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Wednesday, 07/04/2012, 11:10 pm

Video | UFC 148: The American Gangster Chael Sonnen | UFC News

Chael Sonnen recollects his tough life growing up on the mean streets in West Linn, Oregon.

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63 Responses to “Video | UFC 148: The American Gangster Chael Sonnen | UFC News”

  1. Wrestler66 says:

    This is awesome !

  2. Medicine Man says:

    great story bro, you still had a shelter while some people are living on the streets, you had parents, as for some kids seek what ever guidance they can find as they live in city poverty. bulllshit, you ain’t no gansta, go live in a third world country and come back a champ, then talk.

    • "Medicine Man" is says:

      an idiot.

    • RhendO says:

      Who are you to judge you dont know what hes been through. Just cuz hes light on this situation dosnt mean his hasnt been through shit

    • psycho1986 says:

      Ah come on you don’t really think that he’s being serious do you. Can you not see this man is bringing some character to MMA. You wait for when this man is retired and all the truth comes out he’ll be considered one of the greats, he knows exactly what he is doing and he has made this upcoming fight far more interesting and exciting for us fans love him or hate him.

      • Clay says:

        I agree with you. But it is much easier to become champ when your mommy and daddy give you everything as a kid. And pay for all the wrestling camps and gear and teachers. People from other places don’t get that luxury. I respect sonnen as a fighter and as a promoter. But he is definately ignorant when it comes to somethings

  3. Nojoja71 says:

    This fahkin guy is funny.

  4. RhendO says:

    I love this man shit ! its comedy.

  5. classic says:

    He is quite the performer. Doing this with a straight face is some kind of phsycosis.

  6. Devilock138 says:

    If Chael fights the way he did against Bisping, he has no chance at all.

  7. Chaelisdead says:

    Don’t you chael lovers get it?? It’s over, chael is dead silva will kill him with his bare hands on ppv. All you gay chael fans will have to go suck each others cocks and cry on sonnen dead body. You really dont get it? You’re wasting your time talkin about the first fight. It’s OVER Sonnen will die on july 7 and we will never hear this nazi talk again

    • Team buffalo says:

      Douche. come on man, you sir are an idiot

      • Chaelisdead says:

        And you are a complete faggot go suck chael’s dick and his tiny steroid balls

        • Team buffalo says:

          can I suck yours first? imagine me doing that everytime you think about sex, you perv. don’t forget that i made you this offer and you actually contemplated accepting the offer! you’re so hung up on it, let’s do this! just imagine…YES!

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      What a beautiful user name and delightful stuff you wrote. You must be a very stable and wonderful person.

    • Chael Sonnen says:

      I Will put Anderson on his prissy little ass and pound him for 5 rounds just like I did before. There is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. This guy is a phony! Don’t you get it? He walks around claiming he is from Brazil, but He lives in a 2 Million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. He has done nothing to give back to his own country, yet you guys treat him as a hero. Look, I say what I feel no matters what the consequences are. I am not scared of all the death threats or the boo’s. You either love me or hate me, but you can’t ignore me. When my music hits on 7/7 at 7p.m, I will make that walk like a raging bull, Look Mr.Silva in the eyes and hand him the single biggest ass whooping of his life! Mark my words, I WILL TAKE THAT BELT HOME! Go ahead, underestimate me again like all of you did before! I will prove all of you wrong… AGAIN!

      P.S. By the way, you can find my book at for $15.95. Thank you all for the support!

      • Chael's syringe says:

        A whole bla bla story and at the end you’re saying you’re going to steal the belt….

        Now go ahead! Stick it in there, you’ll need all the roids you can take.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Wow that was good…I’m buying that book now!!

        • Mike cannon jr. says:

          Lol…. Chael is funny… For sure…I grew up poor… So… Ive been saying this all along… All these college bitcheZ pretending to be fighters… Is funny as hell…. I was fighting in the streets for my life…while these college bitches…were in class… I can appreciate and joke about how poor I grew up…everywhere between Oregon and Florida I was on the streets… And this guy ain’t nothing….. Lmao but a victim …I walked over guys like this just to see a fight…I like his humor…. But ripping on the poor…. Shows this guy has no class.. As well as no clue… So he’s right inline for his economic background.. Spoiled college boy… Who was born on third base…. And he thinks he hit a tripple….. Guys like this call the police… On guys like me…ur funny chael…. But …. Ur weak… Mentally…. I was rooting for u in the first fight… Guess what priq….. I hope Anderson …. Shows the world exactly… What a bitch u r….. I can appreciate good humor…. And it was funny…. But… I was that poor kid growing up on the streets… And when I think of how I did without… While u .. Lol.. Were pampered… And having your bottom powdered… Fuq u chael… Now I wanna kick your ass… If u ever want to fight a heavyweight….. Look me up…. I’ll show u what’s inside… All of us poor people.. Who are so amusing to u…our suffering is a joke huh?…. It’s hard not to take .. That personally…u wealthy bitcheZ better pray… Theirs never a class war..cuz we are gonna take the advice… Of motörhead …. And … Eat the fuqn rich……. And while we do…. We will make jokes.. About how chael… Tastes just like ..PUSSY….

