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Friday, 07/13/2012, 01:39 am

Bisping Says The Win Over ‘Fat’ Mark Munoz Does Not Make Weidman A Contender | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Michael Bisping in an interview with FightersOnly.

Following his impressive win at UFC On FUEL TV Chris Weidman put himself in the position to be talked about as a potential opponent for Anderson Silva. However Michael Bisping thinks he should have to go through him first. ‘The Count’  previously called out Brian Stann and Alan Belcher and with Weidman added to the mix he would have no problem fighting all three.

“Yeah it seems like I am the man of the moment right now doesn’t it? That’s fine by me, I’m a professional fighter and I’ve not been busy enough lately to be honest so, I will happily fight all three of them – Stann, Weidman and Belcher can all have it.”

“I’ve got no problem fighting and beating all three of them, either on three consecutive cards or all on one night if they want. Listen, Belcher’s getting on my nerves. He keeps saying he has got the style to beat me – what style? No man with a tattoo like that can talk to anyone about style! He’s been calling me out for a while now so I’d say to him, when you beat someone other than a pure jiu jitsu guy then call me.”

Bisping comments on Weidman’s victory over Munoz. In his opinion a win over a ‘fat’ Mark Munoz does not make Weidman a contender.

“Brian Stann I respect, fine, I think we are on collision course and we can have that fight. I’ll win. And now Chris Weidman is calling me out. Well, he’s on a roll but I don’t think a win over a fat Mark Munoz makes you a contender. Especially when Munoz has bounced into the Octagon like he’s at a Take That concert and with a haircut that looks like Belcher’s tattooist has switched careers. Did that distract him? It distracted me. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. What was it supposed to be, do you know? Everyone’s talking about Weidman today but I tell you what, we were on the same card in January and I had to switch his fight with Maia off. I was trying to warm up backstage and the fight was putting me to sleep.”

Bisping finished off by wishing his fellow Middleweights luck… Well apart from Belcher.

“He looked good last night – or did Munoz look awful? They all seem like nice guys, good luck to them – except Belcher, he’s been getting on my nerves so lets not include him [in the good luck wishes] – but I will happily fight them all, no problem. I want to be the champion and I think I am one more win away from a title shot. And any of these guys can be my first defences.”

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44 Responses to “Bisping Says The Win Over ‘Fat’ Mark Munoz Does Not Make Weidman A Contender | UFC News”

  1. 94block says:

    That fucking britt is a fool.. Bisping is so full of himself.. Stann would kick his ass

    • Dave says:

      If a fighter thinks he can’t beat people he’s in the wrong game!! Of course he thinks he can.. Doesn’t make him a fool it makes him a fighter!!! Maybe stann would kick his ass.. Maybe not… I bet stann thinks he can kick bispings ass and I bet he thinks he could kick andersons ass or chaels or Munoz or whoever they stick him in there with!!

      • Xaninho says:

        Stann already knows he can’t kick Sonnen’s ass. I’m not a fan, as some of you will already know, but Sonnen annihilated Stann.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Bisping is No Sonnen…..Bisping likes to stick and move. He would have to be a wrestler to have any chance with Stann. But Bisping is under-rated and could easily out work Stann too. It would be a good one. I got Stann….he’s an AMERICAN!

        • Ed says:

          Come on. Admit it. You like chael a little bit more after his humble and honest loss to silva

    • McCombski says:

      Im not a huge bisbing fan but i see him beating stann and belcher for sure. Ide like to see him and lombard fight and have the winner fight for the belt but in the mean time i think wiedman should fight anderson and take his belt the the winner of lombard vs bisbing can be his first title defense

      • Reality says:

        Bisping can beat Stann if he avoids getting knocked out. Belcher on the otherhand would be a tougher all around matchup for Bisping. Weidman WILL NOT beat Silva, however it would get interesting if he got him to the ground. He’s probably the last guy left in that division that stylisically gives Anderson a challenge though. However, you never know in the fight game but the odds are against all of them vs. Silva. Lombard’s fate remains to be seen. I won’t be surprised if Boescht beats him.

    • TigerKneeCrush says:

      Stann has no ground game.

  2. Is it just me or are all fighters now doing a Chael?

    • Reality says:

      Well Bisping has always been vocal so I don’t think that’s influenced by Chael. However, there has been a trend of fighters calling out the champions a little more frequently since Chael and Nick Diaz. There’s also the $$$ factor. Even if they get beat down by the champ it will be their biggest pay day and a chance to say they fought for the UFC title. I think some of them are bluffing when they say they can beat Anderson Silva though. Some believe in themselves that much and some don’t. It shows when they fight him.

