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Thursday, 07/05/2012, 02:03 pm

Wanderlei Wants Anderson To Beat Sonnen Slowly And Make Him Suffer | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Wanderlei Silva comments to TATAME.

Chael Sonnen has insulted Wanderlei and Brazil on numerous occasions over the past two years. Wanderlei now hopes that Sonnen will pay for his mistakes and be ‘punished’ at UFC 148.

“I hope Anderson does a great job representing us and I actually wish he doesn’t knock him out fast. I’d like him to punish Sonnen and smash him out for me and for all Brazilians.”

“I guess he went too far and he deserves to be punished. I hope that Anderson not only wins, but punches him.”

Wanderlei complimented the Middleweight Champions commitment to the sport and believes Anderson is an ideal role model for young fighters.

“I guess the champ’s star is going to shine. He’s very prepared and one of Anderson’s best skills is to train. He trains a lot.”

“He’s doing fine, he’s the champion, he’s rich and he’s training more than ever. He’s a perseverance example for everybody and I hope he smashes Sonnen on the behalf of all of us.”

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25 Responses to “Wanderlei Wants Anderson To Beat Sonnen Slowly And Make Him Suffer | UFC News”

  1. Gabi says:

    Not being one of “us” I still want him to smash him. Lol. Should be a good fight end of story. But now comes all the bs. Just watch

  2. im batman says:

    Couldn’t agree more gabi

  3. Dee says:

    If Silva doesn’t I surely hope someone does. I understand promoting the fight, but he’s annoying and it gets to a point where I can’t stand watching this drama freak show anymore. I give him credit for completely destroying Brian Stann, but then he looked like garbage against Bisping. Also I’m still upset that the NSAC is allowing him to boost his testosterone. I’m disgusted with everything concerning Chael Sonnen.

  4. rondo says:

    go play in the mud Wandy!

  5. stephen riddle says:

    Wandy vs sonnen

  6. stan871 says:

    Oh Wandy, your so adorable when your angry

  7. WrestlingRules says:

    How can you take a guy seriously whose eyes look like Chick Cat Eyes!!! They just don’t belong on a guys face much less an ugly ass guy like Silva…

  8. Brazilero82 says:

    Sonnen is right, this guy is Brazilian when CONVENIENT. Drives his 250K car, makes hundreds of thousands a year, Best MMA gym in the World, and as a Brazilian I know he doesnt send SHIT to Brazil. Keep your fucking mouth shut u washed up pussy. And Anderson is strong, but also a bitch and a pussy. Always takes Brazilians personally when they fight at MW, Fuck off they got family to feed. As an MMA analyst and not fan, Unfortunatly I see Silva losing by Submission. Vinny M. has been training Sonnen. Thats Silvas weekness also thats y he never goes to ground. Sonnen will take him at will and whoop his ass. BRAZIL!!! We dont need the phonys like Wandy and Silva who left us to represent us. I live in S. Paulo btw. Trust me AMERICANS ppl here in Brazil hate Anderson.

    • u jelly brah? says:

      why, because he was poor as fuck and raised himself up by his bootstraps to provide a good life for himself and his family? He doesn’t owe you anything you self entitled prick. Him and Wanderlei were fucking poor and lived in the slums at one point. They worked their asses off to get where they are today. Maybe instead of bitching and moaning about their success you should learn from them and actually do something with your life.

  9. Nick says:

    I’ve slowly been losing respect for Brazilian fighters. Dude needs to take a chill pill and laugh. I like Wandy, but c’mon man. Chill out it’s all comedy.

    • Gabi says:

      That’s funny. Chael can talk all the shit he can think of and it’s the normal prefight interviews nothing new. The MMA community went through wo years of Chael talking shit from funny to personal. Even wearing a fake belt at a press conference. Chael has been very disreputable the who time and has the balls to say that shit about morals to Anderson. Lol. Not even a week has passed since Anderson let some steam and it’s a big deal. What a joke. Just look forward to the fight.

  10. Monkey juice says:

    I, you, breakeh you face man!! I, you, breakeh you face!!!!

  11. Monkey juice says:

    I, you, breakie you face man! I BREAKIE YOU FAAACE!!!!!!

  12. Fight fan sydney says:

    Just watched the first fight again. Sonnens even more of a joke than I remembered.
    How anyone can think he has a chance in hell in this fight is just simply incredible.
    He and all his supporters say with a straight face that he beat SIlva up for 4 rounds. Yet anyone’s who’s seen the fight knows that after 20 min of, in Chaels own words “smashing him” Silva left the octagon with the belt, but without a single mark on him. While Sonnen was bleeding profusely from several large gashes.. And ended up tapping! He asked Silva to stop hurting him.
    He talks of heart he has no heart. And no power. Anderson looked bored through most of the fight.
    If he wants to lay on him all night, ask him out on a date.. Dont do it in a fight.

    I don’t condone bashing intellectually challenged folk in anyway.. But the things Sonnens said has more than earned him a thorough hurting n I’m gona enjoy watching it. Im all for promoting a fight.. But his ingorance n pure stupidly has let him overstep the mark several times n now he’s pissed off a way stronger, far superior fighter and quite frankly much better man.

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