:

        this comment goes for the other guy whoe commented i know he trains at multiple gyms but his main gym is jacksons. either way this is not my point the point is he shouldnt wait

    • Shawn says:

      Cuz he’s the real champ. And they’re not really teammates. They never trained together. Jackson’s maybe one of a number of places GSP trains at, but he’s not team Jackson. He’s all TriStar.

  7. maurice says:

    at the moment i dont care if condit does wait. who’s condit going to fight at this very moment that makes since? hendricks, macdonald, kampmann? i think kampmann and hendricks need to duke it out. the winner fights condit if gsp still isnt back. condit was going to give diaz an immediate rematch. and im sure he wants to avenge that bs loss he had against kampmann in his ufc debut. and i wanna see macdonald vs kos. lets see how real macdonald is.

    • Shameful says:

      The McDonald/Condit fight was a pretty goofy one. McDonald very handily won the first 2 rounds, then got his orbital bone broken when he got sloppy in the 3rd. Referee let the fight go for a good 30-40 sec after that damage was sustained and calls it with about 10 secs left while McDonald was still defending himself intelligently. I agree that for fighter safety that’s a serious enough injury to warrant a tko, but it should’ve been called earlier or not at all. He was in danger of losing his eye for half a minute and you let it ride but at the 10 sec mark you call it because Condit would’ve lost on points?
      But anyway, I don’t have any issue with that being a tko but I do think Condit shouldn’t want a rematch against McDonald. Also, it’s the popular thing online to denigrate GSP for Fitching, but he has too high a fight IQ to lose against anyone currently at WW unless it’s to a one hit ko.

    • Nick says:

      He didn’t exept the rematch Diaz got busted fr smoking pot and he knew he wouldn’t have to fight him

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      GSP has yet to fight any of the NEW BREED of REAL FIGHTERS in the UFC. He has avoided the Condits, Hendricks, Ellenbergers, Kampmann, FREE PASS with Rory. GSP has bogged down the WW division so bad. 30 years old barely fights once a year or so and is constantly injured. Everyone forgets he backed out of a fight a week out last oct or nov then admitted he could have fought then karma caught up him and he blew his ACL. I think fans are tired of GSP being boring and now he’s milking his injury out for a year. UFC needs a new champ GSP no longer has the will or heart to fight. maybe its because he is too wealthy now and knows he doesn’t have to fight.

  8. the original steve says:

    no he shouldnt wait. he waited once and got bumped by diaz luckily for him gsp got injured. what makes him so determined to fight his own team mate

  9. Yarp says:

    Condit will go down as one of the worst so called champs in UFC history. Interim Champions are not real champions and Condit proves this every day he sits out. Condit knows his time is up and does not think he can beat anyone at the top of the division so clearly he does not want to fight anyone now, but he says he loves to fight and would do it for free in his promos.

  10. me says:

    the qustion should be george wait to fight condit! come on guys,gsp is ducking fights here! Hes a pud!

  11. Clay says:

    If he’s that good, and good enough to be champ then he should fight anyone. Take jon jones for example, he dominates everyone in the division, that’s why he’s champ. You should be able to beat anyone you fight to be champ.

  12. Ryan kelly says:

    Fuck no defend that shit thats super vagina if u want to be considered the best the best would do what ever get in there and whipp some ass i vote carlos vs kampmann for the rematch

    • Mc says:

      If ya wanna be considered the best ya have to beat the champ and that’s what he’s waiting for. He’s been screwed outta that fight b4. Also the people that think he just ran from Diaz R just stupid, a couple of times he ran to circle off the cage which is smart cuz that’s how Diaz wins fights by trappin people in the corners and punches in bunches. He did the smart thing and out struck Diaz. I’m a fan of both so no bias. I thought Condit won that fight. Not by much but won

    • NorCalTransplant says:

      Super Vagina? And people wonder why MMA hasnt caught on to the “main stream”. The fan base is filled with morons.

      • THANK YOU! says:

        +1 for calling it out. Fan base is full of tools and people who just wanna see fighters “stand and bang” and get “knocked the f*** out” go watch Kimbo on YouTube for that morons.

