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Sunday, 06/03/2012, 01:34 am

Kampmann Wants Title Shot But Will Fight Hendricks If Need Be | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Martin Kampmann comments on his next move at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 Finale post-fight press conference.

Kampmann would like to get the title shot next however he is also willing to fight Johny Hendricks.

“My goal is to fight for the title — that’s where I want to go. Johny has got some great wins, too, and if I have to fight him to get that shot then that’s what we’ll do, but of course I’d like to get the fight with Carlos Condit or Georges St. Pierre … or the winner of that fight. I’m going to need to take a little time off, heal up and go back to Denmark for a little summer vacation. I’m looking forward to that, but I definitely want to fight for the title. That’s what I want…. I would love fight Carlos, you know? But, of course, he wants to fight ‘GSP’ and unify those belts. I don’t blame him. I can can completely understand that. If I was in his situation, I would probably want to get that unification bout as well. It all depends on when ‘GSP’ is going to be ready to fight again — if he’s going to be out a long time, then I think [Carlos] should defend it, but if ‘GSP’ is going to be ready by the end of the year like most people are saying, then I can see him wanting to wait for that.”


32 Responses to “Kampmann Wants Title Shot But Will Fight Hendricks If Need Be | UFC News”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

    Can’t believe Condit just sitting back while everyone else fights just like GSP. Greg jackson is RUINING MMA. You just know its his advice why Condit isn’t fighting. Both Hendricks and Kampmann have already earned a title shot but now they all have to kep fighting because of the GSP/Greg jackson inspired log jam. Hendricks or kampmann should fight Condit NOW. Actually Hendricks has betetr record and earned it more IMO.

    • david says:

      hendricks earned it? i dont think so , he didnt even deserve to fight fitch, let alone fight for the title, but he did beat fitch and kos which puts him up there, i wouldnt say it puts him in contention tho, theres too much turmoil in the division, but hendricks definitely aint at the front of the line

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        Yeah right david Hendricks has beaten better quality fighters tahn Fitch in last year or two tahn Fitch has beat his entire career. Fitch is has been and he will never be relavenbt again. he’s pushing 35 barely fights once every 2 years and is injured all time. BJ tore apart Fitch shoulder. Hendricks gave him brain damage something even GSP couldn’t do and you say Hendricks didn’t deserve a fight against him. YOU SIR A COMPLETE IDIOT. Fitch can only lay n pray figters with weak ground games. Hendricks, Condit, Rory, Kampmann, Ellenberger are the new “REAL TOP Contenders and Fitch is barely a gatekeeper who is not durable enough to even fight every 2 years anymore.

        • Nuitari X says:

          I’ve never really liked kos but I think he beat hendricks, dirty eye poke aside.

        • Mike says:

          Who has Rory beaten? Oh wait… No named fighters. Hendricks lost to Kos regardless of what the blind judges decided.
          Just cuz you hate Fitch doesn’t change the fact that he had been ranked the #2 welterweight for just about as long as GSP has been #1.
          Hendricks vs Kampmann should definitely happen so that there is a CLEAR #1 contender.

      • Patrick says:

        I agree I think kampmann will fight Hendricks next though. I was impressed by kampmann I would rather see kampmann fight condit I think he is much more diverse in his skills

  2. warrior808 says:

    I know right, I mean why even have an interim champ if condits just gonna wait to fight gsp?

  3. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

    I bet dana’s pissed because i’m sure he thought by making an interim champ with all the new REAL FIGHTERS that WW divison would be on fire. Instead UFC ends up with 2 champs that won’t fight. One is scared the other one is glad of it. Kampmann already beat Condit once so no way Greg jackson will let him fight him again. I think even Ellenberger had earned a interim shot before Kampman fight but because Condit refuses to fight to stay busy he took fight with Kampmann. By next week most fans will forget that Ellenberger almost had Kampmann Ko’d twice and was one punch from winning. All i can say is I’m really starting to hate Greg jackson

  4. Michael hamlin says:

    Why the hell did Dana make an interim champ of they are just going to wait very stupid thing to do!!

  5. Damnu says:

    Fuck condit! An Jackson! Diaz would fight IMO Dana needs to fucking man up an make that bitch fight.

  6. Chartmonster says:

    Fkn idiots.. You wouldn’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes, so keep talking shitt from your couch. Kampmann FTW..Carlos v Kampmann for ww belt. MK v Hendricks wd be good too..

  7. slacker says:

    Condit earned his title shot. Diaz choked on his golden ticket opportunity.

