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Tuesday, 05/08/2012, 07:17 am

Chael Sonnen On Anderson Silva, Hector Lombard, Not Going To Brazil & Defending "His" Belt

By Jamie McAllister
Chael Sonnen comments on this weeks episode of The MMA Hour.

Sonnen comments on his fight with Silva being moved from Brazil & his experience of Brazil in his recent visit.

“Yeah, I would’ve liked to have been part of a stadium show, a record-breaker. I would’ve definitely enjoyed the experience of walking into a hostile environment. I like that. I really enjoy the negative energy. So we lost that, but I want to pick my words carefully. The last thing I want to do is to be put in a great situation, something that dreams are made of, and then complain that it wasn’t even better. That’s not the message I want to put out, but yeah, it would have been a neat experience, and I would have liked to have had it.”

“As far as the people, it was great. Look, if I want to be famous in America, I’ve got to go to a fight. Walking around town, I’m just not. I’m not a celebrity, as you put it earlier. But in Brazil, that’s, not true man. Everybody knows the sport in Brazil. Just because I had some confusions about their Country, that doesn’t mean, those aren’t insults. So what? I had it wrong. It turns out they have computers, I didn’t know. But as far as their hero’s go, I think they were pretty refreshed when I informed them of their thinking. You know you got these guys that are Brazilian when it’s convenient. You got your Vitor’s and your Wanderlei’s and your Anderson’s that are Brazilian when they can take money from the local people. But of course, they’ve lived in America for over a decade in gated communities on golf courses. So the Brazilian people don’t like those guys. There is a major misconception with that. Those guys are looked at for what they are, which is phony’s.”

Sonnen also comments on being the true Middleweight Champion.

“I am the champion, so I will always have my belt. Will Anderson bring his fake belt? Yeah, he most likely will, and I think it’s embarrassing he has to do that. I think what he’s doing is he’s seeing the influx of new viewers the FOX deal got us, he went out to do his level best to misinform the new viewers into believing he’s champion, and he went out and got himself a fake belt. I think it’s embarrassing. I would never do that. I think it’s shameful. I think it’s disrespectful to everything that I’ve done and I’ve earned in the sport, but he continues to do it. So I’m going to destroy him once and for all, finally, on July 7, live and only on pay-per-view.”

Sonnen goes on to talk about Hector Lombard’s possible title shot if he beats Brian Stann.

“I don’t think there should be any set architecture. You always hear the champion that doesn’t want to fight the true best guy making arguments for why he shouldn’t have to fight that guy. Rich Franklin did that. He was the champion. He’s living the high life. He’s fighting bums left and right. And Anderson comes into the company, he has one fight, and Rich is like, ‘Well, I don’t think he should get it after one fight.’ Well, Rich you don’t get to decide. Whoever the best guy is gets the shot. And if it’s Hector, then Hector will get the shot. Good for him. He’s on quite a roll, he won a whole bunch of fights, he’s in the UFC. If he can do it, good for him. Whoever the right guy is should get the shot, and I will not deny anybody.”


51 Responses to “Chael Sonnen On Anderson Silva, Hector Lombard, Not Going To Brazil & Defending "His" Belt”

  1. pat says:

    Hes got a browm leather belt to hold his tightass pants up

  2. Breno says:

    Wanderlei, Viltor, Anderson and all the other figthers that moved to USA, they only did it because there was no way they could live only training and keep focused in their fights in Brazil. There were no sponsors and there were no conditions for them to be MMA atheletes at that time. They moved to US because they didn’t have a choice and for your information we DO NOT HATE them. We love them because they represent our country, our people and our “never give up intent”.

    So yeah Sonnen, you talk a lot of shit, and yeah you have no clue of what’s going on here!

  3. Tyler says:

    His answer to the second question about being the “true champion” was hilarious. Chael is the best troll in the UFC. 10 internets to him.

  4. Kalstrom says:

    Maybe the Sonnen should shut up bottom line the ref saved his life vs.Anderson in first fight

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      Just like the ref saved silvas life by peeling Chael off him at the end of every round?

