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Wednesday, 06/06/2012, 03:09 pm

BJ Penn: “Rory, I accept your challenge!!” | UFC NEWS

In speaking with the director of BJPENN.COM, and after contemplating the matchup and possible return to action with his advisors, BJ Penn issued the following response to Rory MacDonald…

“Rory, I accept your challenge!”

Now all that is left is to get the UFC on board and put “Penn” to paper.

The bout is proposed for the UFC’s return to Toronto, Ontario Canada on September 22 for UFC 152. No venue has been selected at this time.

BJ Penn will be a guest this Thursday on our very own “Just Scrap Radio” to discuss his return to action. Tune in on Thursday at 1 p.m. ET right here on BJPENN.COM.


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0 Responses to “BJ Penn: “Rory, I accept your challenge!!” | UFC NEWS”

  1. B-rad says:

    o m shit that would be a good fight…rory wouldnt be able to wrestlefuck him to death interesting matchup 4sho

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Why doesn’t GSP bitch hit man call out Layn Pray Fitch or Koscheck? Because GSP is hell bent on getting back at GSP for exposing him as a “GREASER” yes go abck watch footage when GSP’s little man bitch servant Phil Nurse was caught red handed dead to rights rubbing vasoline allover GSP shoulders and back. Gee have you see Phil Nurse lately in GSP’s corner??? dumb question when last time anyone saw GSP in cage? maybe 2009

      • Konkeydong says:

        Gsp is hell bent on getting back at gsp? the fuck are you on about?

        If BJ had ever actually laid hands on GSP during that fight the grease argument might have merit, if there was grease, but given BJ got the shit beat out of him and never laid a hand on GSP…it doesnt matter if he was wearing fucking armor.

        You ignorant cunt.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          hell bent at getting back at BJ for exposing him for being a GREASER

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          me no speaky engrish

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          I never wrote that someone has taken over my username

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Everyone knows GSP GREASED in BJ fight and he was exposed and he has never forgetton it. no doubt that is why Rory is calling him out. Too bad Rory is afraid to call out anyone his own size like Koscheck, Fitch, Pierce, Ellenberger.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Too bad i have nothing better to do than to sit at home and wait for the next new post to comment on.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          We’re off to see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!!

        • jones says:

          youi idiot…bj could not use his bjj cuz gsp would slide right threw the gaurd lik a vasaline leech

      • Moseswhite says:

        Dude. We get it. You comment on every post and somehow turn every response into a complaint about GSP, John Fitch and “lay n pray”. What the hell man? Get over it. MMA is a complex sport with tons of viable strategies. If any man can consistently win in this sport with whatever method he uses, then he’s a bad ass. Period. If you can’t force a man to fight your fight then you deserve to lose. I’m not saying its always the most entertaining. But show some respect for guys that would easily lay and pray your sorry keyboard warrior ass into the ground.

        • Xaninho says:

          You had me at “MMA is a complex sport with tons of viable strategies. If any man can consistently win in this sport with whatever method he uses, then he’s a bad ass. Period. If you can’t force a man to fight your fight then you deserve to lose.”

          But you lost me at:”But show some respect for guys that would easily lay and pray your sorry keyboard warrior ass into the ground.”

          Lay n Pray isn’t winning a fight, Lay n Pray isn’t something that should be labeled as fighting at all.

        • Moseswhite says:


          I agree. I hate the lay n pray game plan. It was more of a comment to “GET RID OF FITCH” that he would get his ass handed to him by even the weakest of game plans and needs to STFU about it already.

      • No worreh says:

        Thank u jesus and santa my prayers and christmas wishes was answerd lol

  2. Leo From New Jersey says:


  3. B-rad says:

    first btw tricks

  4. Leo From New Jersey says:


  5. GRT 3000 says:

    Shit yah – BJ is back! on the heels of that…this is a bad matchup – would like to see the Prodigy at 155 but oh well. Just happy to see him back in action, the sport is boring without him.

    • Shane Demolitor says:

      BJ is by far and away my favorite fighter but I gotta agree with GRT, It’s a bad matchup for BJ. I just wish he’d fight at lightweight. That kid is a beast. Good luck BJ! Please, please train your fucking ass off, don’t do this for anyone but yourself. War Penn nation!

      • dragon5150 says:

        YES!!! War Penn Nation, please train with the marinoviches or down at xtreme couture, you win when you come in with a 6 pack, you lose when you dont.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        I just finished watching some vintage BJ fights…if he can get back to some semblance of his previous form (cut like a mo-fo and in awesome shape) Rory will get his ass kicked. Rory is no fuckin’ joke though man, he’s a strong kid. BJ will need to dig deep in order to beat him. WAR BJ!

  6. Chavez0712 says:

    Im so pumped now … This made my day… War BJ

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Damn, BJ sure as hell knows how to deliver a response! I totally didn’t expect him to accept this challenge. Guess that’s why he’s the “Prodigy”!

      • There are some interesting points in this article however I don’t know if I see all of them heart to heart. There’s some validity however I’ll take hold an opinion till I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we wish more! Added to FeedBurner as well.

  7. Nando says:

    Rory is way too strong for BJ

  8. DMAC says:

    Fuck man I don’t like this math up for BJ.

  9. DAMN! says:


  10. kevin says:

    wow. bj is going to regret this one.

  11. DMAC says:

    I’m thinking he’s taking this fight because this is the only fighter who will motivate him to train like a mad man, well those are my hopes anyways. Let’s fuckin get it BJ!!!!! Chiii huuuu!!!!

  12. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    WAR BJ WAR!!! I have BJ with the win by rear naked choke. This would be one great fight.

  13. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Don’t think this a favorable matchup for BJ, but… SCRAPPAZ! Awesome fight, and glad as hell BJ is back! Hopefully he’ll consider 155

  14. TKRelz says:

    JUST SCRAP!!!!!!!

  15. I'll have another says:

    Doubt bi loses this fight. He may be out of shape but i don’t see rory making it out of the first.

  16. Yogesh says:

    man im glad bj is back, but i dont think this is a good match up for him. I think he would have faired much better against koscheck

  17. Alex Daas says:

    I dont understand the decision to take on rory over pettis, kos & melendez. Is bj just trying to entise Gsp by running through his proteje?

