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Saturday, 07/06/2013, 10:00 pm

UFC 162 RESULTS: Chris Weidman Shocks the World, Knocks-Out Anderson Silva, Becomes New UFC Middleweight Champion


Oh. My. Goodness! What an amazing way to end UFC 162 and the 2013 4th of July weekend!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Wiedman is your new undefeated, undisputed UFC Middleweight Champion.

Weidman came out on a mission. He didn’t waste any time before shooting in and scoring a deep, slick takedown to open the fight. From there he landed some nice shots from the top and after a moment on top Weidman fearlessly dropped down for a heel hook. He didn’t get it but the fact that he went for it was ballsy and impressive. But when the fight came back to the feet Anderson dropped his guard and shifted gears into the Anderson Silva show! He was even verbally inviting Weidman to kick his leg.

Anderson has gotten away with it in the past but tonight was an entirely different of story. The first round ended with Anderson calling for Weidman to come in and hit him but Chris wasn’t buying into it. Weidman smiled as he walked to his corner following the horn to end the first round.

The second round was even more boggling and surprising. Anderson came out, dropped his guard again and taunted Weidman. As Anderson continued trying to clown Weidman, Chris tagged him with a shot and Anderson shook his knees and “acted” like he was wobbled.  Weidman didn’t fall for his tricks and closed in, threw more ill-intention strikes and clocked Anderson with a looping left hand directly on the chin.

Silva dropped to the canvas and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Weidman followed up with a couple more clean shots just to put an exclamation point on his title clinching performance and he can now call himself the new UFC Middleweight Champion.

Chris Weidman has shocked the world and beaten one of the greatest fighters of all time to reach the pinnacle of the sport. He is now 10-0 in his MMA career, he’s the Champion of the largest fight promotion in the world, and he can say that he can now say that he has beat the unbeatable.

What’s next for this kid?

Silva stated that he didn’t desire an immediate rematch with Wiedman so it will be interesting to see what the UFC decides to give the new Champ in his first title defense. For the first time in what seems like forever, the UFC middleweight division has a new Champion and so many doors are now opened for future fights for the middleweight strap.

Congratulations to Mr. Weidman on putting together one of the most shocking and impressive performances we’ve ever seen inside the UFC. Cheers.

Jake Chastain



0 Responses to “UFC 162 RESULTS: Chris Weidman Shocks the World, Knocks-Out Anderson Silva, Becomes New UFC Middleweight Champion”

  1. Ddddddd says:

    He did it.

  2. jason says:

    man I hate to be “that guy” but that fight seemed fishy. Lose and don’t want an immediate rematch? Ya something tells me you were looking to venture into other territories (LHW / super fights only etc) in the twilight of your career rather than keep killing your 38 year old body to keep up with hungry 29 year old sharks. Anderson took the easy way out.

  3. Dolce says:

    I think the UFC were really clever with how they shielded Weidman from the other tough middleweight guys and got him his title shot so quick. I think they identified very early on that he had the credentials to upset Silva, but put him in against a Bellfort or a Bisping in a fight on his way to a title shot and he might well have got beat, so they basically guarded against that. I think you’ll see I’m right as I reckon Weidman will lose his first title defence if it’s Bellfort or Bisping.

    • quazzi says:

      lol weidman could possibly lose to belfort but never bisping. Silva is ready to wind it down. A few fights at 205 and he will call it quits. Thankful for the opportunity to watch anderson fight through out his career but i honestly felt cheated how he fought this fight. Love you anderson but pissed u got knocked out cuz u were clowning. How would this fight have went if anderson fought hands up and got after weidman? We will never know

  4. magoo says:

    Hahaha….. That was fukcn awesome!!!!!!!!

    • brandon says:

      It was great, what’s even better is listening to all these chumps on cry about. If anybody out there actually believes that the fight was fixed you are truly an idiot, do you actually think silva let himself get knocked the fuck out and totally humiliated intentionally, you all are as stupid as silva for acting like that. He was tired of being champ is another stupid excuse, I guess he got tired of making all that money. Silva had a lot of wins but most of the fighters he beat sucked or where washed up lightheavyweights at the end of they’re career. Also I just wanted to say that only one other fight was more satisfying to me than seeing anderson get smashed, and that was watching gsp humiliate bj and make him quit and I know you all will cry vaseline and after a one sided beating and humiliation like that I would make excuses too. Suck it up the spider got stepped on.

  5. Sasquatch says:

    LMFAO.. and STD3000 was there front row for that lesson in humility!… CLASSIC!

    • magoo says:

      Can’t wait to hear STD 3000 excuses on this one! He probably still drying his eyes and blowing his nose, with a state of depression setting in……. Lol. Suck another dick

      • Sasquatch says:

        Yup!.. he’s probably heart broken too because Chris got to kiss him at the weigh-ins!

