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Friday, 03/02/2012, 09:36 am

UFC Middleweight Nate Quarry Announces Retirement

“It was 16 years ago that I saw the UFC on TV, and it changed my life. Everything I have besides my little girl has come from fighting. But after my last fight, when I came home and saw the look in my little girl’s eyes and could see how upset she was at how damaged I was, that I knew I wanted to leave when I could still take care of her, and I didn’t ever want to be one of those fighters that people said “Why is he still here?” I wanted to leave when people still wanted me to fight. So, I hate to say it but, I’m going to have to exit from fighting. I’m just glad that I get the opportunity to be here and continue the love for this sport that I’ve had, that has given me everything. So, thank you Spike TV, thank you to my hosts for giving me this opportunity. Thank you to the fans, and thank you to my little girl for making it so easy for me to follow my dream.”

– Nate Quarry via Spike TV’s “MMA Uncensored Live”.

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36 Responses to “UFC Middleweight Nate Quarry Announces Retirement”

  1. Justen says:

    Your 2nd fight with Pete, and your fight with Tim are 2 of my favorite fights ever. It has been a pleasure watching you Mr. Quarry.

  2. Jesse says:

    Best of luck in the future! Stay classy.

  3. Dick Paradise says:

    classy guy – glad to see him retire with his brain cells

    • MMA Fan says:

      Nate began his MMA career when MMA was still trying to figure out which way was up. His Tim Credeur fight is one of my favorites and earned Nate so much professional and fan respect. A middle of the pack fighter, but he brought it to all of his fights. (not called “Rock” for nothing) His life is inspiring if you ever learned how he grew up and where he’s at today. You don’t have to be a top 10 fighter to succeed and Nate is an example of that. He doesn’t need any good luck wishes because he’s got his life going smoothly and knows what’s important. I understand why some people may be envious.

  4. mma knowitall says:

    Irrelevant. He never did much. Overrated. Bland fighter, bland career. It seemed like he had already faded into the background and resurfaces to announce this? Gunning for commentator I’m thinking.

  5. smells like jealousy says:

    Get lost you pathetic troll.

  6. Jb says:

    Anyone calling themselves mma knowitall is just another moron pretending he knows the sport. Probably a Diaz nut hugger as well. Good luck Nate and thanks

    • John Aahley says:

      i dont think its right for anyone to talk bad about Nate Quarry , we dont know him .personally i think he made a good smart choice , he seems to to be doing well for himself on MMA Uncensored Live so why not retire from competition its a cushy gig and hes still involved in the sport………smart move Nate Quarry!!!

  7. david says:

    alright nate now pump my gas bitch

  8. jonsey says:

    well he said he wanted to leave when people still wanted to see him fight ?? nobody wanted see him fight he was shit …how he ever got a shot at rich franklin i dont know..he says everything he has in his life is from ?? how could he have earned any real money from fighting ? he must have had a job

  9. Hostile Hunter says:

    What a Dick ^^^^^, Id love to watch the light fade from your eyes as you get knocked out. Id pay 55 bucks just to see it.

  10. jonsey says:

    i did not even know he was in the ufc anymore..the only thing i remember id the highlight real ko of him from franklin..nate is the only guy rich ever ko with a punch other then chuck after his chin was gone…im shocked he was on the ufc payroll…nate was the prelims for the prelims///hahah

  11. MMA Knowitall says:

    I’m glad someone posted under the name I use- to set the record straight I didn’t say that. Nate Quarry brought it every time he stepped in the cage. Seems like he’s a good dude outside of it too. Best of luck to you in your future.

  12. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    A true O.G. of the sport. I wish him and his ohana nothing but the best in the future. Retiring for all the right reasons and still with love for the sport. Thanks for the memories “Rock”. One love from the city of “NO” in central cali.

  13. MMA Knowitall says:

    I’ve been using this handle myself for a while, too bad this dick had to take it for himself. JUST FOR THE RECORD, I DID NOT MAKE DEROGATORY REMARKS ABOUT NATE QUARRY. Quarry brought it every time he stepped in the cage. Seemed like a good dude outside of it as well. Best of luck to him in the future.

    Oh, and also I picked this name because it seemed like a smartassed tag and diss at people who are like that. While I enjoy learning about MMA and all the different disciplines, my actual knowledge is pretty average.

    Once again thanks to the fuckhead that decided he wanted to use the tag I’ve been using to run down a fighter I actually like.

    • david says:

      dont get so butthurt about it, theres like 5 guys named david on here using the same screen name, and sometimes trolls use my name, so fucking what, whiney asshole no one on the internet gives a fuck if your a good person anyways

  14. Best advice says:

    “mma knowitall” go and jump off that bridge ledge you’re sitting on you worthless piece of crap loser. Don’t worry, they’ll easily replace you at the street sweeping job you have…

  15. mma knowitall says:

    What’s he done in the last two years? Ever beat anyone significant? Hope all you gaylord’s have enough tissues to cry about nates anouncement. Hahahaha. Go hug your boyfriend and cry some more you bitches.

  16. joegun says:

    Rock quarry was a classy guy,never really a top ranked guy more of a journeyman but he put on some good fights but was also on some highlight reels. good luck mr quarry!!

  17. magoo says:

    yup your fight with Credeur is up there us one of the best in mt eyes,good luck with everything Nate.

  18. Dave Dave says:

    im shocked nate retired…next bonnar is going surprise me and retired..//not..the only thing about nate that shocked me washe made it in ufc to begin with…had he not hurt his arm on ultimate fighter he would have been eliminated and forgoten..good riddens wimp..the only highligght reel he has is franklin ko him…and franklin never ko punch shit only nate and chuck when he wwas drunk ass glass jaw

  19. momo says:

    lol like 3 months ago i was looking him up wondering what happened to him even though it had kinda figured he retired its good to have an official statement from him. best of luck to him :)

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