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Thursday, 05/24/2012, 03:48 pm

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Says he’s ‘Looking Past’ C.B. Dollaway

UFC middleweight fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller faces C.B. Dollaway this Saturday, May 26, at UFC 146. Yet Miller says he’s already looking past his upcoming opponent.

Miller was recently interviewed by fellow middleweight and Reign Training Center training partner Mark Muñoz for Fight Hub TV. When Muñoz said that Miller wasn’t looking past Dollaway, “Mayhem” corrected him.

“I’m looking past [Dollaway] already! I’m looking past him already! I just gotta find out who’s the next best guy to fight. I am looking past him. Because I know I’m gonna beat him. I have this desire in my heart, and with my training partners, I really feel like they’re crystallizing me into the fighter that I am and maximizing my potential.”

Miller also spoke about how he’s been addressing the conditioning issues that plagued him in his previous fight, a TKO loss to Michael Bisping in The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale this past December.

“I hired Todd Norman, [Muñoz’s] conditioning coach. So if I get my ass kicked this time, it’s not for being in bad shape, because I’m in good shape. I’ve been working on core strength. I didn’t even know ‘core’ was a muscle until this year. I’ve never in a training camp had to ice my abs. It’s shocking. It’s shocking.”

Miller said his new training team and work at Reign is going to make the difference in the fight.

“It’s weird. I never really thought about the sense of community as such an important part to a training camp. I’ve kinda always been a lone wolf, you know, doing whatever. … I’m excited to go into this fight with this damn 6-8 weeks of hard training I’ve put in.”

Miller said that in addition to Muñoz, he’s been training with Jake Ellenberger, Joe “Leonidas” Henle, Lew Polley and Jay Silva while at Reign.

“The Reign Training Center is gonna produce some damn talent. This is one of, if not the best, gym in the world. There must be a magnet for good guys in the floor here.”

Miller has been vocal in his criticism of Dollaway in the lead up to their fight. He has described his upcoming bout as a “joke fight” and said he would quit mixed martial arts if he loses. Just last week, he promised to “knock the fart-face off” Dollaway.

For his part, Dollaway has largely been quiet in the lead up to this Saturday’s bout. When asked on Twitter why he wasn’t engaging in more trash talk with Miller, he said: “Because none of it matters. Only the fight does.”


53 Responses to “Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Says he’s ‘Looking Past’ C.B. Dollaway”

  1. Greg says:

    I think Mayhem wins this fight, but it’s never a good idea to say — much less actually — look past an opponent. I guarantee you Dollaway isn’t looking past Miller.

  2. Jonesy says:

    I like Mayhem, but I kinda want him to lose since he said he’d quit if he did. Back out of that one.

  3. Yari says:

    Thats perfectly fine Mayhem. But if in some scenario you happen to lose anyway after statements like these, and the Bisping performance, I hope you get cut.

  4. Brend0magic says:

    Hope he was being sarcastic because you should never look past anyone. And after his god awful “performance” against Bisping, he better deliver or he’s getting the walking papers soon I’d imagine.

  5. HyLyfe808 says:

    What a joke! Win a fight first! Your first fight back in the UFC was a disgrace! I’m surprise UFC didn’t cut him after his fight with Bisping. Miller looked like an amature fighting Bisping. He’s lucky UFC gave home another chance to prove himself. I bet if he does lose this fight, he’ll resign from the UFC before they cut him!

