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Friday, 04/27/2012, 10:11 am

Anderson Silva Almost Shot Rafael Cordeiro With A Shotgun | UFC NEWS

By Jamie McAllister:
Anderson Silva launched his biography (co-written with Eduardo Ohata) in Rio de Janeiro this week.

Here is one interesting story from the book about when he came close to killing his trainer Rafael Cordeiro. Translated & Reported by Fighters Only.

Anderson had been teaching Jiu Jitsu classes & Cordeiro wanted him to stop and they had a heated argument where Anderson was slapped in the face.

After the argument Anderson returned with two men & held a shotgun while he waited for his coach to return. Apparently the two men lost their nerve and talked Anderson out of it.

Anderson & Cordeiro are friends now however Codeiro did not know about this until the release of the book as well as Andersons son who also learned of the incident through the internet. The news has seemingly had some backlash in the past week as Cordeiro has just found out about the situation.

“I didn’t tell him. I think he will have to read the book. I ended up visiting some website because my son said: ‘Dad, did you see what is on the internet? They are saying that you tried to kill Rafael!’ I said, ‘Calm, let me see what is it about and then I will call you back!’” he related.

“But I speak the truth in the book. That was a phase in my life in which I had nothing but the gift God gave me to give classes and I almost did a foolishness.”

In Andersons summary of the book he stated “The biography says the truth of everything that happened since my childhood until this moment. It documents day-to-day frustrations, what is good, what is bad, and how is bad to stay away from the family. The book tells my life.”


93 Responses to “Anderson Silva Almost Shot Rafael Cordeiro With A Shotgun | UFC NEWS”

  1. dastuka says:

    What is up with these comical translations?

    • Pijan says:

      They’re literal translations. Most languages when translated to English won’t end up in ‘perfect English’. It’s the difference in dialect.

    • Evac Uate says:

      I doubt that is the way it is in the book. I guess from whatever questions they asked them they are doing complete literal translations from the portuguese he is speaking.

      If you’ve ever studied another language, literal translations do not work and often sound silly.

      To be honest, it looks like the translator ‘Fighters Only’ used is rudimentary at best, and may or may not have used GoogleTranslate….

  2. dante040 says:

    That’s the difference between Anderson and chael. Chael would have told raphel to wait here, I’m gonna go get a shotgun

    • Xaninho says:

      hahaha Chael is stupid.

      Funny though, Sonnen has been insulting Silva in the worst possible way.

      Now he knows Silva was about to shoot a man for slapping him in the face….Imagine what he is going to do to Sonnen in the cage.

      • lol, Xaninho you're terrible says:

        You are the biggest Silva nithugger on EARTH!!! So you are somehow defending the fact that your hero and buttbuddy Silva was about to shoot someone for slapping him in the face. Instead of defending himself he went and got a SHOTGUN and since he was that much of a P***Y, he also had to bring TWO MORE GUYS…. it just shows how much of POS this guy has and always will be. I can’t believe that you are trying to turn this into a good thing and you are saying that since he has the “balls” to go get a gun to shoot someone then “guess what he’s going to do to Sonnen in the cage”.. So when Sonnen beats this piece of trash down he’s going to get a shotgun and two guy to kill him?? Just like the Brazillian trash Sonnen has been claiming he is.

        • ^^^ This wins.

          Chael Sonnen don’t need no shotgun.

        • Xaninho says:

          haha not a shotgun no. He will run and hide and probably tap out again, but this time to strikes instead of a choke.

        • jerad says:

          Yeah all he needs are steroids…..

        • primalmasher says:

          no, he just needs DA JUICE

        • toneloc24 says:

          But I guess its ok that sonnen loaded up to 16 times the testosterone of an average man and fought another man in a cage.. that doesn’t make him a p***y, that just shows how brave he is right?

        • Xaninho says:

          I wonder where you read I was saying “that since he has the “balls” to go get a gun to shoot someone.”…Oh that’s right! I NEVER said that!