  13. Dude says:

    Hes not areal champ and he knows it

  14. maurice says:

    hahahaha this site is so funny. ppl always twist shit. someone said the interim title is its not fake. its a real belt, and it will be by your name in the history books for ever. ufc even gives u a replica. lol. if gsp were to retire right now, then condit would be the number 1 ww in the world. condit has one of the highest finishing rate in mma, and is the only man to outstrike nick diaz 5 full rounds. and till this day i still dont understand how everyone keeps saying macdonald was winning the first 2 rounds. the first 2 rounds were close. condit rocked him each round. when macdonald did get on top, there wasnt shit he could so in condits beast ass guard. 3rd rnd was just a savage beating. rory could barely stand after the fight. he was really fuked up. and some of those combinations he landed on diaz was beautiful.

  15. Lino says:

    If Diaz won he would have defended it teal quick, FUCK CONDIT!

  16. Josh says:

    More importantly, Gsp should wash the sand out of his vagina and quit ducking people. You can’t be a champ and only fight once every 2 years. I’ve seen him training recently, he’s moving around just fine. His camp says he’s fine. Dude just needs to man up for once and take a page out of evgeni malkin’s book. That guy had a far worse knee injury, had surgery and came back 6 months later and won the scoring title. Nobody is ever really 100%, so what’s he waiting for? Ah yes, all the top contenders to lose, so he can come back against either an older aging veteran, or a young up and comer with no championship experience. Maybe we can pull Hughes out for another fight. Haha.

    • babalu says:

      Exactly. Other athletes go through this all the time and come back and play because it’s what they get paid to do.
      I really don’t know what he’s waiting for. So what if he loses? Who cares?
      It’s not like he’ll never fight again and the rematch would be one of the most anticipated fights ever.

      At the end of the day it’s his choice. But if he has any desire to be a fighter, he should be chomping at the bit to fight…instead of just hanging out and going to appearances. I saw a video of him running the other day and the guy filming it asked him how his knee felt and he said great. He looked great too! In shape. At this point one can only assume it’s a mental issue.

  17. A.James says:

    Condit shouldn’t wait for GSP but there’s no number one contender yet so it’s what ever. Let’s have this conversation after Kampman and Hendricks fight.

  18. Eddie says:

    I think if a champion is out with an injury for more then a year the belt should be given to the iterim holder. Once that fighter recovers they should automatically be first in line to try to get the belt back.

  19. NorCalTransplant says:

    You guys are idiots for saying he shouldn’t wait. He could retire on the money made, win or loose on a GSP fight. MMA fans are so short sighted. Its a joke really. Wake up people. You’re so tough, you go fucking fight in the UFC. Fucking dorks….

    • stewbot says:

      His job is to be a fighter, that’s what he gets paid to do. Even if he is good enough to beat GSP he will have to face all the other great fighters at WW. It’s just causing a pile up in the division. If GSP isn’t ready to go by October or November then Condit should step up and take a fight. He’s wasting his potential for other great fights by waiting and if he really is the number 1 contender or interim champ/best in the division then he should put it on the line and prove it.

      • NorCalTransplant says:

        Oh well, why is it his problem GSP was training too hard? Anything can happen in the cage, why risk potential million $$$ payday on some dude who’s barely ready (ie anyone else in the division), just to “clear out the division” for a bunch of impatient fans. These are livelihoods here, Carlos has a family to think about too, not what a bunch of over critical MMA “fans” have to say.

        • John says:

          i agree to a certain point and actually put all the blame on gsp for screwing things up, but this sport is no longer about the individual fighters any more. it’s all about the fans.
          you mention money, but there wouldn’t be any money if not for the fans. they pay the fighters’ salaries.

          if any fighter decides he doesn’t need to do what the fans want, they can go back to flipping burgers for a living, because nobody’s going to support them anymore.

    • babalu says:

      It’s not supposed to be about the money. Just saying.

      • NorCalTransplant says:

        When you have a baby to take care of, its always about the money. Get real dude, this is the real world, not some fantasy land where fighters fight for just honor and code. This isn’t fucking Feudal Japan. It’s about putting food on the table and ensuring your family is taken care of in a country where there are 45 million people bellow the poverty line.

        • babalu says:

          wow dude, what are you…like 12?
          i have a 5 month old and a 3 year old, so don’t try to pretend you know anything about what us parents go through.

          why are you bringing up feudal japan and fantasy land? are you high?

          i know carlos pretty well and he’s doing just fine. like most of the fighters i know, he’s not all about the money anyway. for him it’s just a part of who he is. that’s the one thing that some fans just don’t get. everyone keeps talking about money, but guys like condit, silva, penn, cruz, hughes….it was never about the money. you’re either a fighter, or you’re not. carlos has a nice gym. he doesn’t have to fight to make money.

