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Monday, 05/07/2012, 11:08 am

MMA POLL : Who is more deserving of a title shot, Diaz or Edgar?

Last weekend Nate Diaz made a statement with his victory over Jim Miller. Now guaranteed a title shot, he still has to wait in line for the winner of Edgar vs. Henderson II. But should he have to?

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46 Responses to “MMA POLL : Who is more deserving of a title shot, Diaz or Edgar?”

  1. Omaeka says:

    Edgar deserves a title shot, as he has given every defense he ever made an immediate rematch, its only fair he gets one!? If the UFC doesn’t give it him then i don’t even know to be honest, and I’m not even an Edgar fan.

    • Shawn says:

      That reasoning is so old. Here’s the skinny again. ALL his rematches were due to the fact that it was either extremely close, or very controversial. That it took rematches to resolve. Edgar’s lost to Henderson, was neither controversial, nor close. He got beat hands down, without any doubt. I like Edgar, I’ve liked him from the beginning of his career when most mainstream fans didn’t even know who he was. Some of the people cheering for him now, were booing him before his first fight with Maynard. If he deserved a rematch, I’d be one of the first people to speak up. But he didn’t. Diaz, however, has paid his dues. He’s proven himself time and again, with wins over Miller, Cerrone, and Gomi. But I think he needs one more fight. So the only thing I would have to say now is, to be truly the number one contender, he should fight Pettis for it. Considering Pettis, was suppose to fight Edgar for the unification bout, but luck would not favor that for him. He just kept getting pushed aside, until he finally took a fight and lost to Guida. IMO, he’s still the WEC champion, no one has beaten him yet for it. A “unification” bout still needs to happen. Plus, that would be a great fight to watch. Diaz vs Pettis. Everyone wins.

      • dan says:

        I absolutely agree

      • rewqq says:

        If he lost to Guida, you can hypothetically say Guida won the WEC title.

      • charles says:

        edgar had to give instant rematches because he arguably lost both of those first fights. he doesn’t deserve one here.

      • Paul Harris says:


      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Excellent post Shawn I 100% agree. Both maynard/Edgar 2 and 3 should have been stopped first round. Maynard destroyed Edgar IMO. Edgar has RUINED the LW divsion. Its almost like he completely shut down anyone elses chance at title because he takes horrific beatings in every fight and he gets decsions based on because he survived. Hendersen/Edgar wasn’t even close. How does someone go thru 5 rounds and not have a single abrasion on his face? Bendo looked better after the fight. Edgars pitter patter doesn’t do any damage 99% time. Its funny the ref stepped in stop maynard fight withbout hesitation but let Edgar get his brains beat in 5-6 knockdowns in one round and he ran away.

      • Reality says:

        I agree with everything except for Diaz needing to fight Pettis for the title shot. Pettis came into the big leagues(UFC) and lost to Guida. Then he beat mid tier opponents(Stephens, Lauzon). I think Pettis should fight a top guy to get a shot. Diaz has already fought a top guy for it in Miller. If timing makes that fight happen then so be it but to say he needs to fight Pettis for a title shot is a stretch. If anything there are others ranked higher(based on actually beating UFC fighters) than or equivalent to Pettis at the moment that he should fight. He seems to have trouble with wrestlers. Let him fight one and see. Sylistically Diaz and Henderson should happen ASAP and Frankie should step aside and take a super fight or something.

  2. aaxantonio says:

    ufc owes it to him? the only reason he had to fight bj and grey twice is cuz the judges fucked them both in the first fights. Henderson won, it wasnt even close, there is other talent that deserves their chance, let frankie earn his shot, not cry his way to a rematch

  3. Jason says:

    Give Edgar his shot. When Benson beats him again give the shot to the winner of Pettis and Diaz.

  4. the original steve says:

    where is the i want diaz to fight for the title but it is only fair to give edgar another shot.

  5. Nelson says:

    How about the third option, BJ?

