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Thursday, 07/05/2012, 02:03 pm

Wanderlei Wants Anderson To Beat Sonnen Slowly And Make Him Suffer | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Wanderlei Silva comments to TATAME.

Chael Sonnen has insulted Wanderlei and Brazil on numerous occasions over the past two years. Wanderlei now hopes that Sonnen will pay for his mistakes and be ‘punished’ at UFC 148.

“I hope Anderson does a great job representing us and I actually wish he doesn’t knock him out fast. I’d like him to punish Sonnen and smash him out for me and for all Brazilians.”

“I guess he went too far and he deserves to be punished. I hope that Anderson not only wins, but punches him.”

Wanderlei complimented the Middleweight Champions commitment to the sport and believes Anderson is an ideal role model for young fighters.

“I guess the champ’s star is going to shine. He’s very prepared and one of Anderson’s best skills is to train. He trains a lot.”

“He’s doing fine, he’s the champion, he’s rich and he’s training more than ever. He’s a perseverance example for everybody and I hope he smashes Sonnen on the behalf of all of us.”

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