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Thursday, 06/06/2013, 01:02 pm

Report Of BJ Penn’s Return To The UFC Brought Into Question


There were headlines aplenty this week when it was reported on ‘UFC Tonight’ that UFC legend B.J. Penn was not only still interested in fighting again but also switching divisions.

“The door is still open for B.J. Penn to return to MMA in the future,” Ariel Helwani reported on the most recent edition of “UFC Tonight.” “He’s actually training right now and has to check in with his body and mind in the next few months. If he does come back, it will be at 155 pounds.”

But BJ MMA news director Pedro Carrasco put the brakes on the announcement on Wednesday’s BJPennDotCom Radio show.

“Ariel Helwani does a great job with what he does but I think sometimes he puts words into fighter’s mouths,” Carrasco said. “I think that unless you hear something from BJ directly or one of us directly, somebody from, if we actually hear it directly, as long as it’s a source from BJ, then it’s probably not 100-percent factual.”

Carrasco said he wasn’t going to labor over the story but he assured fans that if they want to know what is really happening with Penn’s career and future, there is only one place to look.

“I believe it to be that if B.J. was going to announce a comeback he would probably do it through me, on this radio show, on not through Ariel Helwani,” Carrasco said. “That’s just the way we roll on That’s the relationship we have with B.J. I’m not saying that Ariel was completely wrong in his report I’m just saying, he didn’t have any quotes from B.J. or interviewed him, he just kind of spouted off some stuff that may or may not be true.”

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5 Responses to “Report Of BJ Penn’s Return To The UFC Brought Into Question”

  1. Donovan says:

    I wonder how Ariel feels about a wannabe talkin down to him

  2. Bob'0 says:

    Man I would love to blow bj

    • Bob'O says:

      These morons can’t even run a website where you have to register to post. So anyone can impersonate anyone and you never know who is who.

      They ban long time loyal members from the forum for basically no reason, but allow garbage like this douchbag here that impersonated me and saying I want to blow BJ. Why not just allow facebook posts otherwise force you to register that is confirmed by IP? Talk about fucking clueless. ~Bob’O

  3. drew says: is becoming too commercial. How can a representative say that about bj but they try and stir up shit between fighters by manipulating the things they say

  4. Thom1 says:

    So why did you retards post it here in the first place?

  5. spyr0 says:

    Honestly this sounds like the head dude is butt-hurtt that ariel announced the big news before he got to.

    Now he’s trashing ariel but not actually denyig annything ariel said? lol.. Just a bunch ego in this article.. BJ ANNOUNCES BIG NEWS THROUGH MEEEEEE..

    Would be totally different situation if the guy was denying what ariel said.. But that’s clearly not the case.

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