      • sonnenisawhinybitch says:

        Just like how your ignorance keeps guys like chael getting camera time hahahaha. You idiot. The fighters HAVE to separate when the end of round bell goes. DUH. Id say chael got peeled off too haha but for a different reason, see chael is kind of like the blistery skin that comes off when you have callouses. Hes just that pathetic. And thats about right in his significance when it comes to gods like anderson silva. Who by the way WON the fight by a sub, which is what he was trying to do in the first place hahaha. Chael insulted the nogueira bros BJJ and anderson wanted to prove him wrong. And for those losers like you hanging on chaels nuts cause you like to watch him speak instead of his JOB, to fight, its pathetic that you think chael even has a chance. Anderson will do what he wants to, to chael, again. get over it.
        hurry!!! you might miss the next chael speaking BS video hahaha

        • KCUK says:

          *sonnenisawhinybitch* you said Anderson will do what he wants to Chael again? WTF? You think Anderson wanted 117 to be like that? Really? You think his game plan was to headbutt Chael’s glove repeatedly? You think he wanted that? I would think twice before typing again otherwise people might think you are retarded for thinking that headbutting someones glove as they punch you three hundred times in the face is a legitimate gameplan. Seriously, go and actually watch the fight from 117. You are probably better claiming the ‘he had a poorly woorly rib’ defence. Chael owned Anderson, you know it, anyone who watched the fight knows it. Even JR admitted it.

        • cntybollax says:

          dumb fuck

        • CoCiO says:

          so getting his ass beat for almost the entire fight was part of the plan too? about ignorance, he got lucky as shit. : |

        • cntybollax says:

          dumb fuck 2

        • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

          How come Sonnen looked like he had been thru a meat grinder but Silva didn’t have a mark on his face? answer PITTER PATTER. Sonnen is a fraud who has to use to steroids in massive amounts to even compete and UFC because of $$$$ just looks the otehr way. how could someone like Sonnen who openly CHEATED in atitle fight be granted a rematch? answer $$$ greed by UFC. Dan could careless about steroids as long as you don’t get caught or the fight happens and he makes his money. case in point Nate “THE CHEAT” got caught before gthe fight so fight canceled, Nate FIRED (because like 6th dirty hot failed test) overeem elavated test (less than Sonnen ) but fight cancled so Dana condemns Overeem as a cheat. Sonnen biggest CHEAT ever fight happens Dana makes millions NEVER ONCE condems Sonnen for being a cheat. its obvious dana only cares about money taht is why is sending message to all fighters “cheat all you want” just don’t get caught before the fight”

        • Michael says:

          Oh so what Anderson wanted to do the first fight was getting taken down and beat on the whole fight? He also wanted to get dropped on his fight twice thanks for clarrifying that I thought that was just chael doing whatever he wanted but now I see it was Anderson’s plan the whole time to throw up a hail Mary submission. You silva nutt huggers are worse than any sonnen nutt huggers you are a fucking idiot if you really believe what you wrote.

        • cntybollax says:

          let me answer this for you dumb fucks in the simplest way possible
          Anderson faught with 2 broken ribs and didnt have to fight. he did so because he found chael insulting of his wife and his family and on top of that he was dissing the nog’s.
          he promised big nog that he would submit him. he took a beating in trying to do some from a man that had the testosterone of 16 men….
          he still did what he set out to do and submit him.
          If chael sonnen cannot beat an anderson silva that has two broken ribs when he was juiced up to fuck then i doubt hes gonna do it now.
          worse thing is that even if chael had won he still would have lost due to the suspension.

          you weird chael fans amaze me, a loss is a loss and the guy is a retard. hes funny but hes a retard

        • good69 says:


        • James says:

          Your use of caps and grammar does not suggest you are qualified to allege others of retardation.

        • Xaninho says:

          Your caps don’t impress me…

          And Silva did promise Nogueira to submit Sonnen. Ofcourse he would have liked to do it in the first round, but it doesn’t really matter cause he did make that cheating eunuch tap out like a bitch.

        • Jay says:

          Anderson dropped his hands a number of times stuck his chin out n let phael blast him. When have we ever seen Anderson not use his head movement? He even dropped his hands with Okami and let him punch him. Ppl act like Sonnen out struck him. Anderson ate everything he had n phael still couldn’t hurt him. Everybody knows Anderson fought with 2 broke ribs which makes stopping a takedown impossible then u add on the juice n Anderson had no chance. This next fight will be a healthy Silva vs a non juiced phael. It will be an ugly night n Silva is going to drop him repeatedly then tell him to get up so he can do it again like he did Okami. I hope he toys with him for a few rounds before putting him to sleep. Hope he knocks all his teeth out n shatters his jaw so its wired shut for a while. Silva by tko in the 2nd 3rd at the latest.

  5. Xaninho says:

    “Whoever the right guy is should get the shot, and I will not deny anybody.”

    Haha like he has anything to say about whether Anderson Silva accepts Lombard next as a challenger, after he kicked Sonnen’s ass.

  6. Jader says:

    It’s not about where you live, it’s about where you’re from and what you you represent.

