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Wednesday, 07/04/2012, 01:45 am

Video | UFC 148 Press Conference Face Off : Silva & Sonnen | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
The fireworks came a day early, as Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen nearly come to blows at the pre-fight press conference for UFC® 148.


23 Responses to “Video | UFC 148 Press Conference Face Off : Silva & Sonnen | UFC News”

  1. ian mearns says:

    who’s that? my name – who is that?!

  2. Devilock138 says:

    That didn’t look very close to becoming a fight on stage. I suppose news like this is meant to drum up controversy and sell ppv.

  3. pc says:

    I hope raisin nuts enjoys his these next few days because his 15 minutes of fame is about to end

  4. Jujitsu Player says:

    Why does Silva give him a little kiss on the cheek….gayest face off I’ve ever seen….just saying

  5. Hilo Mike says:

    The more I see and hear about this fight, the more it reminds me of WWE. Instead of a sport, it’s becoming entertainment. Come on, I can’t wait till BJ returns, too many clowns these days.

    • Persiadicgee says:

      Oooo dame i cant wait for bj to get backe i hope he finnaly get to hes full potentiall if he dose he is a level above all fighters.Still made after that gsp fight i was so happy before nick diaz fight for i knew if bj wins i gsp fight could be possible. I dont know what happend in that fight bj started so good dont know what happend in second round. A nother thing that still is a mysteri for me is both franki edgard fight bj is soooo many levels about franki but what happend again there

  6. Persiadicgee says:

    What a fking clown andersson silva is unbelivabl. It so funny how he tries to be pro and talks about respekt and that stuff when its so obbvies he is faaaake!!!

    • Fight fan sydney says:

      @persiadicgee.. Another piece of wisdom from a Sonnen fan I assume.
      Fake?? Chaels the clown. Just who believes the…”I beat him up for 4rounds” nonsense? Silva played with him for 4 rounds n then Sonnen tapped and asked the big strong man to stop hurting him.. isn’t that something more like the truth?

      • Cameron says:

        I don’t believe Silva allowed Chael to constantly knock him on his ass for 4 rounds. to be honest if Chael would of capitalized more when silva got knocked down, that fight woulda been Sonnens.

        • lolziez says:

          alot of shoulda coulda wouldaz about there first fight. at the end of the day, Silva submitted the american dumbass and won the fight. Along with people calling Silva fake blah blah blah when Sonnen is the one compaigning with his wack shit talking for 2 yrs..yall fuckin idiots, just take this rematch as it is. watch it, cheer or boo, then stfu forever

  7. Fight fan sydney says:

    N as for respect..Chael has none for anyone. He’s just disrespected an entire nation through his ignorance n stupidity. He’s a disgrace not only as a fighter , but also just as a person. I’m generally not an overly violent person but I’d love to be ringside for this one to hear his bones breaking

    • WrestlingRules says:

      This coming from a penal colony of Britain and who must ALL be homosexuals…They call each other mates!!! Doesn’t that give you the willies….

  8. Stifler says:

    This guy is obviously Brazilian ^

    • mj says:

      @Stifler, No he isnt brazilian. Im American, been living and training here for almost two years and most all who train know its an act. People on the street just know his name and hate him because Yahoo brazil says to. Brazilians dont hate Americans and most wanted Vitor to KO Anderson. The one thing they do is always cheer for their countrymen. Unlike the guy hating on Chael, the love their country and feel the need to be loyal even if they like Brock or Cain. Also, I think his name gives away his location…an Aussie. Cocky fuckers who couldnt back up a car facing up a hill with 100 of their fellow Dingos pushing from the front. Having served my country I will support Chael against a guy who doesnt like the USA Anderson.

      • Ian says:

        We have reasons to be cocky here in Australia though..

        How’s the economy in the States? Ohh.. yeah. Right.

        How’s your health care system? Embarrassing? Damn.

        Average wage? Oh.. I see.

        What exactly are you guys good at again? You were a powerhouse in the Clinton era, but you elected a legitimate simpleton and proceeded to blow more than a trillion dollars on a witch hunt.

        Granted, we joined in on on the “war on terror”… but at least the average Australian now realises that that was an utter mistake. You morons keep waving your flags while your poorest are enlisted to die for absolutely nothing.

        Yep, I’m a cocky fucker, but if you contrast the state of our nation with the state of yours, I believe that that cockiness is completely justified.

  9. eldinV says:

    Sonnen to scared to look at his eyes. Chael asked for more then he can face

  10. mark says:

    I YU BREAK YU FACE MAN A YU BREAK YU FACE . LMAO i cant stop laughing its so funny

  11. Mike cannon jr. says:

    That was just weak.. I wasn’t impressed at all…lmao… Hope this ” fight is betr than the last one… Almost 25 min.. Of wrestling… Blah…blah blah…

  12. Fight fan sydney says:

    Yea I guess ‘fight fan Sydney’ kinda does give away I’m an Aussie. Brilliant assumption guys.I’m blown away.
    The nonsense u Chael fans sprout is just the reason a lot of intelligent people call America the dumbest country on the planet.

    U carry on about patriotism n all that… It’s a fight guys, nothing more. It’s man vs man not country v country.. N a dipshits a dipshit no matter where he’s from.
    Just why are u guys so patriotic anyway? judging by ur comments your probably pretty low class..n in ur country, the ‘greatest country in the world’ ur very own government doesn’t give a shit about ur kind. Theyre happy to blow the whole economy, put 100,000’s on the street to fund a war chasing shadows..n even then steep so low as to not look after returned servicemen injured doing their dirty work.

    Not even sure what the car up a hill comment was about??
    But it makes just as much sense as all the ‘Sonnen coulda won” garbage….u “coulda” been born smart pal but the facts will always show u didn’t. Unlucky.

    Ps.. I’m not cocky.. Just making comments that don’t agree with yours. Biig difference

    The guy whos served his country…did ur government look after u?

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