  6. T.Daddy says:

    Give it to Diaz

  7. andy says:

    Edgar’s sense of entitlement has become obnoxious. I think it’s ridiculous he literally threw a fit to get a rematch he didn’t deserve. I’m not gonna come on here and say I’m an Edgar fan because I’m not. But, I’m also not gonna come on here with anything but an objective point of view. I think people tend to get so attached to a fighter it blinds them from being able to see from the outside. Frankie didn’t win the fight. It was a good fight but Benson had his way with him. I think Frankie needs to learn to take it like a man.

  8. ben says:

    anthony pettis and clay guida need to rematch for the title shot against the winner. Fuck Diaz and Fuck Edgar. Edgar is boring always takes it to a decision. I wanna see him win against someone like diaz. I think Dana fucked up saying Diaz is going to get the winner of edgar and henderson. Guidas only loss is to ben henderson and he also has a win over pettis and pettis has a win over henderson. so i don’t see why they are putting those 2 great talents on the back burner to promote these bums like edgar and diaz.
    its a gisgrace

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Diaz a bum? You’re sounding like a fucking idiot right about now

      • Nuitari X says:

        LOL, no shit, he sure didn’t look like a bum when he was taunting miller like WHAT YOU GOT HOMIE!? and then smacking the shit out of him a few more times before just about choking him out with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. (yes i said that all in one breath)

    • Paul Harris says:

      Guida vs Pettis, worst fight in the UFC ever. Held Pettis down the whole fight and did nothing. worst lay and pray fighter. He fought an elite striker and avoided the fight. Sooooo lame. That ain’t fighting. Get that Fitchery out of here

      • hazza says:

        Some people here need to face the facts about how fighing in MMA works. It is not a street fight. It is not a fight to the death. It is essentially a points based fight akin to boxing, wherein, you can win the fight by executing a game plan that gives you more points than the other opponent.

        Lay and pray, GSP, Condit, hit and run; whatever you want to call it. If it wins fights, people will do it.

        Get over it. Accept it.

        • Paul Harris says:

          Worst fight ever

        • Xaninho says:

          Except that Lay n Pray is actually not fighting, it’s a way to avoid the fight. Referee’s should stand the fighters up when they’re Lay n Praying. In Pride fighters were obligated to stay active on the ground or else it was back on the feet guys.

          There were even yellow cards and point deductions for inactivity. This should be introduced into the rules.

        • Brend0magic says:

          Which is exactly why the rules need to be changed hazza. Might as well not even call it a fight if your just trying to score points and avoid everything. I’m sick of the laying and praying, and so are most people. It’s not fun to watch, it’s not making the fighters who do it anymore popular. That whole style is such bullshit. What xaninho says about the pride rules being introduced is totally on point imo.

    • yo mama says:

      With comments like this, it’s obvious that “ben” likes penis in his butt…

  9. A.James says:

    Edgar for sure.

  10. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Edgar DEFINITIVELY got that ass beat by Bendo, and shouldn’t be getting the immediate rematch.

  11. Truth says:

    Diaz deserves this title fight IMO, yes Diaz Vs Pettis would be nice but let’s look at the facts here, Diaz vs Bendo would bring in more money. Add this on top of the fact that Diaz has been in the UFC longer and deserves it. 3 straight wins compared to Pettis’ 2. Yes Pettis was great in the WEC but come on make him pay his dues to the UFC before a title fight.

  12. TheDuke says:

    Diaz should have a the title shot he is Finishing his opponents impressively unlike other Lws and I belive if Cerrone beat Diaz he was going to get a title shot so he beaten 2 of the top 5. Edgar lost you can’t keep giving rematches every close title fight

  13. Jake says:

    I say fuck giving Edgar the rematch! Pull him out against benson and have Diaz vs benson for the title then have Edgar fight pettis for the #1 spot. I mean either way edgar was supposed to fight pettis for the title befor right?

  14. Nick says:

    Edgar doesn’t deserve it. He acts like he deserves it. Is he so blinded by his entitlement that he forgot that the only reason had two back to back rematches were because the fights were very close or a draw? Edgar needs to drop down to 145 and shut up. Ben beat the shit out of him for 4 rounds and that’s that. Diaz deserves the shot. Frankie can go fight Aldo for the title.

