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Saturday, 05/19/2012, 08:26 am

VIDEO | Anderson Silva, Steven Seagal, Bruce Buffer, Master Machida & Dan Miragliotta Do Budweiser | UFC NEWS

Some of the UFC’s and MMA’s most recognizable faces got together to do this Budweiser commercial.


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  1. Greg says:

    Funny commercial. It’s good that Anderson has a sense of humor. Can’t wait to see the Chael Sonnen commercials when he finally gets the title. Silva’s advertising for burgers and beer though, kind of atypical for athletes I think.

    • Jaedr says:

      it sucks that you can’t wait because it will never happen. I agree though funny commercial, esp when he cuts the foam off the beer.

      • Greg says:

        I feel like Andy is getting older, and he’s not as focused on fighting as he is on other revenue streams, hanging out with long-ago celebs (Seagal), and trying to be a celeb in his own right. I think after Chael beats him he should retire and go to work selling Burger King hamburgers and Budweisers full time. Maybe he can get a part in Seagal’s “Under Seige 3″? That sounds like it might be a nice little straight-to-BluRay movie. I’d definitely download a bootleg copy of it.

        • Shogun Rua says:

          Hangin with old celebs? Seagal is one of Silvas teachers. Hes been hanging with him for a few years

        • Gouldx87 says:

          none of what you said changes the fact that he is hanging out with old Celebs…I guess if you really believe this BS about Seagull(yes i know i spelled it that way) being his teacher and not just some over weight has been actor

        • NocShifter says:

          Thats Funny….
          I totally agree!

        • DBlock says:

          I love Chael but he has ZERO chance of beating Silva. He couldn’t do it when he had every opportunity (Silva’s broken rib(s) & Chael’s testosterone ratio that was way past what’s allowed).

        • NocShifter says:

          Hahaha I totally agree with Greg!
          Chael needs to kick his ass. Again
          and Anderson should fade away selling burgers and beer!
          he might actually be good at that!
          I dont think I would waste my time bootlegging aand actually watching that crap tho!

        • Mike says:

          If their were belts as far as skill sets go for mma, chael would be 100 levels below Silva. Chael will look like a fool in round 2 and we will all forget about him.

        • Numba1Ghani says:

          @ #nocshifter

          Shut the fuck up little Phael Sonnen fanboy

    • Adrian Mireles says:

      Right on!!!!

    • Geeno says:

      Not gonna happen cuz silva is gonna knock him out this time.

  2. Tsimanga says:

    Stupid idea, concept, story. Wasted opportunity IMO.

  3. Lol says:

    Silva would smash seagal. Oh and silvas going to ko chael in the first round now that that little nut chael is off roids. Chael loss to bitchbing off roids. Picture what silva will do. Oh and if silva was on roids he would easily be light heavyweight champ

  4. hahaha says:

    Jon Jones got drunk and crashed his vehicle into a guys know why he did it? Because that’s what champions do!!

  5. danielrchargers says:

    That was actually funny!! most mma inspired commercials are kinda weird. but this is hilarious.

  6. James says:

    Anderson is gonna find out who killed Bobby Lupo.

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Good commercial! I want a Budweiser now.

  8. Cameron says:

    Hahahahahahaha! “It’s time”

  9. Jpeech says:

    I want chael to smash Silva, but that was a funny commercial lol! Good job Spider.

  10. Vog induced says:

    Anybody see richie ?

  11. The natural says:

    Steven would fuck on Silva n Silva would say u don’t fuck on me then seagul breaks his hand wrist and then elbow after pulverizing his face through the budweiser as it explodes in silvas face and says yes I do fuck on u

  12. Nick says:

    Seagal is just Anderson’s parasite at this point. He’s sucking every ounce of fame he can. If he was a real action movie star he’d be in the Expendables. True story. Lol

  13. Toolman says:

    LMFAOOOOO @ Lyoto Machida running away in the beginning.

  14. Dick Diaz says:

    lmaooo who the hell wears gloves like that in the desert?

  15. Adrian Mireles says:

    I’m Sorry that’s Horrible!!!!!!

  16. James Dubya (@DJ_Nameless) says:

    Nice to see Silva training in his next profession, the non speaking mexican in low budget movies… CHAEL SONNER RULES!!!!!!

  17. Stevo says:

    Still makes me wonder why alot of people cheer for chael when he blatantly cheated to try and win..Sigh…

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