  18. JJ says:

    Why choose Rory fight over Koscheck BJ?
    Why choose 170 filled with wrestlers over your once dominate 155?

    I hope either Rory or BJ get hurt training before this fight happens.

    Rory looks more dominate than GSP these days, so this fight is not cool

  19. Lucas says:

    Rory showed serius stand up holes against Mills but I think he is to strong for BJ, war BJ anyway

    • CD says:

      he made one mistake and got cornered, i dont think that’s ”serius” his stand up looked pretty good against diaz

    • Rodriguez says:

      I agree Lucas, but don’t forget that Randy Cotoure said himself he couldn’t take BJ down, and BJ has one of the best rated take down defenses in MMA. His boxing is also well, although it looked sloppy against Diaz. Prepare for this to be a stand up fight!

  20. Tikler says:

    BJ get the Marinovich Bros. back in your camp Brudda. I want to see you squash this kid and make a statement to the LW division!

  21. wareagle30 says:

    Bj is too small for rory @170. Bj looking for one last payday. Stay retired, tired of seeing a all time great getting beat up

  22. pthance says:

    BJ is one of the greats and I miss him, but I think this is a bad marchioness and BJ is going to get tossed around.

  23. GET RID OF 6:1 BULLSHIT says:

    If BJ use TRT, mark my words he’ll SMASH anyone at 170.
    He just refuses do use that SHIT and I respect that.

  24. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Why didn’t Rory call out any REAL 170’lb figters. He knows how much of a size advanatge he had on Nate now he wants another 155 to try and use his size to dominate. Why not call out Kos or Fitch or Ellenberger, or Diego. Rory is known in his hometown as being the town BULLY. look it up for yourself in his teens he would go to parties picking fights with samller guys and punching then even if they didn’t want to fight. TYPICAL BULLY. Anyone ever notice how bad of acne Rory has on his back? looks just like Sonnen’s at weigh in for the A. Silva fight

  25. Nick says:

    Yeah, unless there’s a motivated BJ Penn going in there I don’t see him winning. The outcome depends on the BJ that comes to fight. Are we gonna see the Penn who fought Diego or the BJ that fought Frankie in the second fight.

  26. GET RID OF 6:1 BULLSHIT says:

    Screw Rory trying to pick a cheap win against a SMALLER fighter who past his prime and getting near of the end of his career.

    Hope BJ gives him a flying knee to the face then give a couple of elbows to the forehead then rear naked choke his coward ass.

  27. E716 says:

    Something about rory i never liked….cant wait to see bj whoop him out

  28. You're an Oxygen Thief says:

    For all you that say this is a bad match up for BJ, When was the last time he took an easy fight?? Or backed down from an obviously larger stronger opponent?? Yeah, that never happened! REAL Fighters FIGHT!! nuff said…

  29. Dude says:

    +1 just scrap!

  30. WrestlingRules says:

    Marinovich’s and Hughes = Death to TriStar

  31. Dude says:

    Yeah something abOut rory stinks, well see his true colors soon.

  32. Dick Diaz says:

    if there truly is a god that loves me, BJ Penn will win! WAR BJ!!!

  33. stephen Riddle says:

    Train hard bj and u will win for sure!!!!

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      This bulletin just gave me ‘chills! If 170 is where u feel like u wanna be BJ, then best of luck. Please bring in the right people for this training camp! “Just Scrap 4 Life”!!!

  34. Shawn says:


  35. Donny says:

    Stupid people shouldn’t disrespect mankind with their idiotic comments. Some of you really don’t know what you are talking about and to be quite honest you’re sending an image that MMA fans are all idiots. Please if you haven’t anything thing intelligent or enlightening to say, then please keep your stupid ass mouth shut. I wish I could say it only makes you look stupid, but the reality is it makes all of us look stupid. Thank you and have a great week.


    • WrestlingRules says:

      Donny are you a liberal?? Do you actually realize that this is a forum for a bunch of knuckle-dragging mma fans that like to talk shit?? Stop with your condescending attitude and get dirty ese….

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        Ok who declared this to be a knuckle-dragger mma shit-talk fest? It sure doesn’t have to be… conservatives… pff..


        Fucking awesome matchup. So close to my b-day too. I can’t wait to see if this truely comes to fruition.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Dear Mayor you’re right I took way too much liberty about this being a knuckle-dragging forum and should of made it clear that I am a knuckle-dragging mma fan talking shit….at least alot of the time to people who deserve it IMO. I take it you are a bleeding heart liberal??

        • James Leonard says:

          This dude just never shuts up!!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Hey there you are WAX-BOY, How’s the personal primping been going. Getting alot advice from Cosmo lately…

          Got a question for you, do you just troll or do you actually have something worthwhile to say?? I’m just sayin’. Also do I need to get a restraining order for you….

          So put down the mirror and quit admiring how pretty you are and make a point…

  36. Zack says:

    Let’s go Bj beat that Canadians ass

  37. Ken Kaniff says:


    Kick his ass BJ!!!!

  38. Jason Kam says:

    thats GSP’s clone. beat him and you beat GSP! haha check those hormone levels maybe some TRT is needed

  39. BJ PENN VS Rory MacDonald says:

    YES! This made my day! destroy him BJ!! WAR PENN!!!!

  40. DAMN! says:

    BJ Penn, Prizefighter. JUST SCRAP BITCHES!

  41. Starr816 says:

    Bj too small for rory. He will get rag dolled like Nate. It’s sad to see baby j come back let alive not at 55. Itd sad knowing one of my heros is going to get destroyed. Again. Best of luck.

  42. C.M. Holden says:

    BJ should be training with Hughes and the Diaz bros for this. The latter is more than unlikely, I know. But, if he gets his wrestling and cardio on point he’ll take out this whippersnapper.