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I like Chael’s response about Hector Lombard.

    • Edger says:

      USA USA ! It’s cool how Sonnen backed up Lombard. I don’t know why people are bitchin.. It’s not like Hector is waiting for a shot for the belt.. He’s got to go through brain stann.. And stann is a beast!

  8. Jb says:

    Chael is all an act, I’m tired of you guys that get pissed think he’s serious, he gets his camera time and media coverage.

    • Xaninho says:

      Whether he truly believes his bullshit or not, he’s still disrespecting and offending all the Brazilians.

      He’s not funny at all, just racist, obnoxious and offensive.

  9. Santos says:

    Wat a nutrag

  10. Kalab says:

    Hahaha! Sonnens the shit, and as for the ref saving him ya right. He whooped Silvas ass and didn’t posture when he should’ve n got caught… Dumbass.

    • sonnenisawhinybitch says:

      hahahaha yes of course, he didn’t do what he needed to do to win… usual. Like how he almost lost to bisping and that fight could have gone either way. He failed at the end to lose, again. He TRIED to win, he even cheated and roided and STILL couldn’t do it. See chael has a problem now, if he doesn’t roid, he will be significantly weaker (hes already a weakling) so he HAS to roid to win. Kind of like an addict.
      He roided to try and win, failed like usual and then attempted to turn all media the other way. Hes a wrestler, and complains about lay and pray, and how gay bjj is??? hahahaha PATHETIC chael.
      See the funny thing is, people have been betting against anderson since he came to the UFC. Ive seen thread after thread, comment after comment on how hes going to lose, hes never fought anyone like so and so, and strange thing is, hes still the champ.
      Its weird eh. when your THAT good, delusionals like chael need to try any means to win, cheating included.

    • cntybollax says:

      he got beat, he tapped when there was only 6 seconds left and he was roided to fuck against a silva with 2 broken ribs lol


  11. Neil says:

    U lost to Anderson didn’t u? I thought u tapped out and Anderson won!?! Was I watching a different fight? Anderson is the champ not u dickhead, u will see who the champ is on July 7th

  12. sonnenisawhinybitch says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha………………………..chael sonnen… are truly the most pathetic fighter/person on the planet. Josh koscheck and diego sanchez have more intelligent things to say then chael. This guy just talks and talks and talks and talks, and complains about how in my city, on my street, you didn’t lay on someone. But WAIT! what is chael sonnen? oh ya, a wrestler! the worst kind of lay and pray loser. He HATES it that he lost, HATES it. He forgot that the fight was 5 rounds, not 4.5. He forgets that the winner, is the guy with his hand held up at the end. And that was anderson, NOT him. He tries to turn every bit of attention towards other foolishness everytime he gets called out. He tries everything his deluded mind can come up with. See the funniest part is he thinks he did good. No one can beat anderson, so him making it the 4.5 rounds, THAT was his goal. To last as long as he could. NOT to win. he knew he couldn’t so he made his LOSS seem better.
    what a pathetic loser.

  13. Jay says:

    Is it time for him to get destroyed yet? Can’t wait til he can’t talk like this anymore lol

  14. Rob says:

    I thought you had to beat the champion to be the champion. Chael can run his mouth about how he beat Silva’s ass for 4 1/2 rounds. The fact is he let his guard down and got choked out and LOST

  15. Ben Nusbaum says:

    I hate hearing news about Sonnen. Stop giving this guy the microphone.

  16. Monkey juice says:

    Will lose rematch badly. Who gives a fuck about roids. They make fighters better, these arent the olympic games, this is entertainment who fucking cares. Use it or get fuckin killed.

  17. monkey juice says:

    (Chael will lose rematch badly)

  18. Pete Eckhart says:

    Chael Sonnen is more sarcastic than Ruxin in ‘The League’

    Talking about Silvas fake belt etc. This dude is an idiot. I am sick of all the attention he gets… Whats that saying again!? “Don’t feed the troll.”

  19. Gokz says:

    Silva promised a submission last fight he delivered, this fight he promises a win via murder. Enough said

  20. Jordon says:

    Im so curious to see what all of these Silva excuse makers will say if Sonnen wins this fight. They will have a million more excuses. It will probably be part of some LARGER game plan haha. He will be waiting for the THIRD FIGHT to knock him out, cuz his mother told him she likes knockouts in rubber matches. There is no way you people honestly believe the hot garbage that you type.

  21. Luke says:

    Doesn’t mma have any intelligent announcers or people who can talk with substance about the fight world or basic world in general. Fael makes UFC seem dumb old school jock status.

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