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Thursday, 07/05/2012, 01:17 am

Vinny Magalhães Says Sonnen “Can Submit Anderson This Time” | MMA News

By Jamie McAllister
Vinny Magalhães in an an interview with TATAME.

The ADCC Champion was recruited by Chael Sonnen in order to develop Sonnen’s Jiu-Jitsu skills for the rematch with Anderson Silva at UFC 148.

Magalhães admits he has received a lot of criticism from his fellow Brazilians for helping Sonnen. He also said in his current situation with no fights lined up the offer was too good financially and professionally to turn down.

“Things got ugly because I’m training Chael and he says many things about Brazil, much bullshit, but it’s my profession. I can’t deny things just because people will get bothered by it. I listed a bunch of reasons, financial reasons are the biggest one is about my family and the fact I won’t fight for a year.”

Sonnen is known for his trash talking but Magalhães witnessed another side and had nothing bad to say about The American Gangster. He states that Sonnen told him it was all about ticket sales and even apologized to him.

“Man, he might be bipolar but I’ve only met nice Chael. It’s quite the opposite. He told me it’s all about advertizing, to sell the fight and he does something nobody in the sport does. The first time I talked to him about this fight he apologized and said: “sorry, but I have to sell 800 thousand”, so it’s nothing personal.”

When asked about his predictions for the fight Magalhães predicted a win for Sonnen and thinks he may even submit Anderson this time around.

“Man, it’s not only because I trained with him, but I believe he has a hard style for Anderson to defeat.”

“I believe it will go the same way as the first one did: Chael taking him down and controlling him from the top. If he believes in his game, I believe he can submit Anderson this time. Now, if he doesn’t submit him, he’s gonna win via points.”

When asked if he would be cornering Sonnen at UFC 148 Magalhães admitted he would prefer not to.

“No. I don’t think so.”

“I’d rather not be in his corner so I wouldn’t get involved in all this Anderson thing. I rather not get involved.”

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30 Responses to “Vinny Magalhães Says Sonnen “Can Submit Anderson This Time” | MMA News”

  1. Wrestler66 says:

    Good shit ! Vinny is a real dude I hope he gets signed by UFC and does well !

  2. Bjj BB says:

    Is it me or does every trainer say the same shit about the person there training with? They say shit like, oh ive never seen him train so hard b4, this is the most focused ive seen him, we have been doing ju jit’s for 5weeks now and he’s gotten better so i know he can submit him.. C’mon man!! Chael only looked good the 1st time cuz he had the trt of 16 fucking men!! It really showd in his fights after he came back from losing to silva the 1st time, well chael did look good when fighting brian but brian got no ground game and every1 knows that, now bisping preety much beat him, the bisping fight showed that he is just your normal top 5 fighter, well normal when fighting silva, i mean he barely beat bisping or lost that fight in alot of ppl’s eyes, so im having a hard time seeing the fight going like the 1st one did, its only posible if he has the trt of 16 men again and silva is hurt! Other then that chael is a bitch!!

    • axeholes says:

      BJJ isn’t going to help Sonnen this time or any other time.
      All it’s gonna do is give him a bigger repertoire of skills to lose with, because he’s too stupid to use them effectively (aside from his wrestling of course…I’ll give him the wrestling).

      GO SILVA! Stay focused until the end, like the first time y’all fought. Chael will slip up sooner or later.

  3. jdog says:

    I agree, Chael had his trt WAAAY to high 16.9-1 and in his fights where he tested legit he never looked the same. I don’t care if Anderson was or wasn’t hurt, facts are simple if you watch the fight again, look how red Sonnen was throughout the fight, this shows he was pushing VERY HARD and he wasn’t that tired, that was the TRT making him able to keep going, in the other fights he got red as well but not as red and not NEAR as much gas as he had for Silva, this points to a clear fact the TRT allowed him to do it. That DOESN’T mean he doesn’t have the style that can beat Silva as clearly his style can but it takes a freak with almost 17 to 1 TRT level (the same as 16.9 men) to keep Silva on the ropes and also if you want to mention the Hendo fight (the only other recent fight where he was in trouble) Hendo was ALSO on TRT but he tested correctly after the fight if he WAS tested at all.

    I think this TRT thing is wrong, BUT…… if they are going to allow it they should do it differently, not allow 6-1 but check the fighters age then check 25 average men (in good shape) and the same age and see how they test, if they test say 2-1 or lets say .879 -1 then if it is not a PERFORMANCE drug it should match and anything over should be considered a failed test. Facts are facts, when you age your body makes less, and if you are using something because you lack and you are 30+ then why should you go to where you should be when only 18 years old???? To me that means performance enhancer point blank

  4. Xaninho says:

    I’m wondering what would happen if Silva took Sonnen down. Does Sonnen even know how to fight from his back?