  8. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Omg! He’s been through so much watchig that man throw the wrapper on the ground must be so traumatizing. Chael has been through more hardships then anderson and all his faggot fans can understand. I hope chael puts another beating on anderson and takes the title.

  9. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Haha… how is it possible that some people do not find Chael entertaining? I guess you can’t win them all but IMO he’s by far the most intriguing character in MMA history.

    Chael has managed to make this the biggest fight of the year. Definitely bigger than Jones vs Rashad. That’s quite the accomplishment. Love him or hate him this guy can sell a fight.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      They’re from an recessive gene pool called The Lizard Brain Silva Zombies Syndrome. It’s a dying trait that will soon be extinguished by the Sonnen vaccine!!!

  10. Kirk says:

    Hahahahahaha. I think Chael is hilarious. He is much better than anderson the conceded silva. I hope the gangsta smashes silva.

  11. Xaninho says:

    ok I don’t like him, but he’s clearly making fun of himself.

    This vid doesn’t justify to hate on him. The other stuff he said was wrong in many ways, but this right here isn’t.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      What do you mean wrong?? Could it be your just a little too sensitive!!! Maybe you have just a bit too much of those girly hormones running through you?? Did you ever think that might be the reason you feely this way!!! haha…

      • Xaninho says:

        No just the opposite. That’s why I get mad real fast.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          So do hormonal women…So you are saying you have mucho amounts of estrogen???

        • Xaninho says:

          Which part of OPPOSITE don’t you understand? It shouldn’t be that hard to understand….Momma dropped you on your head as a baby or something?

        • Mike cannon jr. says:

          Whaaaaa Whaaaa….don’t cry…..You are just getting too easy these days.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Don’t cry …. your pms will pass soon. You are just getting too easy these days. Is it the pms or is it this fight??? rofl..

        • lolloo says:

          Go cry. mr. sensitive.

        • Xaninho says:

          very well! I see your assertiveness training is working out great!

          Did you collect enough courage to leave the house yet? Or do you still have all the windows blinded?


  12. maurice says:

    i hate this fuck. but this video was pretty funny.

  13. drew says:

    hahaha honerstly when chael looked to the right and up before he started talkling i just knew an act was coming…i think chael is really trying to get one of those movies done about him if he beats anderson…like chael has quite the story from mma, being a criminal, and the saling point of the movie is that this single believed he could beat the best in the world and by 7/7/12 we shall see if he gets his dream ending of beating anderson
    EVEN THO IF HE WINS ANDERSON VS CHAEL 3…the brasilians in general will not alllow anderson just fade away if he looses…i think andersons perfect ending to his stellar career already would be to either beat chael on 7/7/12 and then retire…or if he does loose to chael on 7/7/12 that fight three would be him winning…but i just did hit a bowl so im thinkn of all scenarios
    this is going to be a fuckn war

  14. Brend0magic says:

    The pause before he explains the littering incident is fucking great.

  15. captain crunch says:

    I love this Guy! Freaking hilarious! Viva Charles Sonnen!

  16. baldy says:

    vince mcmahon would be proud…lol…the hulkster couldnt have done it any better.

  17. baldy says:

    vince mcmahon would be proud…the hulkster couldnt have done it any better…now thats how ya do a pro rasslin promo!

  18. djcito says:

    Love him or hate him… if you guys cant laugh at this you really need to invest in a sense of humour …..

  19. i breaka yo face man says:

    Big Donkey

  20. WrestlingRules says:

    Can you imagine HOW big the UFC will get once Sonnen takes out all the trash in the UFC and retires the Champ to be an announcer..It will never be so fun to watch.

    Nor only does he have complete intellectual prowess and an elite sense of humor, but he IS THE BEST MW OF ALL TIME!! Silva will look like Fihlo when Sonnen beat his ass. Silva is a douchebag and trash. And it;s time to take out the TRASH…Chael, “The Truth Talker Silva Trash” Sonnen. and the NEEWWW MW Champion of the World………Chael Sonnennnnnn….Finally the reign of the FalseDoom Cahmpion Silvia is over..HOOORAHHH

  21. Xaninho says:

    I want it to be saturday already!

    After Chael is carried out on a stretcher his fanboys can finally shut up.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      NEVER…he is the BEST and he WILL take out the trash come Saturday….HooRah….I am concerned for you Silva Zombies, make sure you have your psychiatrist on speed dial and your Xanax readily available…rofl…

  22. Azza Taitoko says:

    Chael Sonnen is so gardamm hilarious I had tears coming out lol..he probably sells more tickets n PPV’s than all the other UFC148 fighters combined and thats just the people who wanna see him lose hahaha.. Don’t u ever change Chael!! You’re not my favourite fighter but I’ll watch you anytime lolol

  23. dragones says:

    Not funny at all! He’s redneck backwoods Oregon hillbilly is gonna get his stupid face smashed and FUBAR , and all his little stupid redneck followers that think he’s “so hilarious” will be crying and eating their diarrhea-looking crap from their hillbilly ignorant panties! GOSiLVA! Destroy!!!