  15. Rondo says:

    What a no mind poll Frankie’s fighting Benson for the title,a fight in which was signed and sealed way before Nate fought Miller. What Nate is deserving of is a fight with Pettis to see who will be Frankie’s next opponent.

  16. joegun says:

    Guida also lost to kenflo and no one mentions Melvin guillard? Even from the loss to lauzon he’s still very good…fast,explosive and personally I think would beat diaz. Rory threw him all over the place and toyed with lil nicky. Bendo will knock him out but pettis just beat a# 10 guy in jlo. So I think pettis/diaz or match em up with the young assassin.,

  17. jones says:

    ufc dont owe edger shit…all the rematchers he had to fight were eithe4r robberys or razor close,,the edger benson fight was a clear beating,,time for edger go downn where he belongs

  18. dickya says:

    give the title shot to diaz… because diaz deserves it more…

    after that I hope BJ makes one more run for the title…

  19. Danny Robles says:

    Edgar lost get over it, fight for number one contender. i do think Edgar is better though but the number one contender now.

  20. Damnu says:

    Diaz should get it hands down IMO Edgar hasnt even beat anybody relevant! Two decisions over penn which everyone feels penn won the first an 1-1-1 with Maynard! Here’s the thing give the beeotch his rematch let him get beat then throw him to aldo an hopefully he walks away like florian

  21. Brend0magic says:

    Man, all these people saying “well Edgar gave rematches so he should get one too” I just don’t see it that way. He got beat decisively, the rematches were given because the fights were soo close and could have gone either way, I haven’t heard 1 person try to say Edgar won against Benson. Diaz def deserves a shot, but this is all my opinion and what do I know?

  22. LOL says:

    Mabey if we are lucky, Edgar will get injured… and we dont have to discuss this any further

  23. jbeamazing says:

    edger beat bj bj gets a immediate rematch then he beats him undeniably I think he beat gray in that second match gray won 1 round to me then the third he knocked him out bendo beat him to me pretty fair but why shouldn’t he get a rematch you think gsp wouldn’t if he losses to Carlos you know he would sucka

  24. thetude says:

    It would be so fucked up to give a shot to diaz over edgar, How many remaches has edgar been in, and now they are gonna give his to that piece of shit diaz, no no no , this cant happen. Oh yea, and remember who edgar won the belt from in the first place. BJ Penn mutha fuckas.

  25. joegun says:

    The young assassin!!! Fuck edgar! He shouldn’t have been champ in the first place cuz he lost,give it to diaz and watch him get kid quickly!!

  26. Rampage1986 says:

    I agree with People and I don’t pettis is not in Diaz league look what he’s done since his stint in ww gomi cowboy and now miller what he did to gomi was good when he out boxed cowboy like cowboy was a punching bag during a sparring session lol and then miller who gave Diaz a flying knee and he shot talked then got a front kick still shit talking punched then taken down by miller to be choked out by Diaz come on he deserves that shot Diaz already said he didn’t like the idea of fighting Edgar cause they ate friends of some sort but on the Edgar comments no he doesn’t deserve a title shot he gave rematches cause he almost lost them all and yea he did beat bj and yes he beat Maynard but in all honesty he got the shit kicked outta him by benson and personally Diaz will be able to showcase his skills in the fight against benson for the title yea he shit talks and you guys complain and cry about ohh that’s not Mma but when it comes down to it everyone has their own opinion on Mma it’s exciting shit talkers almost always make you voice your opinion positively or negatively regardless it gets you talking and makes you buy the ppv or to tune in when it’s on tv which really the UFC only cares about they don’t care who you love who you hate they care bout it being a good show and get ratings and money and that’s business I personally have met Nate he is a beast in the cage shit talks in the cage but is profession out side of the cage which they all should what you do in the cage matters in the cage if it’s taunting and lay and prey ya it sucks. Like Anderson silva and gsp fights are boring almost boring like Ben arsken lol and the UFC needs guys like the Diaz brothers to make ppl watch if not it will turn out like the wwe no one watches it anymore

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