    • Irie nation says:

      Has anyone ever planted sonnen on his back? That’s not an easy task to do with his caliber of wrestling

      • Xaninho says:

        Yeah that’s what I mean. I don’t think he’s ever been planted on his back. As a verygood wrestler he must have either the best takedown defense ever, his opponents simply don’t get the chance because he’s in their face the whole time, or opponents never really tried it thinking it wouldn’t work anyway.

        Silva is known for his unpredictable style. He might attack Sonnen where he least expects it.

    • will says:

      he got taken down by bisbing in there fight and was pounded on pretty good before the end of either the second or third round.

  5. Bjj BB says:

    +1 jdog

  6. Wrestler66 says:

    Chael is a nightmare match-up for Anderson loaded on TRT or not ! Not saying hell crush him but if Silva is not on point come Sat night he’s in for a tough time

  7. Chaelisdead says:

    Fuck you vinny! You’re sold! You would sell your mom to get more money! Go suck chaels cock u motherfucker! Chael is dead he will die on july 7 and we will all celebrate and go piss on his grave. FUCK you SONNEN! Your time is up enjoy your last breath i hope you die slowly silva will crush your skull and your little steroid balls

  8. Mike b says:

    Vinny is fucking delusional.

  9. jim says:

    I understand Vinny’s position in helping Chael in this fight. Everyone has a right to provide a living for there family.However i also understand the Brazilian’s resentment/ Hurt over one of there own training an American.That being said. Perhaps Vinny knows something we all do not about Chael.Either way it looks to be an outstanding fight. Anderson Silva is a SPECIAL Champion for the UFC. All titles come to an end at some point, Weather it be in defeat or retirement. This is goin to be an awesome fight.I’ll still be leaning twards the champ. We teach all the techniques that both fighters use @ Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in Dayton ohio mma training daytonmma gym in ohio

  10. helio says:

    Maia rag dolled the fuck out of Sonnen in their fight and Maia is tiny

  11. bahbahblacksheep says:

    A true fighter would say “it’s all about the fans, it’s not about the ticket sales. If I perform well for the fans will want to watch it.” Chael is to much WWE, not enough martial arts. Growing up mma wasn’t popular and WWE was so Chael would probably sit in front of his mirror and practice his WWE Hype all the way back in high school. Seriously I’d bet money he’s impersonated fake wrestlers in front of the mirror in his teens

    • Mr. Rusk says:

      That’s nothing to do with being a “true fighter” that’s called baby face the flip side of being a heel, 2 sides of the same coin. Chaels also never claimed to be a martial artist, he’s a damn good wrestler that can box a little.

  12. BigBossMalaka says:

    I predict that this fight will be just like the Silva vs Maia and Silva vs Laites fights.
    Silva will do everything possible to keep from getting taken down and sneak in just enough punches to out point Sonnen. This will be one of the most boring fights of the year , that you can bet on

    • Mike b says:

      u are so wrong,u can bet on that!

    • WrestlingRules says:

      You’re right. Silva is a slimeball and he will try to Maia, Laites him FOR SURE. The only difference is that Sonnen is NOT a juijitsu player and won’t wait to be attacked. He will be in Silvia’s face and taking her ass down. Silvia is going to look worse than what Sonnen did to Fihlo. The only hope Silvia has is to Aikidodo him some how. Other than that, Silva has very little chance of winning.

      I actually believe ALL you Siva Zombies will be on suicide watch after their girlfriend Silvia gets beat. Whereas us smart and handsome Sonnen rooters, will just sit back and smile if Silvia somehow is able to win.

      Yah and all you fuckin’ Americans that are rooting for Silvia, go fuck yourselves you fuckin traitors. Move to Brazil bitches, we don’t want you here and your kind….bitches!!!….jkidding we love ya, but I can be completely honest and say that we wouldn’t want to be ya…….

      • Not You says:

        One thing I have to say about Chael is he is one handsome devil.

      • Mike b says:

        U really think sonnen will win huh!i can’t wait for this fight man, I’m excited already.hope u post up Sunday so I can tell ya I told u so.i like both of these guys I’m such a huge fan of this mma shit,it’s my life.silva by tko!i wont hide even if silva loses I’ll post up Sunday.peace…..

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I can eat crow if I’m wrong. Truthfully I have no idea who will win just like the rest of these Silva zombies. I just like making fun of them….They’re so easily angered….I do want Silva to lose, he is a douchebag. But yah it could be either way. I just keep seeing a Sonnen beat down of Silva like he did to Fihlo…Peace…

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