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Friday, 03/08/2013, 09:01 am

Diaz Looking Past GSP And To Superfights At 155 & 185 | UFC NEWS

“I’m always on that, looking to the future. Me and Georges St-Pierre, we’re a lot different. For me, I look past every opponent because I know I’m in this. I’m not just looking at one obstacle. I think for me it’s easier to deal with when I accept the fact that I’m never going to get out of this. It’s not just good fights, it’s fighters. I’m looking past every opponent to get to the No. 1 spot of the welterweight division and then I look past that. I look further beyond that. Like, if it were up to me, I’d take that fight with Anderson Silva. I would say, yeah, of course, I’m looking forward to being the best that can be, always. The next best thing has always been the next closer fight to the No. 1 fight, and that’s what I’ve been working toward this whole time. I always have that mindset. If I had that option available to me I would be honored to be in that position and I would be gratefully accepting of that position or fight if you will with the 185-pound champion or the 155-pound champion (Benson Henderson). I would take either fight, and I think I could beat either guy. I would like to be the guy to win a title at both weights. I’d like to be a runner-up in the pound-for-pound rankings. That’s the No. 1 goal aside from the No. 1 ranking in the welterweight division.”

Taking the opposite stance from his UFC 158 opponent, Nick Diaz says he wants to fight the two-neighboring champions and would relish the opportunity to do so.



59 Responses to “Diaz Looking Past GSP And To Superfights At 155 & 185 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Fistfulloflove says:

    This is why Diaz is the man.

    • Magoo says:

      Ya gotta be a super fighter in order to be in a super fight Diazz. What u want is like trying to make chicken soup out of chicken shit….it doesn’t work!

  2. Biden says:

    This guy wouldn’t even take a fight at 185 against Mayhem and then he wouldn’t go up against Braulio Estima in BJJ and now he’s saying he’ll fight Anderson Silva huh? *smh

  3. ARMANDO GARZA says:


  4. D-rak says:

    Nick always has entertaining fights but seriously dude your gonna get crushed by gsp and now you’ll fight benson or Anderson…lay off the weed bro

  5. Shameful says:

    I would bet against him in the GSP fight, a fight against Silva and in a fight against Bensen Henderson.

  6. FUCK YOU HATERS . Nobody gives this kid the credit he deserves . Diaz will be the new WW champion !

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    easy chief…good to be confident, but the reality is you have to face GSP. & he is likely going to smash you; so superfights are not where you’re at.

  8. Ddddddd says:

    Well,it seems to me he’s avoiding the St.Pierre fight even in his head. He always seems so distracted coming from a guy that also deals with major ADd. Ohh there goes a rabbit

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    I like how this guy name drops himself in with the greats of the sport. smh – you gotta wins titles and defend them for YEARS like these guys in order to gain that kind of respect.

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