  3. 94block says:

    They all talk alot of shit but only a few back it up

  4. Me says:

    In my opinion Lombard, Boetsch, Stann need to get a few wins under their name to get a title shot, I think Belcher and Bisping should have a go at it and the winner should face the winner of Weidman & Silva

  5. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Seems like Bisping is channeling his inner Sonnen. Not as loud and over the top, just yet, but he is definitely perfecting his carnival barker act

  6. jbeamazing says:

    since he is coming off of a L he should get the shot!!!!!! ha ha
    I see what he is doing tho he is trying to stir some shit up since he has seen Chael talk his way into a title fight can’t blame him but he can’t beat anyone when the pressure of a number 1 contender is on the line he folds like bootleg tea in a English allay! Michael Bisping great kick boxer but has the power of a dieing 80 year old man in his strikes he could stuff some Weidman take downs but I think Weidman would tko him in the first or second shit I think tim boetsch could stop him with in 3 rounds

  7. Zack says:

    He’s right sadly. Let’s be honest Weidmann isn’t ready for silva. Stann and belcher would get KTFO by silva. I say wait and see how lombard does and if he wins then give him bisping. In the mean time lets get belcher and Weidmann. Whoever wins more decisevly will get the title shot. Fuckin rocket science!!! Noone in the middleweight division deserves a title shit right now

  8. B-rad says:

    Belcher takes it against Bisping allll day

  9. ya herd says:

    Alan belcher got his ass kicked by jason day witch bisping finished in round 1, bisping would destroy belcher mayhem style! belcher needs another big win he hasnt beat much names. lombar needs 2 more wins i dont care how good his debut fight is, he cant just join ufc from a crap bellator and get a shot. brian stann gets finished fast by sonnen, then beats a crap italion. he needs another win! vitor belfort lasted 2 mins with silva then got knocked out, so that would put him way back, and a win over akiyamma and and that black robot dosent do enough! bisping was on a 4 fight win streak. then he fought sonnen and should of got the W but we all know it was a fix for a big pay day in a rematch! so i my opinon bisping vs weidman should be the fight, even tho weidman beat a overrated munoz hes still a good fighter and him and bisping have the best skills sets and cardio/speed to hang with anderson silva

    • noynoy says:

      yeah??nice comment there…clearly shows youve got beef with munoz…come here to the philippines and say that to filipino fans and the only thing coming home is your head wrapped with your dick mothufucka hater!!!…munoz is one of the top middle weight fighters in the ufc, before his lost to weidman, he has been on a winning streak… and that haircut of his represents the flag of our country….when did you had a haircut to represent your COUNTRY??never….at least he has the guts…..

  10. Bisping says what's on his mind says:

    and it’s refreshing. He doesn’t talk as crazy as Chael, but Bisping does make a valid arguement:
    Munoz did look like his training camp wasn’t that great. He didn’t look lean for this fight.
    But, I don’t think Munoz is one of the top fighters anyway. He hasn’t beaten anyone significant (like Chael, Belfort, Belcher, Stann). Weidman was Munoz’s toughtest opponent to date, and Munoz lost. (Yeah, I know the same can be said about Weidman, that’s why Weidman shouldn’t get Anderson next).
    Belcher defeats Palhares and everyone jumps aboard the Belcher train. Belcher still has to prove he can beat a strong stand up opponent. I don’t know if Bisping qualifies in that category, but it would be a good fight to see.
    Silva deserves a break; let all these other guys fight amongst themselves to sort things out. Then put one of them against Silva in the spring of 2013.

    Munoz’s haircut was terrible also. What statement was he trying to make with that?

    • jbeamazing says:

      silva has fought 2 time in the last 2 years

      • That's what makes is more amazing says:

        Who fights infrequently and dominates like he just did? The greatestet ever, that’s who. In Silva’s world, ring rust doesn’t exist. Since the first fight with Sonnen, Anderson’s been in the Octagon for approx 7 minutes. He destroys opponents while others just beat opponents and makes amazing feats look ordinary.

        He is not a 3 fight a year champion. Not when you’ve been champion for as long as he has. Let the others sort out the mess in the MW divsion.

        And I wanted Sonnen to win both times! I am not a big Silva fan, but I do respect greatness. Silva is the greatest, no question.

    • KIDD433 says:

      You have some pretty good points.People have been on Belchers nuts lately.Belcher shouldn’t even be mentioned as in title contention,or even top competition…I know im speaking early,But I think,if Hector Lombard beats Botche,im certain he will,He should fight Vitor,winner gets ANDERSON…Weidman’s got some dues to pay in my him fighting ANDERSON would be a waste of a fight on ANDERSONS contract.I wanna see someone thats gona fight ANDERSON not Fitch him.thats how imagine that fight

    • noynoy says:

      yeah??nice comment there…clearly shows youve got beef with munoz…come here to the philippines and say that to filipino fans and the only thing coming home is your head wrapped with your dick mothufucka hater!!!…munoz is one of the top middle weight fighters in the ufc, before his lost to weidman, he has been on a winning streak… and that haircut of his represents the flag of our country….when did you had a haircut to represent your COUNTRY??never….at least he has the guts…..

