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Monday, 05/07/2012, 08:09 am

Lyoto Machida | "Well, people say Jones is unbeatable, but I, as a fighter don’t see it that way" | UFC NEWS

By Jamie McAllister
Lyoto Machida in an interview with TATAME.

Machida talks about a variety of topics from his next opponent Ryan Bader,Jon Jones,Shogun as well as a potential drop to Middleweight.

Firstly Machida comments on Shogun.

“I really respect him. Of course there’s this rivalry, but only inside the octagon. We say hello to each other and actually we’re co-workers, so we gotta respect each other. It’s going to be good, really good. If really there’s this chance of being part of TUF, I guess it can only bring good things for us and for the sport.”

Next he discusses his training camp for Bader & his opponents style.

“I was thinking about half on the United States, at Black House, and half in Brazil. Since he’s a wrestler, I guess it’s important to go over there and learn some things and I guess it’ll help me a lot. I’m bringing Wrestling coaches to help me out. Of course I thought about training to defend myself from his game. My goal is to strengthen my Wrestling so I can play my game easily.”

“We trained together once at TUF’s house when Minotauro was a coach there. We trained together and we got to know each other, but it was only one day. As a person, he’s very cool, a strong fighter, he has heart. At striking he’s been getting better and he’s a great wrestler. I don’t see him as a ground expert, but of course he’s dangerous.”

He also discusses his decline in form after winning only one in his past four and what the cause of this was.

“It’s hard to say. I’m fighting among the bests and a detail makes a difference for you to win or lose. I really lost those fights and it’s a part of the game. It’s just something I went through, I’ve gone through some changes and I must’ve done this on an unconscious level and it led me to lose. But I see it as an opportunity to improve. Now I have to focus and be the best I can.”

“I guess that’s pressure on me, but it won’t actually get to me, I won’t get nervous about it. I’m cool about it. Of course I need a win, but I’m fine and I’ll fight well alright. That’s the important thing: get a good fight and bring back home the win.”

Next subject was Jon Jones.

“Well, people say he’s unbeatable, but I, as a fighter, don’t see it that way. He’s a great fighter, a great champion, but he has some flaws too and he might lose. I don’t know if it’s now or later, but I try not to focus on it that much. I try to focus on what I’m doing now, my biggest goal.”

And finally on a potential move to Middleweight.

“See, I said that because I want to stay active. If there’s no fight for me in this division I can drop. Of course I’m friends of Anderson, who’s the champion there and I respect him, I want him to remain as the champion, but it doesn’t stand in the way of me fighting there, maybe a challenge, something like he’s done on my weight class.”


41 Responses to “Lyoto Machida | "Well, people say Jones is unbeatable, but I, as a fighter don’t see it that way" | UFC NEWS”

  1. rewqq says:

    Machida’s stock as a fighter dropped so much these past two years..

  2. Gould says:

    remember when Machida was the “Future of MMA”

    • JP says:

      You’ll be saying the same about Jon Jones a year from now…

      • John says:

        I just want to know whos going to beat him. Maybe at best you get Henderson to KO him (though I dont think it will happen) and best case scenario Jones has to fight some random guy before getting another title shot. Fact is theres no one else in LHW that has the same superstar quality like there is in say the LW division

      • spiritsplice says:

        Thats what people said a year ago….and before he won the title.


    He’s Still only lost like what?3 times,the loss to rampage was a farce so take that off because I don’t think he lost that fight?then a kiss to Jon jones who has lost like 0 fights(fuck the hamill dq)jones is a phenom,just like machida “was” but machida is still top 2-3 LHW for me,and besides A.Silva would walk through MW class with ease!id love to see him at MW,I’d also like to see him v hendo at some point!i think he’s gonna walk through bader quite easily,but really does bader move him up the ladder?i don’t think so,I think bader is in a win-win situation and machida is in a lose-lose situation!maybe a Evans v machida II would have been better?

  4. Train the trainer says:

    The problem with MMA is people put the sport on the shoulders of fighters when no one fighter is bigger then the sport. There is a time and season for everything. Currently I hate hearing Rory McDonald being labelled “The next GSP”, he’s not the next GSP, he is the current Rory McDonald folks.

    • A.James says:

      People talk about GSP like he’s God or something. He hasnt finished anyone since “grease gate”. Rory comes to tear shit up.

