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Thursday, 05/09/2013, 09:51 am

Coach Ludwig Watches Tape Of Opponents While High To Achieve Different Strategical Looks

“It’s freakin legal. Let me address this issue. When I watch film, I watch film normal how I am now. Then I watch film when I’m high on marijuana. I also watch the film again when I have Alpha Brain in my system. I watch film from three different states of consciousness just to get different looks at things. Just to see if maybe I missed a step or a nice little detail just to get different looks on things. I take this serious as hell.”

Team Alpha Male coach, Duane Ludwig, recently told MMAMAnia that one of the secrets to his success is Cannabis.

Since taking over as head coach for the Sacramento based fight team, the core group has reeled off impressive victory after impressive victory.


0 Responses to “Coach Ludwig Watches Tape Of Opponents While High To Achieve Different Strategical Looks”

  1. Ryan says:

    Agreed! this should be told on the Joe Rogan podcast immediately!

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    What a fool. dumbass druggie loser. That explains some of his performances. He should try LSD and shrooms next to see if he can pick up the yellow submarine in the cage. This guy is soon to be out of a job. What an idiot.

    • ~Hawkeye~ says:

      How enlightened Gargoyle. You sound like a person that could really benefit from a little weed in your life. I’m assuming that Coach Ludwig has been far more successful than you and your calling for his job and dismissing him as an idiot. Unreal!

      People that continue to look at other as losers for using marijuana baffle me. 1st try it before you knock it. Judge from an experienced point of view. 2nd look at the people who have benefited from their use. Many very successful and productive people are regular users. Some of the best minds have grown from the new perspective they receive while smoking.

      I salute Bang for his candidness. I hope others that share his view will discuss this in a public forum. Bringing this subject to light may help educate others to the reality of the benefits of marijuana.

      Many fools like you continue to spread seeds of ignorance on this topic. Hopefully we can stem that tide of ignorance and bring people around to a clear, logical view on this subject.

    • Sasquatch says:

      Don’t be such a tight @ss GW.. weeds not that bad (the other sh!t you’re talking about is), open up your mind man! Do you drink the occasional beer?.. or maybe partake in the odd spot’o tea or a coffee perhaps? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you my friend are a hypocrite. Your dead wrong about him being unemployed, for one he’s a deadly striking coach and like he said, it’s legal.. he obviously has a license.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        @Sasquatch, with all due respect. No, I don’t drink alcohol or caffeine or sugar. I only eat high nutritional foods. You want REAL truth and not some losers false making money on druggie truth? You’re body is what you eat or in this case, smoke too. Can I be any clearer, It is fukcin poison!!! It is killing you over time just like nicotine, etc. You WILL NEVER be at the top of what you can be in this life if you don’t do the right things. Life should be lived ‘on the razors edge’ And if you are a pothead, you are “choosing” to be less than you could be and, to me, you are wasting your life that God gives you everyday.

        • Bri says:

          Your clealry ignorant on the subject of cannabis,like most people you’ve eaten the misinformation, propoganda and general bullshit without any critical thinking, correct useage of the substance and objectivity of both the negatives and profound positive attributes of cannabis.

        • Dana White says:

          I have never heard such bullshit in my life. You consume only HIGH nutritional foods, but don’t drink coffee or tea? Some caffeine is good for you… some weed isn’t bad for you… What do you say to people who use weed to alleviate pain from cancer or some other painful disease? Also, nicotine doesn’t kill, it is the other thousand of chemicals found in cigs that kill. Not everyone that smokes weed is a pothead…. NO ONE has died from weed so HOW is it a poison that is killing you? You, sir, are beyond ignorant and it is rather embarrassing for you.

        • Magna says:

          You do know that cannabinoids are already in the humane genome. doesn’t matter if you have never smoked marijuana before, you have cannabis in you. you are born with it. also, name one person who has died from marijuana

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          ^^^ You three are prime examples of how weed rots your perceptions. You tools would of argued that the world was flat if you lived in that time. lmao while smh

        • Gargoyle The Enlightened One says:

          @Gargoyle you sir are arguing with people online and actually genuinely upset as if you have something person involved you fucking idiot. And on top of it all you are coming back to check your replies to argue some more,and you are pointing fingers at how dumb everybody is?……………are you getting the picture….no probably not since you will check back again typically to reply again to your own nonsense.I do not smoke nor do I drink and I also eat clean as I am getting older and I’m making better choices with my body as well but I’m not so damn blind to the fact that smoking is a whole hell of a lot better than drinking which makes people insane. You sir need to maybe toke some so you can calm the fuck down a bit with all your put downs and your stupid and world of flat bullshit.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          ^So you thought your little rant would get me to not post a response? You can take your sanctimonious bullshit and drink it over the rocks. Good for you in taking better care of yourself, just wonder how you would feel if you had ALWAYS taken care of yourself??!!. The real question here, is not me, but why would you decide to respond and do EXACTLY what you accuse me of? You’re just a hypocrite. But I’m sure you won’t be back to read my response and then respond to it because you are too good for that. Right?

        • dodo says:

          Gargoyle, you are in fact what is plaguing our world.

        • Gargoyle Wrasslin' says:

          He’s using a substance to gain an advantage and to better himself. Just like you consume nutritional foods to better yourself as well. Stop putting yourself on a pedestal, stop bitching about weed, and chill the fuck out.

    • ADHD says:

      I think you are an observant person and like too read your comments but I don’t believe in organized religion. This doesn’t make me discard everything you say regardless of all the blood spilled and life’s lost through your religion. You know the thing that’s so obvious that you’ve got from being so traditional was that you judge other people to justify your sacrifices that your obviously not happy with. If your so happy and healthy why aren’t you harmonious? I’ve never had anyone push pot on me but religious people try to peer pressure me all the time.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Organized religion is not God. Organized religion is like a business. What you need to understand is that there are many hypocritical sinners in every church and the ones in power have used religion like a sword and caused mayhem and death. But real Christianity is the Golden Rule. Don’t miss the opportunity of God by the deeds of men. Peace Bro. Also, you are being presumptuous here. This is something that you can only experience but you see the choices I have made ARE NOT SACRIFICES. They are gifts!!! That is how I take them. All these fools up here are trying to push pot on you by giving all their reasons why its so good. They are selling snake oil and you definitely don’t need it.It’s poison and it is destructive to you and any future children you might have.

        • Dana White says:

          Religion is a disease on Humanity. Pot is mother nature’s gift to humans to help open their minds and see the world from a different perspective. Religion brainwashes you; Pot sets your mind free. Pot has never killed a single person… Religion has been responsible for MILLIONS of deaths throughout history and is destructive to society and future generations…

  3. Sasquatch says:

    Makes sense..

  4. car dee oh says:

    Gargoyle wrestling is a worse troll than get rid of fitch (forever). Ludwig is a smart guy and he’s trying to optimise his perspective on the things he watches so as to improve his fighters. I cannot understand that in this day and age, while cannabis is legal in some places and decriminalised in most, people can still herald this idea that it kills you and turns you into a zombie. This guy is clearly devoid of all happiness in his life…

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Let’s see here tool, You are trolling to complain about me trolling?? That’s called crazy you pothead. Kids another prime example of why NOT to use weed!!

  5. squid says:

    that’s very interesting. i think it’s a smart idea because i notice lots of things, esp details, when i am high that i normally would not notice when i am not high. makes sense, these team alpha male guys are killers now since bang joined as their head coach.

  6. Jimmy Lumpkin says:

    He is watching tape 3 times. Using drugs or not you are going to notice new details on each consecutive viewing. Unless he has done trials with a suitably large sample sizes comparing what he can notice over 3 normal viewings compared to 1 normal + 2 drug induced viewings anything like this is merely anecdotal.

    To contribute his success to weed is kind of delusional. Especially when it’s probably just down to his own hard work and efforts.

    • Steven Thurman says:

      all he says is he is doing it to get a look at it through three different views by being in three different state of minds. he doesnt actually say weed is helping him be great.

  7. Scott says:

    no one is seemingly able to stay on topic lol. this isn’t a fight about the legalization of weed. its a discussion about weed usage in elite levels of sports and it is fact , most elite professional athletes do not use weed. most elite coaches do not use weed. even when it becomes legal someday, most won’t use it still. alot of you smoke it but are not elite fighters or competitors but like all monday morning quarterbacks think you are and this effects you. everyone needs to chill out and the MMA/UFC leadership are gonna have to decide on the future of the sport. will it be the next WWF entertainment show with no rules, or an Olympic caliber sport with regulations and proper role model( non drug smoking) coaches to help cultivate the youth into the sport . parents are not going to let their children goto drug smoking coaches and the Olympic committee is not gonna deal with drug smoking leaders / executives of the sport either. gonna have to decide everyone. choose.

