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Wednesday, 07/04/2012, 01:33 am

Bisping Calls Out Alan Belcher ‘If Your Balls Are Big Enough Call Joe Silva and Let’s Do It’ | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Michael Bisping calls out Alan Belcher while appearing as an analyst on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight.

Bisping firstly commented on when he was hoping to make his return to the octagon after being forced out of the fight with Tim Boetsch with a knee injury.

“Hopefully, pretty soon. The knee is healing nicely and it has been three weeks since the operation and I just started training. I just spoke to Joe Silva not too long ago and I am hoping to fight at UFC 152 in Toronto,”

Bisping has been recently lobbying for a title shot. However right now he just wants to get back in the cage and he has two UFC Middleweights in mind.

“I would like to fight Brian Stann, he is a good fighter. A second one is Alan Belcher. Alan Belcher’s somebody that’s been calling me out for seems like forever now. To be quite frank I’m sick of it. So, Alan Belcher if your balls are big enough call Joe Silva and let’s do it,”


20 Responses to “Bisping Calls Out Alan Belcher ‘If Your Balls Are Big Enough Call Joe Silva and Let’s Do It’ | UFC News”

  1. MMA says:

    Alan FTW by whatever he want

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Please tell me who Bisping has beaten in top 10? NOONE Belcher, Lombard, Vitor, Weidman, Munoz, Franklin and many more would smash Bisping but UFC will continue to prtect him from strikers. WOW bisping beat Akiyama, Rivera, Dan Miller, Mayhem Miller, Where are they ranked 50th or below. what a joke Bisping is so friggen overrated. Everyone knows why Bisping dropped out Boesch fight gthe very next day after Stann announced he was out of LOmbard fight. UFC and Bisping knew after all the sh’it Bisping had spewed about Lombards contract with UFC was toomuch taht fans would have SCREAMED for Bisping vs Lombard. Bisping so called knee injury is so friggen minor its a joke. 20 minute out patient procedure with maybe a afew days without training but Bisping drops out 8 weeks from Boetch fight. So tired of these fighters like Fitch and Bisping using B.S. minor injuries to get out of bad matchups with is basically “gaming” the UFC. Bisping talks about his minor surgery like it was a big deal. ask anyone who had cartlidge removed because its less painful by miles than having a tooth removed. they don’t even put you under anymore thats how minor it is. Bisping wanted out Boetch fight and wanted to avoid Lombard jsut like eh did Vitor for last 2 years. bisping fans are delusional. Most overrrated fighter in all MMA.

      • ballsackface says:

        omg you are so stuck in your own conspiracy theories
        why on earth would they protect him???
        hes just had a fight against a number one contender who previously went 5 rounds beating anderson silva around a ring.
        it went to a closely contested decision
        if you are telling me chael is a pussy then you are retarded.
        only person to knock out bisping and cause him any real concern is hendo and hes pretty much knocked out every cunt other than AS

        so basically you are chatting shit, hes just asked belcher to call Joe so its not like hes bitch moving either

        keep chatting shit mate, you are clueless. everyone is bored of you repeating the same retarded shit.

        if it was a reputable fighter that brings money in then i can see why they would be protecting him

        bisping is a tricky one, hes neither mediocre or amazing. hes always 2nd to 2nd best. there is no benefit to them protecting him when they could make more money cutting him and replacing him with someone more exciting.
        bisping is a grinder and his fights are always long. people get bored of that. people would rather watch someone go guns blazing and lose than watch bisping

        i repeat, ufc have nothing to gain by protecting him. you chat shit.

        i do agree that fitch should fuck off

  2. MMA fan says:

    Alan FTW by whatever he wants

  3. Wrestler66 says:

    Bisping will run through Belcher would rather see Vitor vs Bisping

    • Mike b says:

      I don’t think bisbing will run through the talent at all.i think it will be a war.but bisbing would win by decision with his punches in bunches and footwork.i think both of these guys should start fighting the top of heap in MW it’s about that time.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      I agree Bisping takes Belcher easy. Unless Belcher can Hendo him…

  4. Mike b says:

    This would be a sick ass fight.

  5. maurice says:

    bahahahaha. bisping vs stann is a much tougher fight. alan belcher beats palhares and ppl think he’s a top dog now? bisping vs stann or vitor vs bisping sounds much better. dont get me wrong i like the bisping vs belcher fight, but belcher aint ready yet.

    • Nick says:

      You are way off… Belcher is underrated and has looked impressive in all his recent fights. My money is on belcher all day. Not ready? Give me a break.. Even if bisping did win it would be a good and close fight

  6. some dude says:

    make this fight happen great fight and both guys are game fighters, MAKE IT HAPPEN UFC!

  7. Magoo's says:

    Belcher will finish the brash Limey!

  8. maurice says:

    bisping won rounds 1 and 2, then got blanketed in the 3rd. the most fuked up part about the fight, is that i KNEW the judges were going to screw bisping and give it to chael. watever, much rather see anderson beat the shit outta chael anyway.

  9. wutsrelegood says:

    Good fight..Bisping would take it though.

  10. wutsrelegood says:

    @ Maurice, wow you clearly started watching MMA like yesterday…Belcher aint ready but Stann is? Jeez..Belcher would sub Stann in the 1st round..Stanns as one dimensional as it gets.

  11. maurice says:

    @Wutsrelegood no actually i starte watching mma when i was 15, so that was nearly 7 yrs ago. u make it sound like taking down and subbing stann is an easy task. belcher isnt chael or davis, he’ll have a hard time trying to take stann down. stann would either ko belcher or win a decision. palharas is belchers biggest win by far…which doesnt say much. after watching kendall and jason day handle belcher i knew he wasnt anything special. dude didnt even beat akiyamas sorry ass. stann has dynamite behind his hands, as does vitor. so far bisping has only fought one big time striker, and he lost brutally. i think a lot more is proven if bisping goes to war with vitor or stann and wins then going to war with belcher and winning. i luv how u act like belcher is suddenly a slick sub artist and act as if stann gets subbed all the time. problem is, if u dont have power in ur hands, its a good chance bisping going to kick ur ass. belcher definently has kickboxing skills, but he’s slow and doesnt have the power to stop bisping. u must have started watching mma yesterday u dumbass. dont try and argue with me about mma, ill make u look dumb everytime.

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