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Thursday, 02/14/2013, 09:52 am

UFC Boss Confirms They Have Cut Ties With Cris “Cyborg” Santos | UFC NEWS

Cris “Cyborg” Santos will no longer fight in the UFC. UFC President Dana White confirmed that the fighter has been released at the UFC on Fuel TV 7: Barao vs. McDonald Pre-Fight Press Conference that happened Feb. 13 in London.

White wasn’t happy that Santos refuses to make 135 pounds for a fight against Ronda Rousey, who is the UFC women’s bantamweight champion.

“I’m telling you right now, she wants nothing to do with this fight with Ronda (Rousey). This is the biggest show in the world. We’re working with her to get her a deal or whatever. When you send a letter from your lawyer and your doctor saying I will die if I try to make 135 (pounds), it’s just the goofiest thing. I’ve never seen anything like it in the fight business,” White said.

Santos tested positive for taking steroids last year. She was suspended for a year and was stripped of her women’s featherweight championship title for Strikeforce.

“Okay, so you don’t want to make 135, but you want to talk about fighting Ronda. First of all, you tested positive for steroids and got stripped of your title. And you’re trying to talk about how Ronda doesn’t want to fight you, but she’s the champion at 135. If Ronda goes and does the fight at 140 and does the fight at 140, it’s not even for a title. The fight just makes no sense,” White said.

White said at the conference that there is no 145-pound women’s division. He said that Santos is under contract and that they can get her fights elsewhere.

“Cyborg is pretty much irrelevant right now. She really is. She’s irrelevant. Go out there and win some fights again, get your name back,  stay clean, stay off some steroids and get your career back on track and then we’ll talk. But for her to think that everybody should move around and jump through hoops for her is insane,” White said.



20 Responses to “UFC Boss Confirms They Have Cut Ties With Cris “Cyborg” Santos | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ken says:

    Dana, the right makes no sense at 140kbs? So what kind of sense is it to give Nick Diaz a title shot after a 1 year suspension and a loss? The people want to see the fight right? That is what makes sense right? The people don’t want to see Cyborg and Rhonda fight at 140Lbs? Chael Sonnen fighting John Jones? That makes sense right? Right! I have a shovel here and it smells because it was used to clean up your pile that has come out of your mouth in the last couple of years. And you want her to stay off of steroids? Did Chael not test positive for too much T? Im totally confused Dana. How about, it doesn’t make sense because if Rhonda get her ass kicked but retains the belt how is that going to look? Not good for Rhonda and branding the UFC as a pretty fighter huh?

    • duhhh says:

      uhhh because diaz arguably won the fight and his suspension was for a small ammount of ganja metabolites and not fucking steroids…and he makes the weight… and the champ asked for him…. is that really that hard to understand

    • Marc says:

      Well said buddy, Dana is a great talker, and anyone slightly blind will fall into his game of lies and manipulation.
      Fact is, UFC has put so much money into Rousey, maker her a star, going around doing press conf. etc, they know cyborg would destroy her, so all that investment to loose it all in 1 fight…anyone running a buisness here understands that you have to make your investments work NO MATTER WHAT. And thats what Dana is doing, protecting his investment. He keeps saying im trying to put fights fans want to see, like catch weights etc…well…this your chance, for 5 fucking pounds…are you shitting me ? make catch weight no title fight, youll sell shits loads of paperview, and he knows it…but then again, Rousey looses…bad investment.

  2. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    The weightclass is 135 lbs. get over it clown!

  3. BG says:

    Ken….. really? The UFC does NOT coddle its champions.
    There are many fighters the UFC would have liked to see win recent bouts who did not, yet they still make them fight.
    Faber, Brock, Liddel, Couture, Edgar. Look who they’ve had to fight… think the UFC “protects” champs?
    Bottom line, none of us know the whole story, so to continually bash Dana is possibly misplaced. IT’S POSSIBLE. Most likely it’s a combination of many factors, not simply “Dana’s bullshit.” He’s just the easiest, and loudest target.

