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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 05:27 pm

Greg Jackson Creates Belt Ranking System for MMA

By Lynn Mitchell:
Martial arts are extensive systems of codified practices and traditions of combat that are practiced for a variety of reasons, including self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, as well as mental, physical and spiritual development.  Evidence show that martial arts have roots in prehistory, the earliest evidence of systematic training in specific martial arts traditions emerges in antiquity (late 1st millennium BC) in both Asia and Europe. (drumroll please) Enter – Greg Jackson and Century MMA with a press release about his mixed martial arts belt ranking system.

The new belt system specifically geared towards MMA. The system will work no differently than a belt graduation and acceleration program for any other martial art.

The Jackson’s MMA belts will be taught in all of the New Mexico based gyms, but it’s not only for fighters, it also applies to any students simply looking to learn mixed martial arts for fun or sport.

“This is Greg Jackson’s belt. I mean his style has his own deal, he had his own name for it, but we just kind of switched it to Jackson’s MMA,” said Kottenstette. “This is a Jackson’s MMA belt. You have jiu-jitsu, judo, and all the other forms, but Greg’s system is very effective and this is just sort of the premier testing platform for a belt system that has guidelines all the way to the top, all the way to black belts.”

The key to this new system is that it allows not only fighters, but anybody that’s interested in learning the Jackson’s MMA system, whether you intend on ever actually stepping foot in a cage or not.

“You don’t have to get into the UFC Octagon to prove it and be a contender like most of the other guys did growing up,” Kottestette stated. “This is our opportunity to help people learn all of Greg’s system and learn his techniques, and he does the actual belt testing. So when student’s test, they test with Greg Jackson; so he does all the belt graduations.”

Prior to this new belt system being introduced, many of Jackson’s top students had earned black belt honors. Keith Jardine Joey Villasenor, Georges St-Pierre, and new head instructor at the recently opened second Jackson’s academy, John Dodson, lead the way.


0 Responses to “Greg Jackson Creates Belt Ranking System for MMA”

  1. nobody cares says:

    what an honor to get a belt from new mexico
    they test for:
    lay and pray
    running away
    point fighting
    what a total douchebag

  2. Ruben says:

    Greg Jackson is making mma gay.

  3. jbeamazing says:

    Greg Jackson is the p diddy of mma stay out the videos your no fighter like diddy was no raper train your fighters and shut up

  4. The natural says:

    Jackson goin for MVP in his camp again it’s not about fighters it’s about me

  5. Sick Brah says:

    Greg Jackson is such a faggot.

    Fuck you and making boring fights.

    I hate John Jones, but at least he finishes, how long before you make him a boring fighter?

  6. Dick Diaz says:

    doesn’t a belt system go against what MMA preaches as a fighting art/philosophy?

    • Educated says:

      This is kinda ironic due to my username, but could you explain what you mean by this? I.e. What is conflicting?

      • Dick Diaz says:

        belt system is a bit geared toward having a curriculum and achieving full belt level would assume that a person has fully learned all that there is to learn (moves, techniques and etc…) but doesn’t MMA teach us that we’ve got to constantly evolve, utilize what works, discard what doesn’t and in a way is the counterculture toward a one style-form mentality?

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          its a “jacksons mma” belt not an “mma” belt system
          therefor you are learning only jacksons regime and proficient in that one mixed artform which has merged into a singular artform
          where jackson made the error is by saying “jacksons mma” instead of “jacksons belt system”

          you are right but its pedantics

  7. James says:

    Jackson is a genius. He is going to ball out on mma mcdojos.

  8. The natural says:

    This is why my fighters are so good it has everything to do about me

  9. Mwill says:

    Hey, look! There’s Tank Abbott you fucking idiot’s! MMA is a sport, not a bar fight. To make MMA mainstream means to make it a sport and name me one sport that does not require strategy and trying to implement your game plan? I do believe the NY Giants just ran around the field doing whatever they wanted and somehow they won the Superbowl. Give me a break! Why would a BJJ guy want to bang and why would a striker what to grapple? It’s because they don’t! They want to play their game and make their opponent uncomfortable! The reason MMA is so popular is because it is the ultimate human chess match and that is using a game plan! Hey, look! There’s Tank Abbott!

  10. Nick says:

    Don’t trust it. Not into man on man grinding nor a martial arts form that endorses it.