      • Thom1 says:

        I will never understand how you blatantly disrespect the GOAT anderson and mindlessly will defend douchebags like Jones and GSP, magoo.

        • magoo says:

          Lol disrespect!!! It was disrespect on Anderson’s part clowning yet another opponent! That looping left to the jaw, and seeing Silvas eyes roll in the back of his head was priceless. He finally got what he desrerved a long time ago!

        • Thom says:

          Anderson is still the GOAT, you shouldnt kick people while they’re down, you’re like a little kid. He got what he deserved? You’re a fcking tool.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @Thom – How can Silva be the GOAT or P4P when he was a champ in the weakest division in the UFC until about a year or so ago? The guy fought softballs until he had to fight Sonnen and now Weidman shows that he can’t compete there. He has always been over baked and you tools have fallen hook, line and sinker for the UFC propaganda marketing machine. They were trying to build a brand in the USA, Brazil and worldwide. They were going to ride the Silva horse until he died. He is now dead. You don’t see this?

  6. Thesire says:

    Glad I am not the only one that recognizes weidman got handed a free championship. Now he gets to lose it immediately

    • KIDD433 says:

      Real fans recognize it,Handed over a title shot, and than handed over the belt by Anderson. The MW championship has now lost it’s value

      • Magna says:

        Handed over a title shot? you are complaining now that someone didn’t deserve a title shot? Silva beat leben then got his title shot 2 fights in the UFC. quit trying to discredit wiedmans win because he KOed your favorite fighter. Why don’t you man up and show the respect chris deserves. Silva did. bunch of whiny little girls on here. this was not fixed it was not rigged. silva didn’t respect weidman like he never respected any of his opponents. please tell me outside of vitor who has a chance at beating wiedman?

  7. grammar nazi says:

    Exclamation point not explanation.

  8. krafty11 says:

    Congrats to Weidman! Never expected that.

  9. Jiu Jitsu says:

    it was a 4th of july gift to weidman. fools!!!

  10. Steven Thurman says:

    Pissed that Silva practically handed Chris a belt. He made Chris look like an idiot for most of the first round. After seeing Chris’ performance, i think its pretty obvious Belfort could easily take it now.

  11. gladii says:

    I hate the fact everyone says that Silva beat him self? Silva fights everyone with that same stupidity, but no one says a word when he wins. But now jus cause he lost, he beat him self? The real funny thing is that when he drops the hand the whole stadium cheers, but then boo him when he looses? Lol they condone it when he wins, but boo it when he looses? MMA fans are weird. If he would had won, it would had been vintage Silva.

    • Steven Thurman says:

      Im not saying he beat himself. I love that he is able to do that, he clowned Chris for a while. But at the same time, its such a let down loss. hahah It wouldve been a much better loss to his fans if he at least went down fighting. I think were mostly needing to recover from that surprise

  12. Dale says:

    Chris is a joke for an MMA fighter.. That was fixed
    But my boy Vitor is going too crush Chris an knock his pretty little smile off his face… Good bye Chris … Vitor coming for you lol good luck lol !!! Dana nice choice picking a loser to get the belt… Way too go

  13. Irie Nation says:

    All the silva fans now jump on trt monster belforts bandwagon??? Why don’t fans give weidman credit for that perfectly placed hook…seems as if weidman always gets downplayed for a win…Maia (11 days to cut weight and train for a fight), Munoz, and now silva…man weidman is a stud..those Serra-Longo boys are all tough fighters…weidman deserves credit for this win not for Anderson giving it away…and how a title shot just handed to an undefeated fighter is an invalid argument…all the “contenders” at the time were coming off losses…to all you belfroid fans I don’t think he will have an answer for the all American’s wrestling pedigree should they meet

  14. Fight fan sydney says:

    C’mon now. That was the worst fix ever.
    Anderson threw it.plain and simple. He’s tired and wants out, he said it himself post fight.
    That’s absolutly fair enough but how it was handled was totally disrespectful to the fans who paid to see a fight, and the UFC sux for letting it happen(or orchestrating the whole thing?) .that was in no way a fight.
    Weidman is the new champ, but don’t anyone dare say he won the title. Anderson gave it to him and the UFC is looking more and more like Pro Wrestling (utter shitness) every event

  15. Dddddddd says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh say can you seeeeee!
    I couldn’t wait to hear the conspiracy theory’s that everyone that couldn’t comprehend a loss by Silva would have.
    That’s how I felt when Chuck got nuked. I know how you feel but at the same time love that you do.