  20. NorCalTransplant says:

    And to you other idiots saying GSP should man up and fight now. Are you HIGH? This knee injury recovery could make or break his legacy. If I were him I would be taking my sweet ass time rehabbing that knee. Fuck man…. idiots everywhere.

    • chinese rob says:

      legacy? who really cares about that?
      besides, a legacy in this sport is all about beating ass. it’s about being a legend because of how epic your fights were.
      right now, all georges is known for is being a boring points fighter that only fights once every year or two. some legacy.

      and by the way, this knee injury you speak of has been well established as a run of the mill injury that athletes of all sports go through. it’s not like he’s trying to come back from cancer or anything. he had a simple surgery that should put him back at near 100% within 6 months. unless he’s re-injured it, he should be fine already. other athletes have to come back and play, so what’s he waiting for? will he sit out 2 more years if he’s not a full 100%?
      you think any other fighter is ever at a full 100%?

      he needs to either accept a fight for this fall (which is more than enough time to train…anderson just had surgery and just got cleared for contact and is already fighting on a short camp), or say he wants more time off and give up the belt. this whole mess/debate is all on him, not condit.

      • NorCalTransplant says:

        HE obviously cares about it, duh…. do you know what his injury is? Please site his medical records that explain his “run of the mill” injury. I’m sure you have them handy since you are making such a claim. I mean no one on the internet would make shit up, just to back their own point, I mean, that never happens…… he needs to do whatever the fuck he wants to and not listen to “keyboard warriors” on the internet….

        Anderson Silva is a pussy fight dodger. Talk about someone that wont fight unless made to…. give me a break dude.

        • chinese rob says:

          actually, i work for an orthopedic surgeon, so i know quite a bit about this injury. we looked at it as a case study shortly after it happened.

          it was originally thought to be a grade 1 sprain, requiring about a month of rehab, but upon further inspection, it revealed a small tear to his ACL and his interior meniscus. there was some debate as to whether surgery or rehab would be the best treatment. ultimately, he went with surgery.

          this is a very common injury we see and the normal timetable for an average person would be anywhere between 6-12 months, but a lot less for an elite athlete. in fact his own ortho surgeon ( Dr. Sebastien Simard) said his recovery rate was completely off the charts and credited his amazing genetics. their timetable had him back to near 100% and back to full-time training by spring.

          unless he’s suffered a major setback, he should be back to his usual training by now and ready to fight very soon. at least from a physical perspective.

          it’s interesting that someone else on here mentioned evgeni malkin of the pittsburgh penguins. he suffered a severe tear of both his ACL and MCL and was thought to be out for an entire year. but like gsp, he’s an elite athlete and was able to make a full recovery in about half the time and came back to lead the league in pts.

          as for anderson…he has had some fairly serious rib, back, and shoulder issues over the last couple of years that required surgery this past winter. he could have easily taken a queue from recent fighters and pulled out of his last 3 fights, but didn’t. in fact, he was only recently cleared for contact and already has a fight in a month. that’s a true warrior. your disrespectful tone towards him tips your hat as a hater. you no longer have any reason to post on here, as nobody will be able to take you seriously again.

    • johnson says:

      here’s a nice video of him from a few weeks ago:

      his knee is fine.

      and check out his roid belly! dude would piss hotter than overeem and thiago silva put together. uber gsp! looks like he’s pushing 220+.

      no wonder he doesn’t want to fight yet….there’s no way in hell he’d pass the PED test!

    • Aurell says:

      Yeah if you’ve never dealt with knee rehab, maybe you should go tear your acl and then tell us how you feel after only 6 months of rehab.

      • johnson says:

        i tore my acl as well as my patellar tendon on a knee-on-knee in hockey and received far less rehab than any pro athlete would. after surgery, i was just instructed to stay off it for a few months, then a few weeks of rehab was all i got.
        i’ll admit it sucked and hurt like hell for a long time, but i recovered fine and was back to playing in about a year.

        not all injuries are the same, so there’s no use comparing them, but plenty of average joes are able to come back and perform just fine with far less medical help. so don’t give me the “you don’t understand” bs.

        bottom line is a finely tuned athlete getting the best care in the world has a far greater chance at a full recovery in far less time than the average guy. and if you watch the video, you’ll see he’s already doing things most of us would never be able to do in our lifetime with healthy knees. he fine. unless his hands are sore from all the milking, or veins from all the injecting.