  11. Greg Crackson says:

    Belt system? Sounds more like a long way of keeping ppl membership forever so they can try to get this so called jackson black belt lol this is how he makes money, you can’t get a supposed Jackson black belt unless you stay with a membership right? What a fucking parasite.

  12. Qd says:

    Lmao … What did I say .. He’s an opportunistic prick … Fuck Greg Jackson .. Lol a lot of people’s comments are halarious …,. A black belt under a man???? Not an art .. Idk

    • Dick Diaz says:

      he’s just doing what he’s doing for money… there’s nothing wrong with that nor should it be what needs criticizing… we all have things we want to accomplish in life and he’s doing things to accomplish them.

  13. Cbust says:

    In all honesty, who the F$&K would brag about being from that camp after what Evans is exposing them for? How would you be able to trust these guys looking oh for your best in fighting when they turn on I soon as u lose?? Plus that fagget ass game plan they had for condit vs Diaz…Carlos said in the countdown and I quote” I’m a warrior just like nick and I will meet him in the middle of the cage”…what a fraud and fake!! There camp doesn’t produce fighters it producers lay n prayers! Jones style will fal victim soon!

    • ooooooo says:

      did you see condit knock out Hardy….didn’t look like lay n pray to me….I’m just saying.

    • Boogers says:

      Are you stupid? Condit was making Diaz mad with his spinning back fists and he set the record for most leg kicks landed in a fight. But all he did was lay and pray? Goof.

      • these clowns will never admit that Condit kicked Nick’s ass;)

        • Boogers says:

          Some of these comments are just so far fetched. I dont get it. I’m not a martial arts expert by ANY means, but I do know to look at facts. Look at stats. You can’t argue with that stuff. Jackson makes boring foghters? Condit LANDED MORE. Stann just ko’d sakara. Shane Carwin doesn’t have huge knockout power? And look at guida and Leonard Garcia. Those poor saps get the snot beat out of them in EXCITING STAND UP FIGHTS! Also, theres cerrone and Sanchez. So many people dog on success. Rashad is the first one to say negative things about the camp. How many people have called rashad out on being a fake/crybaby? Rampage, jones, and last but probably most credible Matt Hughes. I think I’ll go with the obvious most credible source. My point is, you may not agree with what he’s doing, but you can’t say he’s not doing something right. Look at the facts. Butthurts.

        • Zack says:

          Clay guida is the biggest lay n prayer ever. He a least tries to bang sometimes but he’s a product of Greg Jackson. When in doubt takedown don’t pass gaurd until the fights over

      • ooooooo says:

        Haha I’m actually surprised Diaz showed up for the interviews and all the media events, o it must have been cuz he wasn’t fighting George

    • umm…what did Evan’s expose them of? The fact that Rashad was happy when he was the top dog and all he had to do was worry about was Gardine who was NEVER going to get a belt?

      Here’s the breakdown dude.
      the Interviewer asked Jones if he would fight Rashad. Jones basically said, ‘at the end of the day, it is up to Dana who fights who so if he tells me I have to fight Rashad I will even if I don’t want to.’

      Then, Rashad started acting like a child. Jones never said he was gunning for Rashad and he never intended to fight him. But at the same time, let’s get real, two title contenders in one camp and they are not going to fight because they are in the same dojo? WTF? Is it fair to the rest of the fighters in the weight class? No.

      He was already pissed Jones got his shot against Shogun (a fight I doubt Rashad cold have won) and used what Jones said to hype this fight. Rashad used his as a tool to leverage this fight and to get publicity for it.

      Don’t take my word for it…Win or Loose, watch Rashad admit it after the fight.

      • OJ says:

        +fucking1. You are the only one with any sense in this forum. The fact they’ve all been gamed by Hashad and have no idea is so hilarious. Hashad wanted to fight Jones, not the othjer way round. He took what Jones said out of context and has engineered this supposed beef

  14. ooooooo says:

    Rashad Evans never did the lay and pray, neither does Bones, neither did Jardine, GSP is the only one. Its because of there fighting style. He makes the gameplan according to there style of fighting. Don’t get me wrong I hate watching GSP fight too. But you guys are making it sound like all the fighters that train there fight like GSP.

  15. Anthony says:

    I knew someone was gunna make a belt system and/or rankings some day. anyone else?

  16. Din mamma är begagnad says:

    I like turtles

  17. Faggot cracker c0ckskr says:

    Any time you wanna pull your head out of there Greg. Gladly appreciated.