          I simply stated Silva has a bad temper.

          You should try to take a course or something. reading and truly understanding what you’re reading isn’t for the feeble minded I guess.

        • Pijan says:

          A pussy that’s mopped the floor against everyone he’s fought in the, what’s that say about their fighters? Can’t wait til’ Silva knocks Sonnen the fuck out so him and his nuthuggers like you will get out of here with all the lame shit talking.

        • Boogers says:

          I believe you’re incorrect in using the term “mopped the floor.” I’ve said this a thousand times and I’ll say it again. Silvia’s record is extremely padded. He’s beaten Franklin, okami, vitor, Chael, Henderson, Maia, griffin, leites, cotè, Irvin, Lutter, and marquardt. Vitor and Chael could be deemed flukes with appropriate rematches. Henderson’s done nothing but get better since that fight. Also, someone said to me on this site that Franklin, and I quote, “was dominating the division when Anderson beat him.” I hardly call beating Evan Tanner(to win the title) and 2 defenses against Nate quarry and David Louiseau dominance. I’ve eliminated 4, now use these facts and list me 4 top level fighters that Anderson has beaten. Please. I beg you. I can think of 2 and they’re stretches. Maia because of his BJJ prowess and Forrest who was SEMI successful when he faced Anderson but still not a superstar IMO. I look at facts. These facts show Anderson is the Fedor of the UFC. If Anderson CONVINCINGLY defeats Chael, vitor, and/or Hendo again, I will take back everything I’ve said here. I’m a man of facts, not hype.

        • Xaninho says:

          So in your eyes he has to beat everyone twice before you believe he was the better fighter?

          smh dude…smh

        • Boogers says:

          If the fight could’ve gone either way? Yes. If you pay attention I didn’t call for a rematch against griffin, Maia, leites, or cote did I? No. These are all fighters in which he walked through. Vitor go caught, sonnen dominated him, and hendo has improved tremendously. Gray and Frankie had rematches after close fights, Brock and Mir had one, and Andy got one aging okami to “avenge his dq” that wasn’t even in the UFC. The fact is, questionable wins get rematches. And I know, Andy subbed hendo, quickly ko’d vitor and after five rounds of being torn into, managed to sub Chael. But the improved hendo could beat silva, vitor’s loss could be written off as getting caught, and chael’s written off as getting caught. Everyone else gets rematches in close ones, why is Anderson any different? Also, get out of here with your 13 year old “smh.” Odds are that you’re an adult, act like it. Use the English skills that you’ve learned, it will assist the very little bit of credibility that you DO have

        • You Are A says:

          Moron, Boogers.

        • Xaninho says:


          First of all Sonnen seems to make a habit out of ‘getting caught’, and for the rest those were all good wins, nothing controversial about KO’s and submissions.

          If UFC would follow your irrational logic we would only see rematches on every fightcard.

          And I’ll end by excuse myself for using the acronym smh, I wasn’t aware you were an elderly citizen…

        • Boogers says:

          Not an elderly citizen, just an adult proud of my education. Short hand doesnt make you young/cool, it make you look like an idiot. No one takes you seriously when you use that vocabulary. Also, disagree if you want, but you can’t argue with facts. If it was anyone else there would be a rematch. Like I said, if Silva ko’s or convincingly defeats sonnen, I’ll admit he’s the better fighter, but not until then. I admit when I’m wrong, unlike more than half of the people who post on this site. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of silva nut huggers other than the country of Brazil. You just prove my point. Not one of you posted a rational rebut to my argument. Just snide remarks and bogus logic. Like I said before, the first Brock and Mir fight is a similar scenario than sonnen silva. Brock beat the tar out of Mir then got caught in a submission, but he got a rematch. If silva loses, no matter if he’s dominated or not, you just watch, he will get a rematch so quickly your head will spin.

        • Xaninho says:

          I am not turning in a thesis here. This is the internet so I’ll use acronyms the way I see fit. I am well educated, but that didn’t turn me into a snob.

