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Tuesday, 05/22/2012, 07:24 am

Bob Sapp | "I will receive no damage to my body that will be long lasting for a small insignificant amount of cash."

By Jamie McAllister
Bob Sapp comments while on the MMA Hour.

Sapp discusses why he is not willing to take any damage while participating in MMA bouts for low sums of cash as well as rumours of him throwing fights.

“I will receive no damage to my body that will be long lasting for a small insignificant amount of cash. I think we’ve seen that now with examples with the NFL and the fact that some of these guys are coming back and saying, “Hey we want some money, we have brain damage.” I’m getting paid well underneath what a professional boxer would, or Manny Pacquiao. So I will, in no means ever, will I sustain long-lasting damage for a small paycheck. Never will that happen, never will “The Beast” ever have that happen.”

When asked how much he got paid on average per fight.

“On average, it’s roughly around that $30,000 to $40,000 a fight range. And that can be a bit misleading because in between time, I am doing the television shows and commercials and things of this nature and so when you say on average, that’s what it is. Obviously it calculates to be significant more between three to five times that, yes that is correct. However, when you talk about just the fights, with me, you have to worry about the schedule commercials and stuff like that, but just the fights right now, you are looking at basically $30,000 to $40,000.”

Sapp talks about his recent run losing ten of his past eleven fights & is he just taking fights to get a pay-check.

“One thing that I say, is let’s take a look and rewind back. You saw some historical and difficult fights that I fought with Ernesto Hoost and with Antonio Noguiera, this is correct. If you were to take a look at what recently has happened with K-1 and the fact that you had wonderful, great, strong fighters such as Ray Sefo fight for K-1 and then K-1 leaves and they were left without collecting a paycheck. So, when “The Beast” enters the ring, is he in there to collect a paycheck? The answer is hell yes! You’re asking, “Bob you are receiving less damage, there is no amount of damage that you are receiving and sometimes these fights are being lost.” Well, if you would want to put numbers on my record, whether they be a zero or number one, you will be doing so on my paycheck. That is what it is, plain and simple. The Beast is number one in the media for every 12 fights, that is correct. We see this and we know this. I’m number one in every media category. Number one in the entertainment, number one for the views, I am number one and I have a losing record. So, if I was to come in on a winning record, these small organizations, the last thing they would be able to do is afford my services and on top of it, what am I going to do? Be number one and number one? If I am, they are no longer going to be able to afford me. So I just won myself out of a job.”

When he was asked if he was throwing the fights he was participating in.

“Am I throwing these fights? No. Will I go into that ring and receive large amounts of damage for small paychecks? No. When it came to K-1, at the time, when everyone at K-1 was doing well they get paid significantly enough to have you go into that ring, and hey, any kind of injury you get, they are going to pay. Let me give you an example: Mirko Crocop, he cracked my eye socket. Mirko Crocop, he received his paycheck, I received my paycheck and they also paid for my entire hospital bill. These small organizations that you see that look so wonderful, they pay none of your bills if you get hurt, period. If you want to get hurt for a small amount of money in a fight, we call that the military. If you would like to get hurt in an arena where it is supposed to be sanctioned and it is supposed to be safe and their supposed to pay for at least your medical bills if you get hurt, then we call that entertainment. If you want to see two strangers fight for free, you can do that. We will give you seven dollars and go in a night club and you can see two drunks getting it on in the corner, fighting. You have no idea who they are and you can do that for free. My fans and my family they will stand by me and behind me, win or lose. So, Bob Sapp, I guess it is easy to love a winner.”


37 Responses to “Bob Sapp | "I will receive no damage to my body that will be long lasting for a small insignificant amount of cash."”

  1. Team buffalo says:

    It’s called having some pride, Fucken tomato can !!

  2. Team buffalo says:

    Fucken tomato can

  3. T.DADDY says:

    this guy is a joke

  4. irvin says:

    sapp ur not a fighter ur a can of soup.

  5. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Way to define and label yourself. I just hope he’s happy within his own skin. Money comes and goes, but pride and respect last forever. “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” -Steve Prefontaine.

  6. Marek says:

    Sapp is such a bitch …. He basically is throwing fights and admitting it !!!!!!

  7. McLovin says:

    Just retire already. I would never pay to watch this bum fight.

  8. The King says:

    Bob is the man

  9. King Chris says:

    He’s got a point. In another 10-20 years, you will hear about several former fighters having all sorts of problems. People in the NFL that get paid much more were forced into retirement after 1 or 2 concussions. The UFC has lights out knockouts at almost every event. I highly respect all the fighters that get into cage and fight. I also respect those that wouldn’t.

  10. Lol says:

    At least he kept it real. Lol.

  11. Pancho says:

    Sapp is terrible. Lmao

  12. Mambojamba says:

    That is correct.

  13. Dazed and Confused says:

    Sapp is the best ever. Period….

  14. superman says:

    nothing he says makes sense. Getting punched in the head has caused him so serious brain damage!!!

