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Monday, 05/20/2013, 11:27 am

Bisping says cut the BS: Weidman can beat Anderson Silva

“As much as it pains me to say it, I think Chris Weidman could be a bad match up for Anderson Silva. We all saw what Chael did in that first fight and as well as the second fight. Chael completely dominated Anderson in the first round of their second fight, had full mount, etc., completely out-grappled him and kinda fell apart in the second round. Does Chris Weidman have a chance? Without trying to be funny and disparaging towards Chris Weidman, I’d say yes, he does. If I cut the bullshit for a second, yeah, he definitely has a shot. I think it’s an interesting fight.”


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  1. K2 says:

    Hell, when Bisping said he was cutting the BS I thought he was about to cut himself… he’s BS.

  2. el men de menes says:

    Chris Weidman is not gonna make it, he is not better than Hendo or Chael he only has 9 fights only one “top contender” tha chubby mark munoz. The middleweight division lacks talent jjust because the champion is so dominant everyone would rather drop to WW or go to LHW if they are big enough….Vitor (who is a pussy for the TRT BULLSHIT) would be the best shot in my opinion but he didn’t say anything asking for the fight after Luke, For me at middleweight theres only Jacare Vitor and Weidman and weidman hasn’t proven anything

  3. 757 says:

    Ha Ha this is the closest that Bisping will get to a fight for the title. He can’t get past the elimination fight. Vitor is far from a pussy you poser shutup ^^^Who cares what you think, or who wins it. Vitor or Jacare will be the next champ anyway. Bisping, Sonnen, Stann, Belcher etc. They are all done. BTW let Bisping get knocked out by Munoz that would be fun to see

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    whatever man…Weidman does have a shot (just like anyone does) but at the end of the day imo 99.9% sure he’s going to get his ass kicked.

  5. Ya herd says:

    Didn’t Hamil knock out Munoz lol been bisping would own Munoz just like he would own all the other good fighters he just can’t beat the elite, but in my opinion he won round 1 and round 2 against, silva, same for sonnen fight, and the Evans fight was close too.. He been outclassed by 2 elite fighters on trt big deal he still one of the top fighters out there, I remember so much of use on here saying stann, and belcher would destroy him don’t think so

  6. 757 says:


  7. 123 says:

    @757.. how old r u 12 or a grown man?.. get a grip you disrespectful prick.

  8. 123 says:

    u dont half talk shit

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