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Tuesday, 05/22/2012, 07:16 am

Chael Sonnen Approved For TRT In Las Vegas | UFC NEWS

By Jonathan Kirschner

Chael Sonnen has been given the go-ahead by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for the therapeutic use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) after a brief hearing in Las Vegas this past Monday. The scheduled bout between UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen will go on as planned at UFC 148 on July 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Specific conditions have to be met in order to Chael Sonnen to retain his fighter license, however. The Nevada State Athletic Commission stated that not only does he has to undergo multiple pre-fight and post-fight tests, but he also has to present his exemption papers he received for his post-suspension bouts in Illinois and Texas.

After his fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 117, Chael Sonnen’s drug test results raised some eyebrows as they came back with elevated levels of testosterone (a T/E ratio of 16.9:1). Chael Sonnen explained he was given permission to use TRT in Nevada by NSAC Director Keith Kizer, but Kizer said he had no recollection of any of these conversations taking place. With those results, Sonnen and the California State Athletic Commission went to battle in a court room where a fine was imposed and it led to Chael’s fighter license being suspended for a year.

It seems as if the Nevada State Athletic Commission is working on improving the problems with fighters using testosterone replacement therapy in their sport, as NSAC Chairman Skip Avansino offered Sonnen if he would help in an advisry capacity with TRT issues in MMA, to which Sonnen agreed.

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47 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Approved For TRT In Las Vegas | UFC NEWS”

  1. michael de la Cruz says:

    It’s all good ya’ll. He gots a TRT card.

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      ONLY IN MMA is steroids legal for CHEATERS and pot is a federal offense. I lost all respect for Nevada athletic commision. UFC was behind their decsion not to bring up Sonnen’s lies and previous CHEATING conviction. Sonnen is getting BI- WEEKLY injections they said and nothing about testing him randomly. This is totalbullshit. Ask any doctor if a 34 year old needs bi-weekly testosterone injections and they will laugh at you. This is an outrage at best. I know a bunch of guys over 50 years old including myself that are on TRT and we all get one injection once a month 50mg. Sonnen is getting 200mg twice a week that is FULL ON JUICING ask any doctor. My low T was caused by greedy as doctors injecting poison in my spine for 7 years after a major broken back that caused nerve damage. they falied to ever tell me the side effects which is DESTROYED testosterone. EVERYONE knows Sonnen has used steroids his entire career and that is why he is able to KEEP cheating. All TRT (JUICING) does is prolong a PREVIOUS steroid cheaters career and allows them to pump as much JUICE into themselves between fights. anyone like Sonnen who has already proved he is a CHEAT having more TESTOSTERONE-steroids in his system in atitle fight should not be allowed to use TRT and or he should be tested monthy all year round.

      • J Dog says:


        Strange how he lied before about it, the only good thing is they will test him the day after and if it is high he will lose his TRT card and probably be suspended again and if he does win it will really hurt anyone’s chances of ever getting a TRT card, hopefully Dana has a heart to heart with him and lets him know the real deal. Imagine what would happen to the sport if NSAC allowed it with his previous situation, and he does it again and what if this time he hurts Anderson Silva, even if he doesn’t hurt him it is a HUGE mark on the sport