  8. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I get what he’s saying. Cannabis opens your mind to see things differently. It helps you to think out of the box.

    There’s a reason why governments allows it’s people to drink a destructive drug like alcohol which only makes people act stupid and irresponsible and doesn’t allow it’s people to smoke cannabis. People who get drunk get reckless and do stupid things, while smoking Cannabis might get them start to phylosofize about what their government is actually doing to them and that is not what the government wants.

  9. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    It’s quite interesting and fun see how potheads view the world through their mind altering drug hazed minds. Ludwig is fooling himself because weed DOES NOT enhance anything. THC CLOUDS your perceptions and fools you into thinking the bullshit everybody has read here from the potheads. Weed ALTERS your perception to an UNREAL view of things. I see now that Ludwig is mediocre as a coach and NOT a good role model. He and all the pothead druggies are the problem.

    • danielrchargers says:

      you are so articulate and such a philosopher here on!
      gosh i wish you where on here EVERYDAY having an argument with people online! oh shit you are!


      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Stop the complements. You’re masking me blush. Save them for your fake heroes. But you know what is really funny? I know that I am a tool and you don’t know that your are too!!! See another screwed up pothead. Deportes si, Drogas No….lol

    • Sasquatch says:

      Enlighten me and explain what problem he has caused.

  10. 757 says:

    Fucking smokers……Unfortunately I hope Bang knows that he has opened his mind up to unemployment. No matter if anyone agrees or not it’s just the way the world goes. When he is unemployed maybe he can grow his own because he won’t be able to buy any….or his kid some food either because he is a father you know. That’s a great thing to teach your kid. Open your mind to that :) Fucking smokers…. unbelievable

    • Sasquatch says:

      You want to know what’s unbelievable.. there’s still people like you and GW walking around with your narrow minded views. Funny thing is I bet both you guy’s have no problem taking prescription drugs or over the counter drugs and still think your holier than thou. Not to worry guys, you’ll all be assimilated soon enough when the superior Cannabisodians take over the world!!

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      Unemployment? Why? He is a great coach. So you think someone who smokes a bowl and still does his work better than a narrow minded sober coach should get fired?

      ‘It’s just the way the world goes’….How sad to see someone actually think and act like that. We have the right to question how society is organized by our governments you know.

  11. 757 says:

    Yeah great comment SASQUATCH….It’s still illegal dumb fuck.You fucking smoker assholes should stop trying to justify it until it becomes legal you idiot…Go shave your back….He has a kid and should be thinking about his future unlike you who thinks xbox in your basement. You fucking smokers are stupid…Yeah because it long term fucks up your brain..fact!! you Idiot. Fucking Smokers :)

    • Sasquatch says:

      LOL… your quite passionate about the topic eh.. you should crack a beer smoke some pot and chill the fuk out, your going to give yourself a jammer! Marijuana is in the process of being legalized here and is already decriminalized because even the politicians are getting educated about it, I suggest you do the same. Like I said, assimilation is imminent, resistance is futile!. I suppose once it’s legalized you’ll be all cool with it eh?.. you no-minded motherfukers are just like sheep.. bottom of the food chain!. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it b!tch.

    • Dana White says:

      It isn’t illegal where I live, dumbass. It is legal and violent crime is virtually NONEXISTENT! Long term it fucks up your brain? Show evidence please. But you won’t be able to because there is no credible source that says that. Nice try, idiot.

  12. 757 says:

    No violent crime because everyone is to fucked up and lazy to do anything…..As for you asasquatch I am sure you haven’t accomplished in your life just by the way you talk. You fuck up assholes get a life

  13. 757 says:

    Yeah that’s right just like I thought…fucking smoker:)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thc changes how your brain makes connections. Someone under the influence of thc will think and view things differently than someone who isn’t. This has been proven by science. Ludwig watching fights sober and then under the influence is actually very smart. I practice this method as well, not with fights but in life. Think about something sober then think about it while high and you will have two completely different viewpoints.

    And yes, everyone’s brain has natural levels of cannabinoids even if they’ve never used. That’s why all drug tests have a cutoff between 21-23 nanograms, because anything lower then that and everyone would come up positive.

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