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Wednesday, 06/06/2012, 03:08 pm

Brian Stann Hurt, Forced Out Of UFC On Fox 4 | UFC NEWS

UFC on Fox 4 took a major hit today; Brian Stann is out of his clash with UFC newcomer Hector Lombard.
Middleweight Brian Stann (12-4) has been forced to withdraw from his scheduled bout with Lombard, with an undisclosed injury.

Sources close to the situation have confirmed the absence of Stann at UFC on Fox 4. UFC has not commented on the news of Stann’s removal.

The middleweight bout was scheduled to take place August 4th, 2012 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Brian Stann is coming off a vicious knockout over Alessio Sakara, avenging a disappointing loss to Chael Sonnen. Stann has won four of his last five fights.

Hector Lombard (31-2) is looking to make an impressive UFC debut but will now have to settle for a new opponent. The former Bellator Champion is on a run rarely seen in MMA and was looking to place his name in the UFC concrete. He will have to wait and see who the UFC will put in front of him now.

The UFC on Fox 4 will now have to track down a new main event and headliner.


0 Responses to “Brian Stann Hurt, Forced Out Of UFC On Fox 4 | UFC NEWS”

  1. jc says:

    this fucken sucks another injury. buying tickets to a ufc event is like the lottery. hope they throw in alan belcher

  2. Faaris Sheikh says:

    I’m speechless…
    Whats wrong with all these injuries its killing me :'(

  3. norcal santa cruz says:

    hope the captain recovers fast

  4. WrestlingRules says:

    Feed Lombard to a wrestler lets see how he does…..How about Rashad

    • jones.. says:

      @ wrestlingrules//i see your clarly new by the name..i thought maybe u just found the site..but u just obviously found mma..ahhhhhhhhh rashad just fought not long ago and the bigest problem is rashad is LHW n lombard is MW…wow so stupid..typical fke wrestler an cheal fan..talks big shit knows nothing

  5. Chris says:

    That sucks, I was really looking forward to this fight. Get well Capt Stann!

  6. stephen Riddle says:

    Get well soon stann! Bisping has to take this fight!

  7. (>^.^)=0 says:

    The Crippler?

  8. DMAC says:

    Bisping is booked and Suga is LHW and I don’t think he’s making that cut just yet. Crippler is suspended isn’t he? So shit what’s on Belchers schedule?

    • WrestlingRules says:

      You’re probably right Lombard is not a big enough name for Evans to drop down to. Belcher is good. but I’d rather see them feed Lombard to a wrestler. Who else at 85 is a good wrestler??

      • jones.. says:

        now this wre3stling idiot talks like he knew rashad was 205 and wold have drop down with you responds..nooo u did not know…get real buddy you thin rashad could drop down (for the first time ever) with such a small preperation peeriod…fukin clown

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You’re right You’re right, I know I don’t know anything, i am fkn fake and a chael nut hugger and I am an ugly zero……and you are the smartest and know everything and was born with fighting in your blood, You are the TRUE master and the knower of ALL. You must be a god!!! No???

          another victim…….

    • Michael B says:

      I thought I had read somewhere that he was injured after the Palhares fight but I could be mistaken..

      • DMAC says:

        Okami is free! Everyone else that will really test Lombard is booked. And I don’t want to see him fed a no namer he’s got way too much hype surrounding him right now..

  9. Nick says:

    I have no idea who could take this fight. Belcher is the only reasonable option to be honest. Everyone else is booked.

  10. Michael B says:

    Hasn’t Koscheck said he wants to take a fight at MW? That could be an interesting bout seeing how most top MW’s are booked (Muñoz v Weidmen, Bisping v Boetch)


    Mir was booked but when REEM failed the test he stepped in,send bisping in to welcome Lombard,everyone wants to see a war,if bisping can avoid that overhand right that seems destined for his chin every fight I think this could be a scrap!!


    What’s Okami doing?I know he’s just lost a fight but ya never know?

  13. JMFP says:

    PEOPLE!!!! Belcher is an awesome idea but he just tweeted a picture last week of his arm in a cast so it depends on how severe that injury was and not re-aggravating it training for a guaranteed barn burner

  14. Nando says:

    I was probably going to go to this event too. Pretty skeptical now

  15. Dj penn says:

    NOOOOOOoOo!!!!!!!!! ;((((( son of a bitch!

