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Wednesday, 05/23/2012, 04:30 pm

Frank Mir On Dos Santos | "He never talks trash. Now he’s trying to because he’s a champ." | UFC NEWS

By Jamie McAllister
Frank Mir In an interview with TATAME.

Mir comments on media obligations and the development of the sport.

“As the sport grows, you have more obligations each time. I guess you’re looking for something special for me to say, but a fight is a fight. I’ve never had a fight where I could look past the guy.”

Mir comments on the manner in which he was drafted in to the Heavyweight Title fight.

“I always think about the sport first. I was in good enough shape for fighting Dos Santos on such an important card.”

Mir comments on Dos Santos questioning his manhood during the UFC Primetime show. (In case you have not had the chance to see the show Dos Santos was talking to Nogueira about Mir pretending to be knocked out by Carwin in order to get the fight over with and saying he is not a man.)

“I didn’t take it seriously. Dos Santos is a nice guy. We have all seen him talking in the last couple of years and he never talks trash. Now he’s trying to because he’s a champ. People around him say he has to do the Brock thing. People are more interested and want him to play it for the UFC, but he’s not really good at it.”

Mir comments on some advantages he holds over Dos Santos.

“I think the advantage of my part is that I’m used to this, I’ve been around and I know how to define it, what to do, how to redirect my energy and there’s no distraction leading up to the fight. A lot of fighters, when you hear them afterwards, are distracted. They don’t cope with this as well as I do. Looking back at my history, I think it’s one advantage I have over Dos Santos is that this is not new to me. I didn’t grow up not around the spotlight. Born and raised in Vegas, so I’m used to being in front of cameras and being in the UFC for almost 11 years.”


13 Responses to “Frank Mir On Dos Santos | "He never talks trash. Now he’s trying to because he’s a champ." | UFC NEWS”

  1. Aaron says:

    Mir is going to get KTFO. Sorry dude.

  2. BabyJ3 says:

    I think so too, but I hope he puts up a fight

  3. C says:

    Mir says he’s gonna get in the clinch, jump up, pull guard, and finish with an ankle lock. Heard that on

  4. Clay says:

    I’ve always liked Mir, but JDS has been on another level. I’ll always respect this guy tho

  5. keep fitch (forever) says:

    I hope mir beats dos santos by split decision lay and pray. I hope mir wins be robbery biggest lay and pray ever.

  6. Xaninho says:

    I don’t think Mir can win this. His takedowns aren’t great and JDS has great takedown defense. So I don’t see him taking it to the ground where his advantage might be.

    I’m saying might, because no one really knows how good of a brown belt BJJ JDS really is. It would be epic if JDS submits Mir, but I think he will just knock him out on the feet.

  7. bdizz says:

    I just hope this fight goes a few rounds not like the Cain 50 second shit.

  8. mir is going to sleep. if lesnar and carwin did beat him then clearly jds is going to ko him

  9. Matthew B says:

    Frank Mir only has 5 losses. I guarantee he has learned more than anyone from his recent losses…His take downs are very good for a BJJ guy…Especially with the added size and strength of mir, if he can avoid power punches he will be on top of JDS in wrestling/grappling…Shane carwin waited way too long to try and wrestle JDS…JDS gambled very intelligently against CAIN, came out swinging and prolly would have gassed if he didnt get it….Hope mir doesnt have that dumb ass look on his face when striking like hes lethargic

    • Cel 415 says:

      check this folks: all of Mir’s 5 losses came via KO. Big Country beat Mir in a strictly no-gi bjj match, then got his face handed to him in all five rounds of the fight he had with JDS. although Roy managed to get JDS down he could never do any thing with it cuz JDS would just pop back up. Carwin could not take him down cuz his sprawl is tops and cuz he was gettin the livin fuck bashed outta him. and finally JDS gassing? that has never happened in not one of his fights. that bein said i do think if Mir by some luck gets ahold of an arm or leg he’ll snap it off. i’ll give JDS 90% chance of winning.

  10. Damnu says:

    Mir has been in there, took beatings gave beatings broke bones, I mean the guy has been around and clearly has a ton of experience an confidence going into this fight, I like his chances. Dos Santos is a boxer an plainly states that’s all he wants to do. Mir needs to go in there an put on a good clean fight because if he’s sloppy he will be lose. I got Mir in this one

  11. Shawn says:

    Within 3 rounds I can see JDS winning by KO or TKO. If it goes pass 3, I can see both guys getting tired, in which Mir will manage a takedown, and have a good chance of submitting Dos Santos. Kinda like his fight with Big Nog. One thing I’ve learned about Mir, if you can’t finish him, don’t count him out from finishing you.

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