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Wednesday, 05/30/2012, 12:40 pm

Franklin vs. Le Off, Franklin vs. Silva II Now Official For UFC 147 | UFC NEWS

The UFC has been forced to shuffle fight cards once again.

This past weekend it was revealed that UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort had been forced out of his UFC 147 main event against Wanderlei Silva with a broken hand.

As a result the UFC has pulled Rich Franklin from his scheduled date with Strikeforce import Cung Le and put him in the UFC 147 main event slot against Wanderlei Silva.

The two fought once prior back at UFC 99 where Franklin was able to outpoint Silva in a highly contested bout and earn the victory via unanimous decision.

This rematch will be set for five-rounds, but UFC officials have not indicated what the plan for Cung Le will be.

UFC 147 goes down on June 23 from the Estadio Jornalista Felipe Drumond in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


37 Responses to “Franklin vs. Le Off, Franklin vs. Silva II Now Official For UFC 147 | UFC NEWS”

  1. 50 Tyson says:

    Yes!! Now wanderlei will win!

    • danielrchargers says:

      Wow. thats not cool.
      I AM A FUCKING DIE HARD WANDERLEI FAN and im sure some regulars on this site know how loyal i am too him, but that’s disrespect to Franklin. I am EXITED for this bout and glad its another Redemption Match for Wanderlei. He will get Vitor Next.

  2. Thom says:

    damn, franklin’s a company man

    • jc says:

      dana had to get a decent opponent to stay onside with Brazil. the first match was sick and a razor close decision that could have really went either way. little bit gutted though i though franklin v le was more interesting . should be a great fight noe the less, i think franklin takes a decision, a little more decisive this time.

  3. jim says:

    How come this story is no where to be found on this site?


  4. Lol says:

    Shuffle ass company

  5. learntoread says:

    This card has taking a real beating over the past couple months.

  6. sdfas says:

    Le vs Lombard Le vs Lombard Le vs Lombard!!

  7. Kingron84 says:

    It won’t be aa quick but Silva still getting KO’ed. No one is questioning how bad ass Silva was in his pride days but all those wars have taken their toll on him and unless he fights some one notorious for gassing or punches like a girl( Bisping and Le) then Silva is most likely going to get knocked out.

  8. T.Daddy says:

    I still think wandy won the 1st fight.. war wandy

  9. Bt says:

    Finally a Silva that Franklin can beat

  10. Jb says:

    Who the hell wants to see this fight? Christ

    • Mike Diaz says:

      I want to see Cung Le get shuffled to his hometown card on UFC on Feul TV 4! Why? Because it’s lacking star power and because the fight is in NORCAL. That means the scrap would be in San Jose, my backyard! Please Dana!!!!! Diaz Bros and Team PENN!


  11. ya herd says:

    all u guys talk about is the pride days with wanderli, 90% of his fights were fixed and he was on steriods, cro cop was also on steriods and many other pride fighters

    • B-Rock O-Bama says:

      The Yackuza has that shit on lockdown and knew who was going to win and lose. And the guys that were told to take a dive got paid pretty damn good. But yea it was cool to roid in Pride the Japs love roiders there

      • Artstunna says:

        Name one fight you think was fix! I have a great collection of pride fights,I be interested in research to see,,,,
        Or you are just talking crap?

  12. keep fitch (forever) says:

    Its a great match up i hope Franklin KO him the second time.

  13. Night-Wind says:

    Should be more like a co-main event.

  14. Mc says:

    This card should be free!!

  15. Semtex says:

    Am I the only one pissed at this? I kinda wanted to see Rich vs Le

  16. Hsdfsa says:

    Yeah I agree, Hector Lombard vs Cung le. There the same height and both interesting people I’d like to see face Anderson Silva. Make it happen people! Make Dana white know about this, comment on the UFC website.

  17. Hsdfsa says:

    Yeah I agree, Hector Lombard vs Cung le. There the same height and both interesting people I’d like to see face Anderson Silva. Make it happen people! Make Dana white know about this.

  18. ransack says:

    Rich will clean his clock

  19. Clay says:

    I like Cung Le I would have liked to see him beat Franklin (even tho I’m a fan of his too) I think Franklin will probably take this one tho.. I have stopped getting excited about fights tho. Until the day of the fight nothin is set in stone. Im sick of all these injuries and TRT shit.

  20. monkey juice says:

    Should be wand vs Cung 2 . Dana fucked up.

  21. Pancho says:

    Hell yeah War RICH

  22. bilbobaggins says:

    cung le should just be dropped, hes crap anyway he doesnt work hard enough and spends too much time doing promotions for movies

    his last few fights have been lacklustre

  23. Gibby says:

    What the fuck! UFC 148 has went from being one of the strOngest card, maybe ever! Into another run of the mill card. Of course it will sell because silva v sonnen 2 are the main, but as a fan I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for an announced card! Was considering flying over from Scotland for it! Now it’s lost Bisping v boetsch, le v Franklin and Cruz v Faber! It’s a very sad day for me personally!

  24. jorge says:

    wandy won the 1st fight !

  25. Donnybrook says:

    Franklin FTW!… again.

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