  43. A.James says:

    I said I’d fly to where ever BJ fought if he came back. These Toronto tickets are gonna cost me…

  44. Antwan Brown says:

    Rory will smash BJ he looked amazing in his last fight. great finish BJ no problem

  45. monkey juice says:

    Bj is in for a fucking beating. He’s stupid. Didn’t he say he didn’t want to go home to his kids all fucked up after Diaz beating? Rory is going to fuck him up real bad. I hope UFC is paying bj a million bucks to build this kid up. Pettis, koscheck would have been smarter for bj. Water boy is gonna hurt bj. He’ll retire for good after this.

  46. Jlennon05 says:

    Got to respect bj and his warrior spirit. Win or lose he comes to finish fights. Screw judging and its bias opinions, favoring fighters in the top position on the ground and not the fighter going for submissions or controlling their opponent from the guard.

  47. Dante Niro says:

    sweet, bj can do this!

  48. toneloc24 says:

    Love u Bj. Please kick this kids ass for all of us. You’re a warrior and one of the best to ever step in the octagon. I’m with u win or lose. WAR PENN!!

  49. norcal santa cruz says:

    rory, don’t let ur mouth write checks that ur ass can’t cash

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Condit was spanking this kid the whole fight…. And Joe rogaine lol pun intended… Was pusshin rory so hard … Completely ignoring the schooling condit gave him…. Just because of takedowns….. Was saying he was winning…. This is more of the same… If rory can tackle bj…. He will lay… And joe will brag…. Think their lOvers er sumpin.. Or owns stock in him…. anybody pushin that hard… Is trying to sell u somthing

  50. Mike cannon jr says:

    Ronald mcdonalds fuqd…. Wait till bj starts pepperin this happy meals head….. Gonna be good times…. BJ. Is back ….I’ll be counting the days brother

  51. Clay says:

    I think bj can knock him out. Rory’s stand up is sub par. But he’s strong and if bj slips just once hell get owned.

  52. Xaninho says:

    Wow! I’m stoked to see BJ back, MacDonald is a big, strong 170 lbs. dude though. I hope BJ will weigh in at 170 lbs. of ripped muscles with great cardio.

    Whatever happens I’ll be rooting for BJ all the way.

  53. Styles Make Fights says:

    That is why this is a good fight. MacDonald has a difficult time against boxers, let alone strong boxers. He opts for the takedown once he realizes that he can’t box with his opponent. BJ’s strength is boxing. For those who think Nick Diaz ran over BJ, watch thte fight again. BJ displayed some great boxing in that fight. It was his conditioning that lost it for him then. If MacDonald takes BJ down (which will be difficult in itself), he’s gotta deal with BJ’s BJJ.

    I like MacDonald and BJ is my favorite fighter, but this is not a guarantee win for either one of them. That’s why I like this fight and I think why BJ likes this fight also. Let’s see if Dana makes it happen.

  54. Bjj BB says:

    @ mOnkey juice! Thats why bj penn has alot of fans!! Hes not gonna take the easy fight and go4 kos or pettis, hes gonna go for the top guys, you can only respect that even if your not a fan of his, so show some fucking respect bitch!!

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  55. Joe Mac says:


  56. CombatRusse says:

    FUCK Rory Mc Donald
    I don’t think that this is a good match up for BJ Penn, that fucker will probably use the same un detectible strength drug used by his friend GSP. And he’ll out muscle BJ.
    The outcome may be just the same as when Mcdonald fought Nate Diaz…
    fuck Mc Donald, and fuck this much up
    I hope BJ won’t take this shit
    A good fight for him would be with Nate Diaz

  57. A.James says:

    If this is a fight that can pull BJ out of retirement you know BJ is going to come back strong. Possibly better than ever and reenergized.

  58. ORGABACT4 says:

    I don’t believe for one Monte that BJ will be in shape for this fight. He king get the first round, after that we all know what is going to happen. BJ loses by decision. He better hope its 3 roun

  59. jones says:

    i love bj …he is one of the greatest ever…that being said i dont wanna see him come back and fight at ww..he is too small..rory will handle bj just like he did nate…the guys cut too mouch..if bj comes back he nneeds be serious and fight at his lw home and get the belt back and show why he is the best…if bj come bakc fighting at ww he is not taking it serious and does not wanna train hard …not interested in seeing my fav fighter get smashed by some punk with less skill just cuz he is bigger and cuz bj too lazy to train and cut small amount of weight…

  60. TheNextOne says:

    For those saying BJ will get “ragdolled;” right, he’ll get ragdolled just like he did against larger guys like Jon Fitch, GSP, or that time he moved up to 190 lbs and fought a 225 lbs Machida and kept the fight close. But he’ll get “demolished” by Rory, whose best wins are Che Mills (who couldn’t even make it into the TUF: US vs UK house), Pyle (who lost to Rory Markham….lol), Guymon (tapped to a body triangle before retiring….yeah), and Nate (who fought a weight class higher than normal, and loses to upper tier competition all the time). I like Rory but he is no way above his level nor is he too big, since BJ is the one in fights who ALWAYS has to move up in weight since nobody will cut weight to fight him, having moved up to 200 lbs, MW, WW, etc, and he WINS while doing it.

    • kevin says:

      but who has he beat above 155 matt hughes when he was over the hill and then a great win over him when both were in their primes, its not the same game as when bj was ww champ im sorry the game has changed. this is a horrid fight for bj, why not come back at 55 he has alot to prove there still its not like he has beaten any of the top 10 in the world so suck it up and cut 10 lbs

    • kevin says:

      sorry but he is 4-6-1 at weights above ww doesnt sound like a world beater sounds worse than the guys that u are trashing there, he is not a ww and should not be fighting as one, he will get beat and beat bad again, just cut some weight and fight at lw where he has ZERO wins over any of the top ten so come back as a lw and make a run for the title

    • sykoMMA says:

      Rory loses to upper tier all the time? he has 1 loss on his record, and its to Carlos Condit the current WW interim champion, get your facts straight bruh

  61. Jdiddy3844 says:

    Rory is nasty! After what i seen him do to nate diaz theres not a doubt in my mind he would take penn out! I always will forever be a huge fan of penn but i do agree he should come back at LW not WW! Hes morelikely to gas out at WW! But then again its the prodigy were all talking about who has surprised us msny times before! Good luck BJ!!!!