    • Chris says:

      Dana took a risk in starting a women’s division, which no one rlly knows abut(common mma fans). So danna is kinda protecting Ronda, cause if ur going to make a 135lbs w division why not also 145lbs w division?
      Danna should jst left the womean mma alone intil theres solid potential for them to grow, when i mean grow i mean have a lot more talent pool. Cause from what i see, Zuffa hasnt sign to many 135lb women yet.Correct me if im wrong.

  4. Not You says:

    This article conveniently leave out the fact that Zuffa tried to get Cyborg a fight deal with Invicta FC as well. This is just poor fighter management in my opinion.

  5. Not You says:

    @BG any way you look at it, it’s bullsh1t from Dana. Ken makes solid points. All of Dana’s excuses were garbage. Cyborg had a letter from her physician and her lawyer stating that her body couldn’t handle the cut without killing her. That’s legit and Dana calls it silly because he knows that man-lookin beast of a fighter just doesn’t make a good marketable figure for women’s mma no matter how good she is. Dana has sold out long ago. While there’s plenty of talent in the UFC, its all about the show and less about who’s the best. Dana could easily make a 145 lb class or even offer a super fight at 140 similar to what he wanted to do with Silva vs GSP. Dana just knows cyborg would kill Rousey. Dana says there’s not enough talent at 145 to make a class. Are you kidding me? What about all the strike force contenders at 145? Its all a joke and the UFC is slowly turning into boxing without legitimate competition. I mean who’s left? Belator? Pfft…

  6. allmightysandman says:

    bah…if you think santos couldn’t get a letter from a doctor and a lawyer to make claims on her inability to drop an extra 5 pounds then you are a fool. just sayin.

    santos is scared and she’s making excuses and has now put a nail in her career’s coffin.

    which santos is in the picture above? the husband or the wife…i can never tell.

  7. RogerThat says:

    So let me get this straight… Grey Maynard is considering dropping to 145 by Cyborg can’t get down to 135. They are both 5’8″. Cyborg is full of S***. And the letters from the lawyer and doctor- could that be any more Tito?!

  8. joe mac says:

    This guy is never going to have a significant fight outside of the UFC

  9. RogerThat says:

    Classic Tito: He always thought he was more relevant than he was, and now he’s passing that on to his fighters.

  10. JohnnyMMA says:

    who the fuck is Dana White?

  11. Carlos R. says:

    Sounds like Dana is trying to protect his new investment….makes a bit of sense, I dont think Rousey gains anything fighting cyborg. If they were to fight, Rousey would be at a great disadvantage due to her lack of standup and lack of experience. It basically sounds like he doesnt want another Brock Lesnar-like outcome.

  12. Kristian says:

    This chick talks so much shit about Rhonda and how much she wants to fight her, like oh shes scared of me and she doesnt want any of this i will beat the shit outta her. But she wont go to 135 to fight her and loses her contract with UFC lol your carreer as a fighter is now a joke cyborg

  13. Keith S. says:

    I agree with Ken

  14. GRT 3000 says:

    Wow, again. Dana sure talks allot of shit abt real competition and the fights that fans want to see. But in the end what he really likes is to save his little starlets so he can get a brand going. Rousey better hook him up with some head for this cuz she dodged a bullet on this one.

  15. Ken's Vagina says:

    I wouldn’t let Cyborg fight if she COULD make 135 because the bottom line is she’s an artificial cheating drug addict.

  16. Sheneedstocheattocompete says:

    She’s a steroid junkie. She is afraid to face the champion Rhonda at a non steroid weight of 135. She is a STEROID JUNKIE. Too bad cuz I would like to see them fight at 135. Cyborg will go down historically as a testosterone guzzling/injecting fake/fraud of a fighter who is extremely frightened of Rhonda Rousey and needed to cheat in order to compete.

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