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          Most people just don’t seem to comprehend what being on TRT can do for an athlete. First off the testing they do is a total joke because everyone knows Sonnen pumps massive amounts of JUICE in himself during training and the athletic commission also knows this and has no problem with that as long as he tapers off before the fight and gets at or below 6 to 1 ratio (which by the way is 6 times the amount of testosterone that the average man has. TRT is JUICING no 2 ways about it when taken like Sonnen uses it. Now if Sonnen used it LEGALLY like most old men that go see their doctor once a month and get a measily 50mg shot then i wouldn’t have a problem with it. However Sonnen, Marquardt, Dennis Hallman shoot up 200 mg twice a week which is same amount most STEROID ABUSERS use so its not anywhere near a level playing field. I’m on miniman amount of TRT which is a fraction of what these guys 16 years my junior are on and it makes me feel like I’m 25 again so anyone who wants to sit here and tell me that 30 year old shooting up 1600 mg a month compared to my 50 mg isn’t JUICING are dead wrong. if i took even one fifth of what they are on i would be in as good of shape as any of them trust me. everyone that knows me and saw my paperwork where my testosterone was less than 185 and now a year later knows what 50 lousy mg tesosterone can do for a 50 year old let alone a 30 year old shooting up 1500 mg STEROIDS a month. Pull your heads out of your ass and go back and look at Sonnen in Maia fight BEFORE he started his LEGAL JUICING TRT and you tell me it hasn’t done anything for him. Sonnen isn’t half the fighter without TRT (steroids) The man is a CHEAT and a FRAUD and he is not alone you can add Nate :THE CHEAT” Marquardt and Dennis Hallman to that list. ALL these guys ABUSE TRT and skyrocket theri levels betwenn fights and during training camps which allows them to recover 10 times faster than a NATURAL athlete. The power i have gained just fromm my measily 50 mg a month in one year i went from benching 135 which hurt really bad to over 400 lbs (ONE YEAR) so keep spouting non-sense that 1500 m5 a month doesn’t do crap for these CHEATERS. This in an outrage. TRT should not be legal for any pro athlete in world and that is why its illegal in all sports except MMA. 90 % of you have no clue about TRT

      • Big Show says:

        100% agree

  2. Xaninho says:

    I still think TRT is cheating.

    I just hope they will test him randomly without prior notice leading up to the fight, so he can’t know when he has to bring his elevated testosterone levels back to a condoned level.

    This chump is juicing so much he’ll likely get prostate cancer.

    • SmoothAssNigga says:

      Dude ur like a bum lingerin on every single Chael article. Get over this obsession with him, u lookin more like a Chael cock humper than a Silva fan…. honestly.

      • Xaninho says:

        Mind your own business. I comment on other articles on here as well.

        You’re just butthurt I don’t have anything nice to say about your hero Eunuchael. Now shut it and go whack off to his poster you got hanging over your bed.

    • JJ-B says:

      Sorry, can’t see how you can find TRT cheating but be such a big Reem fan.

      It shocked few people when he was busted for an elevated E:T ratio.

      I won’t say he was on steroids; I’m fairly certain he knew he was on SOMETHING, but I won’t call the man guilty considering I have on evidence to support the fact that he’s really cheating.

      But it wouldn’t be hard to make a circumstantial case against him; so I don’t see how you can be such an outspoken anti-chael person, yet be so pro-Reem.

      Without your dutch heritage [that if I remember you have] providing just the slightest bias. Not to make assumptions or point the finger.

      • Xaninho says:

        I think you missed my disappointed reactions about Overeem’s failed test. It’s cheating and I include Overeem as well.

        The funny thing was Overeem, as big as he is, was caught with lower testosterone ratio’s than Sonnen.

        • 11bangbang says:

          That could just mean the test was taken longer after his last shot so the level had more time to drop.

  3. John M says:

    The way I see this playing out after his fight win or lose for Chael somethings gonna go down.

  4. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Now it’s LEGAL, so it’s OK? I think he knows he needs any advantage to try and defeat the spider. It’s make or break for Mr. Sonnen…I’m just not down with this TRT! It leaves me with more questions than answers, but what I think everyone wants to see is if he can actually do what he has ben saying, including me. One Love from the city of “NO”…WAR BJ WAR.

  5. Xaninho says:

    Oh that’s nice…..I’m sure we can trust him not to train on elevated levels. He wouldn’t lie about it either right?

  6. BRYANT says:


    • JJ-B says:

      Chael already got busted for not having his shit together; now he’s got his shit together.

      Diaz didn’t give in his papers, and the papers he did give in he technically lied on.

      Chael already got fucked over by his own incompetence, he paid his dues, now he’s back to make an attempt at the title with highly regulated testing on his back.

      Did you even read the article? Or just the title.

      Nick doesn’t even want to fight right now, who cares about his license?