  18. Cbust says:

    Say hardy fight…also saw a MFer who said he’s a warrior and has the same blood as nick Diaz meaning he is a fuckin fighter not a runner! Order that Diaz vs condit fight for me was me thinking the main event was gunna be a street fight according to the wolf tickets condit was selling in the prime time show. Everyone knows what there getting when watching a Diaz fight, I just was fooled by condit into thinking he was gunna FIGHT not run…equivalent to going to pizza but ordering a fucking pizza and being brought out a turkey sandwich…u feel me nuthugger Oooo??

  19. dicksplash says:

    thanks greg !!!! lol

  20. Cbust says:

    Just saying man…I was a fan of condit. Jackson’s gameplan made some of us fans not appreciate condits “warrior” spirit. Same thing with gsp…used to finish fights now he’s a humper. Greg makes me not want to pay my $$ to order a fight now. Jones style if according to history should change also.

  21. jonny says:

    a belt system for mma is ridiculous in my opinion. this will just breed more Mc dojo’s there is no need for it. it also begs the question for example that would anderson not be a black belt in mma because hes wrestling is quite week compared to top wrestlers? even though he dominates any fighter out there.

  22. Cbust says:

    Rashad isn’t their anymore…where the heck is Keith jardine…guida isn’t based there he travels from camp to camp…Garcia just the othe day said he is going back to his old ways…

  23. Cbust says:

    Im not talking about guys who stop by for a day and train I’m talking about his team. There is a difference now ok lil buddy.

  24. ooooooo says:

    …one guy I mentioned isn’t based there haha

  25. ooooooo says:

    Plus, first you call me nut hugger, now you call me lil buddy…I’m so confused! :(

  26. Cbust says:

    Well nuthugger seemed to get your panties in a bunch so I figured I was dealing with a teenager. Lil buddy was meant to tone it down to not hurt your feelings and just cuz someone trains there a day or two or recently adopted Jackson’s as a camp doesn’t mean they’ve been there since day one. Plain and simple I really don’t care for or will I order a main event hosted by a fighter of his camp.

  27. ooooooo says:

    So your saying your not gonna watch the biggest fight in ufc history since probably Silva vs Sonnen? I call complete and utter bullshit. Thats like saying a football fan isnt gonna watch the super bowl

  28. Bughay says:

    whoever will have a greg jackson black belt will either be a lay and pray fighter , a point fighter or/ and a pussy fighter .

  29. Secludedly says:

    Jackson is now over-popularized thanks to the Rashad/Jones feud and is taking advantage of it. I’ll pull a Chael Sonnen and say “Getting a black belt under Greg Jackson is like getting a free toy in your Happy Meal.”

  30. ZC says:

    Actually, We’ve been training under an MMA “Belt system” for years at Paul Creighton MMA where I train.

    Its essentially just like this. For those of you who don’t know who Paul Creighton is, he fought BJ early on in BJ’s career in the UFC. (BJ still had hair :)

    • Jay Marshall says:

      @zc I agree I’ve been training under Mark Weir (ex ufc/pride/WEC vet) and he’s had a belt system for years with high profile british fighters coming through it, Matt Ewin, Che Mills, and referee leon roberts it covers all the basics through to advanced stuff but unlike what someone else has said earlier, having a black belt in something doesn’t mean you know everything about the sport, in fact most martial art systems realise that getting your black belt is just the start of your learning where you are at a level where you can understand the complexities of all the moves, hence the dan systems after black belt, and for the guy that suggested that your not following a system but a man, helio gracie started bjj, judo was created by jigoro kano, bruce lee invented jeet kune do…etc etc so grow up and realise that most martial arts were one persons adaptation of the art that they learnt!!

  31. Cbust says:

    I Said order dumbass( I’m assuming teenager) i will watch to hopefully see rashad win and prove how unloyal jones and jacksons really are. ” go win over some fans and help lyoto up”! There’s your proof how fraudulent they are.

    • ooooooo says:

      How are you gonna watch it if you don’t order it dumbass, Jesus and you think I’m the teenager

      • Justin says:

        There are multiple was to watch the fights other then ordering it…. For example go to a local sports bar, freinds home, even pirate it if you have to, or wait for the next day to watch it on a mma site

  32. Jon says:

    Dear Greg Jackson,
    Get fucked.

    MMA fans.

