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Tuesday, 03/05/2013, 04:14 pm

VIDEO | Frank Mir on Lesnar’s ‘dumb tattoo’ and ‘feminine chest muscles’ | UFC NEWS

“He flexed and I said, ‘Man, you see how big his back is?’ To see a guy who’s six-four and that thick, and long muscles on top of that, athletically moving, I was impressed. It’s funny how things hit you.

I was like, ‘I know why he got the tattoo! It was to take everybody’s mind off the fact that he has boobs.’ You know they kind of hang, when he jumps, they bounce up and down. So I thought, ‘Oh, it’s a diversion. Look at my dumb tattoo so you can keep your mind off my very feminine chest muscles.'”


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  1. Thom says:

    im not sure where he was going with that story lol

  2. Sparta says:

    I don’t know when Frank made this comment, but it’s easy to run your mouth when the guy who literally turned his face into ground meat isn’t fighting in his organization any longer… Way to go tough guy! Hope you don’t meet any feminine chested, long muscled guys with dumb tattoos in some dark alley 😉

    P.S.: If your being locked into a cage, and you are focusing on how your opponents chest looks like girl tits, don’t be surprised if you loose the fight.

  3. kees says:

    I’m no Lesnar-fan, but Mir shouldn’t be talking. Lesnar hammered him twice. In the second fight, Lesnar pulled a horseshoe out of Mir’s ass and beat him over his head with it. Lesnar would clearly have the advantage in the third fight.

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Mir looked like Lesnar’s bitch for 2 fights.

  5. Sec says:

    People forget Mir tapped Brock and made him his bitch. And then Brock bitched and moaned that it took too long for the ref to get Mir off of him lol. They both have a win over the other. Skill prevailed over power the first time, power prevailed over skill the second time.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Exactly, nice comment. Such is the nature of a fight. People have such short memories.

    • T.DADDY says:

      Brock lost the 1st fight cuz the ref stopped him from ko’ing Mir.. even Rogan said the ref shouldnt of stood them up… then Brock beat the shit outta Mir the 2nd fight… Mir didnt make nobody his bitch he landed a lucky knee bar cuz Brock was fightin reckless

      • Sec says:

        There’s no such thing as luck. Lesnar just wasn’t talented enough to recognize his own position. Mir wasn’t getting hammered either, Brock was throwing baby punches that barely affected Mir. In fact, Brock landed about five solid shots to the back of Mir’s head and Mir didn’t even care, or realize it at the time. Brock always fights reckless. He’s not talented in a technical aspect, aside from his wrestling. He’s mostly just power.

  6. Stonerman says:

    Frank Mir, getting knocked out since 2002. 6 losses, 6 KO.

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