          You say I can’t argue with facts as if you’re the one that is backing up his opinion with facts. When in fact you’re completely denying some of Silva’s recorded KO and submission wins as recognized, well deserved wins.

          You’re contradicting yourself.

        • Jay says:

          Boogers your a fuckin dumbass. People get caught all the time. Paulo Thiago just got caught with one punch do u think him and siyar.should fight again?? And to downgrade Rich Franklin is crazy. Or silvas win over Vitor that kick was beautiful! Not to mention brilliant considering its always been used to go to the body until he did it now everybody tries that kick. Hendo only got better over time because he is on that bullshit TRT. Silva made him tap n u think that deserves a rematch? The fact Silva took his back n sunk in a rear naked choke calls for a rematch? Okami was worked his way through the division and secured the #3 spot in rankings to get his shot n u call him a can?? Many people up until Boetsch knocked him out kept him in their top 5 middle weights. That leaves chael who once again got tapped via triangle. Getting caught is part of MMA! It happens to everybody that fights. Silva got caught by Ryo Chonan in a fight he was dominating . It’s part of the sport it shouldn’t take away from a fighters win. Shaking my head (smh)

        • Boogers says:

          I’m not saying all of his wins were flukes. He finishes. Ko’s, submissions, I see that, but the guys he’s beaten are not high level. That’s what I’m trying to convey. Look at 2 of the 3 high level fighters he has beaten. Chael and vitor. Both of the got caught in some way shape or form. Silva struggled against Chael but still came out on top, I get that. I give him credit for those 2 wins plus the hendo wins. There’s 3 fights out of his 13 since winning the belt against top level guys. So him beating 10 other less than average joes makes him the best ever? That’s my point. He’s beaten sub par fighters to gain his MMA royalty which I feel is bogus. I feel that if he can beat 2 guys he’s struggled with in the past ie sonnen and vitor, he will have somewhat earned all the credit he’s been getting. Am I clear now? I apologize of it seems I was being rude, I get aggravated sometimes when others post nothing relevant and write my argument off as moronic just because I go against Anderson. Nothing against him, he’s a great fighter, and possibly the best ever, I respect him, but you cant say he’s beaten the best in the UFC when if reality he’s only face 3 top level fighters and struggle with 2 of them. You provide a healthy debate with no rude remarks (the way a debate). I apologize again as I realize it wasn’t you being childish.

        • Jay says:

          The only fighters that aren’t considered high level on his UFC record IMO are leites, cote, and Irvin. Maias bjj qualifies, marquardt ran through the division until chael he was on pound for pound rankings never top 5 but easily top 10. He beat Griffin a former champ, n I would agree lutter was overrated also lol. And at that he beat Irvin and Griffin in a higher weight class. Franklin also a former champ who cleaned our the mw division until Anderson showed up and put on a Thai clinch clinic. And he did that TWICE at a time in Franklin’s career that he was in top 5 pound for pound. Saying that beating Evan tanner for the belt shouldn’t mean anything is mind boggling for any body that has been watching UFC since before zuffa bought it.

        • Boogers says:

          Jay, I know it’s part of MMA, if you read before you rant you’ll see that I admit this, but if Andy really is the best why not rematch the guys who he struggled against to shut the “crazy” people like me up? I admitted that if he could dominate sonnen or vitor I would admit he’s the best. Thrown another teep to the chin and show everyone it wasn’t a lucky kick that just happened to connect. KO sonnen to show people “hey, this guy really isn’t that tough, I can easily walk through him.” The bottom line is, you can’t say he’s walked through the MW division because the only guys he’s walked through are pretty much cans. The guys that weren’t, gave him a hard time. And if you can give me an example of Rich Franklin being “dominate” I will concede. The guy is good. He’s a legend, but no where near even top 15 fighters. Not a top level fighter by a long shot

        • Jay says:

          How exactly did he struggle with vitor? He didn’t struggle with Hendo either yes Hendo won the first round then round 2 came and silva displayed his bjj against one of the best wrestlers in MMA. I agree he had trouble with chael anybody that says otherwise is insane. But steroids and a messed up rib probably played into that. The rib is rumored but the juicing is fact. 16:1 is higher than what overeem pissed (14:1)

        • Boogers says:

          I agree. Which is why I’m anxious for the rematch. With socks healthy and Chael (hopefully) clean, it puts all the what ifs aside and gives us what we should’ve had the first time. A clean cut answer. I’m excited. If Chael wins, finally Anderson the puzzle has been solved. If Anderson wins, he proves that Chael is only good while juicing. He didn’t struggle, but you can’t seriously believe that that’s the real Vitor. I’d like to see the rematch just to cement the fact that Anderson’s win was just catching vitor.

        • Jay says:

          Vitor let the mystique get to him. I was thinking vitor would come out aggressive like he normally does. But even then that plays into Silvas game since he is a great counter striker. But yes the riddle was solved and the person to beat Silva will have above avg striking, great wrestling and sub defense. The only fighter that fits that in my book is GSP. His wrestling is easily the best in MMA his stand up always improves in every fight and he is smart enough to not sit inside of Anderson’s guard without ever trying to pass..not passing was Sonnens biggest mistake well that and stopping to take a final deep breath while Anderson had wrist control lol

        • f$%ktardsRus says:

          Phael, is that you???

        • Uncle Phael says:

          That’s just the way they roll in Brazil. lol. They kill people for sneezing.

        • This guy owned u says:

          Xininho your parents shouldn’t let you drink their liquor then go on the internet…drunk 5 year olds…=/

        • Xaninho says:

          Your mother should have swallowed you :)

      • KidDragon says:

        LOL! Sonnen is a redneck. A. Silva’s story of almost killing his coach with a shotty is not going to scare him.

    • haychdubbya says:

      HA that’s funny, so very untrue, but funny

  3. JJ says:

    This is crazy ! Imagine what Anderson of the past would have done to Chael for the disrespect !!!

  4. sickboy says:

    Just goes to show the true Anderson, he had to get 2 dudes and 1 gun. Sonnen is going to dominate him! With 1 big mouth and 2 fists to his face! Ha

    • Xaninho says:

      fists? Is that what you call those pillows? hahaha He can’t KO a cheerleader with those things you moronically called fists.

      • This guy owned u says:

        Wow you wanna talk about people “taking courses” why don’t you make it to middle school so you figure out that moronically was some thing your drunk 5 year old brain came up with.

        • Xaninho says:

          haha funny man.
          English isn’t my native language oh smelly cumdumpster.

          I finished middle school and I have a master’s degree.

          You come back when you can speak and write 5 languages almost flawlessly with one little mistake here and there.

        • Xaninho says:

          By the way, I wasn’t convinced I made a mistake so I looked it up. Moronically is not incorrect.

          I guess the joke’s on you….moron.

  5. TRUTH says:

    In Brashit they have crazy riots over a soccer game and for no reason. Thats why he wanted Chael in Brashit bc he wanted those faggots to fight his fight. Sonnen is not scared of some bitch pussy like Silva. He never makes same mistake 2x look at the Paulo Filho fight. Sonnen is taking the belt in Vegas in front of a civilized society. And he’s going to eat a steak afterwards to celebrate, while anderson will go back to the ponds and eat horseshit. He is good he really did beat the Great Chris Leben, Rich Franklin, James Irvin. This guy really is Mike Tyson of MMA, just beats a bunch of cans.

    • Thom says:

      Yeah because Vitor, HENDERSON, Griffin, Maia, Okami, Chael, Marquardt etc didnt mean anything… get real, he’s fought all the contenders MW ever had to offer, as well as contenders at LHW, and he dominated them all. Get over it.