      • Dick Diaz says:

        they should have seriously stopped the Koscheck fight though… in my opinion; that was a finish…

      • Ty Shirey says:

        Dude…Rory’s in the same spot GSP was in years ago….I seem to remember him ending guys with head kicks, submissions, and g&p….GSP hasn’t had people come to finish him in FOREVER either the last guy that wanted to take GSP’s head off was the great BJ Penn…Hardy, KoS, Alves, and even Shields…they just kinda fought GSP….that’s y I’m dying to see Diaz fight him


    Haha obviously I meant loss!!! Not kiss. Stupid iPhones!

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    King Mo is probably training with him again. Didn’t use any of that training against Jones.

  7. Bring Back Soccer Kicks says:

    if he ever offers you a drink, SAY NO!

  8. dante040 says:

    Other than the Jones fight machida has never not been competitive. His lost to shogun was him getting caught and rampage was a controversial loss. He is still one of the best in the world.

  9. mzel says:

    to piggy back off Gould, i remember when they were saying the machida era and he was the hottest fighter and everyone said that he would hold that belt for a longtime, but of course he didn’t and he hasn’t been the same since. he did pose a threat to jones in the beginning of the fight, but jones took it to him and he was put to sleep. so machida is right one day jones will lose, but right now jones is the man to beat, so jones vs. machida 2 can be soon if machida starts to win…oh right then theres rua…yeah machida has a lot of climbing to do.
    bader can knock him out, but machida is elusive. may be a good fight, but i give it too machida.

  10. Frank says:

    Um, Lyoto, I was cageside in Toronto when he choked you to sleep. He is unbeatable – to you for sure.

  11. BobbyLemons says:

    Lets not forger that Machida would be better suited as a MW, but he doesn’t want to be in his buddy Andersons division..

  12. jbeamazing says:

    Karate is back!!!!!

  13. JKDB0YX23 says:

    If there’s anyman that can beat jones, it’s machida…. they give too much credit to jones…. yeah he’s an incredible fighter but machida controlled most of tat fight til he made adwrong move, and like they say “it only takes one mistake”…. john jones claims rashad evans was his toughest opponent whenobviously isn’t… we saw how intimidated jones was, he was juss the toughest guy he had to fight out mentaly… Lyoto and Jones 2 should happen…. I truelly believe he can and will do the job…. Lyoto realized that he has to evolve and “he is” that’s what’s great about him…. sooner or later he will be champ again….

  14. DBKlein69 says:

    yes, lyoto. we all know jon jones is beatable. but do we have to hear it from the guy who just got choked out and dropped face-first to the mat? not to mention losing 3 of ur last 4 fights. u shouldn’t be talking about anyone but urself right now. just sayin.

  15. dlo' says:

    Honestly I Believe Shogun cracked the lyoto Machida code. after the fight with shogun lyoto machida hasn’t been the same. He don’t take the same chances and he gets rocked easily now. Kinda of like Evans after his loss to lyoto

  16. Jay says:

    Some of you machita haters and are on the jones dick wagon still, remember this, lyoto was winning the fight with jones until he got caught and choked out. He isn’t unbeatable and if he steps up to hw, carwin alone would destroy the kid

  17. Bjj BB says:

    @ jay, your all

  18. Bjj BB says:

    @ jay, your all on machidas nutts and u wanna say were on jones dick wagon? Why the contradict statement? Oh yea cuz your a fucking idiot!! And it dont matter if your winning or losing in a fight, as long as you win in the end, so crying about machida winning sounds like your doing more then just dick ridding, you got his balls in your mouth as will u fucking fruit!! And to make it worse your letting carwin bang you from the back at the same time, next time you wanna call a jones fan something, make sure your not on here praiseing someone else you lil bitch!!

  19. Jay says:

    bjj bb dude you are the defination of a dumbass. I was saying jones is not unbeatable. I’m not a machita fan you fucking tard. If you wanna talk shit, my fav fighter is koscheck anderson silva and pettis. Me stating the fact that lyoto was winning makes me on his nuts how? No one is unbeatable not even silva who if you ask me couldn’t takes lyoto if he dropped weight. Jones game is sloppy very sloppy. All he had is that amazing reach, when someone figures it out he will drop. And yes all that matters at the end of a fight is who had their hand raised. Look at the rematch ratio in the ufc is almost 50 percent. And people who say lyoto is as exciting as fitch? Fucking idiots.

  20. Bjj BB says:

    lmmfao!! go back and read what u wrote the 1st time dumbass!! u was flat out talking shit about jones fans, then u added in carwin, don’t change up at the last min u fucking lil bitch!!

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