  62. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    I think bj can fight at either weight and be succesful,,he is definetly not lazy and always trains hard,,but its like any job when ya get over worked ya need a break…my only question is after the break can he put family life aside and regain that desire that made him the best,,,he should hook up with gray maynerd and marinovich ,,strength and conditioning from marv and wrestling from gray would be perfectt,,,WARR BJ legend

  63. maurice says:


  64. maurice says:


  65. ruch says:

    Do you remember the time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Muddogs won the Bourbon Bowl?

  66. bb says:

    if penn gets pumped he ll fk him up 100%
    but if hes not its gonno be close .. WAR BJ !!!!

  67. Dev_NY says:

    I’m a 100% Penn fan, followed him from day one. But, like everyone else is indicating, fighting at WW is not good. There’s no way BJ will be able to adjust and have the cardio at WW in 3-4 months. As a Penn fan, I would love to see him come back the right way and fighting at his natural weight class. He could have recaptured the belt at lightweight. Rather not see him fight than look at him lose in a one sided fight due to his opponents size, not skill!!!

  68. Damnu says:

    Without a doubt penn is my all time fav fighter! Bring it bj best hands an power in the fight game! Work your jab, stop the takedowns an get the w! Send rory crying back to Georgie! Lol tough fight though but I like it

    • Guy says:

      yeah best except for everyone else.. BJ was never good.. he fought losers.. once he fought a real fighter — GSP he got annihilated over and over again…
      GSP retired BJ…

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Oh boy another liberal pussy Canadian…this is gonna be fun. Was GSP in the hospital the first time they fought?? Did GSP tap to strike from Serra?Who taps to strikes???? the answer is YES. GSP is a beast of a wrestler but damn junior get a brain….

  69. Runem says:

    He better have GREAT cardio, Rory is big and strong for WW while BJ is small. If BJ is well trained he can take Rory out, easily the biggest advantage is striking, lets hope Rory doesn’t adopt the GSP strategy of pushing BJ up against the cage

  70. Guy says:

    BJ Penn is an alright fighter. He could have been more if he had a better attitude and was not such an egomaniac. The guy is a complete jerk – blames everyone else for his losses but himself or makes bad excuses.
    Now he comes out of retirement to fight a nobody… just a massage for his ego.

    funniest story about Penn was how his mommy had to come to the Fight commision and complain that GSP cheated for him to have beat up Penn so badly… hahahahaha
    when your mommy has to fight your battles – your officially a joke.

    • Anthony1994 says:

      You’re a moron.If you followed MMA you would know that BJ Penn is one of the most naturally gifted UFC fighters of all time, the only thing holding him back was his size and cardio! Also Rory Mc is not a nobody, he is the future WW champ, he completely manhandled the current interim champ Carlos Condit up until the last 2 minutes of their fight, so he is definitely not a nobody! And yes it is a well known fact that GSP did cheat against BJ, GSP’s corner man was greasing him in between rounds. I still think GSP would have won regardless.

    • Jordan the great says:

      Why the fuck u come on here if u think Bj is shit? Fuck off somewhere else the world needs ur keyboard warrior skills elsewhere. U would never have the balls to get in the cage. U r a loser & my guess is u have never achieved anything half great in ur own life which is why u post dumb ass shit online from the safety of ur little wank cave while ur mommy makes u meatloaf

  71. maurice says:

    @GUY oh poor guy. ur mad that gsp cant accomplish shit that a legend like bj penn has. if gsp had half the heart bj has he would have already fought anderson by now.

  72. maurice says:

    guy just mad cus 30 yrs from now everyone will remember bj for the type of warrior he was and his many acclomplishments. a legend. ppl will only remember gsp for vaselin, inability to finish fights, apologizing after every fight, fitch big brother, but one hell of a double leg.

  73. OahuGrownInCali says:

    WAR PENN!!! Take It to TriStar

  74. Michael hamlin says:

    We need the ripped Bj at 155 not the fat 170 Bj please go back to working hard and fighting at 155 Bj you are the best there!!

  75. Ransack says:

    Let’s do this fight in Hawaii screw Canada

  76. sean says:

    please bj dont come back at ww ! please come back at 155 where u belong

  77. Katana Clothing says:

    Can’t wait to see this fight!! It’s gonna be awesome!!

  78. Azusa says:

    Who is BJ’s management? Horrible fight for him! Too many YES men around BJ!!

  79. Michael C says:

    BJ, I think you should dictate who you want to fight at this point not who wants to fight you.

  80. sykoMMA says:

    BJ will lose. I will bet anyone on this

  81. Alex says:

    BJ is one of the best of all time. But all champions will eventually fail.

  82. m says:

    I said it before, I don’t care who BJ fights. Just want to see him scrap again. Give em’ hell BJ and shut up all the haters!

  83. Mi9ke says:

    Rory is going to smash penn. as much as I love penn, rory is a beast and will be a champ in the near future.

  84. Nolan says:

    HELL YEAH! BJ please get a different camp man! You gotta try and surround yourself with people who are better than you! I know that’s gonna be difficult to find for you though lol. You should go over to black house, they’ve invited you many times I’ve heard!

  85. T.Daddy says:

    War BJ!!!!

  86. HDNHI says:

    BJ does not have what it takes to compete at the top level anymore. Which is why he “retired” to begin with. He will not take Rory seriously. I do not expect BJ to train like a professional for this fight. He will do the same stuff he has been doing. He will NOT put Rory away in the first round. Rory will have a game plan for BJ and he will excecute it.

    Penn will not train cardio and get gassed out in 1 1/2 rounds of chasing and defending takedowns that are not even meant to take him down but wear him out.

    He never changes anything he does and he is not as fast as he used to be.

    That is the reality of it. Rory ends up getting to walk around like a bigshot because he beats a predictable and lazy BJ Penn.

    You all know this will happen.

  87. Stephen says:

    Oooh, not sure about this one. I was on board with BJ making a comeback, even fighting Rory until I looked at the proposed date… September 22nd. That gives a “retired” BJ a little over 3 months to train for this fight. If they do fight, I hope BJ kicks his @ss but, I would feel more comfortable if the fight was further out so BJ had more time to train.