      • tha says:

        Save your breath, bruh. He’s got his face so far in Phael’s crotch that he can’t even see the truth

        • TRUTH says:

          lol, bro close your mouth smells like Andersons dick, cause you’re into faggots who wear pink shirts and earrings. You’re a faggot and really thats the TRUTH

        • Xaninho says:

          So wait…you’re saying your tough Oregon gangster Sonnen got choked the fuck out by a faggot?

          What does that make Sonnen? a faggots bitch?

        • primalmasher says:

          no, the smell is just your upper lip from sucking all of that phael blownnen dink. ENJOY THAT HYPOGONADISM MMMMM

    • Alex says:

      To truth. Look how many times Chaels has been submitted and how many times its for triangle choke. He’s been triangled 4 fucking times and you say that he never does the same mistake twice? you are not truth and you should go back to your hole for saying stupid untrue shit like that!

      • Sr. stinson says:

        So what if he got triangled 4 times i’ve made mistakes many times for example, i’ve sucked dick 4 times accidentally…………. wait……. what…… ok forget it, the point is chael doesn’t make the same mistake twice against the same fighter so anderson will lose and retire.

        • TRUTH says:

          LOL, U’r into guys with Pink shirts and earrings aye faggot, You really do fit the AS fan club good for you, keep sucking cock

        • Sr. stinson says:

          actually i am into your mom but anyway as i was saying is a win-win fight for sonnen there’s no way that faggot anderson win, chael has better stand up, better wrestling and better ground game.

    • Victor says:

      In Brazil no one gets a gun an shoot innocent people inside a school you asshole look how sonne’s face was bleeding after the fight and Anderson’s face was intact
      Sonnen is stupid and you are even more

    • Xaninho says:

      Civilized? A bunch of redneck morons chanting USA every fucking time a good foreign fighter is beating up an American fighter.

      The US fans should try to realize it isn’t about nationalities, it’s an individual Mixed Martial Arts competition. Who cares where a fighter comes from?

      If he’s good and not a filthy loudmouth piece of trash like Sonnen he’s ok in my book. I dislike Sonnen because he’s a cheating piece of shit eunuch, not because he’s an American.

      • JoAnna says:

        Tell it like it is!!! It’s not about where, it’s about fighting skill!

      • just me says:

        Gone are the days where we embrace our american heroes ……..where faggots like you jock anderson silva and defend him for his faults as a man ….why dont you go to brazil you piece of shit …….americans rules!!!!!!

        • Xaninho says:

          I am not American, I am Dutch….

          I judge people by their actions, not by their nationality or ethnics.

          And please don’t try to tell me Sonnen is an American Hero. Stann is an American Hero, calling Sonnen one is an outrageous insult to real heroes.

          I root for alot of American fighters. Not because they’re American, but because they’re good fighters or if they’re just nice guys outside the octagon.

          And I’ve been to Brazil, loved every second I spent there.

      • RED NECK MORONS??????? D-BAG


      Truth- I think you may be a little delusional. Lmao!

  6. Devon says:

    I see a new side to Anderson now. Still a huge fan and believe he will put Sonnen away in the 2nd or 3rd! Imagine if he killed that guy.

  7. Pitbull says:

    Hahaha all you chael idiots! Silva a pussy!? Right okay destroyed everyone in his path for like 7-8 years, took everything chael had to offer for 24 minutes straight and still pulled off a triangle! Chael is gonna get revealed as te big mouthed b*tch he truley is!!

  8. Crystal says:

    Well he didnt do it so shut the hell up and mind ur own damn buisness the greatest fighter in ufc as of right noww sonnen cant handle its already been proven so until one of yall can whoop his ass dont hate pussys.

  9. jerad says:

    I love how people are acting like silva didn’t already beat sonnen while sonnen was jacked up on steroids….. so what makes you think sonnen is such a badass? Silva acts, sonnen only talks, cheats, then still loses!!!! Get real….

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    LOL This is a ridiculous story! Why didn’t just he slap Javier back? Was so afraid that he needed body guards?