  16. Anderson sucks says:

    Finally all these brazil nuthuggers can shut up Weismann demolished silva from start to finish and showed Anderson had the weakest chin in the ufc

  17. Fight fan Sydney says:

    Conspiracy theory?? Haha how cute simple sir.
    If u can honestly say silva gave it his all in that fight there’s obviously nothing I can say to change your mind so I won’t try.
    But don’t compare this fight to Chucks demise. Chuck is probably my favourite fighter of all time after bj, and he went down swinging. Got knocked out fair n square.
    Even when rashad was clowning and got clipped by lyoto, he went down swinging.. This was very different. Silva had his hands down for 5min..chin up . He’s clowned other fighters before but nowhere near to the extent he did tonight, and it really is a sad way for such a great champion to go out.
    But once again…he said it all in his post fight speech.. He’s done..he’s tired and he wants time with his family.

    And why not make a few more bucks out of it on the way out instead of just relinquishing his belt?

    Weidman won’t be champ for long.
    Oh yes we will see..

  18. Gabe418 says:

    I’m a New Yorker and I was 50/50 on this match up, but in the end it was more Silva losing than Weidman winning…Serra’s camp shocked the world again…moving forward Weidman has all the tools he can dominate most of the middleweight division…not like Silva did of course

  19. JayKay says:

    Munoz performed damn good and i reckon he would easily win.

  20. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Weidman is heads and shoulders better than Andy ever was. Silva was given an easy ride and now he’s done after getting eyes-rolled back KTFO from his clowning style. Silva was the most mediocre champ of all time. Weidman’s skill levels in all aspects is better than anybody at MW. Now its time for him to retire the buffoon’s Belfort and Bisping next. Then…..that’s right Weidman vs Sonnen!! Yah baby gotta love the USA and….wresssstlers!!!

    • KIDD433 says:

      @ GAYgoyle Wrestling. Your garbage makes Americans look bad. everytime you open your mouth you also set MMA fans back. You make every wrestler out there look like lames just like you. fortunately I know a couple wrestlers that don’t condone your nonsense.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Just admit it that wrestling dominates mma! YOU are the LAST person who should talk about somebody being lame. You are the one who just posted this….”Real fans recognize it,Handed over a title shot, and than handed over the belt by Anderson. The MW championship has now lost it’s value.”…Wake Up Bro that post IS LAME… You make ALL Silva lemmings look bad. You DO realize that your shit is nonsense???

        • squid says:

          i have to agree that wrestling is the best base for mma in terms of dominating/controlling a fight

    • Jim says:

      All i have to say is, you’re a fucking idiot and you’re ignorant like fuck! You obviously know nothing about MMA!

  21. nightnightandy says:

    It’s funny all you Silva not riders saying he threw the fight cause he wanted to retire or move up to LHW or get a super fight. Are you that fucking stupid, he could’ve done any of that shit if he won. You know how much money he lost by losing? Silva fans are so fucking annoying make up an excuse anytime something happens to him. Oh he let Chael kick his as for 23 min STFU. Silva kept his hands down cause that’s the only way he could keep it on the feet. He didn’t want any part of Weidman’s ground game so he got ko’d instead

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Damn you nailed bro..hands down help him defend the double and he was hoping for one of his lucky counters to win. Not enough skills to beat Weidman.

      • VALE TUDO 101 says:

        His wrestling didn’t beat Anderson, ignoramus.Anderson made him look like an amateur the whole first round, and the second, up until he let Weidman punched him. His cockiness cost him the fight, not Weidman’s skills.

        • brandon says:

          Anyone that says silva even came close to winning the first rnd is an idiot and he didnt do shit in the 2nd except look like a scared fool @lawman you’re idiot also, okami cockhold nor bitchsping havent got a chance at weidman. Testostifort has more chance than those clowns but still won’t pull it off.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @vale…You Sir – are absolutely clueless about what was going on in that fight to make some dumbass comment like that. That’s all the response you deserve kidd.

  22. SharkSherk says:

    What a classless display of sportsmanship he should be fined Silva should be fined half of his earnings to go towards Wiedman. Silva vs. Nate Diaz, Nate would out bumb Silva with one middle finger tied behind his back any day.

    • you sir,are a moron says:

      Nate Diaz? Are you fucking kidding me? If you can’t even tell the difference between the two shitty Diaz brothers please stop watching mma and making real fans look bad!

      • SharkSherk says:

        No I actually was referring to Nate, he’s got the frame to beef up and would be fast for a middleweight. Nick doesn’t flick the bird .. as much as Nate does during a fight. They’re actually first cousins not brothers and try not to be too discrimatory because of your mma fan status. The hyprocacy would be overewhelming, if you consider Bonnar who’s a hall of famer despite getting caught cheating twice when he tested for steriods, and Tito who didn’t fail his drug tests but had a fake weiner to pass them. Hmmm, yeah that does look pretty bad.