  21. Wrestler66 says:

    I am torn on this Condit made it to the top of the tree and it is not his fault St Pierre is injured so why should he take a step back you know …… Also it’s a shitty situation for guys like Kampmann and Hendricks as the que for title shots builds and in an industry where the fans essentially rule with buys of PPV’s etc you ain’t gonna want your top guys just chilling

    • Jacob Guzman says:

      you can’t sit out almost a year after a disgrace of a performance like Condit had against Diaz. Plain and simple. This is the uF(ighting)c right? NOT THROW A PUSSY ASS COMBO AND IMPRESS THE JUDGES.

  22. Dude says:

    I ment he is not a real champ because he doesn’t want to decent the belt instead use it like a ticket to the real championship

  23. Ryan says:

    Condit isn’t even in the same league as GSP. Diaz and Condit fight was very close.

    GSP Bested Jake Shields (Also fights middle weight) for 5 rounds who is a bigger and more experienced version of Diaz. You will see the same when Diaz fights GSP after he beats Condit’s ass.

    • carter says:

      i’m a huuuge jake shields fan, but he’s not even close to nick’s level. how can you compare the two? on the ground, maybe….but jake literally has no stand up. zero. yet he still outstruck gsp. conversely, diaz is probably the best boxer in the ufc.

      i’m not saying gsp couldn’t take nick down and try to grind out a decision, but comparing jake to nick is just silly.

      gsp wouldn’t go to the ground against shilelds, just like he won’t stand with diaz.

      • Ryan says:

        GSP bested Jake Shields stand up 4-1 and the one of those rounds losing to a cut eye where he could not see some of the punches coming in..However Jake and Diaz ground game are very similiar but, I do see the point you are making about the stand up. Diaz throws pepper punches and trys to smother his opponent. This is something you can’t do VS GSP because he is the master of the takedown from the strikes.

        If you’re looking for a perfect example of what happens to Diaz VS GSP watch the Rory Mc Donald fight VS Diaz. The same thing will happen here. Gsp is alot more experienced and definitely a lot stronger. This has to do with Diaz triathlon training where muscle for him is practically no existent. Not to take away from Diaz but, the same ole strategy of peppering people with punches doesn’t work here.

  24. maurice says:

    i luv how ppl say condit is “clogging” up the divsion…even tho there is no real ww contender besides kampmann. lol. condit beat diaz for interim title. then was goin to rematch diaz until DIAZ screwed shit up as always. who exactly is condit ducking from? and the diaz fight wasnt running. it was the first time someone stayed out of the fucking corner and kept the fight in the center of the cage…where diaz had nothing to offer. round 3 on diaz literally threw less and less punches, while condit continued to land more punches and kicks. any1 comparing a beast like condit to khalib starnes are seriously butt hurt diaz fans. and for the record those punches and head kicks he hit diaz wit would have dropped many other weaker men. im willing to bet everyone trained to fight diaz was coached to circle off the cage, only 1 man was able to follow the gameplan and shut diaz down. diaz looked as 1 delusional as u can get in a fight. rnds 4 and 5 diaz barely threw any punches. go back and look. tell me if im fuckin wrong.

  25. slacker says:

    Dana himself billed the Condit – Diaz match as a fight for the winner to fight GSP – so there is nothing wrong with what Condit is doing. All you Diaz fans would be fine if Diaz had won and chosen to wait. Condit schooled that gym – punching bag, fence – fighter, and kicked his ass in the middle of the ring where much of rounds 3, 4, and 5 was fought. If Diaz wasn’t high, maybe he would have fought with more urgency. Plus, he had a couple of braindead corner men giving him crap advice in between rounds.

  26. Chris says:

    I never called the interim champion a paper champ until now. Anybody with common sense knows that the interim belt is made when the champion is out for an extended period of time and they don’t want to put the division on hold. And some people said there aren’t a lot of contenders if any besides Kampmann. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.Before he lost to Kampmann, Ellenberger could definitely have been in line to fight for the interim belt, especially after the close fight they had that you can argue Ellenberger won. Johny Hendricks isn’t in line for a interim belt? I thought Kos won there fight but nonetheless Hendricks got the nod. Now you obviously have Martin Kampmann in line. And hell Diego Sanchez verse Condit would be sick. And if you say Diego wouldn’t deserve it he beat Kampmann + if him vs Ellenberger was 5 rounds like they said every main even was going to be, he would have taken that fight too. For the first time ever welterweight is exciting imo

  27. Luke says:

    Take advantage of opportunity. He who hesitates loses the battle. Most gsp fights end in decision or draw so a champ needs to do better than that.

  28. drew says:

    he never beat the champion, condit is no champion. keep on fighting.

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