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Wednesday, 05/09/2012, 03:09 pm

Ronda Rousey Fires Back At Sarah Kaufman

By Jonathan Kirschner

The talks about a date for Ronda Rousey’s first title defense against Sarah Kaufman started yesterday, but the two have been exchanging heated words on Twitter since last week.

Ronda Rousey is known for being brutal in the cage, and brutally honest on Twitter. She has a history for being outspoken and saying whatever is on her mind with little to no filter. That’s why when usually soft spoken Sarah Kaufman sent Rousey a tweet telling her to enjoy the belt while she can, it caught a few people off guard.

Sarah Kaufman: Sprints, weights, pads and bjj already complete and it’s only 1:45! Great day of training so far…@rondarousey enjoy the belt while you can

The two exchanged a couple tweets after that and that’s how the war started. In a recent interview at MMAFighting, Ronda Rousey was asked when the trash talking between the two was going to start, and Ronda was quick to respond with plenty of whit and sass.

“So I was like alright, cool, you wanna play Twitter, bitch? I’m good at this game, I just got a creativity award. put out Miesha (Tate) talking about how everything on earth was torn off in her elbow and somebody put with that, ‘Don’t F- with Ronda Rousey!’ So I (retweeted) to that and put under it, ‘Keep running sprints, that’s probably what will help you the most.'”

While it’s safe to assume that Ronda Rousey will win the battles she has with Sarah Kaufman on Twitter, the only thing that matters in the end is who wins the war in the cage. The two are expected to do battle for the Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Championship at a yet to be announced event in August 2012.


53 Responses to “Ronda Rousey Fires Back At Sarah Kaufman”

  1. andy says:

    She’s known for being brutally obnoxious. That woman is a beast but I wish someone would smack her until she shuts up. She takes something as a little as what Kaufman said and gets all bent out of shape and takes it personal. Dumbass.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      She is so paranoid….

    • EdSoares says:

      Kaufman’s ugly ass will be tapping out to an armbar in the first round, so who cares?

      You are more of an obnoxious butch for complaining about it.

    • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

      I still would like nothing better than for Rousey to beat the piss out of that punk kid boyfriend of Miesha Tates that said he wanted to knock out Rousey teeth. Oh yeah Brian ‘punkass kid” carraway. I think that was afunnys story that faber told about Brian Carraway about when he had been up training at TEAM ALPHA MIDGET and he left in middle night and owed them for rent and training fees and whatever else (like alot of money). Then Tate right after her fight was like a few days later was asked about all the bad blood with Faber and what he had said and she said I didn’t know Brian owed Faber money but if thats all it is ( I WILL ) cut him a check right now, the punk has to have his girlfriend pay his bills. Funny part was she had just got done telling the interviewer that she was in florida staying with her grandparents and Brian went to washington to stay with his parents cause Brian couldn’t afford rent. I would be willing to bet Miesha dumps his ass real soon. Funny is Brian carraway is always telling everyone how tough he is and whats he do on Twitter for world to see but call out a girl and tell her if she breaks Mieshas arm (in their title fight) he will knock Rouseys teeth out. Sorry but i think thats worse than anything else any otehr fighters have put over twitter you know with dana’s cencership. I’m just saying that was a direct threat from apro fighter to injure a woman. worse than taking a qoute off T.V like Torres did. Anyway i think Dana should have canned his ass for that threat

  2. Mr.Rusk says:

    You guys mean that you still hear her voice when she opens her mouth? work on your Jedi skills you must hhhrrmm

  3. jrog says:

    dont start shit wont be shit. Kick her ass Rhonda

  4. 209 says:

    Kaufman is going to get shit hauled by Rhonda you don’t become a member of the skrap pack for no reason assholes Kauffman trains with doorknobs wannabes

  5. Sickwitit says:

    Kauffman should be drug
    Tested bitch is a haggard ass man lookin thing

  6. joshuah says:

    She trains with the 209 on the reg, I think ‘paranoid’ is required @ that camp.

    I gotta root for Sarah in this fight even tho RR is a REAL LIFE cyborg

  7. klawman24 says:

    funny how when a woman finally gets the the whole build up the fight and talks shit u guys wanna bitch and complain, but when chael does the same dumb shit and sounds like a wwe superstar u guys wanna get hyped and praise his shit talking. all you dumbasses wouldnt say shit about rhonda if she was a dude, hell none of you would say shit to her if she was in your face.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      “Sprints, weights, pads and bjj already complete and it’s only 1:45! Great day of training so far…@rondarousey enjoy the belt while you can

      That sounds pretty benign to me…. Worst trash talking I’ve ever witnessed. Rhonda is just being a hyper sensitive bitch, talking trash to stay relevant.

      • klawman24 says:

        thats everybody dude even the fucking men do it to gain pr but u fans dont pick up on it because theure men, ya sit there drooling and wishin it was yous that were fighting and on tv and saying dumb shit like that. but now a female does it and shes dumb and caddy well whether it was a dumb sstatement by sarah or not it was still trash talk towards rhonda and she did what shes suppose to do to build up a fight she just did it better then sarah and fans wanna hate cause shes tougher then them.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I don’t have a problem with trash talk but she rarely has anything nice to say about anyone or anything.She might as well be the Rock and speak on third person because it’s all about her. I really liked her in the beginning but she definitely competes with Mayweather in cockiness and that’s very difficult to accomplish.