  7. cntybollax says:

    the maxximum is still 6:1 so he was abusing trt not using it.
    clearly he was a stead head back in the day and thats why he has low test levels now.
    look at the moon face on this picture, his face look like that of an abuser, not far off roidereem

  8. A.James says:

    Stuff like this doesn’t bring credibility to the sport.

  9. Well that sucks.. Andy has to fight a roided sonnen, again.. TRT is BULLSHIT!

  10. Scotty says:

    I feel this is stupid cause these guys can abuse the privilege to use TRT when some people actually need it.. Sonnen has already shown he abused it and yet gets confirmation to use it again.. BUT the athletic commission did state that there is regulations where he will be tested several times pre fight and post fight..

  11. jones says:

    i fukin licence to cheat…anderson is older..if he wanted this bullshit trt he could also have it..i hope he can beat this bitch with all is ring rust,that the prob with being champ is thereis no tune up fights

  12. Mr Groove says:

    So Chael gets his TRT card and Nick get’s banned for 12 months for marijuana? NSAC has gotten their stuff together! (Instert what whatever sarcasm you want)

  13. Numba1Ghani says:

    WOW! This has to be the biggest spit in the face the NSAC is a fucking joke of an organization these sheistyass incompetent pieces of dog shit have the worst refs the worst judges and fuckers like Queef Kaiser’s jewass are corrupt scum how the fuck could they allow this cheat/felon to legally cheat again in another title fight and fuck over nick diaz for smoking kush and alistair for high ept levels

  14. Mach00man says:

    I don’t blame Nick for being pissed now. This clown gets permission to juice (basically) but Nick can’t take a few puffs of weed? It would be very naive to think that Dana does not have his hands in the NSAC. Anderson Silva should protest!

  15. Mach00man says:

    Dana White= New Don King

  16. thetude says:

    I have an idea, maybe the NSAC will start sanctioning matches to between jungle cats and mma fighters, a 16.9.1 ration is the same thing. Spider will kick they’re asses either way

  17. GRT 3000 says:

    Good, he’s got his license to cheat – what a champ…chump.

  18. Truth says:

    My nigga chael, keeping shit Elite fuck you haters

  19. jbeamazing says:

    just like hendo get em chael

  20. jay808 says:

    trt is not cheating if it’s done under supervision and controlled. a lot of you blah your mouths life you have a clue on what it is, and what it does. just because you read an article or google search doesn’t make you an expert.

    • jay808 says:

      excuse my errors please

    • A.James says:

      If you have to take drugs to compete you shouldn’t be competing.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      Is 17:1 cheating though pal? Your fuckin’ rights it is – where was the supervision and control on that?! so shut yer’ can. This guy needs to have supervision on EVERY needle of super juice he injects. Even 6:1 is stupid, but he at least needs to be at that for this fight with Silva.

    • Xaninho says:

      What I would like to know is, since people with no expertise have no right to blah blah as you just pointed out.

      Why are you stating nobody can cheat with trt? Are you an expert on trt?

  21. yoyo says:

    this is so lame… chael launders money and does steroids and Dana is on his nut sack

    Nick actually fights and smokes a lil weed and he is done ! WTF ! RAAAAAAGE

  22. Dee says:

    He’s cheating right before our eyes. If you can’t get your testosterone level to be normal then you shouldn’t fight period. I don’t care who does it. It’s cheating and that goes for Anderson as well. What sticks out the most for me is that he didn’t ask to use TRT for the Bisping fight, which he visibly fought horrible, YET he’s going to request permission to use the substance again for this fight? The dude is a con artist and he’s pulling one over white America’s eyes. It’s ridiculous.

  23. Seedy says:

    He is a fuckwit and he’s goin to die…

  24. Kingsforge says:

    Here’s hoping Anderson Silva cripples Sonnen and puts him out of the fight game permanently, proving once and for all that a real champion is all about talent, not having so much testosterone pumping about he practically sweats the stuff.

  25. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Chael’s face is gonna get broken in 3 places .[-

  26. Brendan says:

    Well see how much the steroids do for him in the octagon he is going up against Anderson silva well see if it give him any advantage at all I like chael idk who I want to win but it’s gonna be a good ass fight

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