  15. Good Times says:

    To fight for small pay get hurt n not get took care of is stupid more so late in ur carrier. Kinda with sapp not fully tho

  16. Andyk says:

    Wut a pussy and for the record mirko broke his arm too!! Lol but fer real my first fight took plenty of damage and I got a t shirt out of it! If u don’t live fighting just to fight then font make it a career u giant ass pussy

  17. WestCoast86 says:

    Shut up Sapp, you loaf of bread!

  18. G says:

    First, this was one of the most horribly written and edited MMA articles I’ve ever seen and MMA articles are already bad enough. Secondly, what Sapp was trying to say (to the retarded reporter) is that he simply wants to be a celebrity/fighter and not just a fighter. He does not care as much about winning his matches (he cares very little, according to himself in this article) as he does being a big “draw” (someone who a lot of people want to see fight, whether he loses or wins).

    I personally hate the way this guy sees MMA/Kickboxing, but oh well, it’s his prerogative. Those true MMA fans, who want to see who’s the best and most legit fighter out there will want to see what he’s like when he’s TRULY fighting and not just trying to get paid (which he admits to doing in the ring quite a bit, just trying to get paid, that is). Sad day. Horrible article.

  19. Luis Castro says:

    Haha! This is fucking awesome. Fuck the haters go on and get paid Bob!!!

  20. vince says:

    its funny how tough some of you guys talk online. you wouldnt call him a bitch to his face dont do it online.

    • Carl Gale says:

      considering he doesn’t take himself seriously as a fighter anymore I think, in this case, we have the right to say what we are saying about Bob, he is hurting MMA now with his fight throwing, he is damaging his name by taking the easiest way out for the most money and he is shaming everyone around him for trying to claim he doesn’t want to get hurt anymore even though Sapp clearly sounds brain damaged with his most recent interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour. Bob claims that $30,000 a fight is a small paycheck to him, yet I know many fighters in Wales (where I live) that get paid far less than that but that doesn’t stop them trying to be the best they can be. The reality is that Sapp is always going to be remembered as a joke if he carries this on, never mind the fights with Big Nog or Ray Sefo or Cro Cop, Sapp will always be remembers as the biggest fight thrower in MMA history unless he takes himself serious, try to at least make some effort to getting a winning streak and rebuild himself as something serious before retiring otherwise Sapp will always be remembered as the guy who cared more about getting money than his own respect.

  21. Warren says:

    this is panzy for: “i dont like being hit very hard, so i’ll lay down once another fighter hits me with even a baby punch” if you dont want to get hurt then QUIT i mean look at Garry Goodridge he fought back when fighters got paid next to nothing and did recieve some brain damage but he even said he would do it all over again so sapp just needs to grow a pair and btw you dont fight at the skill level Pacquiao why should he be paid the same until then your the biggest stepping stone in MMA

  22. Dream Match says:

    Sapp vs Scalabrine!!!

  23. monkey juice says:

    Sapp is puss backwards. One letter different.

  24. ry tay says:

    sapp you’re not Manny Pacquiao

  25. Flex juice monkey says:

    Puss would whip paquaiio in any/everything. You’re right…

  26. Carl Gale says:

    It is obvious that Bob Sapp is intentionality losing fights. Think about it the guy has had 4 MMA fights and 2 Kickboxing bouts since the start of the year, even the most hardcore MMA fighter in the UFC only racks up 4 fights a year under them, and he has two scheduled fights in MMA coming up in two weeks from now, and both those fights just 8 DAYS apart! For more prove Sapp really is throwing these fights I’ve got something that may just convince everyone of this fact.

    On the 12th May, Sapp fought Mariusz Pudzianowski in Poland (he lost!), then just 6 days later, he was fighting in Australia against former UFC fighter Soa Palelei (he lost again!). Now unless I’m wrong, I don’t think there is a direct flight from Poland to Australia, so what he would have to is get from Poland to England’s Heathrow airport. Now because there isn’t a direct flight to Australia from Heathrow either he would of had to fly to Hong Kong, then a flight to Australia. When you calculate the total time travelling from Poland to Australia it works out that Bob Sapp would have spent 2-3 in total just getting to Australia, and from then he would have to recover from major jet-lag that comes with travelling from west-to-east which would definitely taken a day at the least to shake off. This would leave him just one day to train in theory, because the last day would be used for things to do with the promotion such as weigh-ins and media obligations.

    Anyone taking a fight against Soa Palelei would know that he ain’t no joke and extensive training would be needed to deal with his wrestling and power, yet Bob oddly didn’t give himself the chance to train properly for him? Basically we all know if you don’t train properly for upcoming fights you will most likely lose that fight, yet Bob is trying to convince us that he went to Australia to win, but how did he expect to do that without a proper training camp or at least give himself more time to get to Australia without it being too close to the fight by the time he gets there?

    The guys a joke and for this reason I am issuing this message to ALL MMA promoters around the world, DO NOT USE BOB SAPP IN YOUR FIGHT CARDS! HE WILL DO MORE DAMAGE TO YOU BRAND THAN RAISE YOU PROFILE UP THE MMA RANKINGS!!!

  27. Flex juice monkey says:

    After reading All of Carl Galen’s thoughts, war Sapp!!

  28. joegun says:

    He broke-ded my nose!!!!

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