          My belief is that Kaufman released this harmless tweet to hype herself up for training not for the purpose of trash talk/fight hype.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Scratch that last part about Kaufman not talking trash.

      • Doc Santos says:

        To stay relevant? She’s the champion.

    • Xaninho says:

      Hahaha like when she met the fighters in the TUF house? That shit was hilarious!

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      lol have you not seen the amount of people that moan about phaels pathetic banter.
      its no different lol

  8. Hates broc and kimbo says:

    She is annoying and extremely one sided fighter although her one technique is on phony it is mma not just bjj but I agree she is a drama queen and a hypocrite but hot non the less

  9. Hates broc and kimbo says:

    Klawman u r an idiot and she us amazing at her arm bar other than bjj she has no chance it is called mma not bjj but to her credit she is one if the greatest submission specialists in mma but with that said she won’t last long against real fighters plus all she does is talk shit about other fighters and just people associated with mma so shut up woman and work

    • Dylan Ricker says:

      Actually she also practices judo, and to a pretty impressive degree of skill at that. So, by your definition that makes her a real MMA fighter right?

      I should point out that this whole thing (MMA) started back in the day with the idea of pitting ONE fighting style against another SINGLE fighting style. Ie; Royce Gracie bjj against boxer, Muay Thai, karate, etc.
      Basically, you’re wrong.

      • Benny says:

        If you mean the early UFC shows, then you are wrong. those early shows were about one martial art vs another – MMA grew from those beginnings as people started to realise that doing only one art well left holes in your game. True mma didn’t evolve till a while later.

        • UFC : Ultimate Fighter Corporation says:

          that is pretty much what the poster Dylan Ricker did say. So how exactly is he wrong?? he said MMA started from the idea of pitting one style against another.. how is your post any different? But its all good. MMA has evolved from the early days is prob a reasonable statement.

        • Dylan Ricker says:

          I assume you’re disagreeing with “Hates Broc and Kimbo” and not me…You seem to have reiterated my point in slightly different wording. Also I agree the sport has definitely evolved exponentially, Rousey with it. The chick is awesome, that’s all I’m saying. I don’t see anybody taking that belt from her.

      • Xaninho says:

        MMA basically evolved from the Brazilian Vale Tudo which is Portuguese for “anything goes”. There was no way to make it a legal sport in the US with as little rules as it had, this resulted in MMA with the rules we know today.

        Vale Tudo was brutal man.

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          learn you history douche bag
          you do realise that ufc was bare knuckle no holds barred and even allowed groin strikes . 1st aired 1993 and was at the time legal.

          rorion gracie helped found the ufc and vale tutos involvement was already present
          UFC started with no rules and no time limit and was legal

          hush your gums

        • Xaninho says:

          Did you read anything about UFC in my comment? You dumb fucking cocksucker?

          You can be hostile all you want, but that doesn’t hide the fact you are a clueless fucking jerkoff.

          I stated MMA as we know it today evolved from the days of Vale Tudo to where it is now.

          Now go back to school and learn to understand what you’re reading cumbreath!

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          you words
          “. There was no way to make it a legal sport in the US with as little rules as it had, this resulted in MMA with the rules we know today.

          Vale Tudo was brutal man.”
          it was legal in the UFC in the US from 1993 – 1995 dickhead

        • Xaninho says:

          Thirty-six states enacted laws that banned “no-holds-barred” fighting from then on. Did MMA evolve since then or not?

          You need to shut up now dickface.

        • cocksucker says:

          hey! there’s nothing wrong with being a cocksucker! sure i have cum breath, but u like it when i swallow!

          stop using sexual insults. if u can’t get your point accross without them buy a thesaurus

    • Not You says:

      You don’t get to talk when you only got into MMA 6 months ago.

  10. Numba1Ghani says:

    ronda rousey is fine as fuck and she’s not to be fucked with that uglyass bat sarah kaufman is gona get her arm torn into bits like everyone else after rousey throws her like a piece of garbage onto the canvas.

  11. Q says:

    Ronda lookin fine

  12. Damnu says:

    So shes trying to lifen a lifeless women’s mma

  13. Gus says:

    She’s a badass just like sonnen n like any other badass ppl hate

  14. DMAC says:

    Funny to see dudes talking shit about chicks, damn half a fags.

  15. Dinglenuts Magee says:

    Ronda is ANNOYING… and not particularly articulate.

    (but she does rip bitches arms off)

  16. Bjj BB says:

    I dont give a fuck! She is fucking hot and can scrap and thats all i ever want to see!!

  17. Paul lfc says:

    Ronda Rousey’s fit I won’t to marry her

  18. cubs says:

    rhonda has a big mouth and it needs to be shut. She’s hot and all but cmon show some class you dont have to smack talk when you hear other women do it to you. Just show it in the ring

  19. Slu says:

    Kaufman is clearly on fucking roids looks like the triceratops from land before time also she’s a piece of shit outside the cage her students jump kids on the streets and bars. Rhonda is real time mma

  20. Jason says:

    There is no way Sarah Kaufman is losin this fight, she is stronger, has way better stand up and power in both hands, Ronda has one trick and that’s it!!! I’m not taking anything away from Ronda, but she doesn’t have a chance against Sarah Kaufman!!! Sarah has actually fought the who’s who in the division and beat the hell out of all of them.

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