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Wednesday, 05/09/2012, 08:34 am

Exclusive: Mark Hunt "It takes but one punch or any strike to end it!"

By: Chris Taylor

The 2001 K1 World Grand Prix Winner, Mark Hunt is now 38 years old and is massing one of the better comeback stories of this decade. Hunt has won three fights in a row, after having dropped six straight from 2006-2010. Here is a brief summary of Mark’s UFC career to date:

The ‘Super Samoan’ joined the UFC in September of 2010, sporting a less than stellar 5 wins with 6 losses record in MMA. His opponent was Sean McCorkle, who made quick work of Hunt at UFC 119, submitting him early in the 1st round via armbar. Many people (including myself) wrote Hunt off after the loss and expected the UFC to cut him once his contract was up.

His next bout was against Chris Tuchscherer at UFC 127 in Australia. Hunt used the fight to prove that the ‘Super Samoan’ was still one of the best strikers in the game! He landed a devastating 1 punch knockout to the chin of Tuchscherer and simply walked off. He followed that up with a decision win over Ben Rothwell at UFC 135, a fight in which Hunt showed a much improved ground game. Then came Hunt’s latest effort at UFC 144, where he made quick work of Cheick Kongo, disposing of him via strikes in round 1.

Hunt is scheduled to face Stefan Struve on May 26 at UFC 146 in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to briefly catch up with Mark and ask him the following questions:

Chris – First off thanks for taking the time to talk with us Mark! You have a big fight coming up with Stefan Struve at UFC 146, how has training been going?

Mark – Training has been great!

Chris – Struve is 6 foot 11 and has an 84 inch reach, is there anyone you’ve been training with at American Top Team or elsewhere who is close to Stefan’s stature? What is it going to take for the ‘Super Samoan’ to collapse ‘The Skyscraper’ on May 26th?

Mark – Well, American Top Team have brought in a few guys for me to work with, but like every fight…. It takes but one punch or any strike to end it!

Chris – There was a lot of support for you to fill the vacancy of Alistair Overeem at the UFC 146 event. #RallyforMarkHunt caught fire on twitter and the Army of Doom was formed! Did all that support help add to your drive to one day become UFC Champion?

Mark – Well it was fun. That’s for sure.

Chris – What are your thoughts on Alistair Overeem testing positive? Is he someone you would like to get a chance to fight again in the future?

Mark – Well like I have said before, Alistair has to live with his decisions just like the rest of us. And ya, a rematch is always good!

Chris – You have massed an unbelievable highlight reel of knockouts during your MMA and K1 careers. Is there one particular knockout that you hold in highest regard?

Mark – They were are all fun! Haha so no.

Chris – You have won 3 fights in a row over tough competition, after having dropped six straight from 06’ to 2010. What best explains the sudden resurgence of the ‘Super Samoan’?

Mark – The ALPHA AND OMEGA and a lot of self belief!

Chris – From following you on twitter, I noticed you have an awesome sense of humor. What does Mark Hunt do for fun outside of the cage?

Mark – I eat a lot of cake and swear a lot at noobies while gaming!

Chris – Haha well thanks again for taking the time to talk to me Mark, best of luck at UFC 146 and in everything the future brings your way. Any last words from the ‘Super Samoan’ for Stefan Struve or your Army of Doom?

Mark – The army don’t discriminate against anyone… We just bomb them! Haha! Go fucking army of doom!!!

You can join the ‘Army of Doom’ by following Mark Hunt on twitter: @markhunt1974 and make sure to see him fight live on May 26th when he takes on Stefan ‘The Skyscraper’ Struve!


15 Responses to “Exclusive: Mark Hunt "It takes but one punch or any strike to end it!"”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    “The army don’t discriminate against anyone… We just bomb them! Haha! Go fucking army of doom!!!”

    Mark Hunt seems like a really cool dude. If he can avoid Struve’s submissions, it will be a short night for Struve. Struve couldn’t handle Pat Barry’s stand up and Barry acknowledges fighters like Hunt and Overeem are on a different level than him.

    • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

      I agree mark hunt is one cool dude with a boat loads of fans to prove it. Mark is a REAL FIGHTER from an era not too long ago when fighters came to fight and put on a show for fans. Now with way UFC is heading we are more likely to see a fighter employ Greg jackson school of point fighting or Guida lay n pray or run and poke. What jackson had Guida do to use the lousy ass rules to eeeek out that discraceful win over Pettis should be banned from coaching. How can a coach or a fighter in good concious think they even won a fight where Guida didn’t even attempt any GNP or submisions. Owe wait he did do a couple shoulder humps. yes i know Jon Fitch has did this exact same thing in everyone of his fights but Guida up until that fight had never been known for being a lay n prayer that is why I KNOW it was Greg Jackson who instructed him to do it. Guida use to go out on his sheild like in Diego fight. Greg jackson is contributing to some really suck fights these days and i predict we here some more wrath of Dana directed at jackson AGAIN because of it. when is the last time we EVER saw carlos Condit run away from any fighter. Condit was blasting his way thru everyone before Jackson had him” run away like a pussy today to steal the win away so you could fight another day” I know Condit didn’t feel good about that at all. I was a huge Condit fan tell that night and i still think he could have won fighting like he always had. Now after that I will be a Diaz fan forever and will pay to see Diaz fight each and everytime and I will never waste a dime on another GSP borefest

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I think Condit and team Jackson were afraid to actually fight Diaz because Diaz is the Jugernaught of the ww division. He just keeps coming. Diaz could fight 8 rounds if he wanted to.

        But refs are getting wise to the lay and pray stalling that’s be gaining decisions.

  2. BabyJ3 says:

    Ya if this fight stays on the feet it will be lights out for Struve.

  3. Chartmonster says:

    The Samoan assassin FTW!

  4. Fortyb4five says:

    Hunt will ko Struve easily

  5. Me says:

    the Wanderlei fight shows the power of his super punches, with every impact wanderlei was almost ko’d

  6. tank says:

    Damn do I wanna see him win, time to knock down a skyscraper I think!

  7. SnakeJake says:

    ‘It takes but one punch to end it.’ True words. Just ask Melvin Manhoef.

  8. Noob says:

    “I eat a lot of cake and swear a lot at noobies while gaming!”

    Funniest shit i’ve heard in a while.

  9. gatoman says:

    mark hunt tiene mucha experiencia y tarde o tenprano ese roba focos de struve cae solito
    es muy inocente

  10. Lol says:

    How can you not love him? Lmao funny chill guy with serious striking game and the best in hw imo!!! War Hunt! U make us K1 fans proud!! Plz keep improving the ground work stay helthy and do cardio and u have a great chance at the title!!

  11. The outlaw says:

    Fuck that cocky bastard.

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