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Friday, 05/18/2012, 02:41 pm

Chael Sonnen | I want to spit on Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

“I don’t want his autograph. I want to spit on him. I want everything that he has. I’m jealous and I’m envious. And I will never apologize for that. There can only be one champion, and you have to fight it out. He’s not gonna give it up; I’m not going to give it up. We’re going to have to fight this thing out and figure it out like men.”

Picking up a trick out of, his former opponent, Michael Bisping’s playbook Chael Sonnen tells YahooSports! that he wants to spit on Anderson Silva.

In the never ending saga of insults to Silva does this recent proclamation shock anyone?


25 Responses to “Chael Sonnen | I want to spit on Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS”

  1. Game On says:

    This is the only time spitting is acceptable!

  2. Reality says:

    No, he’ll say anything.. especially right now. He’s smart in that he’s making his rounds with public appearances and his book before this fight. After he loses this fight(and hopefully he loses decisively) I doubt he’ll get as much attention outside of what he’s building right now.

  3. Matt says:

    Correction… Chael already gave up. He tapped out the first time they fought. What in the hell makes him think a fighter as good as Silva won’t be 10times as prepared for the second fight? His only chance is to lay and pray and now Anderson has been there and grown because of it. Not to mention I don’t think Chael has the balls to fight Silva in a hostile Brazil. I’m waiting for his next excuse as to why he will not be able to make the fight. Btw, this time he can’t even use steroids so he’s basically screwed and he knows it

  4. rickjbethc says:

    Calm down silva’s boyfriends, keep your panties up. No reason to get excited yet.

  5. Pancho says:

    Get off silvas dick. If he was the true best like you all say then he wouldn’t be scared of jon jones

    • The outlaw says:

      Him scared of Jon Jones?? You fucking moron jones is the one who denied fighting him. He said they were “friends” get off your dads cock retard.

    • KIDD433 says:

      PANCHO you are one fuckin retard.Everything you’ve ever said on here hasn’t had a bit of intelligence.Either your one stupid fuck or your a casual fan thats 10 yrs old.Nonetheless your opinion isnt relevant

    • Xaninho says:


    • jazz jack says:

      hey fag nuts….jon jones has just started his caree and anderson is at the tail end of his plus jon is bigger…if jones had come earlier it would have been on for sure but he announced hes got four more left in him….We seen anderson step up why doesnt your man jones step up and take on jds….anderson is by far the greatest of all time, the way he controls fights is like no other….you watch the sonnen fight and see anderson give more shots off his back that sonnen did the whole fight…look at sonnens face and youll see

  6. Marichal86 says:

    I don’t understand how someone can hate on the most dominant champion in UFC history. All you guys say that silva fans are nut huggers but where the fuck were you before he barely beat fail sonnen? Odds are You guys were probably rockin the old silver star Anderson silva shirt trying to learn portregeuse and then he hits a small bump in the road and he sucks. Look at the stats boys he always finds a way to win. Ask hendo he ate his best shot and made the toughest American quit!!!

  7. Leo From New Jersey says:

    i DONT like chael sonnen but i have come to respect him not through the antics and the bullshit but i respect him through some non mma interviews i have seen E.A the joe rogan podcast,,,,,lets be real this ego these antics are all a fake ! does he hate the brazilian people idk but i dont think hes completely against them does he hate silva again idk maby he just hyping the fight is he a good fighter? idk hes good at hyping fight , can be beat silva? doubt it i hate to call him a one trick pony but he is, yes he rocked him in the first fight but lets be real do you honestly think that would happen again? do you think the take down will come as easy again? sonnens only way of winning is thru gnp …..silva can k.o, and submit him, so obv the odds will be in his favor again….i dont like the comment he made about silvas family that was uncalled for so thats y i dont like him but in all fair non bias prediction silva will win this one and chael hyped himself up so much that if he loses well the b/s talk just was all for nothing besides hyping a fight,,,,,if u want advice read forrest griffin book FIGHT about hyping and talking shit before a fight

  8. BobO says:

    The only thing more funnier than Chael Sonnen’s rants are Jorge Rivera’s top 5 light-weight list. The guyd didn’t even have Nate Diaz listed in the top 5? I respect him, because of all the big names he fought prior to his ultimate fighter gig, but his list was an absolute joke. No Petis either. Gotta wonder sometimes. ~BobO

  9. jbeamazing says:

    gotta love the shit talk keep it going Chael P there buying the card for sure now even if the guy your talking shit about has the personality of a rock and they think you will lose because your a one man fight selling machine lol

  10. jbeamazing says:

    gotta love the shit talk keep it going Chael P there buying the card for sure now even if the guy your talking shit about has the personality of a rock and they think you will lose because your a one man fight selling machine/promoters dream lol

  11. Xaninho says:

    Nobody likes a spitter…

  12. 123 says:

    or a quitter just like chael

  13. Bjj BB says:

    @ Game on, your mom swallows!!

  14. birdcitybutcher says:

    everytime sonnen opens his mouth his vagina gapes a little wider

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