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Friday, 02/15/2013, 03:58 pm

Vitor Belfort Cleared to use TRT again in Brazil | UFC NEWS

If Vitor Belfort wants to submit himself to TRT therapy once again for his upcoming fight in Brazil, he has received the green light for it by the Brazilian Athletic Comission (CABMMA), as reported by TATAME.  “The Phenom” has agreed to fight former Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold on the main event of UFC on FX 8, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, on May 18th.

After his 2nd-round knockout win over Michael Bisping on January 19th, which also happened in Brazil, strong rumors flew all over the internet that a fighter had failed the drug test on that night, with Belfort’s name being immediately linked to it. Since the 35-year old Brazilian had already been granted a TRT exemption, it was conceivable that Belfort could had surpassed the maximum amount of testosterone allowed in his body. Those rumors were later confirmed as false, as lightweight Thiago Tavares was the one caught, and thus suspended for nine months due to steroids. 

“UFC On FX 8: Belfort x Rockhold” will take place on Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Other bouts confirmed to happen on the event are Costa Phillipou x Ronaldo “Jacaré” Souza and Paulo Thiago against an opponent yet to be announced.


17 Responses to “Vitor Belfort Cleared to use TRT again in Brazil | UFC NEWS”

  1. mma in a nutshel says:

    doesnt matter cause its legal….until its illegal nothing can be done and he isnt breaking the rules….whether morals come into play or not , it is legal

  2. The Truth says:

    Who cares who takes what? Supplements, surgeries, GMO foods, medicine etc are not “natural”.

  3. 757 says:

    Currently it’s legal

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Why do they need an exemption if they stay under the limits? It’s not like the commissions will notice if they are careful.

  5. korean jesus says:

    vitor looks pretty stoked in this picture.

  6. 123 says:

    it would be different if michael bisping was taking it, every1 would be saying its illegal.. in my opinion.

  7. ted says:

    Vitor did steroids his whole career he would be nothing without them which is why to me he is nothing hes no better than lance Armstrong.

  8. Jhonny Blaze says:

    Trt is a bullshit excuse for fighters to juice legally.I don’t care about levels being in range out of range it’s all bullshit.Bit strange how less than 5% of men contract hypergonadism.Yet now there is about 10 fighters in the ufc that have supposedly contracted it??? YEAH OK.Ban trt before it ruins the sport.

  9. Jhonny Blaze says:

    Ban Trt before it ruins the sport.Hard to believe at least 10 ufc fighters have been diagnosed with a condition that less than 5% of men are diagnosed with.smh

  10. Jesus says:

    As the son of God I would like to say that I think it’s OK for Vitor to use steroids because he has my name on his shorts and always mentions my name after he beats the shit out of people. Everyone thinks that I love everybody but I really just sit up in heaven with my sideways cap and skulls on my shirt cheering on the fighters who say they beat people up in my name. I do hate Steven Seagal though, I just had beers with Buddha and he said that Seagal isn’t even a real Buddhist, what a douche…

  11. Rodriguez says:

    If you have to use TrT to fight…then you shouldn’t be in the sport to begin with. Let fresh, healthy, younger guys come in and take over already, instead of cheating your to the top. It’s not fair and it’s not safe for guys who aren’t using this crap.

  12. 757 says:

    Ha Ha coming from Johnnie Blaze….you dick. Vitor is a beast at 37. He was a beast at 19. You fucko’s are stupid. TRT, STEROIDS ETC do not take a shitty fighter and make them great. You have to already have talent. So many fighters do it. In fact very few are totally clean. Wake stupid fuck or quit following the sport. Vitor is a beast and he fucked Bitchping up. Cry about it someplace else.

  13. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    According to Dana its only ok to ABUSE TRT if you are his boy Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt. Why Dana would give Nate “THE CHEAT ” his 4th chance I will never understand–?quot%3Bno-fourth-chance-for-marquardt=&quot%3B=

  14. 123 says:

    bitchping?.. have you heard yourself haha, calm down

  15. 757 says:

    Yes I heard that Bitchping …I’m not the first to use that one. Read up and follow the sport.

  16. i see says:

    have anybody ever noticed that vitor tries to fight only in brazil…doesnt matter vitor will never be champion again in this lifetime….trt or not it doesnt make you better

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