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      I still can’t believe Bisping was given a title eliminator for beating Mayham Miller. i mean come on how could Bisping ever be considered in front of Vitor, and half the other top 10 MW. Who has bisping ever beaten in top10 mw division NOONE. I hope CB smashes Miller he is a joke and has the worst standup in all UFC. I mean come on having worse stand up than jake sheilds is embaressing at best

      • Greg says:

        You have like Bisping penis envy or something. Vitor is good but he had his shot at Silva last year and got kicked in the face like a fool. He’ll have to work his way up, but good luck getting past Chael Sonnen to be the #2 guy at 185 lbs. You make a good point about no top ten victory, but Bisping’s still beaten Mayhem, Hamill, Akiyama, Leben, Rivera, Dan Miller … those are some good fighters. And your spelling is terrible.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          I can tell you never EVER watched the Bisping/ Hamill fight because you never would have said Bisping beat Hamill. Hamill kicked Bispings ass all 15 minutes. The fightw as fixed by UFC with corrupt judges like Cecil peoples because they wanted Bisping to win so bad in Britain. That fight wasn’t even close. please go watch Bisping/ Hamill before commenting how Bisping beat Hamill

        • Greg says:

          You make a good point. I thought the Hammer won that fight too. But it’s still in Bisping’s W column, whether we like it or not.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          just what we all need on this site is another grammar TROLL. this isn’t the LA Times FAGGOT

        • Greg says:

          I’d slap you if you were w/in arm’s reach of me right now.

  6. David says:

    Hahaha i think its hilarious he said hes looking past CB no one ever says that, lol. I know he can beat cb too his performance against bisping pissed me off but im glad he gets a second chance

  7. ibnirish1 says:

    So just now he starts training core and suddenly he is sleeping on C.B.? Anytime a fighter is admiting that they are looking past somebody in the UFC and they are serious I look for them to get knocked out. C.B is no joke, Miller should have waited to show his new found core first and then maybe talk about how much of a difference it makes. After his last fight he is lucky to get a 2nd chance.

  8. Earl says:

    He has kinda gone from lovable to prick since joining the UFC and since hes training with Munoz does that mean we have more talented fighters in the same organization, same weight class who won’t fight? If that keeps happening more fighting is gonna be done with words and in interviews than in the ring.

  9. James says:

    My sarcasm detector is pinging.

  10. BJ says:

    LOL Fart face. Is he implying that C.B’s face always looks like he just farted???

  11. John M says:

    Knowing Mayhem’s personality its probably sarcasm. He must know how important it is to win this fight to stay in the UFC. My confidence about him has increased after reading his comments of hiring Norman for his S&C and training with Shields.

  12. bcuz says:

    Fart Face lmfao

  13. G says:

    Miller is one of the worst fighters in the UFC. No one cares what he thinks or who he’s fighting.

  14. Doos says:

    seems like you care to be responding to this

  15. monkey juice says:

    Miller is tough, not talented. He’s a loud mouthed self promoter. Fart face will give him all he can handle.

  16. DMAC says:

    Miller looked so horrible in his last fight i was embarrassed for him. I know people have bad performances but he really looked like he didn’t belong anywhere near a cage. Miller lost pretty much all his mystique and now looks like a kid trying to get attention.

  17. Michael hamlin says:

    Miller sucks so who cares

    • sickofitall says:

      I say GET RID OF FITCH should challenge Bisping to a sparring match so he can feel the pidder patter punches, kicks, knees, etc….. ha ha ha. I’m 100 % sure GET RID OF FITCH would KO Bisping with just the wind of one of his NASTY KO punches ( sarcasim ). I’m not a huge Bisping fan, but the guy is a Pro MMA fighter with a damn good record, and fights in the biggest MMA org. So any MMA fighter has my respect. GET RID OF FITCH is jealous and is crying out for attention. I think he needs a hug. ha ha

  18. Clay says:

    I’d like to see mayhem (after training cardio all this time) make a potential title run. I’ll be watching for him.

  19. doreen says:

    hope we can watch his fight live telecast here in philipphines

  20. Scotty says:

    First off Mayhem doesnt suck, if you say that, you prolly never watched him fight before the Bisping fight.. People also forget before the Bisping fight, Miller didnt fight for over a year and then gets put in with Bisping who just batters you up for three rounds.. I think we’ll see a different Miller against Dollaway but I wouldnt say “Im looking past” anyone cause anything can happen..

  21. Kirk says:

    If Mayhem looks as shitty as he did when he fought Bisping,he’s dead. Dalloway will eat him up too.

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