  88. Mike McMack says:

    All I’ve gotta say is that BJ better take the training for this fight seriously because Rory is about as dangerous a fighter as there is at WW. Not to mention he’ll be about 20lbs bigger then BJ on fight night. I like Rory but I love BJ Penn, hope he stomps this youngsta!

  89. Dak says:

    I am Canadian and live in the Toronto area where this fight will hopefully be taking place. In no way will i ever cheer for a fellow Canadian fighting bj penn. bj penn is my hero and I hope he puts rory in the hospital. Wish bj was at 155 fighting someone like Nate or pettis but I’m stoked for this matchup. BJ PENN!! GOAT!!! Fuck all you other haters!!

  90. Lol says:

    Fuck all you faggots. If bjs in top shape like when he was with the marvs he can beat anyones ass in lw and hw. Dumb fucks!

    • Clay says:

      Hw? Get real. Your the dumb fuck

      • danielrchargers says:

        i was gonna agree with you until i saw LHW and HW…. MW mabey… but there Men at LHW and HW ARE HUGE.

        • Tsimanga says:

          BJ beating top heavyweights… never.

          BJ beating top light heavyweights… extremely rare.

          BJ beating top middleweights… doubtful

          BJ beating top middleweights… sure, at times.

          BJ belonging at 155…. always.

        • Lol says:

          I mean lw and ww. You fags shouldve known that was a spelling error pussy asses. Id knock all you faggots out. Real talk

  91. Bluff says:

    I love BJ no matter which weigh class he decides to fight I’m always a fan! War BJ show that kid why you are the BEST!

  92. Ryan Dockins says:

    I’m excited to see BJ come back. I hope he really goes for it this time. If he would adopt the work ethic of a GSP or Nick Diaz there is no reason why he couldn’t be the Champ. This could be BJ’s time!

  93. jones says:

    fuk this.i dont wanna see b come back and fight at ww…if bj i fighting at ww then he is not giving it 100 percent..he is half asing it and relying on his natura talent and not training hard..theguys at ww are too fukin bbig these days…if bj comes back he need train an be serious abuot it and fight at lw…if bj was never robbed of that terrible edger decision in the first place bj wuold never have left the marv bros and wold never have lost his woul still be champ now…pls bj if you come back dont fuk around fighht at your weight…you have serious fans you need take thos serious…hewill ge smashed at ww fukk…bj could make 145 if he wantedd to …

  94. BobO says:

    I would have rather have seen BJ finish his career at 155. Course maybe it’s hard to drop the weight now that he’s older, That sometimes makes you feel weaker because you lose muscle as well as fat. Fighting at welter wieght, where he can add muscle (which weighs more than fat) in order to make 170 and maybe a little bigger on fight night makes sense.

    Bj is smart, he probably see’s some holes in Rory’s game. Plus, I do believe it’s a motivation factor as well as getting another title shot eventually. Seems to me he wants to get revenge on Diaz and GSP, which I can fully understand.

    Then you got the Condit factor, which would be a great match up that we all got robbed of seeing. He’s gotta be in the kind of shape that he was in when he fought Sherk, Sanchez and Florian, and I believe he can defeat Rory knock out or submission. ~BobO

  95. JAT says:

    I don’t think its necessarily a bad move for BJ. Hes fought Georges St. Pierre twice, and though he has lost both times, he has learned from it. Georges is faster, stronger and bigger than Rory, so I think BJ has a major experience advantagebin this match up and will come out victorious. He will be prepared, or I don’t think he would be coming out of retirement if he didn’t know he could win.

  96. Taylor says:

    Wow, so many trolls on this website now. Some of you are all like “I want BJ to do this, I want him to do that….” Shut the fuck up and be happy that he’s coming back. Sit back and be a fan. Goddamn….some of you sound like selfish, whiny bastards. You should be elated that BJ is coming back to fight.

  97. danielrchargers says:

    BJ is gonna SMASH rory.
    i know BJ will come in shape this time. Know way he accepts a challenge from a Punk Kid and Not come in SHAPE to show WHOS THE FUCKIN HILO HERO.

  98. Bobby G says:

    BJ BJ BJ I Love u But u Crazy!!!!! U thought Diaz Gave U a beaten!!!!! U Crazy

  99. DMAC says:

    Only thing that keeps coming to mind is GSP has the formula to beat BJ and Rory being his protege will get that lesson first hand. If you guys really think rory is going to stand and trade with a KO artist like BJ your extremely mistaken. And everyone who keeps mentioning Marv and them lol that ship has sailed long ago, it’s all in JDs hands now days. And if you speculate like I do that’s the worst thing for BJ in this fight.

    • Cali Girl says:

      The only formula GSP had the second time around was VASELINE – please admit he lost the first one because BJ put it on him and won, just like BJ won the first Frankie fight!!!! BTW….if BJ is taking the fight I have full confidence (even though Rory is scary good) that BJ will get the victory. Please don’t forget that BJ has been training this entire duration. TEAM BJ PENN 100%!!!

      • DMAC says:

        Cali Girl, first off I dig the name lol. But let’s be serious, did BJ even hit grease lighting in the second fight, I think not. First fight is debatable and yes BJ did get highway robbed on the first Frankie fight. I know BJ says he’s been training but what does that intel?
        I just want my boy to be the best and train like the best and give us 5 rds if need be of pure bully BJ. I don’t think I can stomach watching him get dominated again, just keeping it real..

        • Cali Girl says:

          I concur. BUT….I have faith that BJ is taking the fight because he is READY. I’ve been keeping tabs on him and he looks good and has stayed active. Now we just need him to have that serial killer look in his eyes on fight night! Then it will be done dizzle!!! lol

  100. Brett says:

    Wooohoooohooooooo nizzasty is this forizzleshizzle?

  101. OahuGrownInCali says:

    Fakk no matter the weight class. Just scrap!!!

  102. EP says:


  103. rogerr says:

    i absolutely love bj penn,
    he’s my favorite fighter of all time;
    but this is a terrible matchup for him.

    rory will more than likely be able to take bj down,
    and will probably finish bj with ground and pound by overwhelming him.

    rory is just too big for bj to manhandle.

    the only way that bj wins this fight is if he keeps it standing,
    he has the power to knock out rory.

