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Wednesday, 04/18/2012, 12:37 pm

UFC 145 Pre-Fight Press-Conference Recap And After Thoughts

By Sarah Newman:
As a huge UFC fight fan, I have seen many changes in the UFC. I have seen fighters come and go. I’ve seen bigger arenas, TV station changes, more programs like UFC Primetime and UFC tonight, and I’ve always liked the changes. Today, during the pre-press conference, we had a major change, and for the first time, I didn’t like it.

I didn’t like it at all. First, there was no Dana; it was hosted by Jon Anik. Secondly, there was just Jon Jones and Rashad Evans – none of the other fighters were there. As I thought about this, I realized I didn’t even know who else was fighting on this card. Normally, I’m excited about three other fights as well as the main event. Sometimes I could care less about the main event. But this main event has been so hyped it has taken away from everything else. Then, after all the hype, the press conference is boring. I hate to say that but it’s true. I have four pages of notes, all summing up to one verdict: the war is over and now it’s fight time. This is normally exciting but we still have three days to build the fight and they killed it.

Jon and Rashad both expressed they are tired of the storyline (at this point I almost feel like rehashing the storyline to build some excitement) and ready to just fight. Granted, this has been a year in the making and you can probably understand why they both are tired of telling the story again and again.

At most press conferences we hear a lot of smack talk and we get all pumped to see who is going to beat whom. Today, they showed each other respect. Jones said, “I am not going to even compete with Rashad on suits – Rashad is a wonderful dresser.” Rashad spoke about how Jon had changed from when he first met him, that he has become more confident and poised and that he has become a man. In all honesty, they almost had a funny banter. Is the UFC realizing that the smack talk has been over kill and trying to play to the true martial arts fan? (a topic which was covered since both fighters had such a different demeanor today)

Is the entertainment part of the fight game being played too much? Jones said that even though he’s never gone through a belt system or done training in a dojo, he’s trying hard to respect those fans and walk the line between that and entertainment. Rashad said, “In a fight, having the entertainment is key. It helps people pick a side when there is a rivalry. When people are complimentary of each other, it’s hard to root for one or the other.” He’s correct. If you think back to the Rashad vs. Phil Davis pre-fight conference, there was so much back and forth, I was more excited about that fight then I am this one.

One question asked was how Jones liked being compared to Ali and Michael Jordan – I liked his answer. “I have lots of feelings about it. First off, I am not the one saying those things about myself. So don’t get mad at him for the comparisons. But he is a fan of great athletes and it has made him look at what makes them great: their work ethic, their confidence and their mental attitude, which he hopes to follow.” This is all true, people. Talk about how arrogant Jon Jones is but the statements they use are ones made about him, not ones he makes. I think this fight will either shut the haters up (for a little while) or make them all feel justified in all their thoughts.

Jones also showed Rashad respect in saying, “Rashad’s always the underdog in every fight, which I don’t think is fair, but he always comes out a winner. I have to remember that I may be the favorite, but Rashad is always reliable for a win.” That’s a hell of a statement to make about your opponent three days before the fight. But it’s good to know Jones isn’t underestimating Rashad.

Even with the lack of excitement, I can’t wait for this fight, to see if they will be friends after a question that was asked multiple times. I go with Jones in the 3rd –TKO.


14 Responses to “UFC 145 Pre-Fight Press-Conference Recap And After Thoughts”

  1. Faaris Sheikh says:

    I wish they show each other respect after Jones sumbits him in the 4th round 😛

  2. Nick Diaz says:

    Evans will win by KO 1st or 2nd round

  3. Reality says:

    Showing respect to eachother takes nothing away from the hype surrounding this fight. Jones looks almost like he’s twice Rashad’s size here 😀 … I’m pulling for Rashad in this one though. I personally would have been excited about this fight even if these guys never had problems with eachother.

    • Reality says:

      However, I just watched the staredown. It doesn’t matter what they said. That staredown summed it up. Jones isn’t used to that and looked a little uncomfortable. Not saying that will affect the fight though. These guys seem to be beyond the intimidation factor.

  4. Dustin says:

    well where the fuck is the fucking press confrence!!!!!! i hate when this happens.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This card really is riding on this fight which is the worst idea Dana has ever had. I think he does this every time Jones defends his belt. They have some interesting fighters on the card but the match ups aren’t really main event material IMHO. I like some of the Prelim FX fight match ups more than the main event. But yeah.. I’m not that excited for this card.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      Not allot of big names I agree; doesn’t mean it won’t be a good card though. Bocek…name one boring fight, that dude is a warrior. Miguel, if he can get back to original form, always exciting. Rory McD scraps like a raped ape…big Travis Browne is an up and comer, so you can expect a statement from him. So yeah, no massive names out there but still potential for some exciting fights. Plus at the end, we get to see the the Jones/Rashad thing playout. I’m watching Ninja, I’m watching!! lol

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        You have a point about lack of big names doesn’t equate to a poor card. Even the Japanese card this year didn’t live up to the hype. Good card but the hype was out of this world (favorite moment was when Rampage dumped Bader on his head). Leben vs Munoz card had barely any recognizable names yet it was one of the best cards I saw last year. The Brazillian cards have been delivering consistently. But, damn nothing is going to beat Hendo vs Shogun EVER! Maybe if Hendo KO’s Jones, upset in Silva vs Sonnen or JDS KO’s Overeem at 146 this year.

    • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

      its fertita that makes the cards, dana just skims over them.

      fox is killing ufc

    • rondo says:

      I’m pumped to see my boy Rory back in the cage.

  6. slacker says:

    I thought Jones looked guilty in that staredown. I think Rashad definitely has a big mental edge going into this fight.

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