  11. Ian says:

    ok for one no one is gonna get there ass whoop, Im a huge anderson S. Fan but lets be real sonnen did control that fight till the last 2 minutes! There both great fighters even though sonnen does cheat, im expecting for this to be a great fight but its deff not going to REFS!XD

  12. JoAnna says:

    Okay, I have been slapped in the face before, I did not go away and come back with a shotgun. I slapped back and got into a good old fashioned brawl for a few minutes. Top Model Silva’s reaction was way out of line. sheesh…

  13. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

    Somewhere in the world Demien Maia smirks whenever Chael Sonnen talks trash

  14. The_Gooch1 says:

    Dumb Chael nutthuggers actually believe that Sonnen is the champ. Hahaha! What a bunch of morons. No TRT for Chael, plus no injury to Silva, equals to a very bad night for Chael

  15. banks says:

    Wow anderson is soo grimy. not cool to shoot ppl but when a man needs to be offfed then off him yes? lol a weaker man would be doin time for murder lol

  16. Eric says:

    Considered the best fighter in the world but a pussy at heart needing a gun and backup to settle an argument.

  17. Jay says:

    Anybody ever notice phael fans can never legitimately back up their argument? They all resort to attempting to talk shit n make themselves look even dumber than phael does. Really the Oregon gangster??? Gtfoh with that bs fuckin realestate agent claiming to be a gangster is as crazy as phael claiming to be the champ. The guy is delusional and needs help.

    • Jon says:

      It’s because he’s taking the piss. He knows it fucks people off when he says stuff like that, Same as when he called Alves a boob for dominating a fight and then getting submitted in the last minute. He knows it happened to him, that’s why he said it, because he knows people are still dumb enough to get pissed off that he said it.

    • Dustin says:

      yes its comedy. you guys take it srsly and get mad.. we sit here with our troll faces.. you mad bro?

  18. James Dubya (@DJ_Nameless) says:

    You see… the same mentality no matter what country they live in..

  19. mike says:

    LOL at Xaninho !

  20. Jon says:

    This seems like a completely appropriate reaction.

  21. RFK says:

    I don’t like Anderson he is a great fighter but I’m ready to see him lose in the UFC jones would break him off


    It takes a strong individual to admit one’s faults. His past is his past and yes his intentions to take another man’s life over a slap was definitely a weak moment. He was dead wrong but he made the right choice. I’m sure many of you if not all had a moment in your life that you wasn’t proud of. Smh

  23. Dan says:

    Do people here honestly believe Sonnen will beat Silva??? He barely won his last fight with Bisping, in fact, a lot of people had Bisping winning 2-1, including Dana White. He looked fuckin terrible last outing, if he fights like that again, he’ll get squashed

  24. slacker says:

    It’s always the guys with the little baby voices you gotta watch out for – Anderson Silva, Mike Tyson. You can add baby voice syndrome to short man syndrome.

  25. Haha says:

    I just enjoy reading all the Chael nuthuggers
    Knock off his TRT and get silva recovered, we’re looking at a 2 or 3 round tko/ko for the spider

    War silva

  26. GHOST007 says:

    Tonebloke, you got your fighters mixed up, chael tested 6-1, overeem tested 16-1

    • Jay says:

      No overeem tested 14:1 chael tested 16:1 n that was after the fight so he juiced right before the fight thinkin he wouldn’t get tested..Nevada allows for 6:1 so that wouldn’t of been a problem

  27. Fuck You says:

    Chael is a pussy and isn’t a real gangsta for you Chael fans!

  28. Dustin says:

    can anderson get away with this? this is almost attempted murder. here in canada if you think your gonna kill some1. and go get a gun and a friend to help. thats 1st degree attempted murder. cause u actually got the gun and showed motivation to do it.. im shaking my head at silva. take the slap dont be a little bitch.

  29. maurice says:

    big andy fan. but damn man, this story fuked up! like damn, he was straight going to kill a man. wtf?! wouldnt have admitted that…wonder how his trainer is feeling bout this.

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