  104. Cant stand fakes!!! says:

    Bj coming back is not something to be taken lightly at anyweight. With all the experience on his side i’m sure he will have a solid gameplan against Rory.

  105. pepito de la O says:

    I am a HUGE bj fan, not bj Penn tho, I enjoy a good face fk

  106. DjKila says:

    Bj is the man!
    To all the haters out there F@%k you… Bj did what he had to do to clear his mind. He spent time wiht his ohana and his 2 lovely daugheters. He was just a local bradah enjoying life without the stress. Bj will come back more focus and determine then ever. He will show the world why he is the PRODIGY !!!
    Rory be ready to scrap… bc Bj is coming Scrap

  107. BobO says:

    Rory Macdonald is gonna get a lesson in the arts of The PRODIGY! ~BobO.

  108. DjKila says:

    Just noticed the typeo…daughters / with… but who cares

    Bj will win this hands down….

  109. Cali Girl says:

    To All….if BJ is taking the fight I have full confidence (even though Rory is scary good) that BJ will get the Victory. Please don’t forget that BJ has been training this entire duration. BJ knows what he’s doing. TEAM BJ PENN 100%!!!

  110. Lol says:

    How can you faggots claim to be a fan and come on his website all the time to say dumb shit like you rather see him in LW. Go kill your sorry ass selves. Ppl who think like that are weak faggots who cant fight. Bj plus marvs means he can own the whole ww and lw division faggots

    • WrestlingRules says:

      I would only add one thing to this….add Hughes to the marvs and its world domination….

    • BobO says:

      Foul mouthed little keyboard worms like you talk a big game while safe at home. You’re a disgrace to this Website. What the hell is wrong with thinking that BJ should fight at 155? It’s an opinion you dumb ass, and peoples vary.

      Oh we are all so sorry that we don’t fall in line with your drivel like good little puppets you little yes man slave. Now go back to scrapping your bong you bum. I bet playing soccer with your head would be a great time…….~BobO

  111. 16v149 says:

    This is not a gatekeepers fight BJ, you gas out with the bitch and

    got a beat down with nick. Sorry to hear that you will not go back to light

    weight. Hey just a thought , how close are you to the UFC ultimate fake

    chicken hawk, the local TRT rep , the Las Vegas poster gangster boy.

    TRT is legal in LV, find a sonnen excuse . My balls are so big I need to

    grow another.

  112. Michael hamlin says:

    Lol or what ever the hell your name is hey are you on the payroll ?? Cause if not close your mouth you voice your voice so I’m sorry if your butt hurts when someone says something that makes your pussy hurt!!!

  113. Michael hamlin says:

    Tough guy !!!

  114. brandon antony puluke mirante says:

    awwright letsz go bj, u bettah train da hardest uve evah trained in ur life and work ur wrestling hard cuz ur gunna need it, if not den dis kid is gunna take u down and grind u out and u bettah not let dis fakah do it it yah. come on bj make a run for dat belt again

  115. Michael hamlin says:

    Look we all love Bj as a person but as a fighter he is lazy and will never know how good he could have been cause he never took his training to the next level just because you have work class skill don’t always mean you have world calls work ethic !!!

  116. Michael hamlin says:

    Keep it real everyone!!!

  117. Sean says:

    well whata we waitin for! TAKE THIS!!!

  118. allmightysandman says:

    I think this is a bad idea for BJ. I definitely think he has a title run in him still at 155, but I am afraid I do not believe he can hang with the top WW’s…and Rory is a top WW. I don’t think there is any way that BJ can stop the takedowns and I believe it will end in the second round on the ground. I am not cheering against BJ, I don’t do that….I am saying that the MMA fan in me says this is a bad idea for him.

    I also don’t understand why people (not true MMA fans, but losers like LOL) are hating on Rory for wanting to fight BJ? He called him a legend, and said he wanted to fight him…not sure how that is worthy of hatred.

    Rory will be WW champ one day.

    • The King says:

      you were never a supporter of BJ. WTF are you still doing on his site?
      You must like him…. and his site? but yet you cant support him?

      G T F O !

      • Rondo says:

        Dont be given AMS a hard time king fuck,I haven’t seen your sorry ass around here for quite sometime you bandwagon mutha fucka. The truth really hurts…. Don’t it?

    • The King says:

      Keep suckin that Canadian dick bro ham.. your good at it!

      • allmightysandman says:

        you sir are a joke.

        If you have no desire to have MMA discussions, or talk about anything other than sucking dicks and things of that nature why don’t you try a few man/man love sites which is clearly where you want to be.

        I do state my opinion and guess what…that’s kinda what forums are for. I don’t disrespect anyone, especially BJ, and I am a fan of the sport.

        if you really take exception to the things I write how about you just don’t read them? …novel idea eh?

        So do you actually have an MMA opinion..? …didn’t think so hater.

  119. david albineda says:

    Come on bj i wanna see another 21 second ko!!

  120. drew says:

    i have to agree with LOL when bj is with marvs he is the best at 155 and 170… but i beg to differ…when i think about bj was one inch of knocking out lyoto and in my opinion got more points in the fight then lyoto did and beat him but thats just me…anyone here watch the fight again I give bj penn the points for constantly going for lyoto never trully getting in trouble and putting lyoto in more trouble the whole fight…so i think he got robbed on that one…also bj would destroy gsp if he had the marvs…could beat condit…and nick diaz i think he could beat the ground they would stalemate the whole time in my opinion but standing bj would be faster from the last fight and witht he marvs would be able to get a hold of edgar and jjust submit which he should of done because not dissing bj at all just edgar fights like a fucking jack rabbit jumpn everywere which is good for angles but still bj shoud just submit him if they ever fought…and pettis woud get caught too pretty badly in my opinion and ko’d pretty good…if conditioned i trully believe bj could handle the standup with anderson and if it went to the ground bj could reallly pose a extreme threat…bj can get in on anybody so if he took the nick diaz route of chopping down the tree ala body shots on anderson he could slow him down and hopeuflly get his hands to drop down and if bj could get a clean shot on anderson or even like a 8 or 9 out of 10 on placement he could get him to the ground atleast and then submit him…
    LW- i feel like conditioned wise since i just wrote some possible ideas of how he can beat anderson of all people conditioned from the marvs he could beat probably anybody at 205…gustafanson=same plan of attack….i see hendo giving bj problems because hendo can get anyone up againest that fence and just murder people with knees to the body knees to the legs so maybe not hendo but bj could probably take a decision over him because hendo would probably stand and bj could definitely pepper him up for round 1 and 2 and do w.e he has to do for round 3 but if its one of those 5 rounders…bj';s cardio and youth would be the factor and i see bj knocking out hendo or atleast getting him to the ground and reer naked joke…i dunno i just really think bj is the best from 145-205

