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Tuesday, 07/10/2012, 12:33 am

Mark Munoz Prepared For Weidman And Plans To Use His ‘Donkey Kong Punches’ | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Mark Munoz comments while appearing on Inside MMA.

Munoz had been out due to injury since November 5th, 2011 and makes his return at UFC on Fuel TV: Munoz vs. Weidman on July 11th.

“The doctor told me, he assured me, that I’d be back within six months. I’m back and, I’ve been consistent with my rehab and training. Now I feel great, and I got a straight arm, now, as you can see. Before, I was just barely throwing hooks. Now, I feel great.”

Munoz is prepared for the bout with Chris Weidman and expects the it to involve all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts.

“I see this fight being everywhere. I see this fight being on the ground, and if he takes me down, I’ll pop him back up. But I’m gonna look to take him down, too. I’m gonna try and ground-and-pound, and use my ‘Donkey Kong punches’ to my advantage, like I always do. I’m prepared for it to be on the feet too, and we all know that when two wrestlers fight, we neutralize each other, and it happens on the feet, mostly, so I’ve been working on my stand-up a lot for this fight. I expect it to be a stand-up war, but at the same time, I expect it to be everywhere; in the cage, on the ground, wherever — on the feet, I’m prepared.”

Comparisons could be made between the two former wrestlers and Munoz even commented that Weidman was a younger version of him.

“Usually, when I fight, it doesn’t go the distance, but sometimes it does, and usually, I end up coming out on top with decisions. So, yeah, I’m looking forward to this fight. He’s a finisher, I’m a finisher, too. It’s gonna be a battle of wills in there. We do come from similar backgrounds. He’s a wrestler, and I’m a wrestler, too. He wrestled for Hofstra. I wrestled for Oklahoma State. He was an All-American, and I was a National Champion, so that’s a difference there. When it comes to MMA wrestling, his is pretty good. Mine, as well, too. So, we’re gonna be battling it out, for sure.”

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16 Responses to “Mark Munoz Prepared For Weidman And Plans To Use His ‘Donkey Kong Punches’ | UFC News”

  1. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Mark Munoz is a joke

    • HyLyfe808 says:

      LOL… I’m Filipino and I’ve been saying that for years!!! His wrestling does not translate well in MMA. What’s so funny is that his “Donkey Kong Punch” is all he’s got going for him!!!

    • Mc says:

      Yeah I was just gonna say, anyone else think Munoz is way overrated? I don’t know that he’s a joke but he’s not or shouldn’t be in the title hunt. He’s really not that good.

  2. CanILive says:

    i like how there isn’t a single article on Weidman…. because he will win.

    • Wrestler66 says:

      Dude it isn’t some media conspiracy against fighters when they don’t get attention it’s as simple as Weidman is not saying much and preparing for his fight ….Why do you think Sonnen gets so much attention because he’s always willing to say something about anything unlike Silva

  3. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I have a feeling Wiedman is gonna come out victorious. I think he is very underrated and is being underestimated. But either way, I dont think Mark Munoz will ever get a title shot I think Bisping could run around and out point Munoz to get a title shot.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Man, I don’t know Weidman is good but I just think Munoz gets better all the time. I am interested in this but whoever wins needs to do so convincingly. The Bisping thing, yah Bisping gets way underrated because he has a cocky personality and can definitely move. I just think Munoz can grab him and over hand right him into sleepy time. If it goes 3 or 5, then Bisping wins by UD, if Munoz wins it will be a tko…

  4. Tim Taylor says:

    Munoz is gonna smash weidman…i like weidman..but he will get ktfo.

  5. quit bitching says:

    Did you guys watch the weidman maia fight??? Weidman looked like shit….. Munoz by destruction

    • Munoz by destruction? says:

      Weidman cut down from 217lbs leading into that fight, which he took on short notice against maia. And maia outstruck and rocked munoz, but munoz went on to win a bullshit decision

    • Chris says:

      Yeah he took the fight on I think at most 2 weeks notice when he wasn’t even training. He also had to cut 20 lbs day before the fight. Lol btw Munoz fought demian to a close decision in which he even got caught in the first rd and rocked and he didn’t even look good either. You can’t just look at one fight and expect that’s how the guy looks every time.

  6. KIDD433 says:

    @ Quit Bitching.I agree,he’s a can on the feet.when he wrestles all he does is FITCH like a bitch.Hes not gona be able to FITCH himself a victory in this one.I got Munoz fucking him up

    • Chris says:

      Weidman has a higher finishing percentage then Munoz does smart ass. You know nothing about mma if you think he fights like fitch In which fight, when he bloodied up and smashed Sakara not to mention he beat him standing. Or maybe when he submitted Bongfeldt and Lawlor? Or maybe you mean when he struck with maia for almost the entire 15 minutes.. Yup definitely sounds like fitch man

      • KIDD433 says:

        @ CHRIS…Weidman is a fucken can and will be demonstrated by Munoz.even tho he won against Maia he looked like shit on his feet.That fight was a fucken fluke,and a boring one.So stop swallowing his DNA.And he did beat Sakara,but not on the feet.He took him down layed on top of him and made love to him to avoid the actual fight just like Fitch does.u dumb fuck

  7. whoisjohnny says:

    Munoz has crazy raw energy, Weidman has crazy skills. If Munoz doesn’t get his neck caught it’s over if Weidman end up on his back. If Weidman doesn’t gas, he’s lanky enough to keep Munoz at bay and outpoint him. The donkey kong stuff could easily beat up Silva for the title. Who would want to watch boring Bisping, other than to see him get his boring ass beaten decisively, KO by stand up Stann.

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