    • Leezo says:

      Agreed!! Hate him

    • Robert says:

      What’s this about Jackson? Why don’t MMA fans like him?

      • Jon says:

        It’s partially all the hyperbole about him being some kind of MMA guru and the best coach ever (which I seriously doubt…I mean look at the guys that have been with him since the beginning of their career–Keith Jardine, Diego Sanchez, Demacio Page and Joey Villasenor…none of them are exactly MMA greats). He takes on guys who are already either well established or great prospects (Jon Jones, GSP, Rashad, etc), and then gets a bunch of credit for their success.

        Also, his great “gameplans” often involve point fighting to a decision–case in point, GSP before Greg Jackson vs. after, Carlos Condit’s recent gameplan, etc. I think this is a bit overplayed, but it’s hard to misconstrue a command like “don’t pass his guard” when GSP is dominating Hardy on the ground…

        Finally, he acts like he’s some kind of incredibly humble, loyal guy who would do anything for his fighters…meanwhile, guys like Rashad and Diego, who had been with him for years, got forced out because he’d rather coach someone else in their division who will make him more money–Jones/GSP. Not very loyal if you ask me.

        • Anti Jon says:

          You speak as if you know Jackson personally, which you don’t. If Diego was forced out and so displeased, why did he return? Because he likes to train with coaches that suck?

          You’ve fallen into Rashad’s “I’m the victim” crap that he’s been promoting for the past 3 months. GSP: one of the P4P best fighters. Jones: no one has defeated Jones in MMA. Diego Sanchez: one of the craziest and most entertaining fighters out there; Brandao & Dodson: unreal exciting newcomers. Kennedy: if you didn’t see him in Strikeforce, wait til you see him in the UFC. Stann: dominated Sakara. the list goes on…

          Loyal? After this all plays out, you’ll see even Rashad talking favorably about Jackson. All you hear from Rashad is how Rashad made Jackson, how it was all one way. Rashad knows that Jackson’s coaching is why he stayed in New Mexico for so long.

  33. Cbust says:

    What a tool! Friends, neighbors, bar…the point is I won’t spend my money I work for to watch these fake ass fighters who say there down to fight but bitch out when the lights shine. Done with you lil boy. Go to bed now and try to grow some hair on your nuts.

    • ooooooo says:

      Holy shit, your insults are just top notch. I’m seriously scared of the big man talking shit, and getting all worked up over a guy sharing h his opinion. Go to bed and grow some hair on your nuts haha. Your insults make sound like the teenager here bud. Don’t worry I’ll be waiting for another high school insult later:)

  34. Keegan says:

    I currently hold different ranks in 3 different martial arts, all being at least black belt. My grades are internationally recognized. What organizations will be backing this grading system and how legitimate will it actually be?

    As a martial artist I know that because you’re a black belt doesn’t mean you can’t be beat.

  35. E says:

    you must grease and to roids to be a black belt in greg jackson mma

  36. Hectorpromma says:

    Who’s greasing and taking steroids out of jackson’s camp? Both marquart and gsp were both proven not by ufc but the athletic commission to not have used grease,bj and palhares let it go so u should to and as far as roids,right now that overeem and your probably a fan of his but not my point.we all know people dislike him because of jon jones.but look I have trained in the martial arts my whole life and as far as mma is concerned greg jackson is the best coach in the sport.why else do”champions”of so many art forms come from all over the world just to train under him and do you think its luck that everytime a fighter needs to reinvent themselves they go find greg jacksons gym.this guy got gsp back to the title,took jon jones to the title,took rashad to a title,condit is interim champ,cerrone is top ten in the world’s toughest division,john dodson is the new tuf winner,diego brandao the other tuf winner and the two of them are for sure going to be title contenders,guida is training there,and so is diego sanchez and a bunch more.all im saying is that greg jackson has visible proof that he knows what he’s talking about,he’s been coaching this stuff for over a decade and traditional martial arts for well over two decades so leave greg alone because you have no viable facts just fiction.

  37. i’m hoping this is just some stupid joke.

  38. Gomay says:

    Sounds like someone is trying to get on the level of the Gracies and start ‘franchising’ out an online and physical system. But really who says this sh8t works.. .he has had a few people with great talent (that probably could’ve done well either way) and then others that are just stagnate or worse.

  39. MMACRAVER says:

    Greg Jackson is going to make so much money doing this!!!

    Very smart.

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