  23. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Congratulations to Weidman and his fans.

    Any given day…..

    • Gargoyle Wrestling. says:

      Weidman beats Silva 10 out of 10 times…on any given day…

      • brandon says:

        Anderson silva = overrated

        • Jim says:

          You’re a moron if you think Silva is overrated. He defended his middle title for 7 years and he dominated elite fighters for 7 years without breaking a sweat and you think he is overrated? Getting caught by one lucky punch does not make a fighter overrated fucking dumbass! You dont realize that the fight was a fluke and Silva will absolutely destroy weidman in the rematch!!

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        Weidman isn’t worthy enough to sniff where Silva took a dump…on any given day.

  24. Ddddddd says:

    The only thing Silva pulled off was to throw Weidman a bit of confusing nonsense at the end of the first. Anderson is a performer but I had no idea as to what extent. It was crazy to see what happened when someone walked right through his front. He said he would expose Anderson and that’s exactly what he did. He was absolutely humbled

  25. Kmart says:

    Calling this fight a fix is laughable. Weidman probably told him ” i’ll catch u in heel hook and u tap.” Silva probably said no ” kmtfo and then when im out cold on the mat smash me again.” Silly. The guy got caught clowning around by another guy with a very long reach. Simple as that.

  26. zack says:

    Im a huge silva fan but lets face it, this was no fix. Anderson has gotten away with alot of shit but not this time. I think anderson wanted to really embarrass chris and simply took it too far and got caught for it. What goes around comes around. That being said i think if anderson would cut the bullshit andfight, he would win the rematch.

  27. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Of course Silva didn’t get KO’d on purpose. He made the same mistake as Overeem made with Bigfoot. Clowning your opponent with your guard down like that can get you KTFO, even if he is the lesser fighter. Weidman did a good job by seeing an opportunity and taking it.

    I’m sure Weidman’s fans are happy that he won, as they should be because Weidman did very well.

    But the way some guys like Gargoyle and brandon are taking the opportunity to question Silva’s abilities and legacy is simply ridiculous and just shows a great deal of ignorance and hate.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      The difference here is that Overeem was dominating that fight until he got caught and Weidman was beating Silva for every second of that fight. If you fans knew anything of why Silva keeps his hands down and HAS ALWAYS done that against wrestlers and juijitsu people you would realize that he does it for 3 reasons. 1.) and most importantly, because it helps him to defend the takedown,,,,PERIOD. 2.) he uses this technique because be believes it gives him an advantage in that he believes he has great timing and speed and can pick apart some one coming in. 3.) that backing up hands down style is a typical counter puncher tactic that lulls people in. Now you fools have been enlightened so STFU now about throwing a fight. (FYI” TWOTD..this was not meant for you, I believe you probably already know this) BUT, Silva has always had poor overall skills and just was champ in the weakest division until Sonnen came along and now Weidman showed he had more skills to beat the one trick pony Silva.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        LOL that was funny! One trick Pony? If winning is a trick then yes he was.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Touche…I’ll give that one too you….but Silva in any other than the weak MW division until now would not have lasted this long.

  28. Drew says:

    One word two syllables..rigged

  29. Drew says:

    Shit was str8 rigged

  30. JiuJitsuHeyZues says:

    I hope you all enjoyed Christmas in July!!

    Jacare Souza Will be the next MW Champ!

  31. Jim says:

    I have a strong feeling that this will end up like GSP and Matt Sera. GSP got destroyed in the first fight against Matt Sera but he came back and made a huge statement in the rematch. Expect the spider to do the same thing. The first GSP and Matt Sera fight was a fluke and the Anderson Silva and chris weidman was also a fluke. Anderson Silva will destroy weidman in the rematch lol!!

  32. Jim says:

    Chris Weidman did not defeat Anderson Silva, Anderson Silva defeated himself!

    Its a shame how most people forgot how Silva was dominant for 7 years against elite competition! He defended his middle title for 7 years and he defeated high caliber fighters easily! He got caught by a very lucky punch while he was over clowning a good striker in chris weidman and that makes him overrated? Everyone knows that Silva was not very motivated for this fight and he did not take it seriously at all! We all know that this fight was a total fluke! To all the idiots that think Chris weidman dominated Silva. Anderson Silva wouldve finished the fight if he chose to, but he didnt. Like BJ Penn said, Silva got bored of fighting easy competition and he got bored of dominating everyone easily. The rematch between weidman and silva will end the debate once and for all on who is the better fighter.

  33. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    @Jim = emotionally disturbed delusional to actually spend the time to type that out. Do you believe the Earth is flat?

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