    Condit and Kampmann gotta fight again at some point. First fight was very close. Despite the split decision, I do think Kampmann won that fight.

    So, I wonder who’s next for Ellenberger? Koscheck or Macdonald would be good.

  8. WrestlingRules says:

    Kampmann is Great. This guy was robbed with Shields and The Sanchez fight, those judges should NEVER be allowed to judge another fight again. Kampmann can take a shot and, will destroy a gimpy St. Pierre. Oh Crap and Condit, doesn’t stand a chance. Kampmann should have been the champ a year ago…..

    • slacker says:

      A Condit – Kampmann 5 rounder would be awesome.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Yah it would. but I think Kampmann’s wrestling and grappling is heads and shoulders above Condit. Condit is just not seasoned enough. Kampman IMO is the best welterweight out there.

        • slacker says:

          Kampmann is awesome. His biggest problem, IMO, is that he has no head movement, which obviously is why he keeps getting busted up. Their grappling looked very even to me in the first fight. Yeah, Kampmann seems to be a little better on the take -downs. Both are awesome Muay Thai fighters. They look like a mirror image in the stand – up at times. Striking I give the edge to Condit. I like Condit in the late rounds in a re – match.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I can completely respect your opinion. Kampmann does keep a still head and he needs to get off first to keep from getting tagged. But IMO he is a much better striker than Condit and alot more seasoned. I think he easily beats Condit and then beats a rusty slower GSP.

        • slacker says:

          I think Kampmann is the more accurate and technical boxer. But, I think including kicks, Condit is the better striker. I think Condit is slightly better with the knees, as he will use the flying knees, as well as the neck clinch knees that they both use very effectively. Yeah, I respect your opinion. They gotta do it again and hopefully it gets into the 4th and 5th rounds.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You got Condit, I got Kampmann may the best man win. Need Zuffa to make this happen.

        • saiasaka says:

          He’s really good but not the best I think; rory macdonald is very impressive, also he already beat condit… (the referee stop the fight too early to me); rory didn’t complain because he’s a man; he got two round in the fight. I want to see Diaz and BJ back in the division so we can have very good match… and fuck the belt; that’s just an accessory like BJ said. Condit can wait as long as he want… if BJ and Diaz come back he’s just a second class fighter

        • slacker says:

          If the Condit – Macdonald fight goes to the cards, it’s a draw IMO. That third rounds was 10 – 8 for Condit. Lucky for Rory it wasn’t a 5 rounder.

  9. Xaninho says:

    Kampmann finally gets the well-deserved W. If it went to a decision the judges would have probably fucked him over again.

  10. maurice says:

    oh shut up that bitchin about condit “waiting” on a shot, as if he’s fuckin scared or something. thing is, condit would wreck kampmann, especially hendricks. i was on the hendricks chain, until the kos fight. he looked like shit in his biggest fight eva against an aging kos. condit was ROBBED when he fought kampmann. any body can go back and watch that fight and see the real winner.

    • slacker says:

      I am a Condit fan, but I thought he just barely lost. I gave rounds 1 & 3 to Kampmann. Round1 was very close, but I think you gotta give it to Kampmann because he had either 2 or 3 submission attempts – I can’t remember.

      As far as Kampmann and Condit again, it’s a toss – up to me. A 5 rounder – would love to see it.

    • Clay says:

      Kos is no joke he is still top of the welterweight division. There’s so many tough fights some are hard to call

  11. maurice says:

    oh yea. dont get me wrong, im HUGE kampmann fan. me and my friend always ranked him top 5 ww fighter a long time ago. kampmann is one of the most underrated fighters in mma. he’s finally gettin his recognition after all these years of fighting nothing but beast. i remember his fight with drew mcfedrews, when i first saw him come from behind and win by sub. dont get me wrong he’s elite, and i think he can give condit a fight, but i dont think he can win. kampmann loss bogus decisions to shields/sanchez, but was once gifted a decision over condits ufc debut if i remember correctly. and for the record, i think kampmann would beat the shit out of hendricks. and i think a fighter like kampmann can figure out a way to beat gsp, but not condit

  12. Sheyne says:

    How in the world would a fighter like kampmann beat gsp but lose to confit? Everyone is suddenly sleeping on st Pierre Becuz he has been injured. Let’s not forget condit “won” a very controversial split decision over Diaz one in which I had Diaz winning based on aggression and octagon control. Condit essentially ran with effective counter strikes. I like all these fighters involved but until gsp is unseated he is the man

  13. Dick Diaz says:

    it should be hendricks – kampmann as a title eliminator. does anyone else think koscheck won the hendricks fight?

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