  11. Zulwali says:

    Bisping just wana get to the tittle shot as quick as he can. You cant be too nice or too harsh. Chael can thrash talk but Bisping is a good Villain. People love to hate him and i think he knows this aswell…The more fights he sells the more money he’ll earned. :) whatever happends, i’m looking forward to see him fight either Alan Belcher or Brian Stann.

  12. Jordon says:

    I like Bisping, man. People always hate on him but i personally think of him as a big joker… And he means what he says, but a lot of the stuff he says is half hearted. And when i watched TUF where he was a coach, it showed you a different side to him and that he can take it as well as he can give it. I say give him his fucking title shot so he will shut up. He is good. He is really good. One of the top 3 middleweights in my opinion, but i dont see him doing jack shit to Silva. But you either give him the title shot, or you let sit there in limbo like he has for years. He beats who the put in front of him Chael had his shot, and Bisping narrowly lost a decision to him. Give him his shot so he shuts his mouth.

  13. Bob says:

    I hate bitch’ping but he is right about weidman.. If I got his spelling wrong dont get your pussies wet.

  14. Killa87 says:

    Bisping is delusional, you clearly lost to sonnen then you ask for a title shot? if dan handerson knocked you out just imagine what silva will do to you. Belcher should not be in the title picture and Stann can beat your over rated dumb ass via KO. Lombard hasnt proved he is worthy either and the only person that matches up to silva style wise is weidman. By the way weidman will destroy Bisping, Belcher, Stann and whoever else. The only person that can beat him is Anderson silva. He beat maia on a 10 day notice dumb fuck thats why he looked bad in there. All can say is Mark Munoz will beat your ass and look what happened to him. Its all about the style matchups and you dont matchup good with any of the top contenders.

  15. Xaninho says:

    After what Bisping just said I’d like to see Munoz-Bisping.

    Both coming of a loss after a win streak.

  16. biggie says:

    middleweight needs fighters like mamed khalidov, this guy could be a serious contentder, let him fight weidman or lombard!

  17. justin says:

    give munos a break he broke his arm. weidman should get a shot ppl have earned shots on less. bisping lost i agree him and munos should fight and i hate bispings guts for sure

  18. what does being fat have to do with your talent Mark wasn’t gassed or breathing heavy

  19. DMAC says:

    Bisping be punking the shit outta these dudes lmao

  20. Edger says:

    Why didn’t he call out Lombard.. When lombard called him out ?!?

  21. stonerman says:

    I hope stann KO’s bisbing like dan henderson did.

  22. noynoy says:

    i wanna see this mothufucka trash talking bisping fight munoz and lets see whos fat now…clearly no respect for fellow fighters…yow dana put that on a fight card,munoz vs. bisping, so munoz can shut this mothufucka bisping out cold with his donkey kong punches….just shut up bisping, youve never been regarded as a top contender anyway… never been in a title shot….Hendo caught you and put you to sleep….shut up now nigga…

  23. noynoy says:

    wanna see this mothuffacka bisping fight munoz so he can eat sh!t out of munoz’d donkey kong punches!!….muthafuckka trashtalking bisping!!who does he think he is?? yow dana put that on a fight card BISPING VS. MUNOZ!!!1

  24. Dee says:

    Once again people are idiots. I like fighters like Bisping. He’s actually trying to earn a title shot. He has the old Chuck Liddell attitude, “Bring on whomever.” This dude isn’t trying to pussy foot around. He’s definitely not trying to take easy fights that will make him money. Bisping said he will fight the best in the division at any given time. I have to respect that. Bisping my dear boy, you have just made me a fan.

  25. Jeff says:

    Bisping is so over rater it isn’t funny. Go look back at his fights and see how many decisions went in his favor that shouldn’t have. There’s a reason he hasn’t had a title fight yet. He is so full of himself. I could understand if it was someone like Anderson Silva talking the way Bisping does but he has done anything in this sport yet to justify his bloated ego. I think he needs another meeting with Dan Henderson to bring him back to Earth

  26. 123 says:

    u people need to get a grip, u seem to hate every1 whos not american. but then again u do hate jon jones 4 sum reason? wankers.

  27. Donovan says:

    The only one he MIGHT have a chance to beat is Belcher, but I’m not even sure if he can beat him. Why the fuck is he saying ppl have to come through him to fight Silva? Didn’t he lose his last fight?

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