    • Mike cannon jr. says:

      Dragones.. Ur opiniOn of hillbillies .. And rednecks… Is really cute… That’s my real name imI using… Not some bitch like u.. Shit talking… Behind a false name..u faggot… U ever wanna meet a hillbilly and say that shit…I’m your man…And ps… Chael is a dick… And a bitch…. And your even weaker…

    • Mike cannon jr. says:

      I love it when city idiots like u talk shit about hillbillies .. U guys never say those things to hillbillies .. Wonder why that is?… Lmao.. I’m rooting for Anderson ….and I’m cheering for dragones… To say that to a hillbilly.. Face to face.. Not hiding on a computer.. Behind a fake name…and a cities worth of people.. U are the very definition of a coward…… Us hillbillies feed and cloth u city faggots….. U don’t exist without us….country people… Are the backbone of the city… Wake up idiot…

  24. Mike b says:

    this guy is fucking great man I luv watching his interviews he cracks me up.just cause I think silva will win dosent mean I don’t like chael.i love this sport and I don’t hate no fighters or take things to personal.i mean it’s a sport just enjoy it.when chael said he was going to smack his wife’s ass and tell her to go make him a steak.i ain’t gonna lie I laughed,but he took it tooooo far man.that was too much.i just can’t wait until all this talk is over and they put on another classic match up.

  25. JD says:

    Are you kidding me!!!! Mean streets?? This guy is a jokester when he speaks of mean streets. He just stated, “barely $100,000, Mercedes Benz, doing dishes, and doing laundry”. Is that mean, is that the ghetto, is that poverty? Try murders, try prostitution, gangs, drug infestation, police brutality, try less than $30,000 yearly income living in the “so called” projects!!!!

  26. Gabi says:

    This is not the right character to use. This I plain disgusting. More evidence that he is a biggot. Talking about the maid, I have a cleaning lady not a maid asshole. Wtf. I’ve had a good life for the most part.He doesn’t know the difference. I appreciate everything life can give us. This prick is making fun of something not funny at all, and most pricks laugh it off. I wish everyone was seriously broke for a nice amount of years and then work for everything to make life nice then watch this.

  27. Gabi says:

    Oh yea he is a criminal himself. Blue collar (how to tell he grew up rich) crime but still a criminal. That’s why he’s not in jail. He’s in that other nice America that he grew up in, where things get paid off by families. I have seen fucked shit happen in front of a cop. They sat and laughed not doing a damn thing. What an asshole. Idk how the UFC let’s this slide yet a twitter joke will get a person cut. This is worse, making fun of real peoples life/problems GTFOH

    • Xaninho says:

      I agree with you, but it was white collar crime. The kind where they steal using paperwork, don’t get their hands dirty and cry once they’re in an interrogation room. Then they snitch on their buddies real fast so they don’t have to do the time for their crime.

      That’s exactly what this coward Sonnen did.

  28. Byron says:

    This is the best pi*s take ive seen in a long time. Regards this mans unique style of provication its the most refreshing ive seen. Im a Bisping fan (being english) and i agree if he fights the same way as that fight he could loose to Silva, however i havent been as excited for a fight in a long long time and more people liking and feeling excited about fights will help the sport we all love grow.

    this time round Chael you have my 100% support

  29. Mike cannon jr. says:

    Hey fuqr.. I’m a hillbilly.. U want some shit ?… U city faggots… Hide when I come around.. U ever want some one on one with this hillbilly.. I’m to poor to drive where ur at … Lol.. No money in the hills.. City bitch.. But their is… Plenty of pain.. And suffering… Would love to share…

  30. Mike cannon jr. says:

    Dragones…. Stay in the city … Inside.. Where.. Ur still too big of a bitch to feel safe…lmao… This comment from chael… Is enuff to make me root for Anderson … Growing up dirt poor… On the streets.. Fighting for my life.. While this pampered powdered bottom bitch was in college… Lmfao… Dude is just another victim..ive lived all over this country.. Between Florida and Oregon … And was always.. In the poorest parts of every city I ever lived in…in a orphanage… In a homeless shelter… And in the hills… My pain and suffering as a child.. Is funny?… Hahaha…. Would love to meet u… Or should I say … Meat u… Cuz u are a bitch!!!

  31. Mike cannon jr. says:

    I wish more wealthy people.. Had the nerve chael does.. Openly making fun of the poor… And joking about the suffering of the poor…. This country could use a dose of truth… To wake em up.. If it ever happens…. We will.. Take the advice of Motörhead … And eat the rich…

  32. Joseph Negus says:

    Chores, littering, J walking, $100G a year with a maid, and neighbors with a benz. Yep a real Gangster…

  33. jeff says:

    i hope silva smahes u,wah wah wah wah,a guy litters another jaywalks wah wah wah…….this is pretty sad,when i was 11 i witnnesed this and this and this!!!!!!!!!!!!!what about kids that see way worse,like murders,beatings,rapes!!??????chael that sounds like a backwoods redneck swamp people name…

  34. Kupal says:

    OMG this guy is a PUSSY!!!

    research about Manny Pacquiao

    you’re still lucky you idiot

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