    • YosamiteeSus says:

      Alright Drew, first and foremost B.J Penn is one of the greatest fighters in history. There no denying or disputing that, but come the fuck on man, are you serious? Read your post again homie.there is a fine line between being a fan and a groupie, and homie, your about ready to throw your panties into the octogon. You’ve gotta be from Hawaii or something. Let’s keep it real,B.J’s cardio and training methods are why he’s not champion right now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when properly trained and motivated Penn is damn near unbeatable, but but the reality is his cardio is super suspect and he relies on sheer talent, ability, and technique, way too much. You are delusional if you honestly think that your scenario for him fighting Hendo, and Anderson would work. You need to stop smokin that shit Nick Diaz is smokin. Greatest light weight ever, I agree. Top 10 welterweight, I can go for that, but top 10 middle/light heavyweight contender, cut that shit out man. Lay off that Diaz smoke.

    • DMAC says:

      Now I see why people say BJ PENN fans are delusional. Oh boy!

      • YosamiteeSus says:

        Man you better say it. I’m always gonna be a Penn fan but I keep it real and I call a spade,a spade.

        • DMAC says:

          No I didn’t mean that towards you I was talking to psycho who posted before you. Lol

        • YosamiteeSus says:

          Oh, I know DMAC. Homie is on that Diaz smoke.

        • You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

  121. maurice says:


  122. drew says:

    im actually from philly, saw him make florian look stupid. sidenote props to shane victorino one of the best center fielders in all of the mlb. i believe what i want to believe because its true man i will take back hendo maybe that is dreamn a little to much but he could easly pepper up hendo for a few rounds which is not delusional and hendos cardio has been suspect…shogun would of beat hendo if there was a 6th round would of be quite interesting…so to take on your point of cardio just be~say it this way, anyway who is also suspect of having a cardio issure of late is now on the same “issue manner” as bj therefore its more = then right?…bj has the best boxing in mma next to jds, but in my opinion better overall in talent and skill

    • YosamiteeSus says:

      Drew, I’m actually from Philly too homie. The Sus @ the end of yosamitee is short for Susquehanna ave. North Philly stand up, but fam that shit you posted earlier still sounded dumb as hell. How lond have you been watching MMA? And by the way yosamitee is cause of my 2 hammers, cannon.

  123. Kalez says:

    BJ. Go train at Cesar Gracie. Nick and the crew will get ya in shape. Come on brother leave your ego at the door and give it a shot.

    The only thing holding you back is the cardio.

    • The King says:

      nothin to do with ego dummy!! something to do with Cesar being a real fucking scum bag… can you picture him being a real fucking scum bag?

      why the hell would you want to be taught by a real fucking scum bag?

      YOU SIR ARE AN IDIOT! get a clue already.

      I understand.. your a little too young to be able to apply real life shit to this situation… real life= cesar is a scum bag… your life= id love to be trained by a scum bag. its GOTTA be BJ’s ego.. GTFO KID!!

  124. Bjj BB says:

    & DMAC, wat a fucking pussy cop out move you just did, FAGGOT!! Anyway im from hawaii and do agree with his cardio being the reason y he had always lost, as for the other bj penn fan, he going according to the way he fought machida, then when you look at wat machida did in the lhw class then its not hard to see what hes talking about, if you agree with him or not he has a point but im sure its not gonna happen!

  125. YosamiteeSus says:

    Hendo’s cardio is also suspect. Jon Jones is gonna kill him, but Hendo hits way too hard for his cardio to even play a factor against Penn. I agree with Penn having the best boxing in MMA, even better the junior dos santos, but Anderson……Anderson Silva isn’t human.

  126. Zynydryn says:

    Penn will lose. He won’t train well like always and let us down. Rory will come with a plan, better condition, more size and win a decision. Penn thinks he is going to walk through him in the 1st. Not going to happen.

    • Kirk Morris says:

      Agreed, somewhere along Penn got the idea (I believe) that his natural talent and skills for fighting would get him through or past his opponent’s. After watching the lead up to the GSP fight when some of Penn’s sparing partners were interviewed I knew right then he was going to lose. There is no honesty or hard work ethic in his camp. Just a bunch of over testosteroned guys talking smack.

  127. Ryan kelly says:

    People say some funny shit on this site but i would love to c penn smash rorys dreams of becoming ww champ

  128. BJ, I would hope you seriously consider what you are doing. Your later performances have been underwhelming to say the least (except for KOing Matt in 20 seconds which was more of a anomoly much like Matt Serra beating GSP) I truly lost a great deal of respect and admiration for you after your pathetic, lethargic, flat footed performance against the drug addicted Diaz. I understand that work ethic in Hawaii is, to be polite “laid back”. However, and this is not meant to be cruel or judgemental your slack work ethic and weak training partners is common knowledge to many inside the fight world. I would hope you challenge yourself and focus by leaving Hawaii and training w/ people who will force you to focus on your weaknesses. You were a great Champion and an exceptional fighter from time to time, consider what you are doing. Sincerely, A Fan

    • Watch The Diaz Fight Again says:

      Even when he was running on fumes, BJ’s boxing was great. He gassed, and Diaz took full advantage of that, like he should have, with the reach advantage and excellent boxing himself. But BJ displayed some good head and body movement, which allowed him to connect even after being dead tired. Imagine if BJ had his cardio in line for the 2nd and 3rd, he would have won.