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Damn! Stann is out, Fitch is out, Alves is out, T. Silva is out, Bisping is out, Belfort is out, Cruz is out!! Is everyone trying to just go on summer vacation or sumthing? Worst year for injuries. UFC should just merge the entire Strikeforce roster over already!

  16. Brend0magic says:

    Hope they find a good replacement, this was gonna be a sick fight.

  17. Clay says:

    Ok ok now I get it! That’s why so many athletes have been on roids. There bodies recover better and they don’t he hurt as often. Ok go ahead a use them. Lol. (like costs phillipou) that mother fuxker

  18. Matt G says:

    there’s not a whole lot of top talent that isn’t booked, injured, or not up to Lombard’s tier of talent. Ed Herman said he wants a top guy, and even though he’s booked to fight Jake Shields, let’s face it, no one is excited for that fight since all shields does is squeak out decisions, in a very Fitch-like way. I say that if Herman wants him, he can have him, or have Lombard wait and fight the loser of Bisping vs Boetsch, or if they want to test him out, have Lombard fight Ronny Markes to see what both guys are really made of since there’s not a whole lot of top tier talent available right now. Another thing they could do is pull Okami from his fight with Luiz Cane, and fight Lombard since regardless of falling short against Anderson Silva and Tim Boetsch, Okami is still a handful for anybody.

  19. Matt G says:

    Another possibility is offer Rashad a #1 contender shot if he drops to 185 to face Lombard since he really only cuts around 15 lbs to make 205, and you have guys like Chael or Stann that cut 30+ lbs to make 185.

  20. stephen Riddle says:

    Dana white will pull anybody from a fight but will probly save bisping from a first round ko from fifty fist to the head from lombard.

  21. jones.. says:

    the funny thing is fedor had 30 wins or so and people thought he was the bst ever and sucked…but still cuz the 30 wins people to thi day say he was g.o.a.t. ..but hector has 24 wins (also a bunch cans an no name bitches) but people are not quite sure what to make of him,,,i dont konow why fedor had all the hype …they both suck..and hector will proov once again u can win and be chamop anywhere else but the ufc is another world

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Huh? for an all knowing god you need to work on your communication ese….

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

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        • Nick says:

          Yo calm your ass down I wrestle and I’m normely nice to people and if it matters that much give the dude a place to find you if you really wanna fight him

        • WrestlingRules says:

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  22. HBCsniper says:

    It sucks Stan got injured, but he probably would of got his ass beat if he did fight Hector!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I think its pretty obvious Greg jackson interviened and told Stann to drop out of this fight. ALL fighters are nursing some sort of injury at all times so with EVERYONE dropping out of fights because of bad matchups its easy enough to show the UFC’s doctor something that they can say is bothering them enough to get out of the fight. Lombard would have KO’d Stann. If by some miracle UFC makes Bisping fight Lombard I will forever be a fan of Brian Stann. Alot of fans don’t realize this isn’t something new with fighters dropping out of fights because of bad matchups. What teh problem is its almsot impossible to prove it. Kenny Florian was busted dead to rights for faking a knee injury to get out of fighting Evan Dunham. Greg jackson accidently disclosed it and Melvin Guillard (who replaced Florian) flipped a lid over it and called Kenny out on it to the UFCa nd called hima coward. Truth was Kennyw as coming off a loss to Maynard and his team told him not to fight anotehr wrestler. Anyway Melvin asked the UFC if he could fight Kenny after Dunham fight so next day kenny announced live on T.V announcing gig that he was dropping to featherweight. Point is its very rare for a fighter to actually get caught but at that time Florian was calling himself a Greg jackson fighter (just like GSP) so jackson knew why he wanted out of the Dunham fight and somehow Guillard eitehr over heard someone talking about it and it was a fluke out all the fighters that could have replaced Kenny it happened to be another Greg jackosn fighter. If you don’t believe me ask Melvin via twitter if Kenny pussyed out of Dunham fight

      • KIDD433 says:

        I hope Brian stan didnt bitch out like that.bispings gay ass should takgainst Héctor…yes right,dana aint gonna let nothis lilbitchping…since vitors hurt,Muñoz is the last fight for him that makes sense.belcher Might be Good but hectors on á higher level.Stil a chance for Héctor to show these casual fans what he’s about.Fuck it let it happen…

  23. Chartmonster says:

    Lombard v Belcher..let’s welcome him to the UFC!

  24. Dan Jenkins says:

    Bispings injured now it’s Lombard vs boetsch

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