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Tuesday, 01/29/2013, 11:49 am

Anthony Pettis Names One Thing That Can Put Off His Promised Title Shot | UFC NEWS

“Honestly, I don’t care [who wins] as long as we don’t have a decision that’s close. Somebody finish the fight so we’ll have a champ that I can fight. At this point, the belt’s been avoiding me. I’m tired of chasing after it. I’m tired of waiting and putting my career on hold. I just turned 26. I think I’m going to be entering my prime here in the next couple of years. I want to take full advantage of that. … I just want to make sure that it’s official and no matter what happens [between Henderson and Melendez] — a draw, a close decision, no one’s going to cry about the decision — that I’m next no matter what.”

After decimating Donald Cerrone at UFC on FOX 6, Anthony Pettis has been promised a crack at the winner of Benson Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez.

All he has to do is wait.

In this recent interview with, “Showtime” discusses what could derail his dream!


19 Responses to “Anthony Pettis Names One Thing That Can Put Off His Promised Title Shot | UFC NEWS”

  1. mAKES ME CRAZY says:

    oh yeah he is damn Right stop that shiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt 2012 was the fucking year of Rematches… like wtf… go home dude we missed a lot of GREAT Fights could happend bc of stuff like that or big mouth ppl like Sonnen talk there way up i mean comon…!! I WAIT REALY LONG THAT pETTIS GET A titel shot finaly..!!!!

  2. Ncmma says:

    And don’t forget the 3 round beating clay put on ya better work on your Td denfence

    • MTbulldog says:

      You are an idiot. I would hardly call that a beating. He laid on him the entire fight and got gifted a decision even though pettis kept him on the defense with submission attempts the entire fight. Clay and the judges are to blame for that bullshit. Same with the Hioki fight. Its pretty sad when the most significant offense you can mount are shoulder strikes. Either you didnt watch that fight, are a moron, or both.

    • mMTbulldog says:

      NCMMA you sir, are a moron. A beating? Seriously?Clay did nothing that fight except fight off submission attempts and shoulder strike him. He was gifted a decision for that one. It was a sad day for mma judging and Clay cemented that when he did the same thing to Hioki. You either didnt watch the fight, are an idiot, or both.

    • MTnightmare says:

      3 round beating? Really? You obviously didnt watch the fight or you are a moron. He laid on Pettis the entire fight defending against submissions throwing his should in his face. That was a sad day for mma judging just like it was in the Hioki fight. He mounted no offense whatsoever and Pettis was throwing up submission attempts left and right. I would hardly call that a beating dumbass. You are probably a Guida fanboy or Pettis put it in your gf.

      • T.DADDY says:

        You’re callin him a Guida fanboy? I guess that makes you a Pettis Nut Clay won that fight easily.. He took him down with ease.. just cuz Pettis was going for subs don’t mean he should win… Pettis is lucky Benson didn’t use his wrestling more cuz if he did we wudnt be talkin about Pettis.. He sucks against wrestlers.. Maynard or Miller wud smash his weak wannabe flashy ass… The kick off the cage made this guy to cocky

  3. N says:

    He’s got a point.. I can totally see henderson/melendez going to decision. Neither is a knockout artist, it probably won’t be an exciting fight

  4. ZC says:

    Y’all Henderson fanboys seem to forget that Pettis whooped that ass in the WEC.

    “He’s a different fighter now”

    Yeah, they both are. Hendersons wrestling hasn’t gotten any better and Pettis’ TDD undoubtedly has. He’s gonna put them hands on Henderson again. Maybe another cage kick for extra measure.

  5. Ncmma says:

    Beating? He landed one lucky kick( was a fucking awesome kick) but was still lucky

    • Jackson says:

      Lucky? that must be the MOST stupid comment i’ve read on this board… that kick had nothing to do with “luck”, it’s a life long Tae Kwondo background and lots of practice that made that kick land. Next thing u gonna tell me is he landed that showtime knee on Cerrone by “luck” too. Just cut the crap… Pettis is BEAST and brings some orthodox striking into the octagon we’ve not seen before and for the record… the first fight between pettis and bendo was pretty even until Pettis started picking bendo apart in the 5th.. the showtime kick was just icing on the cake.. he was ahead on the scorecards even BEFORE the kick.

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        Ok I call BULLSHIT on you. Cut the crap dude. Pettis was ahead BEFORE the kick, STFU that round wasn’t over yet. Bendo was beating him on that round abnd his circus shit kick just wowed the judges. Pettis lost that fight. Pull your head outta your ass!

        • Kaipo says:

          I couldn’t agree more! Bendo won that fight and was robbed because of a showy kick in the final round! Can’t stand the state of judging in MMA!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      he seems to land allot of those “lucky” kicks. He must have a leprechaun up his ass eh?

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        Yah like the circus shit cartwheel he tried on Ceronne and was awarded Ceronne’s knee in his chest. he stuck to normal pussy kicks after that.

        • dogfart says:

          i pissed myself when he did that. “showtime”
          he pisses me off with his flamboyant faggotry.
          dont get me wrong the kick in WEC was good, it floored benson as it caught him off balance but only that reason.
          if you watch the knee on cerone, it had nothing on it. bouncing a knee off the fence like that will absorb and reduce a shit ton of power. wasted….

          when he went back to being technical he destroyed cerrone.
          Pettis is talanted but he needs to stop this flamboyant shit just because of his name. cerrone could have ended it there when he did that cartwheel lol

  6. Time To Wrestle says:

    I wish he could kick me in the balls like that. A fat gay guy like me would like that. That’s why every post I put is to talk nonsense shit. Cuz I’m jealous of the real fighters.

  7. The natural says:

    Forget the guida fight are you all forgetting the horrible performance in the Stephens fight that really showed he wasn’t a top notch guy hendersons game has gone up were pettis looks the same great striker with no wrestling

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