      Hope BJ gets this fight. It’s a good one for him to show the boxing because MacDonald is a weak boxer and will go for the takedown. I like MacDonald and he is a strong dude, but never count BJ out of a fight.

  129. David Machado says:

    I the biggest fan of BJ and I felt sad when he announced his retirement. This return fight is quite a scary fight because Rory is no joke. I just wish that BJ trains really hard for this one, find a new team to train with, and really bring back the BJ Penn of old.

  130. David Machado says:

    I amI the biggest fan of BJ and I felt sad when he announced his retirement. This return fight is quite a scary fight because Rory is no joke. I just wish that BJ trains really hard for this one, find a new team to train with, and really bring back the BJ Penn of old.

  131. David Machado says:

    I am the biggest fan of BJ and I felt sad when he announced his retirement. This return fight is quite a scary fight because Rory is no joke. I just wish that BJ trains really hard for this one, find a new team to train with, and really bring back the BJ Penn of old.

    • Majestyk says:

      Unless someone invents a time machine, nobody is going to “bring back the BJ Penn of old”. His time is up. He squandered many opportunities due to his poor work ethic, and now the train has left the station. Even if he was to train as hard as GSP (which is unlikely), his skills have declined to the point where it wouldn’t make any difference against a guy like Rory.

  132. Nick says:

    If the rabid blood licking BJ Penn shows up, Rory’s in for a long night, But if Penn shows up like did against Diaz or Fitch he’s gonna lose.

  133. dominooch says:

    listen…im a die hard penn fan…but this fight makes no sense to me…an un-retired bj penn has issues staying in shape and being able to go 3 rounds at 170….now we have a coming out of retirment penn who will attempt to beat a guy who walks around at 195 and is a monster in the ring….logic will tell you this fight is a disaster waiting to happen

    i was praying for penn to come out of retirement as a LW…it just makes the most sense….he could easily make another run at the title…win it…and go out on top….now all he is gonna do at 170 is fight guys who want to make a name for themselves saying…oh i fought penn….is penn a gatekeeper now….is this how he wants to go out
    forget this fight….get in marinovich shape…and destroy the 155lb divison like we all know he can… prediction is as follows if this fight happens….
    round 1 – penn looks sharp…peppering rory…wins the round
    round 2 – rory gets him down early…raining haymackers from the top
    round 3 – rory gets him down early…GnP…hopefully Penn wont get finished

    LW LW LW LW LW…win the title and retire as The Prodigy

  134. ASDF says:

    Bj Penn is my favourite fighter. But, we all saw how Fitch dominated Bj. Rory is better than Fitch imo. And his GnP is way better. The style that Rory will put on Bj, won’t be in Bj’s favour. It’s not Bj can’t win. It’s he doesn’t have the camp he needs to win. I honestly don’t know how his camp operates, but I just get the impression that in his situation, working with family does more harm to him, as a professional fighter than it has benefited him of late. He succeeded on talent early on, but the game’s caught up, and every area of this sport, including your camp, needs to be top notch. The fact is his conditioning isn’t, and hasn’t been where it should be. And, as a professional fighter, that’s unacceptable. Someone needs to be accountable. Please tell me, who should be accountable for Bj’s conditioning? Let us all answer this question. And maybe, Bj will listen, and make the hard decision. Business decisions with family are always tough. I wish him the best.

  135. nakano says:

    Jumping outta 4 feet of water, now thats what i wanna see!
    Just blasting at dudes!

  136. Scotty says:

    If you havent figured it out by now, it almost seems like this is why BJ fights at 170 because EVERYONE says he should drop LW and cant hang with these guys at 170 anymore.. The more you doubt him the more it seems he wants to prove everyone, even if he knows its true.. It seems if everyone just didnt say anything about 170, he might ignore it.. But you cant ignore everyone doubting you and wanting to prove them wrong.. Which we all seen hasnt happened! I love him at 155 but if he wants to prove he can hang at 170 well let the man try and prove it.. Atleast he isn’t ducking fights or taking easy fights, which is why he has always got my respect!

  137. e says:

    look, this fight may not make sense to most people, but this IS what the man wants to do.

    if youre a REAL fan, respect that shit and dont spend your time questioning and worrying about him. let the man FIGHT for fux sake.

  138. speaking truth says:

    Penn is going to get beat down and humiliated. This is a 5 founder at ww. Against somebody who is faster, stronger, very skilled, bigger, and has great cardio. Add Jackson game planning and BJ goes in to retirement for good. Penn quits after the third round, or gets finished.

    Unless he trains like a pro, which he won’t because he thinks he is going to finish Rory in the first round. Stay at 155 Penn… Or this will be your last fight–ever.

  139. BENJI says:

    BJ Penn FTW!! you dont call out a legend and expect to win. Hope BJ gives that up-himself dick a smash!! Che

  140. JO says:

    First of all, best of luck to BJ. If this is what he wants to do, then fuck it, do your best. However, as a lot of people have already pointed out, I feel like this isn’t the smartest move to take. It’s fucked up on UFC’s part because I’m sure they nudged Rory to call out BJ (much like with Kos) and they’re looking at this fight as a way to promote the young, up-and-coming prospect. Either way, I hope BJ comes prepared and use our doubt as motivation.


    BJ PENN is back and back with a vengeance.. BJ just needed time off to clear his head I am positive he is gonna come back nastier then ever lickin his gloves and making Rory look like a child..


  142. 16v149 says:

    It just, Bull Shit Marketing. Doing a Hughes money grab. Get serious, go

    to 155 or hang em up.

  143. wow someone called out penn now he gotta move up in weight class. its funny if they really wanted to fight penn why can’t they drop down a class. To me Penn is wasting his time with tis fight specially since he gotta move up a class. If the dude has something to prove that he can take on BJ move down a class and prove it. It’s time for BJ stick to his weight class and whoever wants to fight him meet him in his weight class. Why does Penn have to go up to a weight class to fight someone whos calling him out. You wanna say your a bad ass drop weight and meet him on his class.

  144. Julius Yovan says:

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